Toys & Textiles Sale
on Wednesday 8th September 2010

1.      A black and cream mohair Panda Bear. Fully jointed. With early Merrythought Hygenic Toys Regd. Design label, H 13in£80-120
2.      A black and gold mohair cartoon type dog with jointed neck and three coloured glass eyes. Wearing original collar with Chad Valley button. Also marked 'Hygienic Toys made in England by Chad Valley button. Marked 'Hygenic Toys made in England Chad Valley' on foot, H 11 1/2in£60-80
3.      A large gold mohair fully jointed teddy bear with long arms and elongated shaved snout. Owned by one Ludlow family from new. Probably German, c.1920, H 28in£300-500
4.      A Steiff dachshund with a Steiff hedgehog (2)£30-50
5.      Two Steiff miniature painted pewter bear sets all with jointed limbs. Both with Steiff collectors wooden cabinets. Original packaging£40-60
6.      Steiff Teddy Bears Love for a Lifetime, Jurgen & Marianne Cleslik. Cleslik 1994£20-30
7.      A very large felt and fur fabric Mickey Mouse labelled 'California Stuffed Toys. Walt Disney', with a speaking fox
8.      A shaggy mohair teddy bear in antique style, fully jointed and with suede paws. Original swing label "Bo-Bear" 1996
9.      A Deans Limited Edition "Walter" no 0113 of 1500 with a boxed "Cornish Bears at Work" Limited Edition of 21 "Crofty the Miner" with certificate (2)£50-70
10.     A pale blonde 1930's mohair English made dog with painted black eyes, an advertising plush rabbit 'With the compliments of Farley's Rusks' also 1930's and a straw filled duck£50-70
11.     A Deans A1 Toys printed tortoiseshell cat. Factory sewn. From Deans museum archive. 8in H£40-60
12.     A mohair Chad Valley labelled monkey glove puppet and a seated brown plush monkey with a long tail£30-50
13.     A 1950's Steiff curly coated dashound with 'Steiff Original' button in ear, a Steiff camel and three pom-pom miniatures (5)£60-80
14.     A very large 1930's 'Gran-pop' after the cartoons by Lawson Wood with moulded velour covered face. Painted eyes and features. Large velour ears and paws. Long mohair fully jointed body. Labelled 'Reg design. Merrythought Hygienic Toys. Made in England', 26in H£180-220
15.     An unusual beige crimson-tipped fully jointed teddy bear with velour pads. Hump to back. 1920's. Childhood toy of the owner of 'Granfa' and removed from nursery cupboard. 22in H£160-200
16.     A Steiff giraffe, a grey labelled 'Nosy' Steiff Original and a German brown and cream teddy bear with large flat back eyes and composite nose. Jointed at arms and legs, H 14 1/2£60-80
17.     A large Merrythought Ting a Ling gold fully jointed teddy bear with "Merrythought Ironbridge" label£50-70
18.     An orange plush fully jointed teddy bear with shaved snout and fabric pads, 21in H. A brown fully jointed bear with painted black eyes and a loud voice box, original fabric pads, 18in H, a tweed fabric bear, button jointed 16in H and a small gold fully jointed bear (4)

19.     A large cream 1930's Easter bunny with wired ears and fabric body, 27in H. With a Force advertising doll and a Japanese made fashionable teenager with stylised long legs and wooden stand. Sanko Trading Co, Tokyo. 'Holiday Fairy 1965 Japan'£50-60
20.     A fully jointed English teddy bear, straw filled and fabric pads. Wearing a green and orange knitted suit. 24in H£60-90
21.     A large fully jointed gold mohair English teddy bear with a very serious face, wearing a striped sweater and grey trousers. Mid 20th century, 31in H£60-90
22.     A Rupert Bear by Burbank Toys England, a fully jointed gold teddy, a pale gold Romsey Bear Co. composition headed doll and a metal guard and stretcher bearer£40-60
23.     A 1950's white bear holding a candlestick with nightdress case skirt. With a gold dog nightdress case of the same date. £30-40
24.     A very large fur Felix the Cat with plush eyes and embroidered teeth, 22in H£300-400
25.     A small fur fabric push along donkey, probably Chad Valley, mid 20th century£30-40
26.     A gold fur fully jointed English teddy bear. Wearing a colourful printed dress. A cream and black terrier and a cream mohair nightdress case. All 1940's£50-60
31.     A box-like Noah's Ark with Indian stencils with a selection of stylised painted outline cut animals including tigers, elephants, a cockatoo and dogs. New Forest/Brockenhurst type. With a box of bone and ebony dominoes£70-100
32.     A composition Elastolin type cow, two other cows, two calves and two goats, polar bear etc£40-60
33.     A small quantity of 19th century Noah's Ark wooden animals and birds, some A/F£30-40
34.     A carved and painted Indian elephant, tiger, camel and other figures with a painted Indian rattle marked "Indian Pavillion Earls Court Exhibition 1892, George F & A Carline" and a Japanese snapping jaw tiger. All from the studio of the artist F. Carline dispersed at Christies .19th century. Quantity. Some playworn.£40-60
35.     Two German made carved and painted cows, two horses and a dog. With a village pump, German made tree and a wooden ranch house
36.     An Elastolin type farm with an assortment of metal and other farm animals£40-60
37.     A Merit 'Spy Catcher' based on BBC series, Ideal 'Buck-a-Roo' game, Sherlock Holmes Detective Kit, Disney Alice in Wonderland 1959 Movie Maker Parker game£40-50
38.     'Soccerama' a.s.l Pastimes Dudley. 'Casdon Soccer' played by Bobby Charlton and 'Escape from Colditz' Parker Games£40-50
39.     A Vulcan Junior Sewing Machine in near mint condition, boxed with leaflet£20-30
40.     A Spears 'House that Jack Built', set of gardening tools, Melody Maker musical box piano, original box and Spears Wild Life Lotto£30-40
41.     A clown musical kelley type papier maché toy. Provenance Raggedy Ann Museum sale, Christies, New York. c1910, 10in H£50-80
42.     A Victorian blue and cream pram with spoked large and small wheels and wooden handle to each side. The wooden sides with coach lining. Brass fittings and a deep buttoned separate seat for a child to sit at the foot. English. For restoration. 47in L £80-100
43.     'The Three Bears' coloured lantern slides, Primus Junior No 764, boxed. 'Hey Diddle Diddle' Primus slides No 517 and a circular 'Adieu' £50-60
44.     A child's abacus with coloured wooden beads, an unusual hinged slate with two panels marked "A.W. Faber No 71. Bavaria" with another slate with easel stand. All C 19.£40-60
45.     Two Lego 799 base boards with a large quantity of Lego wheels, windows, caterpillar tracks etc£40-50
46.     A wooden balancing toy with an Indian style figure£20-30
47.     A Louis Marx Swansea 'Flashy Flickers' magic picture gun with a 'Handy Projector' Lyvia No 159 and film. Boxed£30-40
48.     A boxed set of Mazda Cinderella Christmas tree lights; plastic shades with printed scenes(12)£30-40
49.     A Pathescope Ace 9.5mm cine projector with 8.5 cine films. Seven films, mainly comedy. The Pathescope News Reel£40-60
50.     The Chad Valley Morse Code Practise Set£20-30
51.     "Escalado" by Chad Valley, complete with horses£50-60
52.     A Pelham gypsy in early blue label box, a later girl, unboxed, and a boy. All with controls£30-40
53.     A Pelham Donald Duck, Scotsman, a Punch and Judy, hangman, Toby the Dog, Beadle, doctor£60-90
54.     A B.G.L. Electrical Set sold by British Games Ltd, St, Clare St., London E1, with booklet and many of the parts and apparatus still tied in position. 1930's£60-90
55.     A large showmans Aunt Sally wearing the original 1920's robe. In the original wooden box labelled "Aunt Sally F.H. Ayres Ltd. London" with "Hamleys 200-202 Regent Street" sellers label. Boxed
56.     Box of Richter Building Bricks with instruction pamphlets£40-60
57.     A Chad Valley Beetle Game, Roulette, Texas Hold'em Poker Kit, Spears Contemporary Bricklayer Kit£30-40
58.     A Bézique by Goodal & Son, Camden Works complete with score cards. The box with silver mounts, London 1902. "Totopoly", "Cunning Couples". "Chase", "Montecardo" board, "Easy Money", etc£40-60
59.     A brass and turned wooden ping pong net with holders. 19th century£30-40
60.     A Bayko Building Set, other boxes, Converting Kit, leaflets etc. Quantity£40-60
61.     'The Seven Dwarfs Shooting Game' Walt Disney copyright. Produced by Chad Valley. Box A/F£40-60
62.     A Molly Brett print of anthropomorphic animals in a woodland setting with coaches and animals, etc. Framed and glazed. With a later Molly Brett print (2)£50-60
63.     "Farmyard Cries" Pepys series. Illustrated Racey Helps, Paternoster. E.J. Larby cards, "Guiness is Good For You" Waddington advertising pack, "Cow and Gate" advertising Happy Family, "Harts Squeezers. N.Y. consolidated Card Co, Club de Luxe pack by Universal Playing Card Co, London & Leeds. Bicycle new Fan Back pack by U.S. Playing Card Co, two boxed miniature sets 1930's, Waddington Lexicon and a copy of Bestways Card Games No 185£30-50
64.     A G.W.R. Jigsaw Puzzle "King Arthur on Dartmoor" a race board game, board and eight hollow cast riders. With a glass chess set£60-90
65.     A Waddingtons 2/9d jigsaw puzzle, a 1930's boxed puzzle of an abbey, a "T.S.L. Old Woman who lived in a shoe, Hunting scene puzzle, probably 2nd war period. Tudor Rose No 57 'Country Scene' in printed packet, Tudor Rose No 59 'Stepping Stones' and another of a Medieval scene in plain box and a Pickwick Zig Zag puzzle with Cecil Aldin print to box lid£60-80
66.     A Brownie Victory jigsaw puzzle , York Minster, Chad Valley bagatelle, etc£40-50
67.     A group of colourful Gangifa Indian playing cards (55) with two earlier lacquered cards and six painted rectangular £80-120
68.     'Trench goal Football' with the Kaiser and 'Little Willie', Von Bulow, Count Zeppelin, etc. A Spears 'Zillograph', 'Skipper', German made mouth organ, boxed£30-40
69.     "Animal Grab" complete with leaflet and 'Alice in Wonderland' with Tenniel drawings. Complete and with instruction booklet (2)£40-60
70.     A good quality turned ivory chess set, one piece labelled Leonard Kent Dealer in the Antique Shrewsbury. Incomplete. With a Staunton box wood set also incomplete. A game of "Sorry" and an embossed leather-cloth red and cream games board£50-70
71.     A GWR jigsaw puzzle "King Arthur on Dartmoor", Victory. "The Space Station", "Autumn in the Garden". A set of unused nursery rhyme jigsaws including Baa Baa Blacksheep, There was an Old Woman, etc, six uncut£30-50
72.     An Aerokit model cabin cruiser. The 'Sea Rover' (Electra) Designed by L J Rowel. Wooden construction. 29 1/2in L. With original plans£60-80
73.     A large pond yacht, Victorian, hull restored. With sails and rigging, 42in L£70-100
74.     A large steam launch with forward and reverse gears, copper boiler probably Basset Lowke, wooden clad, 47in L£130-160
75.     A Kellner 1930's clockwork motor boat of wooden construction, 21in long£70-90
76.     A good quality metal and rosewood German made gun pulled by two skin covered horses. Some metal sections with engraved detail. Length with gun 19in. Mid c19£250-350
77.     A child's cream and white painted birch bark Indian canoe, 48in L£60-80
78.     A stripped and polished English rocking horse on American style rockers. Long mane. Circa 1910, 39in L£150-250
79.     A large Triang horse and cart. The carved horse with original paint and tack. Metal wheels. The cart with Triang label, 37in L£250-350
80.     A skin covered pull along Horse on four wooden wheels with a red four wheel painted wood Dray with wooden wheels, 19th Century, 36in L
81.     A Subbuteo skills trainer, Pack of Wold Cup Winners, Brazil, Argentina, W. Germany and England, A boxed T.V. tower C110, fence surround and a Table Soccer game. With a group of Players Napoleonic Uniforms£50-60
82.     A German made green lined wooden stable with two stalls and tack area. The trap with wooden spoked wheels and leathercloth buttoned seats. With two skin covered horses with saddles and tack, curry comb, riddle and brush, circa 1895, width 20 1/2in£450-550
83.     A gold plush over carton rabbit bonboniere with foil lined interior. Circa 1900. Probably French. 7 1/2in L£70-90
84.     A musical carousel with six galloping wood and composition horses with saddles and metal stirrups. Various colours under red and cream canopy. The square base with printed paper, the central column painted, c.1910, W 19in£400-500
85.     A pair of English made satirical combatants made of papier mache with wooden arms and legs. Lithographed arms. Painted in bright original colours. Turkish war. Both with open mouths revealing teeth, mid 19th century, H 8in£150-200
86.     An English made carved wooden rocking horse. Original dappled paint, mane, tail and stirrups. With remains of saddle. Circa 1925. 49in L x 40in H£250-350
90.     A rare South German made clock work toy of a woman and a flock covered cow. The papier maché headed doll with Queen Adelaide style moulded hair and a jointed wooden body. Wearing the original lace trimmed costume. Contained in a German painted wooden gift box. With brass key. Clockwork inoperative. 5 1/4in H x 6 3/4in L£300-500
91.     A group of three bell hop cake decorations, German bisque Dutch boy and girl decoration, 1930's Limbach girl under umbrella, Hummel boy and bird. W. Germany. And a pair of Santon type figures (10)£40-60
92.     A miniature china monkey, leopard, brown bear, tiger, lion, crocodile and other miniature figures. With an ivory dog (16)£40-60
93.     A scrap and card album inscribed 1904 containing Louis Wain and advertising cards, large selection of chromo's. With an empty Victorian album (2)£50-60
94.     A Russian nesting toy turkey containing four chicks and carved and turned cockerel containing four chicks. Both well painted. Pre revolution. With a carved figure. From Honor Appleton's childhood toys. Illustrator of 'Josephine' books (3)£50-70
95.     A German carved wooden farmer and wife with two well carved cows, chip carved pig, sheep and horses. All mid 19th century. Farmer 6 1/4in H£60-80
96.     A tinplate toy scale, 19th century with advertising packets, boxes, miniature Guiness bottle, stone and china jars and other items from a child's shop£40-60
97.     A pair of 1930's coathangers with transfer printed decoration, a small wooden cottage with hinged roof, monkey glove puppet, set of pegs in case, a 1950's knitted Welsh doll and a German wooden tea set£30-50
98.     An Erzgebirge man wearing a top hat with five other figures and a quantity of carved and painted animals. Early 20th century£40-60
99.     A tinplate still bank in the form of a lithographed tiled fireplace in faux wooden surround, marked '1374'. With a part blue and flowered tea set, brass cutlery etc£40-50
100.    An unusual ceramic set of the Seven Dwarfs with painted detail. Wearing the original fabric costumes. Two with repaired arms, 1930's, H 4in£60-90
101.    Seven children's volumes - Sunny Hours, Village Bells, Over Hill and Dale, etc (7)£20-30
102.    Werner Laurie Show Book - devised by Jack Chamber Series B/1 (1)£20-30
103.    A Fairground Traction Engine cut out model, Queen Elizabeth's Little House Deans Y Bwythyn Bach, cut out, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Combine Harvester, Docklands 26in Model Harbour£40-60
104.    Deans' Darling Bright-Eyes Living Nursery Rhymes£150-200
105.    A children's book Sleeping Beauty, Tip and Top£50-100
106.    A well modelled metal donkey with moulded saddle, c.1900, 5in H£50-70
107.    "The most remarkable events in the Life of Moses and Travels of the Children of Israel from Egypt to the Promised Land neatly engraved and dissected for children". Pub Dec 31st 1813 by William Darton, Joseph Harvey and Samuel Darton, London. Hand coloured. Original box£100-200
108.    A treen box containing letters of the alphabet with hand coloured prints. The box inscribed " New Years Gift for Little Eliza Bruce from her Aunt Emily, January 1st 1830". Manufacturers label on other side "The A Alphabet. E. Wallis, Skinner Street, London". Some missing cards.£100-150
109.    A miniature 1874 Almanac, miniature Musical Monthly 1884, The Little Standard 1894 and other miniature magazines and newspapers (19). With a miniature Pigeons Letter ? by The Times in 1871£40-60
110.    An early "Structure of the Earth Interrogatory Game" published by Edward Wallis, 42 Skinner Street (card No 18 missing), with "The Prince's Quest - A Fairy Race Game", British made, lacks figures £70-90
111.    Pop up Pictures of the Circus and Cowboys (2)£30-50
112.    A Peepshow Book illustrated Roland Pym. Cinderella (1) and Pop Up Wild West and Mister Tweedles Toyshop (2)£30-50
113.    "Four a Set Games for the Million, No 1 Household Things, London". In original blue and white slip case. With a pack of number teaching cards showing two parts of various animals including dogs and monkeys, mid c19£60-90
114.    "Owzthat a cricket game for all weathers", made in Great Britain. With the two metal dice and instruction leaflet. Miniature size game£40-60
115.    A quantity of gold toy coins "In memory of the good old days 1788" with image of George III (70)£30-40
116.    A miniature "Children's Pictorial". Three coloured unused children's party invitations. C1890."Muddled Maxims" pub. by Delgardo London with "Troublesome Imps" same publisher. A Raphael Tuck walking lamb c 1905. A cut out card song thrush advertisement for Vim. Lyons Coffee advert and a 1918 silk embroidered card sent by a soldier.
117.    Nister miniature "Pick a Back", "The Well Spent Hour" Rev. S. Wood. Simpkin & Marshall 1832. "The Little Girl's Knitting and Crochet Book" Flora Klickmann. "The Life of Hannah Moore" Wm. Roberts. Seeley ,Jackson & Halliday. 1871. Miniature leather bound "Tempest" and "Hamlet" Low & Handell. "Bryces Pearl Atlas of the World" miniature. 1893£50-60
118.    A carved wooden South German balancing toy of a man carrying metal hammer. Mid 19th century, 6 1/4in H£40-60
119.    A carved wooden Chinese procession, rickshaw, boat etc, A/F£30-40
120.    A bronze temple, other buildings, three bronze cows, figure with a horse, two bronze figures, etc 19th Century£50-70
121.    "Y Bwthyn Bach" a copy of the Welsh play house presented to the Queen when a child by the people of Wales. In original condition and original wallpapers and art deco chimneypieces. The four room interior with central hall and staircase. Front door with letter box and knocker. Original dresser, fridge and kitchen sink. Made by Triang, circa 1932, 29 1/2in L x 17in D£250-350
122.    A cream and yellow German tinplate high level lavatory with water reservoir, 6 3/4in H. A washbasin with mirror over, A/F aluminium fridge and a later small painted tinplate range£60-70
123.    A German tinplate bath with reservoir. The tiled back with towel rail and shower fitting. Blue and cream. Marked 'Goso. Made in Germany'. 5 1/2in H£70-90
124.    A well made English doll's house of three bays and two storeys. Front opening in three sections and with opening front door. With incised brick finish. Plain back. Opening casement windows. Original paint and finish. The interior with four rooms, hall and dog leg staircase. Original fireplaces. The floors cut to accommodate carpets. Original green and cream paint. The house with a later stand, circa 1920. With some of the original furnishings and a few added pieces, H33, W46, D20, (without stand), 16 1/2 high £300-400
125.    An English made table mangle, boxed porcelain tea set, wooden dresser, dressing table, wardrobe, etc for a large scale dolls house. With a boxed washday set£40-60
126.    A gold lustre dolls tea set in original box, the lid with a print of children at a tea party, late 19th century£60-80
127.    A toy schoolroom with maps and furnishings including a teachers desk and chair, six double desks with seats and handbell. Original paint. German c.1910, W21, H12, D14 1/2in£350-450
128.    A grey painted glasshouse for a doll's house. Circa 1910. 17in L, 13in W£30-40
129.    A tinplate penny toy sewing machine in green and red with gilt detail, 3in L.£50-60
130.    A small Erzgebirge wooden kitchen with original furnishings including a cradle, cooking area, spinning wheel and figures. Late C 19. 8in L, 3in D.£60-80
131.    A dolls house porcelain 3-piece bathroom set with bath mat, metal candlestick, etc
132.    A Taylor & Barret cast fireplace and fender, china bath, wash basin and lavatory, small composition jointed baby, Grecon girl in siren suit and two small Babrie regional dolls£40-60
133.    A German tinplate penny toy type pencil sharpener globe and a boxed British made Chinese Wonder Cube. Sold by Wit Smith 'Nine Mystic Pieces'£30-40
134.    A prisoner of war glass topped straw work box containing a blown clear glass decanter and three goblets with a smaller jug with stopper and four glasses and two smaller scale decanters. Tallest 2 1/2in. All early 19th century. English£80-100
135.    A milk glass part tea set with painted flower decoration, 14 pieces, mid c19£40-60
136.    A dolls house bedroom suite, the stained finish with black detail. A chiné silk three piece suite, fabric over card, two fenders, court cupboard, etc£50-60
137.    A turned wooden butter churn and other items from a German doll's kitchen, gilt cabaret set on tray, German made piano, lithographed dresser with matching table, green art nouveau cupboard, coal scuttle, Japanese baby in cradle, Dol-Toi piano and other items. Box£60-90
138.    An early plastic dolls house aquarium on stand, red metal hot water bottle, thermometer, metal chimney piece, jug, basin and chamber pot, four pewter tot measures, swan pencil sharpener, bisque cake pillar etc. Quantity£40-60
139.    A pair of German made gilded metal oil lamps of baluster form. One missing the glass shade£65-75
140.    A metal oil lamp with working wick and integral wall bracket, c1870. No shade£55-65
141.    A gilded metal dolls house oil lamp of baluster form. Later shade£50-70
142.    A glass oil lamp with gold painted finish, a small lamp with a metal base, a turned and painted lamp with another. German£30-50
143.    A German gilt candle sconce, art deco electric table lamp, metal base and plastic shade, and another table lamp. All early 20th century£40-60
144.    A red blown glass decanter with two matching goblets, soda syphon, part set of painted milk glass tableware and a larger scale pale blue glass chicken on a basket£40-60
145.    A brown miniature Toby Jug, gold edged porcelain coffee set on tray, stick pin with doll and gollywog, set of blue flower painted German made drawing room china and a feather and quill armchair£40-50
146.    A dolls house piano with stencilled detail, brass chair Reg. no 876126, small bed, painted display cupboard, metal trays etc£40-50
147.    An unpolished wooden chaise longue, matching chair, whatnot and washstand. With a red and brown painted kitchen table, chest and bench, c1910£40-60
148.    A red and gold stencilled sideboard, bed, two side cupboards, two chairs and another bed. German c1925£60-80
149.    An arts and crafts dolls house wardrobe, washstand, table, two chairs and an armchair. With a stained sideboard. Early 20th century£40-60
150.    A rare 1914-18 war boxed toy 'The British Dolls Field Hospital' made by Toys That Teach, with Tessted Toys shield and crossed arrows trademark. In original box with screens, tent, metal beds and original Red Cross bed covers. Sold with copy of a 1915 advert for Tessted Toys, a firm that was first mentioned in 1914 in trade papers. The firm appears to have ceased trading c1924. Box 15 x 23in £250-300
151.    A dolls house dark stained armchair, sideboard and a high backed bench£40-60
152.    An orange turned barrel containing a large selection of colourful turned kitchen items. with a wooden puzzle£20-30
153.    A Mettoy sink, range and dresser and a quantity of plastic furniture£30-40
154.    A papier maché German made squeak toy boy with moulded tasselled cap and trousers. fabric jacket. Circa 1840, 5in H£80-120
155.    An articulated marionette from a German toy theatre with composition head and wood, wire and composition lower limbs. Modelled as a king. With others including a queen, fairy, maid, clown, old woman, red devil, etc, 1900-1920, tallest 8in, smallest 4 1/2in. Some spare clothes. 18 marionettes£150-200
156.    An unusual gas fired child's cooking range complete with original copper pans including a coffee pot and a ban marie. Standing on lions paw feet. To be attached to the gas mains, 19th century, W 14 1/2 x 13, H15£400-500
157.    An unusual doll's garden trug with polished wooden handle and rim. 19th century.£30-40
158.    A Manivelle musical box with a lithographed scene of children playing by a snowman. One air. In original box labelled "Swiss. Thorens. Patent 1905"
159.    A Bucherer jointed metal aviator wearing moulded flying helmet, A/F£40-60
160.    A rose printed porcelain German made toy dinner service with five dinner and five desert plates, four oval serving plates, two sauce boats and a tureen£40-60
161.    A boxed English made toy nursery rhyme teaset for four. With a boxed 'Kiddies Tea Set' with moulded green bows on yellow ground, c1940£50-60
162.    A porcelain Japanese made toy tea set contained in the original box. Flower and butterfly design. Mid 20th century£40-60
163.    Three early creamware toy plates, English made probably Leeds, a pierced creamware basket, soup bowl and oval platter£50-100
164.    A china Muffin the Mule toy sea set, complete. Four plates, cups and saucers, jug and sugar basin. With a box of metal cutlery, Russian candlestick, Beatrix Pottery Tailor of Gloucester, Beswick, F. Warne & Co (chips to ears), Sooty and Sweep china puppet figures, etc, and an Enid Blyton napkin with signature£60-80
165.    A fine German made toy theatre the carved pillars with gilded detail. The stage with a trapdoor and metal footlights. Set with a colourful scene from the Nutcracker Suite with many dolls and toys. A selection of figures and copies of a family produced Wagner opera. 19th century. 28in H, 23in W, 18in D£500-600
166.    A large selection of toy theatre back drops with a variety of scenes including railway stations, villages, interiors, castles and ships.Some hand coloured. With wings,and several sheets of figures. Most by Schreiber Germany. All were used by a pediatrician who gave performances for his children and patients.He seems to have owned several theatres. His address on one box "D r. Berlier Rue Longue, Vie 41 Brussels. Very large quantity. Mainly 19th century.
167.     "To my Little Valentine" the card decorated with applied fabric flowers. Cut paperwork with gilded detail. "Your love is my hope" a cut work card with central chromo and a larger ornate Valentine "Love and Fidelity".Silver cut work with applied fabric and feathers. All Nineteenth century. (3)
168.    A fine transformation Valentine card with pull strings opening to reveal messages of love. With another similar. Both with colourful embossed flowers. Mid C 19 (2)£50-70
169.    A group of eight amusing French cards from a game. All with moving sections. Scenes of soldiers, bakers, musicians, etc, c.1910£70-90
170.     "The Little Stencil Artist" labelled A.M Myers.Bernes St. London. The box containing copper stencils. The alphabet letters in additional small boxes. With brushes ,ceramic paint holders and original sketch book. 19th century. With "The Landseer Stencil Outfit" with cut card stencils. English. Circa 1920.With a box of drawing crayons labelled "Bourgeois Aine Paris". (3)
171.    "Sunday Queries" Third series. Published by Henry Greenwood, 2 York St. Covent Garden W.C. Houlston & Wright, Paternoster Row and Oliver and Boyd, Tweeddale Court. Edinburgh. Containing rolls of questions in pink, blue and green, c.1870£50-70
172.    The "Tailor of Gloucester" jigsaw puzzle. Published Frederick Warne & Co, London and New York. Complete but wear to box. With "Jeremy Fisher" also by Frederick Warne. Both complete. Boxes A/F£60-80
173.    "The Sibylline Game" with six cards "Explanation" and list of the objects. In original slip case. With "The Chinese Sensitive Leaf", invented by Jan Pertista£70-90
174.    "Historical Cards Exhibiting the History of England". Printed for John Wallis No 16 Ludgate Street, London. From William the Conqueror-George II died 1760, 32 cards, hand coloured portraits. Wear to slipcase£100-130
175.    A dissected puzzle "The Diverting History of John Gilpin London". John Betts 115, Strand. With booklet. One piece missing. No box. Contained in straw basket £100-150
176.    "Betts Extra Large Dissected Maps. Palestine", published by John Betts, 115 Strand. Box A/F£50-80
177.    An 1813 paper doll "Lauretta the Little Savoyard". One of the rarest of the Series. Printed for S & J Fuller at the Temple of Fancy and Juvenile Museum Rathbone Place, six hand coloured costumes. One head. One seated pose and story book. All dusty. Case split at side. One arm taped£400-600
178.    A paper doll 'Ellen or the Naughty Girl Reclaimed' Printed for S & J Fuller, 1811, 9 costumes and one head£150-200
179.    An Italian made closed mouth doll with sleeping eyes. 1940's. Wearing an earlier baby gown. 17in H£30-40
180.    A Tressy teenage doll with pink wardrobe containing a variety of clothes. With 'Style for Tressy and Tools', box of accessories and three other teenage dolls. With cut out Sindy goes on Holiday and a gollywog£40-60
181.    A 1940's composition flange neck doll with painted eyes and a dressing table doll, A/F£20-30
182.    A 1995 Steiff Limited Edition 'Paulinchen mit zwei katzen', No 0079, the doll wearing a red dress and the tabby cats complete with labels. In original box£40-60
183.    An Italian made lady doll wearing the original costume, Chinese composition man with moulded hat, black cat glove puppet, etc£20-40
184.    An English costume doll of 1775 by Ann Parker and a cut out card doll£20-30
185.    A Sindy jigsaw puzzle 'In Bedroom', 'All about Sindy and her friends' leaflets, Barbie kitchen and other furniture, bed etc. Quantity£40-60
186.    A boxed Rosebud doll in original costume, a 'Dolls Dress Display. Hygienic and Instructive' made by Guitermann London. Est 1876, 'Dollie Dressmaker' for a teenage dolls wardrobe for Sindy, Barbie etc. sheets of fabric uncut, another with handbags and scarves, two Teeny Tiny Tears baby outfits in original packaging. Palitoy 'Action Girl' fashion outfit, Ashton Drake china baby, boxed£60-70
187.    A small articulated 'General Hawk GI' with gun, leaflet and back pack, a Tutti (Barbie and Skippers little sister) complete with booklet, sandcastles outfit, a Tressy, Sindy shoes etc. Magic Roundabout dog etc key rings. With a quantity of Tudor style costume doll Christmas tree ornaments£40-60
188.    A collection of thirteen Peggy Nisbet dolls including Nell Gwynne, Elizabeth of York, Cherry Ripe from Cries of London collection, Pretty Ribbons, Madame Pompadour etc£50-90
189.    A hard plastic walking Pedigree girl wearing the original pale turquoise outfit£30-40
190.    A fully jointed moulded plastic American Indian with accessories marked Louis Marx & Co, a cowboy with accessories and a CPG Production 1978 Action Man (3)£40-60
191.    An Ann Parker Henry VIII doll with stand£30-40
192.    Sindy and other teenage dolls (8) and a quantity of costumes
193.    An Italian girl with moulded face and colourful felt costume, another two smaller and a large quantity of costume dolls, some with composition faces, celluloid etc. 1930's - 1970's£60-80
194.    Two Sindy dolls, a brown Barbie and a selection of costumes£35-40
194A.   A 1964 Palitoy Action Man, a 1978 and five others. With a large quantity of costumes, boots and accessories£60-80
195.    A Babs and Stan Tomlinson K & R 109. Impressed B.S.T. 1994, 19in H£30-50
196.    A Simon & Halbig bisque headed girl with moulded teeth and pierced ears. Wearing the original wig and costume including a pink satin coat, smocked silk dress, layers of underwear and cream shoes and socks. The head impressed "1339 S & H.L.L. & S. 6 1/2" Childhood doll of Ada Abraham of Letton, Herefordshire,19in H
197.    A bisque headed Simon & Halbig doll with sleeping blue eyes and original wig. Fully jointed body. Wearing a later blue jacket. Given by Charles Sims RA to neice in 1910 and has passed down the family to the vendor. Sold with a copy of a photograph of the original owner in her old age. Impressed "340 Germany Simon & Halbig", 22in H. With pair of red doll's shoes£200-220
198.    A bisque headed German girl with brown sleeping eyes and original wig. Fully jointed body. Wearing the original satin dress and cotton petticoat with an ornate Victorian bonnet. Impressed 'AM 390 A6M', 23in H£100-130
199.    An Armand Marseille fully jointed bisque headed girl with brown sleeping eyes and original wig. Hairline under wig£50-70
200.    A German bisque headed girl with sleeping eyes and original wig and 1920's blue and white dress and hat. Original shoes and socks. Impressed 'Armand Marseille 390' 16in H
201.    A small bisque headed baby with blue sleeping eyes and original wig, five piece baby body and original chemise. Impressed "990 A 10/0 M" 7 1/2in H£70-90
202.    A German bisque headed baby doll with moving eyes and five piece composite body. Impressed 'AM 351', 16in H£60-100
203.    A bisque headed German Doll with sleeping blue eyes and fully jointed body. Wearing the original Scottish soldiers costume in wool and felt. Impressed 'A.M. 390 0 1/2'. Height including busby 19 1/2, circa 1925
204.    A German bisque headed girl in completely original printed organza costume. With tiers of frills. Original shoes and wig. Fully jointed body. Impressed 'A.M. 390', circa 1930. H 24
205.    A closed mouth bisque headed girl with heavy feathered brows and fixed brown eyes. Pierced ears, two tone mouth and sheepskin wig. Full domed head. The jointed body with ball joints at hips. Wearing the completely original costume and underwear, circa 1880, 10in H£400-600
206.    A closed mouth German bisque shoulder headed girl with painted blue eyes and original wig. Fabric body with bisque lower sections. Wearing the original green and white checked dress and jacket. Impressed "1949 H3". Probably Alt Beck & Gottchalk, c.1880, H 14in£150-170
207.    A French bisque headed swivel neck Parisienne with two tone mouth, pierced ears and pale cobalt ringed paperweight type eyes. Original real hair wig and cork pate. Hand stitched kid body with separated fingers. Unmarked. Circa 1870. 12in H£500-600
208.    A chiné silk dolls dress probably for a Parisienne. Purple and green flowers on cream ground with magenta waist band and ribbon. Circa 1890, 12in L. With a black silk dress printed with stag beetles and trimmed with burgundy ribbon. Frilled hemline with train. Length at front 13 1/4in£80-100
209.    A large German bisque headed toddler with sleeping blue eyes and a whistling tongue known as Pamela. Five piece body. Wearing a crochet dress. Sold with a selection of clothes and a knitted shawl. Head impressed 'Heubach Koppelsdorf 300.7', 22in high, a group of 1930's dolls clothes and bedding, with a composition headed doll
210.    A bisque Simon & Halbig walking girl with feathered brows and open mouth. Jointed body and original wig, original combinations, shoes and hat. Impressed K&R Simon & Halbig 403, 21in H£400-500
211.    A very large bisque headed German girl with fixed eyes and heavy brows. fully jointed body. Wearing the original dropped waist broderie anglaise dress and cape. Impressed Armand Marseille Germany 390 17 AM. 35in H£400-600
212.    A bisque headed closed mouth Dream Baby with blue sleeping eyes and five piece composition body. Wearing knitted outfit. Impressed "AM 341", H 18in, with its wicker cradle£100-120
213.    A pale bisque Simon & Halbig girl with heavy brows, pierced ears with original earrings, sleeping brown eyes and moulded teeth. Fully jointed body and original wig. Wearing completely original costume of a nun's veiling dress, cream shoes with diamanté detail and white underwear. Impressed 'S & H 1079 Dep. Germany'. 20in H£300-400
214.    A bisque Simon & Halbig shoulder headed girl with heavy moulded brows and pierced ears. With bisque moulded lower arms, leather body. Original wig and ribbons, wearing a white gown. Impressed 'Halbig K & R', 23in H£300-400
215.    A small German Kestner style bisque headed doll with sleeping blue eyes and jointed body. Wearing exceptionally ornate baby clothes of a bonnet in ribbed silk with lace edging and ribbon ties, lace edged flannel petticoat etc. Height in robe 19in. Unmarked£220-250
216.    A Jumeau girl with fixed brown eyes, moulded teeth, pierced ears and heavy brows. Jointed body. Wearing the original cream lace and silk dropped waist dress and a straw hat with orange blossom decoration. Impressed 'X 8'. Body with repairs and re-paint. 20in H£500-600
217.    A bisque headed German girl with blue eyes wearing completely original factory made costume of a red and cream dress with a lace collar, red shoes and a feathered hat. Impressed '390 Germany'. 15in H£80-120
218.    A large P.M. baby with moulded tongue, sleeping blue eyes and five piece baby body. Wearing the original blue knitted outfit and a blue embroidered bonnet. Impressed 'PM 914' size 13. 24in H£120-150
219.    A large S.F.B.J.. French bisque headed girl with sleeping blue eyes , pierced ears, open mouth and moulded teeth. Fully jointed body. Wearing the original navy and cream velvet sailor style dress and a straw hat. Impressed 'France S.F.B. J. 301 Paris'. 28in H£300-350
220.    A closed mouth brown bisque headed dream baby with sleeping eyes and five piece body. Wearing a lace 1920's gown and a bonnet. Impressed 'A.M. 341/8K'. 25in H£150-180
221.    A pale bisque German character doll with sleeping blue eyes and open mouth. Five piece baby body. Wearing a cream silk coat. Impressed 'K & R. Simon & Halbig 121'. Size 62. £300-350
222.    A bisque headed pull string 'talking doll' with large brown eyes and heavy moulded brows. Pierced ears and original animal hair wig. Fully jointed body. Original white spotted muslin dress. The Jumeau shoes marked with a bee 'Paris Depose,' size 10. The head impressed 'DEP' stamped 'Tete Jumeau' size 10. In the original 'Jouet National Bebe Jumeau' box. The lid with Maison Jumeau label. Box label 'Diplome d'Honneur BebeJumeau Parlant.10'£600-800
223.    An early miniature Georgian fan with bone sticks and guards and a painted paper leaf. Design of birds and flowers£70-100
224.    A painted fabric moulded face boudoir doll with dark eye shadow and floss silk white-blonde hair. Composition lower limb sections, 31in H. With another boudoir doll with blonde floss silk hair and blue painted eyes wearing the original velvet jacket and tiered silk skirt, 26in H. Both c1925. With a German painted wooden kitchen basket£60-90
225.    A wood and metal dolls pram with deep sides and sprung sides. Labelled "FethaLite Regd". English made, c.1925. Containing a black Pedigree, a Rosebud doll and two others£60-100
226.    A hard rubber mechanical glove puppet representing the boxer Casius Clay, with moulded features and hair, wearing the original red and white robe£50-60
227.    An SFBJ girl with good quality toddler type body, open mouth and sleeping blue eyes The composition head impressed SFBJ Paris,12in H£60-80
228.    A dolls white gown with frilled hem and lace insertions, circa 1910£30-40
229.    Christies, Bonhams, Sotheby's and Phillips doll and toy catalogues 1980's - 2000. Quantity£40-50
230.    A child's deportment type high chair with turned rails to back and shaped stretchers, Rush seat, c.1850£60-80
231.    A pair of brown leather English made horseshoe mark child's gloves, brown leather child's bag, two small beaded purses, misers purse, dolls bags etc£40-50
232.    A Japanese girl doll with inset black eyes and original wig. carrying a doll. Circa 1910. With a smaller Japanese girl with an open mouth. 10 1/2 and 6in H£60-90
233.    A straw work folk figure of a Victorian lady carrying an umbrella and bag, c1860, 9in H£40-50
234.    A group of dolls clothes including a 30's pink dress, a pink Edwardian, and others (7)
235.    A leather jointed dolls body with celluloid lower arms and legs, 18 1/2in H. With a small German porcelain headed doll,10in H and a small rabbit£60-80
236.    A "Singer for the girls. Teaches them to make clothes for their dolls". Complete in original box. Early 20th century, very good condition£60-80
237.    A Victorian style dolls pram with spoked wheels£30-40
238.    A dolls brown and tan trunk, a Walkden sealing set with miniature candlestick seal, etc, unused, pack of cards and a tin of teddy bear glass eyes£30-50
239.    A red velvet dolls handbag with chased white metal frame, 19th century. An orange and dark grey French dolls bonnet with beaded rosette, cream silk hat with braid detail and a black lace spangle decorated hat for a larger doll (4)£40-60
240.    A cream woollen dolls coat with white embroidery and satin quilted lining, dolls broderie anglaise furniture, yellow organza dress with tiers of frills for a Princess Elizabeth doll, L 15 1/2, with a yellow organza lace trimmed dress and matching petticoat, L 23, with a sampler type Victorian dolls nightdress, L 20in, A/F£60-80
241.    A French type doll's folding table with faux bamboo legs. Suitable for large Parisiennes. Circa 1895, 9 1/2in H. With a smaller wicker dolls armchair. (2)
242.    A German white bisque headed bonnet doll with lustre detailed bonnet with moulded flowers. Brown glazed boots. Circa 1880. 11in H£60-80
243.    Four Peggy Nisbet dolls, a 1930's gollywog, 30's composition, lead farm toys etc£40-60
244.    A large German made composition baby wearing a knitted outfit, a black composition 1930's baby with wool plaits and a large composition baby impressed "PB 3/50" with blue sleeping eyes (3)£60-90
245.    A German Kate Kruse girl 'The Little German Child' with closed mouth and painted eyes. Fabric body. Wearing original combinations and wig. With a green knitted skirt and jumper. With a case of her knitted clothes Stamped "5.353" under left foot. H 18 1/2, offered by the original owner from new£150-200
246.    An English made waxed lady, the hair inserted in a slit on the crown. Fixed brown eyes. Dark blue leather lower arms. Wearing completely original costume decorated with sequins and braid, circa 1840, H 17in£180-200
247.    A poured wax gipsy lady with implanted hair, wearing a colourful costume. 17in H£30-50
248.    A painted fabric over carton English made moulded face girl doll with jointed fabric body wearing the original art deco style felt dress with original shoes and socks. Probably Deans. 1930's, 22in H£60-90
249.    A Lenci fashionable girl with brown sideways glancing painted eyes and original wig. Wearing a pink and yellow hat and a muslin dress with turquoise felt appliqué flowers. Original underwear and shoes, 17in H£200-300
250.    A brown bisque reproduction grace S Putnam By Lo Baby wearing a green dress£50-70
251.    A felt faced Chad Valley type doll wearing original cream dress, a Japanese doll and two 1930's tartan doll's umbrellas with coloured knobs£50-70
252.    A turned and carved South German wooden doll with painted features and jointed body with spoon type hands. Wearing a pink and cream striped frock. Childhood toy of Honor Appleton the well known illustrator of the Josephine books and many others. Circa 1860. 16ins H.
253.    A poured wax Christ Child with pale blue paperweight eyes,slightly open mouth with moulded teeth and hair. Swaddled in blue silk with gold embroidery and a lace ruffle. Late 18th century. 20in H£180-220
254.    A rare poured wax child doll with implanted heavy brows and hair. Poured wax lower arms and legs with well modelled toes. Fabric body with old repairers inscription 'Mr Moss Lichfield'. Wearing the original lace dress, quilted shoes and ornate bonnet. Old repairs to back of shoulder and foot. 29in H£350-450
255.    A small waxed girl with wooden spoon hands wearing an original ornate red and pink glazed cotton printed tiered dress and matching hat trimmed with flowers. Circa 1860. 11in H£60-80
256.    A heavy wax over composition German doll with large pale blue eyes, closed mouth and original wig. Fabric body with composition lower sections. Wearing a fine cream satin and lace dress with pleated hem. Circa 1880, 16 1/2in H£180-200
257.    A pair of Chinese opera dolls wearing the original embroidered costumes£60-80
258.    A Jessie Wilcox Smith print 'Mother and Child' in a round painted frame with fruits and flowers£50-60
259.    'The Dolls Dressmaker. Dodge. David & Charles'. The Letts Guide to Collecting. Kerry Taylor. Two copies. Dolls - Kay Desmonde. Treasure Press£30-40
260.    A pair of brown glacé leather French dolls shoes with ribbon rosettes. Size 12. 4in L£50-60
261.    A pair of cream dolls shoes with heels 2 3/4in, black pair with gold detail 2 3/4in, cream and pink 2 1/4in and a black German pair 2 1/4in. With a small quantity of dolls socks£80-100
262.    A white broderie anglaise dress with a cape and bonnet. Once dressed a size 15 Jumeau£50-60
263.    A brass dolls bed with lace pillow and white bedding, 23in L£50-60
264.    "The Art of Dolls" Merril, Needlework Projects from Godey's Lady's Book, "Dolls" Olivia Bristol, etc (12)
265.    A Pedigree black baby, a Rosebud in a knitted dress, Italian felt faced doll, celluloid and a group of dolls clothes£30-40
266.    A bisque headed miniature doll with closed mouth and painted features and a composition clown (lacks arms), a 1940's black composition headed doll with fabric body, 30's golly (missing legs), Chinese lady doll, Peggy Nisbet dolls including Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth of York and Jane Austen, pair of Indian fabric dolls and a group of metal farm animals, trees and farmer (unmarked)£40-60
271.    A 1981 New Scientist metal badge, "Nixon's the One", "Save the Tiger", 1977 Queen's Jubilee, "Desperate Dan Pie Eaters Club", "Save Green Shield Stamps", "CND Protest and Survive", "Mr Spock", "Free Angela", "Batman" etc. Large quantity£30-50
272.    A National Railway Union 30 Membership Years badge, novelty key rings including a Union Jack penknife, Helenex revolver, Green Shield Stamps, Jaws, 1973 Bruce Lee, whisky bottle, woman showing her knickers and other vintage key rings £20-30
273.    A Lord Kitchener First World War pendant, a Verdun "Some Anniversaire" key ring, Famous Five Club badge, First World War Refugee Distress, Marilyn Monroe, Solidarity with the Miners, "National Savings save to defend", Sunderland Football Club 1901-2 and many others £40-50
274.    A 1963 miniature "Beatles on the Jury" headlined Record Mirror, official Beatles fan badges, "John", "Paul" and "George" badges, "I like Ringo", "Britains First Beatle Convention", gilt "The Beatles" brooch, with two others, "The Colonel Says" gold coloured The Beatles pendant with photograph and chain and a music stave brooch with four hanging Beatles. Another gold coloured bracelet with photographs of the four Beatles£60-90
275.    A gold coloured metal Elvis bracelet with his photograph, Elvis pendant, 1956 Pictorial Productions Inc badges, heart shaped pendant, "Elvis is King" badge. With a Bill Haley English made lapel brooch, Marty Wilde official fan club badge, 1979 Who are the Stranglers, Liberace fan club badge, Sex Pistols, pop stars pendant with many photographs, etc. Quantity. All pop stars, in a Coronation tea caddy£40-50
276.    A Mickey Mouse Disney tinplate and plastic fishing rod. Original packaging. Stamp. France£30-40
277.    A Japanese made celluloid clockwork tumbling clown wearing moulded pink and blue outfit. Early 20th century, 7 1/2in H£50-80
278.    A Wilesco blue and red steamroller. Boxed. W Germany£60-80
279.    A Getruder Bing Nuremberg steam engine£60-80
280.    A Mamod miniature polishing machine, boxed. Grinding machine, boxed. A Meccano Power Drive unit. Meccano Magic clockwork motor (boxed), Meccano No 1 reversing clockwork motor and a multipack Controls Hammant & Morgan£30-40
281.    A Mamod steam roller SRI with solid fuel tablets. Boxed£30-40
282.    A Burango Alfa Romeo 2300 1932 Spider open sports car, boxed. Mercedes Benz 300SL, Lancia 1955 Spider and a boxed 1927 Graham Panel Van Delivery diecast metal vehicle (4)£50-60
283.    A Codeg Ranch Phone money box with ringing tone. Original box. English made. With a Cherokee made head dress labelled 'Qualla Reservation Cherokee. N.C.'£30-50
284.    A boxed Marklin spinning top, c.1925. Originally priced at 8/6d£60-80
285.    An Official Model Replica of the Vauxhall Velox 1/18 scale. Product of Victory Industries, Guildford. Produced and distributed in collaboration with Vauxhall Motors Luton. With top of original box - Mighty Midget Motor£60-80
286.    A fur-covered tinplate mechanical dog marked 'Japan'. Key wound. Wearing a check waistcoat, 5 1/4in H£30-50
287.    An English made tinplate motor car complete with chaffeur and petrol can on running board. Battery operated headlight bulbs and red tail light. With 'G.B.' badges. In original plain cardboard box. Probably Wells, L 13 1/2£300-400
288.    A tinplate contractors high lift mobile crane with Marx tyres. With a Meccano No 2 boxed part set£40-60
289.    A Scalextric 600 Four Lane Electric Model racing set with four cars, flags and instruction leaflets. Box damaged£30-50
290.    A Japanese tinplate and plastic battery toy of a cigar smoking old man£20-40
291.    A Japanese tinplate and plastic mechanical girl skipping rope. In box. Marked TPS Made in Japan£30-50
292.    A Technofix 266 tinplate track with art deco printed buildings and two cars with a penguin clockwork powered tug boat "Annie"£40-60
293.    A round Chad Valley tinplate money box with a printed negro who rolls his eyes, pokes out his tongue and shows his teeth£30-40
294.    A Japanese battery operated Moon Rocket, tinplate and plastic. Boxed, Masudaya. Marked 'TM'£80-100
295.    A plastic and tinplate Space Patrol MF742 Metalmania, with a tinplate and plastic racing car£50-60
296.    A space tank with a Chinese made tinplate tank and an Aqua Jet Lone Star Water Rocket £40-60
297.    A Captain Scarlet electronic Angel Interceptor plane, boxed, a Captain Scarlet talking sound tech key chain and a Thunderbirds radio £40-50
298.    Two small Transformer folding robots, a Batman opening to reveal a batcave, robot on motorbike, various small robots, red transparent plastic and metal, space guns, small bird robot and others including a metal with a lions head£60-80
299.    A Playtime robot, Burger King robot, 'Cruel TM' robot made by CBS Toys and others including a silver coloured Bo Toy etc£50-60
300.    A boxed Tomy 'Chaterbot' robot, with control, black robot with screen, Corgi Carry Car and a silver and red large robot £60-70
301.    A Matchbox 'Gargantua' red and silver robot, a smaller 'New Bright' Hong Kong and a 1997 Lego (3)£50-60
302.    A Bolt Man Team Ellie robot, New Bright Magic Mike II, two Chinese made and a silver New Bright 1984 (5)£60-70
303.    An Astro Wars Grandstand viewer, Mirage Studios 1993 Playmates Toys space vehicle and two Space Outlaw metal pistols£20-30
304.    A metal Stingray Star Product ray gun, a metal Corgi Comics Lunar Bug, Mazak, Spectrum Persuit Vehicle, Space Razer, 'My First Buddys Sub Gun', and four small robots£30-40
305.    A 'T.A.' screen type robot, a nursery robot wearing trainers, two Chinese made, a Batman type and another (6)£30-40
306.    A 1985 large Matchbox robot, a New Bright Industrial Co Strobot, a silver and green holding guns, a 'Rogun' and three smaller robots£50-70
307.    A New Bright Hong Kong Robotron RT-2, a screen robot, hippopotamus, gorilla and Tiger Dog, Tiger Electronics Ltd£30-50
308.    An 'S.H.' metal and plastic battery operated robot marked 'Made in Japan', boxed. Attacking Martian. Horikawa£50-60
309.    A Scooter 2000 very large robot with a Rolling Olli, both with controls£30-40
310.    A Chinese Talk-a-Tron robot, a boxed Radio Shack Armatron, a Hasbro space vehicle, two gold and black 'Hap-P-Kid' robots, a U.N. Space T23 and a silver and blue£40-50
311.    A tinplate robot marked 'K.O. Japan' with gear panel to front. Working order£50-70
312.    A Western Express, boxed. With a tender, 1897 style wagon and a Cabose with track. Gibbs Palmer, West Midlands. Has human voice and computerised train running sound. The wooden box labelled 'Western Train 1996'. With a boxed tinplate traffic signs game with cars and coach etc. Wooden box£50-60
313.    A Hornby Dublo "City of London" locomotive and tender. With a black British Railways tank engine and another (3)£80-100
314.    Thomas the Tank Engine shaped case containing various engines with another, a Hornby InterCity 125 '00' gauge and another. Hornby Track Plans 4th Edition, Hornby Railways 1978 '00' Catalogue and a 1970 Railway Modeller£50-70
315.    A Hornby Dublo two rail electric train set 2-6-4 tank, 4-6-2 Golden Fleece. The Talisman Passenger set, in box with leaflets etc£70-80
316.    A boxed Mamod Birmingham red and green reversing steam roller SR1A with a Hornby Dublo British Railways engine and tender£40-60
317.    A plastic Playcraft railway track including station, turntable, etc£30-40
318.    A Lima 'Burma Star' loco, Lima Police loco, Intercity 125 coaches, bridge, transformer and a large quantity of track£60-100
319.    A Hornby M1 Goods Set Gauge 0. Made by Meccano Ltd. Boxed. With quantity of track and points. Playworn£40-60
320.    A Bachmann 'Lechlade Manor', Lord Nelson, 31401 B.R. Black engine with another, 'The Red Knight', and two others, all boxed. Boxed Bachmann carriages, etc, large quantity, all boxed£80-100
321.    A Hornby 30453 King Arthur, '34045 Ottery St Mary, Merchant Navy Class French Line, 308035 Sir Harry le Fise Lake, Hornby OO gauge coach, Composite Coach, Terrier Loco, etc, large quantity, all boxed £80-100
322.    A large quantity of Bachman boxed rolling stock with boxes of Peco Wonderful Waggon Kits. All boxed£60-80
323.    A Triang 4-6-2 Britannia Loco, Pullman 1st class carriage, Brake 2nd Car, tender, Dinky Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, Models of Yesteryear and Corgi Major Euclid TC-12 tractor£60-80
324.    A Hornby tinplate station bookstall and waiting room, mid 20th century£30-50
325.    A Carrett for Basset Lowke 12 wheel '0' gauge Dining Saloon London N.W. Railway, c1920£80-120
326.    A Bing tinplate two road '0' gauge engine shed and tinplate bridge with a tunnel. All early 20th century£200-250
327.    A tinplate tram marked 'S.G. Made in Germany' for Gunterman, play worn, 12in L £40-60
328.    A Gaugemaster Control Solutions controller Prodigy Advance 2 digital control system. With a Hornby LMS 00 gauge DCC engine and another engine. With five Days Gone vehicles£70-90
329.    A Triang Hornby 1971 catalogue with a Dapol corridor coach with matching LMS 563 engine and tender boxed. Bachman C& E Parker coal merchant's van, a Wrenn Railways Fisons Prestwin wagon, Hornby railways Crook and Greenway wagon with others. All boxed£50-60
330.    A Kraus Fandor. J.K. Nuremberg electric black engine and tender the engine with a light at front of boiler. With a Kraus International Express passenger coach in red and an "International Express coach", also Kraus. A maroon Hornby Meccano NZR engine and tender, two grey Hornby open waggons, goods coach, green Hornby engine and another with British Railways tender. Some play wear on all items. From a local family£100-150
331.    A German tinplate Newspaper Kiosk, Hornby LMS engine, Bing Werke waggon (3)£60-80
332.    A Triang Aia-AIA Diesel electric loco green, boxed. Windsor Castle, LNER engine, with a quantity of rolling stock, track, etc£60-80
333.    A Hornby Tank Goods Set No 45, Gauge '0', boxed, with a No 2 turntable£80-100
334.    An 'Aurelia' Pullman coach, level crossing, boxed siding, Hornby loco, track etc. Quantity£60-70
341.    A group of mainly Britains farm animals, trees, bushes, gates, fencing. With sheep, figures, bird table, cows, bridge, etc. With an Elastolin farm with farm girl, two other wooden farm buildings, kennel, trees, etc. Large setting, some play worn£150-200
342.    A wooden horse and cart labelled "Au Nain Blue Paris", farm buildings, a boxed set of Britains Lilliput World Model cows and calves, Penguin Drifter empty box, Britains Lilliput horses made under licence by W. Horton Ltd, Middlesborough£40-60
343.    A green cart pulled by four horses, marked 'England', nine German flats, mounted huntsman, twelve semi-flat riflemen wearing blue suits and turbans, five mounted huntsmen and other German flat soldiers£50-70
344.    A Tiger Toys of Petersfield boxed Fort Sioux with an Airfix HMS Hood and HMS Nelson not assembled£40-60
345.    A quantity of metal German flats mainly mounted soldiers with painted and lacquered detail. 19th century£80-100
346.    A Britains mounted "full gallop" huntsman, seated stag, dogs, ladies riding side saddle, etc, some A/F£30-40
347.    A German made fabric and metal war game tent and a very large quantity of 19th century Nuremberg mounted flat soldiers with detailed painting£100-150
348.    A quantity of plastic Britains Floral Garden including fences, crazy paving, greenhouse etc£30-40
349.    A blue Britains tractor, Britains 22 1/2 CWT Dumper, Britains Multi Level Elevator, Cultivator, LWB Landrover and other Britains farm equipment£60-80
350.    Britains plastic buildings, kennel etc with a box of horses, cows and other farm animals. With a scarecrow and farm figures. Also a small quantity of horses by another maker£60-90
351.    A set of twelve grenadier guards on parade. With a standard bearer. All impressed 'Elastolin'. With a mounted guard. Paint loss on horse£80-120
352.    A Britains Field Ambulance with four horses, two riders with articulated arms and two seated soldiers. Two stretchers with stretcher bearers. One pair wearing gas masks. Also a seated nurse. Hoof of one horse missing. £130-160
353.    Britain's Royal Horse Artillery. Mounted. With complete field gun with three mounted and three unmounted horses. With traces. Four outriders and an officer£80-100
354.    A group of eight mounted Britains soldiers with arm joints and carrying rifles£70-90
355.    A Kenner Products space station. Jedi Rebel armoured Snowspeed vehicle, boxed. Jedi Forest Ranger, boxed. With a box of Star Wars figures£50-70
360.    Corgi toys including a Citroen Safari, Volvo P1800, Volkswagen pickup truck, Chipperfield's animal cage, James Bond Toyota 2000 GT with driver, "Smiths" Karrier Van, 109 WB Landrover, Alpha Romeo, Massey Ferguson tractor, Ferrari Berlinetta 250 Le Mans, etc (13)£60-100
361.    A Corgi Major Aerial Rescue Truck. American La France, Lesney Foden breakdown tractor, Matchbox Hatra Tractor shovel, Matchbox Kingsize Taylor Jumo Crane No 14, Matchbox Motor Scraper, wheel crane, Massey Ferguson combine harvester, etc. Varied condition£60-80
362.    A Lesney Ready Mix Concrete truck, tipper truck, grit spreading truck No 70, Bedford tipper, Curtis-Wright King Size No 7, Massey Ferguson combine harvester, Matchbox Aveling Barford Tractor shovel, AA and RAC Matchbox Garages Breakdown Service van, crane truck No 50 Magirus - Deutz, Fruehauf Hopper No 4, BP petrol tanker, etc £60-80
363.    A Farnborough Measham Car Auction Collection Guy Warrior transporter, Major Pack No 8, Lesney. A Corgi blue Carrimore car transporter. Big Bedford Tractor Unit. Matchbox King Size Dyson Low-Loader with K17 Ford Tractor, Carrimore machinery carrier, 'Ascot Stables' Matchbox King Size Articulated Horse Van No 19 pulled by a Dodge Tractor, blue Corgi Bedford tractor, Matchbox Scammell£60-80
364.    A Corgi Limited Edition Omnibus London Transport, Guy Arab Wolverhampton Corporation and other buses (7) with Corgi D701 Ford Popular, Railway Cameo Collection, Ford Cortina Lancashire Constabulary, Lotus Espirit turbo, 100 Years of Flight, fighting Machines, Heroes of /flight etc. All boxed. Quantity £70-90
365.    A Vanguards Austin Healey E, Hillman Minx, with 14 others, all boxed, and Corgi Solido 'Century of Cars', all boxed (38) £50-80
366.    A large quantity of Vanguard models including Vauzhall Astra, Jaguar etc£40-60
367.    A James Bond 007 Corgi 'Die Another Day', Corgi limited edition Van H007 T9, Classic Thunderbirds, Whitelaws Coach, Vanguards Triumph, Ford Sierra, Captain Scarlet, etc. Quantity£60-80
368.    A Dinky American 105 mm Gun, a Britains Gun, a Crescent, Dinky armoured personnel carrier, army 1 ton cargo truck£40-50
369.    A Ferrari, 1987 F40, Italian made, a boxed Classic Corgi Austin Healey open top, Meccano booklet£40-50
370.    A Dinky Guy Flat Truck 513 box, a Big Bedford Lorry 522 box, Dinky No 605 Fairey "Battle Bomber" lower part of box only and an empty Cardiff Castle 2221 box. All without contents£30-40
371.    A Matchbox Thornycroft Tractor with trailer, Landrover Safari, Alvis Stalwart, petrol pump station, Routemaster bus, Pressure refueller, LCC Ambulance (Lomas), with another three, BP Autotanker Pack No 1, another, Commer Bottle float No 21, Bluebird Dauphine caravan No 23,Mobile Canteen No 74, Alvis Stewart lorry, Mercedes truck, 'Denver' No 29 Fire Pumper truck, Cadillac ambulance No 54 etc£70-90
372.    A Dinky Budget Service Budgie towing tender, Dinky Meccano four berth caravan, Supertoys 20 ton lorry mounted crane 972, Spot-on Jaguar XK 'E', Dinky disc harrow, etc£60-80
373.    A Dinky Supertoys Centurion Tank, Crescent field gun, Britains field gun, Matchbox Armoured DIV, Corgi Chieftain, Matchbox K-077 Howitzer, Britains Kettenkrad, Lone Star armoured car, Corgi Centurion MKill, Matchbox K102, Astra anti-aircraft gun, swamp rats boat, Crescent anti-aircraft and other military guns and vehicles£50-60
374.    A group of military guns and vehicles including Matchbox Battle Kings tank, Triang Jeep, Matchbox Sheridan and King Tiger, Sherman tanks, K107, Corgi Medium tank, Centurion MKIII and others. Some playworn£50-60
375.    A quantity of field guns, Britains etc, three tanks, Maisto boxed and other military vehicles. Box£40-60
376.    A brass and wood artillery scratch built gun mounted on wooden base£70-90
377.    A Corgi Saladin tank, Corgi Juniors Commando V100 with another, Corgi Chieftain Medium tank, Britains scout car, Lone Star armoured car and other military vehicles with a waterline ship£40-60
378.    A Dinky Super toys 512 Guy Flat Truck. Blue box. A Dumper Truck 562. Plain box with pre decimal label, a Dinky Supertoys 561 Blaw Knox Bulldozer. Green box. A Dinky Breakdown Lorry 25X. An unboxed supertoys Heavy Tractor, a lorry, B.E.V. Truck and an Aveling Barford steam engine. Dinky Coventry Climax fork lift truck. Boxed£70-90
379.    A Dinky Supertoys Foden 14 ton tanker No 504. Blue. In green box. A Bedford articulated Lorry No 521, plain box, Guy 4-ton Lorry No 511. Plain box. Guy Van No 514, blue box. Leyland Comet Lorry No 531. Supertoys Coles Mobile Crane 571. Blue box. Foden Flat Truck No 502, plain box. Some with pre decimal prices£80-120
380.    A Dinky Toys Centurian tank 651, Chieftain Tank, Corgi quad Gun Tractor, 10 ton Army Truck and other military vehicles (30)£60-80
381.    An Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger, Dinky Collection 1968 Jaguar, Ferrari Classico, Solido Citroen, Corgi Triumph open top, Lledo models, etc. Quantity, various makes£50-80
382.    A Dinky No 982 Pullmore car Transporter with No 94 Loading Ramp, both boxed£50-70
383.    A boxed Matchbox Moko Lesney Massey-Ferguson '780' Combine Harvester. Moko Lesney Nestlé Van 69, Fire Wagon No 9, Ferret Scout Car 61, Petrol Pumps and Esso sign No 1 Accessory Pack, green Morris Minor 1000 No 46, turquoise Austin A50 No 36, Saladin Armoured Car No 67, Matchbox International Express turquoise blue van No 34. Major Pack No 4 Ruston Bueyrus, blue 3.4 litre Jaguar No 65, Citroen DS19 No 66, pale green Wolseley 1500 No 57, Ford 3 ton Service Ambulance No 63, London Trolley bus No 56, BEA Coach, blue, No 58, Scammel Breakdown Truck No 64, Mobile Canteen No 74, Thames estate car No 70, blue Pickfords lorry unboxed, Centurion tank unboxed, Ford Zodiac unboxed. The following all boxed: Pickup Truck No 2, Caterpillar No 8, Portland Cement, Albion Chieftain No 51, orange lorry No 28, blue/grey Hillman Minx No 43, green Jeep No 12, metallic blue Rolls Royce Silver Cloud No 44, red Bedford 7 ton tipper No 40. Many with pre-decimal prices. All excellent condition£300-500
384.    A Matchbox No 2 Major Pack. Bedford Walls Ice Cream van, Scammel Breakdown Truck No 64, No 3 Accessory Pack Garage, Morris J2 Pickup No 60, No 3 Major Pack Thorneycroft Antar, cream Jaguar XK140 No 32, No 1 Major Pack Caterpillar/tractor, a No 6 Major Pack Pickfords 200 ton transporter, green DUC No 55, D type Jaguar No 41, Pickup truck No 13, Commer Pickup No 50, blue cement mixer No 3, metallic green Aston Martin No 53, General Service lorry No 62, Saracen Personnel Carrier No 54, No 2 Accessory Pack Matchbox blue Car Transporter, Evening News Van No 42, farm vehicle No 18, Dunlop blue van No 25, pale blue caravan No 23, Bedford milk van No 29, maroon lorry No 20, Cleansing Dept. Harrier Refuse Collector No 38, maroon and cream car No 22, Coca-Cola carrier Bantam No 32, cream sports car No 19, red Maserati No 52, red lorry No 6, horse drawn milk float No 7, Matchbox removals No 17, Marshall horse box No 35, road signs, Matchbox Series No 5 double decker, dark red lorry No 10, red tractor No 4, Daimler ambulance No 14, Austin Mk2 Radio truck No 68, pale yellow Vauxhall Victor No 45, Watherill Hydraulic digger No 24, London to Glasgow green coach No 21, green Singer Ford Thames van No 59, lorry No 27, Personnel Carrier No 49, red Esso lorry No 11, green steam roller No 1, beige Ford Prefect No 30, blue Meteor Sportsman Mk2 No 48, red Brooke Bond Tea Trojan van No 47£300-500
385.    A Lesney 'Davies Tyres' York Freightmaster trailer lorry, Lesney Tippax Refuse Collector, CocaCola lorry, A50 No 36, Marshall Horse Box AK7, "Rentoset" TV Service van No 62, "Evening News" yellow van, Jeep No 72, Ford Fairlane Police Car No 55, Albion Chieftain Cement lorry, Jaguar No 65, Matchbox Service Breakdown van, Crash Tender, Leyland Royal Tiger Coach and other Lesney vehicles£80-120
386.    A Lesney Maserati, D-Type Jaguar, Ferrari No 73, Aston Martin DBR5, Lotus No 19, Majorette French made Ferrari No 229, Zylmex BRMFI Hong Kong and other racing cars. With a 1929 Bentley£50-60
387.    A group of Lesney military vehicles including Scammell Breakdown truck, trailer, Centurion Tank Mark III, 50 ton tank transporter pulled by Thornycroft 'Antar', Service Ambulance No 63, DUKW Ferret Scout car, Austin water truck and others. All green£50-60
388.    A Lesney Matchbox Major Racing Car transporter, Pickford Scammel tractor with Pickfords trailer, Matchbox No 17 horse transporter, Aveling-Barford Tractor Shovel, Dodge Wreck truck No 13, etc£50-60
389.    A Matchbox 1938 Hispano Suiza, 1931 Stutz Bearcat, 1937 Mercedez-Benz 540K and other boxed Models of Yesteryear£50-60
390.    Days Gone Lledo various models (23) all boxed, Trackside Scammel tractor, seven Matchbox Models of Yesteryear vintage cars and four Rolls Royce model cars, etc£50-60
391.    Matchbox Models of Yesteryear 1906 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, 1927 Talbot Nestle's Milk van and others, Franklin Mint station wagon£50-60
392.    A boxed Matchbox Lesney '53, 67, 61, No 9, Matchbox New 30 Artic Truck, No 2 Lorry, Corgi Classic Vintage car with passengers, boxed, UFO Interceptor etc£40-60
393.    A wooden presentation Limited Edition F0020 Models of Yesteryear Connoisseurs Collection. Six models including a 1910 Benz Landaulet and a 1911 Daimler Tourer£30-40
394.    A Matchbox two colour kit Bugatti/S9, Matchbox Whizz Wheels John Player Special, Days Gone Whitbread van, Seerol London Taxi and many others including tinplate US Air force car£60-80
395.    A Franklin Mint Bermuda Station Wagon, Mercedes tourer, 1935 Auburn Speedster and other vintage cars all by Franklin Mint£70-90
396.    A Franklin Mint Precision Model 1930 Bugatti, 1930 Duesenberg Tourer, 1938 Jaguar, Chevrolet Nomad, 1948 Chrysler Town and Country and others including a 1938 Alvis. Quantity£50-70
397.    A 1930 Duessenberg Tourster-1987 Franklin Mint, 1907 Rolls Royce, 1948 Tucker, three vintage car ashtrays, cigar box, etc £50-60
398.    A Dinky Meccano Humber Hawk Police Car, Peterbilt 1978 Lesney truck, Corgi London taxi, Britains Massey Ferguson tractor, Matchbox vehicles and many others. Some playworn£60-80
400.    A white embroidered supper cloth, pair cream pink ribbon edged pillowcases and a colourfully embroidered racing cloth with horses and riders, with other items of linen£50-60
401.    A brown and cream cut work cloth and napkins, other white embroidered cloths and traycloths, etc. Quantity. With a blue quilted cushion cover£40-60
402.    A linen drawn threadwork bed cover, butterfly embroidered serving cloths, tray and supper cloths, etc (Box)£50-70
403.    A printed silk cushion cover with a map of India partly worked cushion, large quantity of crochet table mats, edgings, etc, with six Lucky Star pattern sheets, Patons First Steps in Crochet, etc. Quantity£50-70
404.    A large quantity of cotton and linen cloths, mats, etc, with unfinished embroidery. With patterns, transfers, 1930 Fairistitch pattern book, 1932 Weldon Ladies Journal transfers, Autumn 1940 'Fleur de lys' designs 'Needlework in War time', all 1930-1950

405.    A large tablecloth with crochet inserts, 1930's colourful embroidered tablecloth with another, and other items of household linen£40-60
406.    A damask table cloth, embroidered cloths and other linen. With a pink and green woven cloth£50-60
407.    A large damask tablecloth with several others, lilac edged tablecloth, curtains etc. Linen laundered£60-80
408.    A fine quality drawn threadwork tablecloth, cut work cloth and napkins, place mats etc. All laundered£60-90
409.    A white embroidered bed cover, a tablecloth and other items£40-60
410.    A quantity of household linen including sets of crochet place mats, table cloths, handkerchiefs with a stitch sampler with a dragon and swastica£60-70
411.    A group of tablecloths including an oval shape with crochet insertions, damask with crochet edging, set of white embroidered place mats, etc. Quantity, laundered£60-70
412.    A good quality pale beige on cream all over embroidered large table cloth with cut work sections, matching side table runner, eight similar place mats, eight napkins and similar round mats all embroidered. With another set of napkins£70-90
413.    A tablecloth with dark cream crochet insertions and embroidered detail, large decorative linen cloth with oval embroidered panel, Chinese embroidered place mats, another table cloth, napkins, etc. All nice quality£60-70
414.    A group of embroidered chair seats, art deco ship panel, printed velvet cushion, quantity of chair backs, linen items, stockings, Chinese embroidery, shirt, etc £50-70
415.    A large woven bedcover, fine cotton embroidered table cloth, another with cut work and flowered design, large linen broderie anglaise and an ornate hand embroidered with crochet inserts, etc£60-90
416.    A 1930's yellow and green brocade table cover, ex shop stock£20-30
417.    A drawn threadwork bed cover with a large quantity of mainly 19th century linen, sheets etc. Contained in a large case£80-100
418.    A set of white embroidered place mats and napkins in original box, linen mats, and a large white damask banqueting cloth with a smaller

419.    An orange and black Turkish style Victorian table carpet with another similar. £40-60
420.    A maroon and green woollen travelling rug with another in Royal Stewart tartan (2) £30-40
421.    A pair of silver and gold cushions, two hand embroidered woollen cushions and two cream and red embroidered. All unused£50-70
422.    A pale rust embroidered 1930's art deco bed cover with quilted ends£40-50
423.    A length of fine quality painted velvet in abstract greens and yellows on an orange ground. 1930's, probably French£40-60
424.    A blue and red tartan travelling rug with a red and turquoise mohair rug (2)£40-50
425.    A printed pastoral design fringed table cover with matching curtains, two yellow printed pelmets, length of check woollen fabric and various lengths of good quality printed fabrics£60-80
426.    A tapestry style table cover, a Turkish style carpet type table cover and two printed silk velvet matching table covers£60-80
427.    A Turkish towel with embroidered ends, 19th century. An Indian brocaded stole, large quantity of pale green and pink mats with applique design, pale blue Indian stole, etc£40-60
428.    A 1930's pale apricot ribbed silk sheet with a pink satin bedcover£30-40
429.    A small plush travelling rug with printed repeat pattern reversing to dark grey plush with an orange plush Victorian table cover (2)£40-50
430.    An embroidered Arabic shawl, blue and yellow on black embroidered rug, quilted covers and an African style embroidered hanging£60-80
431.    A printed plush tablecover with deep fringe with an emerald green plush Victorian carriage rug and a silver and crimson 1930's bed cover£40-60
432.    A large round woollen Victorian dark crimson silk embroidered table cover with flowered border and a red, lemon and black 1930's sofa throw with fringed ends£50-70
433.    A blue on white embroidered table cloth with twelve matching napkins, lace edged tablecloths and other linen. All laundered£60-90
434.    An embroidery frame, leaflets, embroidery threads, knitting wools, etc. Quantity£30-40
435.    A quantity of burgundy coloured hide, braids, felts, felt toy patterns etc£30-40
435A.   A set of six long curtains with a 17th century style flower and tree pattern. Indigo and green on a dark cream ground. Lined and interlined. Once part of the furnishings of an Embassy reception room. 150in L x 94in W. With six tie backs£150-250
435B.   A set of six flowered curtains. Dark red roses with green leaves on a cream ground. Lined and interlined. Furnishings from an Embassy. 132in L x 122in W£100-200
436.    A blue, brown and yellow woven wool and cotton Indian hammock£30-40
437.    A group of four patchwork cushions all using Liberty printed fabrics£30-40
438.    A dark crimson brocaded fringed table cover with a fringed velvet cloth A/F£40-50
439.    A framed panel of Chinese caligraphy. Two panels of applied raised work Chinese vases of flowers on gold ground and four raised work flowers and birds on white ground£60-90
440.    A red and black embroidered Indian curtain with an Arabic crimson hanging embroidered in soft colours (2)£50-70
441.    A long table runner with appliqué and silver embroidery and a gold embroidered table cover, Turkish (2)£40-60
442.    A printed linen curtain and a long length of floss silk embroidered net edging, a length of 1920's cream silk and net and cream striped chiffon£30-40
443.    Two pairs of printed curtains the design based on English crewelwork, L72, W44£40-50
444.    A quantity of remnants, few longer lengths, various furnishing patterns 1950's to 1970's. Large box£30-40
445.    A red, blue and cream Scandinavian woven rug with a cross stitch cloth from the same region£50-60
446.    A pair of round footstools with bun feet, upholstered in printed velvet. Mid 19th century£60-80
447.    A large square footstool with gilded feet, upholstered in mustard coloured brocade£40-60
448.    A lime green deep plush Victorian table cover with a deep woollen fringe and a red and black chenile table cover£40-70
449.    A pair of curtains, valance, pelmet, blind and bedspread, all matching peach and cream, all lined£40-50
450.    A beaded and appliqué cushion cover with another, crewel work cushion covers, a carpet cushion and other fabrics£30-40
451.    'Modern Design in Embroidery' Rebecca Crompton, 1st Edition, Batsford 1936, two painted on fabric Penelope designs for embroidery, garden flowers and country scene, a sheet of printed on fabric embroidery patterns for collars. Penelope 2051 with a quantity of old embroidery fabrics. In a 1930's case£40-60
452.    A pair of printed linen curtains. The design showing Tudor figures, soldiers on horseback and various medieval style motifs. With a pair of French soft red and grey printed 19th century curtains with frilled edges. L 77, W71 and L111 x 61£40-60
453.    A polychrome on black woolwork rug, a larger blue and cream crewel work rug and two woolwork cushions£50-70
454.    A large roll of blue and green printed curtain fabric "Rio design. Helene Wedel Boras Cotton, Sweden". With a length of red, pink and yellow abstract "Fidelis Apex by Hilary Rosenthal". Part roll blue and green abstract design and part roll of yellow and black£40-60
455.    Two lengths of French style brocaded fabric with polychrome flowers on a cream and blue ground. With three curtain lengths in crimson satin brocade£50-70
456.    Two long curtain lengths in African style printed in strong colours with bands of animals and birds. Unused. Labelled 'Romanex de Boussac Grand Teint'£40-60
457.    A pair of Edwardian dark antique gold cut velvet un-made-up curtains with another in paler gold£70-100
458.    A long crochet French style curtain with fringed edge and a crewel work gold on cream embroidered table cloth with matching napkins£30-40
459.    A quantity of twill weave Victorian flowered long curtain lengths. Polychrome prints on black ground. Mostly unused£60-90
460.    A quantity of crimson on white flowered and striped unpicked curtains. Two lengths with French style frilled edges. Late 19th century£60-90
461.    Two long lengths of tapestry style curtain fabric. Flowers on pale gold ground, unused£30-40
462.    A pair of lace printed curtains with flowering tree design with a grey on white printed bedcover with pillow shams£30-50
463.    A pair of ribbed cotton long curtains, pastel shades on a cream ground, patterned with bunches of flowers tied with pink bows. the pink picked up by the matching lining. Early 20th century. 104in L x 70in W£140-180
464.    Two long bordered tapestry type French curtains, the flowered design in soft pinks and greens on a beige ground. Not made up. 112in L x 47in W£80-100
465.    A square of dark gold embossed velvet, length of green and brown, crimson and brown striped rug and a long length of gold brocade etc£40-60
466.    A pair of mustard and light brown tapestry type French style curtains with formal flowered design, lined in mustard. C1900, 129in L x 47in W£130-160
467.    Two long lengths of pale gold brocade in Italian style £50-70
468.    A pair of pale and dark green printed cotton curtains with fringed ends, 100in L x 48in W£40-60
469.    A pair of good quality saffron and beige brocaded Italian style flowered curtains with pleated and buttoned tops. Lining removed. 90in L x 138in W with a matching third curtain£100-200
470.    A cream 1930's fringed Nottingham lace curtain with three others£40-50
470A.   An Eastern Kelim with geometric pattern in orange, red, camel, etc, 8ft 6in x 5ft 1in£250-400
471.    A woolwork cushion worked in stylised flowers on square shapes, backed with velvet. With another in orange and black in classical style, also velvet backed, circa 1895 (2)£50-60
472.    An Irish country made crazy patchwork quilt edged with wool feather stitching. Made by Kearns family of Roscommon, Ruskey County, circa 1870. 72 x 85in. Unfinished£50-80
473.    A red and white patchwork quilt believed by family to be American. Worked in complex small squares in printed reds, late c19, 79 x 76in£140-180
474.    A Rabari North West India hand woven shawl with tie die spots and embroidered ends with mirror work. Made by the women of a Nomadic tribe in the great Thar desert. Excellent condition, c.1935£80-100
475.    A patchwork bed cover worked in hexagons, c1900, 70 x 92, blue border. With three colourful folk-type crochet rugs£60-80
476.    A 1920's Indian printed bedcover with a design of birds and flowers in pastel shades on a cream ground£40-60
477.    An unfinished late 19th century patchwork quilt in star and hexagon shapes. Backing templates still in place£40-60
478.    A rust velvet gold fringed and braided French made pelmet with deep sides. Two brocade tapestry style curtains with bobble fringed edging with matching tie backs£50-70
486.    A 1930's embroidered book containing a Victorian net and applique collar, two 19th Century lace collars and a length of tamboured lace. With a single Chinese sampler shoe£50-60
487.    Six lace edged handkerchieves, 1920's chiffon, embroidered Edwardian sachet, printed 'how to tie bandages' scarf, black lace apron, child's 1930's dress etc£50-60
488.    A Stevenson type embroidered black long bookmark with polychrome flower embroidery and silk fringe£40-50
489.    A card of 1920's motifs, another in metallic gold, blue and white decorative edging, card of 20's blue and purple silk embroidered braid, another with cherries and long length of clear glass looped beaded edging£30-40
490.    A part shop roll of pink and cream collars, Richlieu work motif, length needle lace edging, motifs, etc (Box)£30-40
491.    A length of tatting mounted on blue ribbon, several 19th century, manufacturers cards of Swiss embroidered edging and ribbon insertion, black edging lace, etc. In an Old Warwick House, Malvern dress box£40-60
492.    A seller's card of narrow cream lace, five yards 19th century tamboured type, a silk and needlelace lappet with diamond shape silk insertions, broderie anglaise edgings etc. In old hat box for Faulkes Furriers Birmingham£30-50
493.    A pair of good quality tamboured lace lower sleeves of flowered design possibly for a wedding dress. 19th century£40-60
494.    A manufacturers roll of blue and cream braid marked AHL, another in cream and brown, blue and cream, pieces of early 19th Century gold lace, card of steel braid , with other cards of later mainly metallic gold braids£80-120
495.    A fragment of 18th century gold and floss silk embroidery with several additional slips of flowers in baskets, tent stitch large flower motifs, other fragments, beaded braid, etc, cut from antique items to decorate lamp shades and cushions in the mid 20th century£70-100
496.    Two manufacturers panels of well embroidered muslin. Polychrome flowers with gold stems and outlining the border sections with scalloped edges. Unused. Probably dress sample pieces. 19th century. Paper mounted. Oriental£80-120
497.    A large black machine lace shawl, ruffled collar, neckerchief for a riding habit and a bridal veil with wax orange blossom£30-40
498.    A silk 1920's wedding veil embroidered with lilies of the valley and another and a long black lace collar, wide edging lace, veil and a quantity of other black lace

499.    A T. Stevens Coventry 'Forget me Not' machine embroidered book mark £30-40
500.    A delicately crocheted small shoulder shawl, Maltese lace square collar, crochet collar and an Edwardian high collar with lace detail. Five yards of wide edging lace, eight yards of cream and seven yards hand made edging. This and the following six lots from a family lace collection£50-60
501.    A Chantilly style cream lace deep flounce, another 19th century flounce, edging lace, blonde, long roll of Bucks, needlelace etc£50-60
502.    A Victorian envelope inscribed 'Honiton lace piece of the bridal veil worn by my father's grandmother'. One yard approx. Lace edged handkerchief, six others and a large lace edged embroidered 'Eliza'£40-60
503.    A leather dressing case containing a long length of wide black ribbon, black braids and motifs, childs knitted socks, broderie anglaise edgings, pair cuffs, collar and cuffs labelled 'Made in Japan. Mikado', turquoise crochet mats etc £30-40
504.    An Edwardian lace collar with ties, another with waist ties, a net and lace and an 1860's tamboured lace blouse£50-60
505.    A Victorian needlelace collar, another with floral design and six other hand made lace collars, all 19th century£50-60
506.    Two Victorian lace edged handkerchieves, four hand made lace collars, edging lace, a panel etc£60-80
507.    Hand made edging lace, Victorian hand stitched glove bags, Maltese flounce, collars, embroidered muslin lower sleeves, 30's collars etc. Family collection£60-80
508.    A cloth with embroidered and lace insertions, partly worked tatting, lace edged handkerchief, satin collar with floss silk embroidery with other lace items£40-60
509.    An ivory fan with pierced and carved sticks and guards with fine lace on painted gauze, 19th century, European£60-70
510.    A Chinese painted feather fan with pierced bone sticks and guards. Bird and flower painting. 19th century£40-60
511.    A classical style ivory fan with picqué work to guards and an applied cameo to one side. An arrow to the other guard. The gauze leaf with painted and spangled decoration. Circa 1860£70-90
512.    A small curled ostrich feather opera fan with faux ivory mount, a pierced work fan and another in faux ivory (3)£40-60
513.    A large Edwardian fan with a brass fretted motif to guards A/F, an ebonised fan the satin leaf painted with a lady by a spinning wheel and a mother of pearl fan A/F£50-60
514.    A cream ostrich feather fan with faux tortoiseshell sticks and guards and another with grey feathers (2)£50-70
515.    A large white ostrich feather fan with mother of pearl sticks and guards in original 'Duvelleroy 167 Regent St. By appointment' fan box£70-90
516.    A large black ostrich feather fan with tortoiseshell type mounts and a single long ostrich feather in a tortoiseshell holder (2)£40-60
517.    A large light grey and cream ostrich feather fan with faux tortoiseshell sticks and guards£50-60
518.    A Japanese ivory fan the gauze leaf embroidered with bamboo and flying cranes. Contained in a black lacquered Chinese fan box with a painted panel inside lid, c1900£100-150
519.    An ivory fan with incised and painted decoration to the guards and sticks. The cream silk leaf with painted flowers and insects. With panels of chantilly style lace. 19th century£50-70
520.    An ivory fan with piqué decoration to the guards. The silk leaf with painted scenes, an ivory fan with printed leaf, Japanese war fan, another with owls, lace decorated fan and two others (8) some A/F£50-70
521.    A cream satin fan with gold sequinned decoration. The sticks and guards inlaid with gold. Ornamental tassel£50-60
522.    An ivory brisé dance fan with paste stones to rivet. European. mid c19, with a carved and pierced sandal wood fan with an Oriental embroidered gauze leaf£40-50
530.    A silk on canvas sampler worked in eyelet, satin and tent stitches in autumnal colours. With numbers, alphabets, birds, butterflies and animals. Worked by Eliza Martha Hine 1841. Unframed, 15 x 23in.
Provenance: this and the following 31 lots from the estate of Sir Charles Oman, his family and descendants. Sir Charles William Chadwick Oman (1860-1946) was a Fellow of All Souls and Chicheley Professor of Modern History specialising in the Napoleonic period. He became MP for the University of Oxford and was made KBE in 1920. Born in India his mother, Ann Chadwick, collected antiques in Italy with some of the following lots relating to that period. Sir Charles Oman's son, Charles Chichele, was born in 1901 and became Keeper of Metalwork at the V & A. His daughter was Julia Trevelyan Oman (1930-2003), one of the most highly rated theatre, opera and ballet designers of the mid 20th century. a trunk containing the following lots relates to several generations of this leading English intellectual family.£80-120
531.    A fine embroidered Italian chalice cover worked in vibrant colours on a rich pink embroidered ground with acanthus leaves, roses, tulips and stylised leaves. Edged with gold lace and backed with crimson silk. Late 17th - early 18th century. With matching burse. The burse very slightly faded. 25 1/2 x 25 1/2 and 11 1/2 x 11 1/2in£300-400
532.    A lavishly embroidered Italian maniple worked in floss silks and gold thread. Galoon edging. Ribbed silk backed with yellow cotton. 18th century. 36in L£60-90
533.    A square heavily beaded panel. The black, opaque and white beads on a pale and dark green tent stitch ground, with tassels to corners. Circa 1860£70-90
534.    A very large, two sides alike, embroidered shawl. All-over polychrome flowers. Circa 1920£100-150
535.    A length of English embroidered crewelwork on linen. Probably part of bed hanging. 19th Century. With a round crewelwork cushion cover with applied detail, circa 1910.£60-80
536.    A group of printed fabric Japanese panels with scenes of wars, rivers, devils etc£40-50
537.    A cream silk on black embroidered Turkish shawl, 19th century. Four embroidered Turkish mats and a rectangular black lace shawl£50-60
538.    A Macclesfield silk blue and cream brocaded fringed stole. Mid 19th century, A/F. With a striped burnouse style silk fringed and tasselled wrap, late 19th century. £60-80
539.    Two linen tablecloths to fit a 12ft refectory table, another linen cloth and three damask table cloths£60-80
540.    A large damask banqueting cloth with 'M.O.' monogram, quantity of damask napkins, striped damask cloth, duchess sets, crochet edged cloths, etc, Mixed condition. All pre 1940£50-100
541.    Three pieces of antique needle lace of scrolled design, viz: two pockets and an apron shape. Applied to a much later Victorian apron£70-90
542.    A length of gold embroidered black net dress edging applied with irridescent green beetle shells. Indian for European market, mid 19th century, pieces 40in, 71, 25, 26, 42. All 8 and 9in deep. Unused. Patterns slightly different, 19th century£80-120
543.    A gold and polychrome floss silk well embroidered hanging with exotic colourful birds perched on a gold tree with pink and cream blossom. Japanese. Splits to royal blue silk ground, late 19th century£60-80
544.    A set of twelve Japanese brocaded mats all with different scenes in soft greens and browns. Edged with silk fringe. A brocaded Japanese panel showing a stylised bird in flight and a Japanese bag£60-80
545.    A large blue ribbed silk Japanese fan cloth with gold and silk embroidered figures and birds. With embroidered fans to corners and many flowers, 19th century. Slight water staining£70-100
546.    A yellow and cream brocaded silk slipper bag, polychrome embroidered book cover - unassembled and two sashes£30-50
547.    A pair of cream brocade engageantes with piped cuffs and two pairs of Italian kid short gloves. Unused. Labelled "G.A. Granata, Roma" wrist buttons still paper wrapped£50-60
548.    A ribbed cream silk double breasted gentleman's waistcoat embroidered with trails of polychrome flowers. With flower embroidered buttons and linen ties to back. Old label reads 'From Lady Lenanton, Bride Hall, Welwyn, Herts Lent by Mrs Charles Oman. Italian 18th century waistcoat'. Circa 1770. Very good condition but a few edging stitches missing on collar.£250-350
549.    An exceptionally fine quilted, appliquéd and embroidered bed cover worked in a variety of stitches, some over appliquéd flowers and leaves. Worked in floss and single thread silk and silk chenille on a linen ground with some well quilted areas. With a wide variety of garden flowers. Edged with braid. Such coverlets were prestige items often embroidered by the ladies of important houses. Only rarely are they found in such good condition. Mid 18th century. 63 x 63in. Slight water staining but colour good£2000-3000
550.    A pale pink brocaded silk Empire dress with cream satin details. The short puff sleeves with applied satin edged motifs. The bodice with satin hearts linked by strapping. The padded hemline with applied flowers. Good condition, circa 1815. Worn by one of the Oman family£400-700
551.    A man's cream satin waistcoat with Prince of Wales feathered brocade. With collar, fabric buttons and laced back. Hand stitched, mid 19th century. With a blue and red tartan silk velvet waistcoat with collar, also hand stitched£80-120
552.    A cream satin embroidered Georgian gentleman's long waistcoat with polychrome flowers to pockets and front edges. Embroidered buttons. Alterations. Purchased in Italy£50-70
553.    An ivory handled folding carriage parasol with ivory finial. The cover of black hand made lace over cream taffeta. Circa 1865. £50-70
554.    A turquoise and cream brocaded satin man's fancy dress coat in Oriental style. Made from old French fabric, gold braided edges with cream taffeta trousers and a long piece of lined turquoise possibly for a turban. Early 20th century.£60-90
555.    A fine quality carved ivory Canton parasol with a dragon head handle. Unscrews into three sections. Ivory loops to ribs and ivory finial. The frame marked S. Fox. Paragon. As supplied for covering£140-200
556.    An embroidered and needle lace infants bonnet with draw strings, c.1820. A very fine embroidered handkerchief of floral design with an 'E.D.' monogram, another with a flowered and lace edged border, with a lace edged handkerchief with lace insertions and an E.B. monogram, 19th century. Probably French £80-120
557.    An unpicked green and cream French brocade dress, mid 19th century. Sections only. Plus bodice with puff sleeves£50-70
558.    A cream taffeta bodice front and cuffs embroidered with yellow buttercups and trails of green leaves. A pink and cream chine silk Edwardian bodice, A/F£50-60
559.    An 18th Century chasuble with vertical bands of gold embroidery interspaced with rows of salmon pink flowers and lined in matching silk. Silk melting in some areas£80-120
560.    A floss silk and gold embroidered English burse cover. Satin stitch flowers with a central flower inspired cross with gold rays. 18th century£50-70
561.    A metal cabin trunk containing a broderie anglaise child's dress mid 19th century, several partly worked panels of embroidery, embroidered mats, etc£40-60
566.    The Palace Companion needle box with mirrored drawer and prints. Damage to silk top. With a black and red pin box, a wooden needle case and a skin embroidery guide£40-60
567.    Two carved ivory needle cases, a combined ivory needlecase and vegetable ivory tape measure, vegetable ivory thimble case, two spool ends and a rifle shaped metal Belgian made pen£40-60
568.    A lorgnette with continental white metal mount, contained in the original black case£60-80
569.    An antique cloth Dutch Measuring Stick with a turned handle£70-100
570.    A brown leather covered necessaire with dark red lining. Complete with tatting shuffle, threaders, crochet hook, scissors, etc. With brass handle and fittings£100-150
571.    A "Read Smock" gathering machine in original box with instructions, unused£30-40
572.    A turned and fret carved bone key, ivory with turned detail and a bone stiletto £120-130
573.    A gilded metal donkey pulling a cart containing a cut glass ink well. Marble base, late 19th Century£70-80
574.    A rare agate handled tambour hook with a carved ivory crochet hook surmounted by a delicately carved horse and another turned ivory crochet hook£130-160
575.    A red morocco leather needle case with metal clasp. Lined in green. With a printed card needle packet holder with a riverside scene to one side and an 1850's lady on the other. A.G. Baylis Royal needles. Fastened with an ivory bodkin£80-100
576.    A French green faux shagreen box containing a scissors and thimble. Marked 'E. Villermin B'Joutier Autun"£80-100
577.    A boxed Dutch silver sewing companion containing scissors, thimble, needle case, bodkin and threader Labelled "?? Amsterdam"£120-150
578.    A faux crocodile leather case containing four matched graduated pairs of scissors£40-50
579.    A Tunbridge ware type card case with a variety of different woods. Slide opening, 19th century£50-70
580.    A gilt metal sedan chair pin cushion with velvet emery filled pad, 19th century£85-95
581.    A rare blackamore tape measure. The celluloid head modelled with turban. Wooden turned stand. Continental tape in green£80-90
582.    An ivory pin cushion with Canton figures in a garden. Different scenes to each side. With a pierced ivory bellows shaped pin cushion and a bone needlecase with sliding top. All c19£120-150
583.    An ornate Valentine pincushion "To one I Love". Worked in red, blue and clear glass beads on velvet and satin. Fringed edges. Cira 1860. With another with a Union Jack and mottoes "May lifes best blessings on thee wait ".
584.    Two Valentine Pincushions from soldiers. One with badge "Border regiment 34th and 55th Foot" colourful beads and printed mottoes "Think of Me" etc. With another with gold and coloured bead decoration. "The Devonshire Regiment." Both heart shaped. 19th century.(2)
585.    A group of mother of pearl handled fruit knives one with Prince of Wales feathers another with coiled detail. With a crochet edged chemise£30-50
586.    A walnut sewing box with blue satin lining, the lid with a looking glass. The interior having two doors holding wooden handled tools, these opening to reveal two photograph frames. Thimble holder in work area, circa 1900, 9 x 6 1/2in£120-160
587.    An ivory Stanhope needle holder Parasol with a scene of Brighton Pavillion, another in the form of an umbrella and a Dieppe carved ivory pen with Stanhope showing French scenes£110-120
588.    A turned and carved ivory combined pin cushion and waxer a mother of pearl note case with hook, ivory tatting shuttle and a black and white striped ebony and ivory needlecase, all c19 (4)£30-50
589.    A table hand loom together with weaving hand books "Hand Loom Weaving Plain and Ornamental', Luther Hooper, Pitman 1947, "Weaving for Amateurs", Helen Coates, Studio Publications 1950, "Hand Weaving Designs and Instructions", Lotte Becher, Studio Publications 1954£60-100
590.    "The Avon" sewing machine made by the Royal Sewing Machine Company. Shakespear & Illstons Patent. In original wooden case. c1875. Herbert Road, Smallheath, Birmingham. the firm is said to have produced only a small number of models£70-100
591.    A cream silk dolls cape with cream silk dress with lace detail, circa 1900, a tortoiseshell tatting shuttle and two ivory shuttles with a cream silk dolls dress£20-30
592.    A decorative gold metal thimble with another with two bands of decoration, an urn shaped ivory inlaid pincushion, ivory and ebony pincushion, ivory bodkins etc, one with ushabti decoration£80-120
593.    A bristol board pin book, turned vegetable ivory tape measure and an unusual set of early cycling labels for letters in a triangular box marked 'G.S. & Co, London Wall E.C.'£40-60
594.    A purple velvet bead embroidered needlework companion with a silk striped lining and a central padded pin cushion£40-60
595.    A shop display cabinet with five drawers in the back. The mirrored front with advertisement "Abel Morralls Flora MacDonald Needles. Crewell the Flora MacDonald Needle Packet. Needles Stuck in Flannel"£130-150
596.    An advertising measure "Granola Digestive Biscuits" and "MacFarlane Lang & Co. Rich Tea" with a red and gold 1930's tape measure£20-30
597.    A Mauchlin ware needlecase "St Julians Avenue, Guernsey" with a thimble holder pincushion. Mauchlin ware with flower print and "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"£40-60
598.    A pair of ornate needlework scissors, Dutch marks, with two hallmarked long button hooks (3)£30-50
599.    A group of thimbles signed 'Franklin Porselain' flowers from the Netherlands. Copyright 1978. All with different flower designs (13)£40-60
600.    A group of collectors china thimbles some souvenir type. all different designs (20)£30-50
601.    A selection of Caverswall months of the year china thimbles (8) and a Caverswall birthday thimble with nine Franklin Porcelain signed porcelain bird thimbles £50-70
602.    An 'Essex miniature sewing machine' manufactured by The Essex Engineering Works, Wanstead E11. In original case£40-50
603.    An ivory tatting shuttle, two bodkins and crochet hook, a Regina button hole scissors and a 1930's tape measure£30-40
604.    A Spears Size 4 Weaving Loom, wooden. In original box£40-60
605.    A group of ten Franklin signed porcelain bird thimbles with four Royal Worcester thimbles£40-60
606.    A collection of thimbles including an enamelled thimble, a gilded blue glass, Wedgwood type, Halcyon Days enamel A/F and others (14)£40-60
607.    A silver mounted scent bottle with monogram to glass, Birmingham 1889, a string of mother of pearl beads, an Edwardian evening bag with bead decoration and gilt mount and three bone winders£50-60
608.    A jet encircled mourning hair brooch. another with pearl border inscribed 1844, amethyst brooch with encircling leaves, coral horse's hoof gold stick pin, two stick pins, two Victorian grand tour souvenir brooches and an amethyst coloured brooch£60-90
609.    A Yorkshire rose black jet pendant with rope edging suspended on a chain of large flat jet links£80-90
610.    A dramatic white metal and diamante necklace for evening or possibly stage use, circa 1900£50-70
611.    Two enamelled Golden Shred badges, boy scout and footballer. With an Italian mosaic 1920's brooch with flower pattern£30-40
612.    A 1930's metal diamanté head band or tiara of interlaced form£80-120
613.    A Georgian pendant cross, the metal panels encircled with paste stones£80-120
614.    A Chinese hairband of white metal floral design, embellished with kingfisher feathers, early 20th century in good condition£30-50
615.    A pair of gilt screw fit earrings set with green stones with a matching pendant/brooch missing clip. c1875, marked "718", in a Farrard box£80-120
616.    A cased set of sterling silver studs and tie pin in velvet case with a small quantity of costume jewellery£30-40
617.    A small gold brooch with the initial 'H' set with pearls, In the original box, Wilson Barrett & Co, 48 Picadilly£30-40
618.    A pietra dura pendant with roses and blue flowers verso with a photograph of the original owner, 19th century£50-70
619.    A muff chain interspersed with coral beads with a 15ct pendant of star form with enamelled and gold centre with pearls£80-100
620.    A long chain with a gold pendant, probably Arabic£40-60
621.    A circular diamanté pendant, pair of jewelled clips, amethyst heart, Victorian brooches and a Royal Artillery brooch£30-50
622.    A fob, chain, hair brooch, two pearl necklaces, two agate brooches and an 1880's oriental style brooch£40-60
623.    A Georgian painted faux fashion watch, the painted enamelled face with flower decoration. Painted with a bird verso. Back damaged. Gilding worn. 18th century. Probably Bristol. To have been worn in imitation of an expensive working watch.£80-100
624.    An ivory cameo of a woman with a draped headdress. Pinchbeck mount. 19th century£80-100
625.    A Cairngorm Scottish double dagger, a silver thistle brooch, a green Celtic style cross brooch and a dagger£70-90
626.    A pearl and cornelian dragonfly tie pin, pearl and gold brooch marked MB & Co, an arrow and horseshoe, silver butterfly wing brooch, diamanté clip and other small brooches, 19th century.£40-60
627.    A gold tie pin with an enamelled star set with a pearl, wheat sheaf brooch, round brooch with turquoise stones, rose spray marked '333', horseshoe and arrow brooch contained in a metal casket£40-60
628.    An ornate gold metal demi-parure, probably Indian, the bird-like clasps with red eyes. Contained in the original case. 19th century£350-500
636.    An Edwardian Christening gown, toddler dresses, cot blanket, Victorian nightgowns, etc (Box)£40-60
637.    An embroidered mans waistcoat, long silk stole with tie and die pattern and gold bands, silver and gold embroidered Indian table cover and a quantity of Indian children's jackets etc£60-80
638.    A colourful pale lilac toddler's smock printed with googlie eyed children riding safety cycles with dogs and geese. Piped in blue bias binding. Labelled 'Falstaf', circa 1930£40-60
639.    A boat necked Christening gown with a frilled front panel, c1860, large size. With a 'Petite' baby linen napkin, flannel petticoat and a girl's flannel petticoat£50-70
640.    A boys dark red velvet suit with high neck and high waisted trousers. With steel buttons to jacket and breeches. With a heavy cotton boys blue and white striped dress with pleated skirt and long sleeves. Both c.1880£60-80
641.    A boys sailor suit with blue edging to white, circa 1910£60-80
642.    A group of five Edwardian baby gowns, two with frilled hemlines£30-40
643.    A child's white embroidered coat, cream carrying cape, white spotted coat, cream crochet coat, broderie anglaise coat and two bonnets. Mainly 19th century£40-50
644.    A red and white printed cotton child's dress with feather stitching and pleated detail to bodice, a cotton night gown and a cream embroidered carrying cape£40-60
645.    A magenta carrying cape with braided edgings£30-40
646.    A boat necked Christening robe and petticoat, 1910 ladies nightdress, a baby's gown and a cream silk shawl£60-70
647.    A silk boys double breasted coat, a 1920's orange and brown boys suit with blouson top, dress, check 50's child's dress
648.    A boys royal blue velvet tail coat with large Edwardian buttons with Pegasus design. Adapted for fancy dress, 5 buttons£40-50
649.    A pair of embroidered child's slippers labelled 'E. Rothwell 21 Ormond Quay. Dublin', worn, an embroidered bonnet with another and a porcupine quill mat£30-40
650.    A cream silk Christening gown with lace edged frills to hem with matching ornate carrying cape, white gown and petticoat, lace edged Christening carrying cape and a ladies peach crepe lace edged boudoir cape. £80-100
651.    An ornate Christening robe with a boat neck and diagonal frills to skirt front, c1860, an Edwardian day gown, two long petticoats, 1920's day gown with lace insertions (6) Laundered£70-90
652.    A white piqué carrying cape with lace detail, an ornate child's coat of unusual style with broderie anglaise insertions, broderie anglaise edged steckissen, three lace edged pillow cases, mid Victorian bonnet with an extended panel. All laundered£80-100
653.    An embroidered Christening robe, embroidered bonnet, ladies nightgown and a knitted shawl£30-50
654.    A group of four crochet collars for infants dresses or coats, muslin dress with hand embroidered flowers, three Clydella gowns with hand embroidery, lace edged afternoon aprons, lace gloves, bonnets etc£50-70
655.    An Edwardian embroidered bag, two crochet bags and a quantity of fabric bags decorated with stylised embroidered and appliqué flowers£40-60
660.    A silk on linen sampler with two houses, alphabets, baskets of flowers and bands of embroidery. 'Isabella Pickthall wrought this in the eleventh year of her age, 183?' Framed and glazed. Repairs£100-120
661.    A silk on wool sampler with alphabets and borders of flowers. 'Be with us dear Lord, etc' 'Aged 11 Caroline Anstee' With a silk on linen embroidered sampler with a wide border of flowers. 'As vanishes the fleeting shade, etc' Worked by 'Dorothy Atkinson Born November XIX MDCCCK VII' Framed and glazed. Both A/F£100-140
662.    A Georgian sampler with fine embroidery worked by 'Elizabeth Fencow. Her work in the ninth year of her age 177?'£80-90
663.    A silk on tabby sampler 'Almighty maker of my frame, etc' with a bird on a nest, other birds, crowns, trees within a flowered border. Worked by Claire Arnold Aged 10 Years. C1840. Framed and glazed£120-150
664.    A wool and silk embroidered picture of King Charles I, Charles the Martyr, bidding farewell to his children before his execution. Framed and glazed. Mid 19th century. 32 x 39in£200-300
665.    An early gold on velvet embroidered figure of Christ carrying the Cross A/F. A gold and sequin embroidered pelican in padded raised work nest, French, early 19th century and an ecclesiastical gold embroidered silk collar with pelican, roses and cross. French
666.    A stylised cow in a field, embroidered in a progressive manner in the 1930's by a Welsh artist Mona Whyte. Net, canvas, felt and woollen fabrics. Framed and glazed, 17 x 20in. With an embroidered vase of flowers on a blue ground 1930's (2)£60-90
667.    An Edwardian printed cotton panel of a dark haired lady under a red lace edged parasol, c.1900, 22 1/2 x 22 1/2in, stretched on board. Unframed£50-80
668.    Uncle Tom and Eva, a wool and silk embroidery with Eva wearing a blue dress and Uncle Tom in striped trousers. Original maple frame 19th century, 20 x 21in£60-90
669.    A printed handkerchief "HM George V, Sir John French, Sir John Jellicoe" with "Soldiers and Sailors of our Empire". 26 1/2 x 28 1/2. Stretched on board£50-70
670.    A printed flag with many small printed flags including Prussian Man of War, Central States America, Spanish Standard etc, 21 x 27in £40-50
671.    "For the Empire. God Save the King" with a figure of Britannia with her sword on a lion. Large flag, 31 x 35in. Stretched on board£50-60
672.    A long length of printed border for a building or stage. Printed with crowns and "E.R." for the coronation of King Edward VII. Length 120in, D30in, with another faded length with crowns and Prince of Wales feathers, L73, D26£50-60
673.    A large square commemorating "Queen Victoria's" Jubilee in blue, white and yellow with lions and roundels, 1837-1897 with a long length of uncut union jack bunting, 1918, length 240, depth 24in, and a narrower piece length 147in, depth 22in£50-70
674.    A silk on tabby sampler with birds, trees and baskets of flowers bordered with a stylised fruit pattern. "The Lord my Shepherd is" etc, worked by "Esther Coleman Aged 12 Years 1839". In later larger frame. Sampler 15 1/4 x 13 1/4in, frame 18 1/2 x 20 1/2in£200-250
675.    A wool and silk embroidered Victorian picture of two girls and a small boy lying by the ruins of a castle. Worked in warm colours. Original maple frame, c1865, 23 x 26 1/2in£150-250
676.    A French silk and wool embroidered sofa seat, back and arm pieces with a design of musical instruments, ribbons and flowers£240-280
677.    A shield shaped panel of embroidery c1800, with red flowers on a gold ground£40-50
678.    A pair of silk on tabby embroidered wall pockets with bird and tree designs c1830.£40-50
679.    A London sampler worked in silk on tabby in browns and greens with a central view of St Paul's Church, Covent Garden. With angels and birds within a stylised border. 'Be thou faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life', 'Mary Ann Odem August 24 1812 Aged 10'. 14 1/2 x 18 1/2in£270-350
680.    A Georgian sampler worked in silk on linen. With butterflies, trees, birds, animals and pots of flowers "You whose fond wishes to do heaven aspire", etc. "Sarah Cattell finished this work in 1801". Original frame, 14 1/4 x 16 1/4in£160-200
681.    A primitive Welsh woollen embroidery of a woman wearing a shawl surrounded by flowers. Worked in a variety of stitches and techniques. Her dog seated to the side. "Jane Hughes Berthan Gron". Original frame. Circa 1880, 26 1/2 x 35. With a machine made framed tapestry fish£130-160
682.    A fine 17th century cut work and needle lace sampler with bands of drawn threadwork. Sampler 7 1/2in W x 13 3/4in L in larger frame. Frame 13 x 19in £500-600
683.    A fine printed man's handkerchief or scarf 'The Anglers Companion'. The border listing flies and their seasons, worms, frogs, snails and grasshoppers. Centred with a portrait of Isaac Walton surrounded by fish in their seasons and their habitats. With an urn 'Pisca Sacry' Engraved by 'C Hudson 1883'. Framed and glazed, 38 x 36in£400-500
684.    A well embroidered Georgian band sampler worked in French knots, satin, eyelet and stem stitches, with alphabets, numbers, a basket of flowers. 'Never distant thy God for cloth nor bread', etc. Bordered with flowers. 'Mind Superior to Body' etc. 'Martha Phillips worked her sampler in the year of our Lord 1794 Aged 8 years'. 10 1/2 in W x 20in L£250-350
685.    A pair of blue and cream embroidered Chinese sleeve bands joined as one, padded embroidered and beaded elephant panel, gold satin cloth with sequinned gold embroidery and other embroidered oriental fragments£50-70
686.    A Georgian flower embroidery worked in satin and stem stitch on a cream silk ground. With a verre eglomise mount and original giltwood frame. With three others mounted and framed as a set. Each 12 x 9 1/2in£250-350
687.    A large machine made Continental tapestry with a hunting scene in 17th century style. Sepia colours, late 19th century£50-70
688.    An early silk on linen sampler worked by 'Elizabeth Gibbs ? in the 10th year 1740'. Original frame. Faded 10 1/2 x 13in100£100-140
689.    An eyelet stitched number and alphabet sampler worked in red, green and black silk on canvas with various initials, dated 1840, framed, 9 x 20in£60-80
690.    An oval Georgian embroidered silkwork picture of a classical style seated lady reading manuscript scrolls with trees in the background set within a flower trailed border worked in a variety of stitches. Original glazed fame, 20 x 18in£130-160
691.    "Amours et Figures Decoratives. Appliques a L'art Industriel. Par E. Meyer". Published by Librairie Speciale des arts Industriels et Decoratifs C.H. Claesen. Paris. Liege & Berlin. The folio containing seven red/brown prints of boy cherubs£30-50
692.    Antika Guide to the antiquaires of Paris Antikaparis. Undated£20-30
693.    A painted silk group of table mats, lace duchess set, four gold Turkish roundels, seven Maltese lace mats, crochet edged and a very finely embroidered Chinese-made large tablecloth with another, small Chinese embroidered and a polychrome embroidered cloth. With four baby's nightgowns, a dolls muslin gown and some fragments

694.    A mantle screen with gilt fittings and a floss silk and wool embroidered fringed panel with the arms of Worcester College Oxford, 19th century. With a woolwork cushion cover£40-60
695.    A silk eyelet and cross stitch sampler worked on canvas with numbers and alphabets, trees, birds and stylised fruit and flowers. 'Ann Tappin finished her sampler in 1820'. Framed and glazed, 16 1/2 x 19in£100-150
696.    A whitework sampler on linen with an 'E.A.' monogram and very well stitched letters and numbers. With a row in red. In an ornate gilt frame. 19th century. 13 x 15in. With a cross stitch school type sampler worked in red and turquoise wool on cross stitch canvas. 'Catherine Agnes Kidd. Warrington. 1883'. Framed and glazed, 13 x 13in£80-120
697.    A Georgian silk and silk chenile embroidered scene of a bird seated on a tree with an undulating border of flowers and leaves. Dated "1800 Summertime ? her work". Verre eglomise mount and original gilt frame, 13 3/4 x 15£180-200
698.    A silk on canvas sampler with birds and baskets of flowers within a stylised border "May heaven bless my parents dear, etc", worked by Emily Adelaide Challis Aged 9 years" circa 1845, maple frame, 15 1/2 x 15£160-200
699.    A Tree of Life crewel embroidered hanging. Wool embroidery on linen. Indian£60-80
700.    A panel of silk and wool petit point embroidery showing a bouquet of tulips and roses tied with red ribbon. Maple frame. Some damage to embroidery. 18th century, 22 1/2 x 27in£100-150
701.    A band sampler of woolwork stitches and motifs mounted on a turned wooden scroll, mid 19th century. 6 1/2in W x 26 1/2in L£120-160
702.    A small sampler of motifs including a dragon, stag, etc, 18th century. With another with crowns, butterflies, birds etc. Probably by the same hand. Both incomplete. 7 1/2 x 6 1/2in and 13 1/2 x 16 1/2in£120-150
703.    An 18th century silk on tabby sampler "Remember time will come" etc,, Ann Jackson, 178?. With bands of flower heads, numbers and alphabets. Mounted. Sampler 10 1/2 x 17in£120-150
704.    A number and alphabet silk and wool on linen sampler, some worked in eyelet stitch. c1830. Mounted. sampler 10 1/4 x 15 3/4in£80-100
705.    An Oriental carved panel of a bird with a vase of flowers with two other similar. Woven mounts and original frames with ornate metal hangers. Mid 20th century. 28in H x 12 1/2in W£50-70
706.    An embroidered and painted silk picture showing a cart in a country landscape with fine embroidery in wool and silk. Inscription verso 'The market cart after Thomas Gainsborough' Original gilt frame, 15 x 17in£170-200
707.    A 1908 school alphabet sampler, a patching and darning sampler, red and blue embroidery stitch sampler, another showing darning and monograms with a beadwork motif and an embroidered motif. All made in Denmark c1900-1910£60-80
708.    An embroidered group of roses and leaves worked on fine canvas and bordered with an embroidered black lace effect. Maple frame c.1860, 21 1/2 x 22£80-120
709.    A set of four early Welsh costume prints, Market Day at Llandovery, Market Women, egg sellers and arriving at church. All in original frames. With a larger print "Welsh Costumes". Published by G. Humphreys, Bangor. Lithograph by J.H. Lynch. Day & Sons (5), 7 1/2 x 8 x 16 x 12 1/2£60-90
716.    An Edwardian silver plate chain mesh evening bag, small red velvet with gilt mount, 20's metallic gold with pearl clasp, multi-coloured beaded watered silk clutch and a pearl decorated bag
717.    A 'Hershell Young Mayfair' labelled brown and cream full length dress, a black chiffon neck ornament with a cut steel buckle, black chiffon scarf, embroidered handkerchieves etc£40-60
718.    A fox fur and a marmot stole 'Wartski's' Bangor£30-40
719.    A nurses apron with an appliqué red cross with another, mid 20th century. An Edwardian baby gown and a maid's afternoon apron£30-50
720.    A Practical Pattern Boys 1940's sleeping suit, Economy Design 1950's child's pattern, Style 1950's cocktail dress pattern, 1950's skirt pattern etc with hand mirror, bells, bobbin and quantity of vintage scarves and gloves£40-50
721.    A 1940's Freedex Irish made art deco style handbag, brown suede 'Raine', six evening bags, two 70's hats etc£40-50
722.    A Martinique type black lady doll wearing the printed original costume carrying a basket of stitch moulded fruit. With an art deco fabric covered round box£40-60
723.    A painted silk scarf with another and a very large quantity of vintage scarves, stoles and shawls£40-60
724.    A pair of French made kidskin ladies 3/4 length gloves, grey pair and others, two beaded embroidered belts, Edwardian wide metallic embroidered and appliqué belt, five beaded jewellery rolls, chain link belt, scarves, etc. Box£30-40
725.    A very long fur boa, red silk shawl A/F, metallic paisley pattern shawl and an Indian stole with gold borders, etc£30-40
726.    A Swiss muslin 1920's embroidered blouse, 1920's cotton knickers, flowered full length chiffon skirt, cream stole and a 60's pink and cream crochet coat£40-60
727.    A feathered green 1930's hat with a purple feathered labelled 'Modes Marie - Ché Millau'£20-30
728.    A 1930's ermine cape with a fringe of tails. A black machine lace stole and various lengths of black lace in Chantilly style£40-60
729.    'The Absent Minded Beggar' printed handkerchief with portraits of Lord Roberts and the Queen with a 1937 printed coronation handkerchief, Merry Christmas postcard handkerchief, metallic art deco, views of Vienna£30-40
730.    An Yves Saint Laurent tan and black sac type shoulder bag, snake clutch bag, feathered hat, various vintage evening bags, etc£40-50
731.    'Stars and Films of 1937' Daily Express Publication, Daily Express Film Book 1935 and 1938 (3)£40-60
732.    A dolls painted fan with feather leaf, two orange blossom wax head dresses, hall marked silver rattle, A/F, glove box with pieces of antique lace, Father William and Alice in Wonderland painted circular mats, etc£40-70
733.    A two sides alike embroidered 1920's shawl with a deep fringe. Polychrome embroidery£80-90
734.    A brown crocodile bag labelled 'Kristine Fulham High St.', cream ostrich, Jane Shilton snakeskin, black crocodile with other vintage bags (11)£70-90
735.    A faux sealskin boa, Turkish gold embroidered stole, a quantity of vintage scarves and stockings£30-50
736.    A length of old printed fabric, boxes of buttons, beaded needle case, evening bags, deco style fabric, crochet edging, etc. Large Box£30-40
737.    A purple ribbon and net fascinator, another in brown and another in flowered net, 1930's. A ribbon bag with black pom-poms, a diamanté deep collar, two pairs of 50's crochet gloves and pair of lurex gold socks£40-60
738.    A cream Kashmiri shawl with blue borders, Maltese lace edged handkerchief and others£40-60
739.    A 1920's burgundy silk velvet shoulder cape with diamante clasp, cream cashmere shawl, white on cream embroidered and fringed shawl, ice blue brocaded rectangular shawl£40-60
740.    A Turkish square with gold and polychrome embroidery, 19th century. A crewel work panel, the flowers in strong colours on beige ground, Turkish brocaded shawl£40-50
741.    A clear glass and steel bead embroidered evening bag, a jet embroidered, French white bead embroidered and two others, 20's bag with panels of embroidery and beadwork, a blue and white and a gold and black. All 1920's and 30's (12)£80-90
742.    A black fringed 20's bag with telescopic white metal top, Edwardian hammered brass card case, tiny coin purse, hallmarked ladies purse, unusual EPNS cigarette case with match case on lid, two French beaded bags, Victorian velvet, maroon silk and a gold brocade bag with brass telescopic mount (11)£60-80
743.    A Chinese embroidered apron worked in Peking knots. Polychrome on a black satin ground, 19th century. With a gold embroidered Chinese rectangle, pale green with gold and polychrome embroidery with bats, flowers and waves (2)£50-60
744.    A three yard length of green and white flower printed 1930's dress fabric, 4 1/2 yards 30's pink with brocaded small flowers with a quantity of other unused lingerie fabrics£40-60
745.    A very colourful gentleman's embroidered waistcoat with tie front and a boys silk waistcoat with cut steel buttons, A/F, with two black ladies jackets£40-60
746.    A saxe blue gold brocaded Indian shawl with gold tassels to corners. Lined in striped woollen fabric£50-70
747.    A gold and blue embroidered Chinese skirt with satin stitch and knotted embroidery, a Chinese red bed hanging with colourful embroidered birds and flowers with a quantity of silk garments£60-80
748.    A porcupine quill reticule with a long strap, an exceptionally large purple misers purse with cut steel beads, a metal framed bag 1920's brocade, Chinese painted, gold embroidered and brocaded bag with gilt clasp and beaded handle and a flowered woolwork bag with gilt mount (5)£60-80
749.    A Turkish embroidered reticule with gold tassels, black velvet embroidered Dorothy bag, wrist bag with long strings of beads c1910, steel beaded with chatelaine clasp and two tapestry style French bags with ornate clasps (6)£50-70
750.    A very large black fringed shawl with a smaller silk shawl with black embroidery and long fringe, with pairs of kid opera glasses£40-50
751.    A crimson Mappin & Webb snakeskin handbag with the matching purse£40-50
752.    A Jaeger poppy scarf, Jean Desses Paris, Jaeger, Claude Buissy Paris etc, with a pair of bone glove stretchers, a wooden pair and pairs of kidskin gloves in various colours £40-60
753.    A fur hat in a Debenham & Freebody box, an ocelot collar, beaver lamb collar and a small stole£30-60
754.    A black velour hat with lace and feather detail in a Marshall & Snelgrove hat box, a blue straw, Debenham & Freebody 1960's model hat in box and a palomino mink hat in box£60-80
755.    A beaded art nouveau evening bag with beaded strap, a blue beaded bag A/ f, gingham with chrome mount and integral mirror, black beaded and another with tortoiseshell type mount (6)£50-60
756.    A gold beaded leather drawstring reticule, American Indian leather with fringed end and leather embroidery with another in same design, suede art deco and two others£50-60
757.    Two wool embroidered fire screens, one with flowers on a dark ground, the other with sailing boats£50-60
758.    A black sequinned Jean Muir for Graham Smith cocktail hat with a very long feather£70-90
759.    A pair of unopened Bruce Oldfield tights with Oldfields autograph on packet£20-30
760.    A 1920's navy and white printed scarf, a red and black check, 20's spotted, three crochet collars and a black fan with ebonised mount and a large Edwardian painted fan, A/F, with a 20's clutch bag£50-60
761.    A pair of dark navy suede and leather Manolo Blahnik high heeled shoes. In box. Size 37. With a pair of black high heeled boots labelled Manolo Blahnik. Size 37£70-90
762.    An art deco evening bag with decoration of flower shaped beads. With a spectacle case and two other 30's bags£30-40
763.    A quantity of ladies bodice bones, whalebone, pair of brown leather 30's shoes, commemorative cushion covers, RAF, etc, and a quantity of vintage scarves£40-60
764.    A mink stole with shaped shoulders and two tippets£30-40
765.    A pink and iridescent beaded evening bag with chain handle and metal mount, black and steel bead with ornate white metal mount, black and clear glass beaded, white beaded with bead fringe, blue beaded and a silver and opaque made in Czechoslovakia, 1900-1920£70-90
766.    A gold metallic and polychrome brocaded 1930's shawl with large flower design and deep fringe£70-90
767.    A Victorian carriage parasol with carved ivory handle finial and rib ends. Brocaded black cover and tassels. With a 1920's Japanese parasol£50-60
768.    A pink 'Thanriko' petticoat and knickers, silk chemise 'Victorian's Secret', Edwardian chemise, large 19th century lace collar, gloves and other items£50-70
769.    A pair of turned wooden Victorian coat hangers with brass fittings£30-40
770.    A pair of full length Edwardian formal gloves with buttons to wrists with seven other similar pairs£20-30
771.    A pair of Charles Jourdan shoes, knee-high brown hoots, other vintage shoes and two handbags£40-50
772.    A toleware miniature trunk with painted art nouveau flowers and white metal handle, late c19, L 9 1/2in£30-40
773.    A cream ribbed silk fringed folding carriage parasol with a fine carved ivory handle with a whippet dog head with glass eyes forming the end. Twisted leaf detail. Splits to silk cover. circa 1865£100-120
774.    A pair of black glacé kid ladies shoes with jet buckles labelled J Edwards & Son Ltd, Manchester c1910 with another pair with cut steel buckles£60-80
775.    A pair of dark red pumps with leather and pom-pom decoration, 19th century£30-40
776.    A suitcase containing seven pairs of vintage shoes and one pair of boots, all unworn early 1930's£20-30
777.    A dolls blue dress and jacket, two ribboned crochet curtain ties and needlework accessories in a basket with a quantity of babies clothes£40-50
778.    A flower decorated 1920's straw hat, a Marshall & Snelgrove straw, navy 'Jan Dec' pressed felt, 20's black and two others with liners. All 1920's (6)
779.    An art deco gilt box containing a black beaded bag with tassel, an enamelled gilt frame, two smaller metal frames and a red silk bag with an ivory tatting shuttle, a tortoiseshell, bone crochet hooks, bodkin, lace bobbins, etc

780.    A leaf green silk velvet oriental inspired ladies jacket decorated with steel beads and couched gold work. With bead motifs at lower edges and shoulders, mid 19th century£70-90
781.    An Alix-Caire "Nour" evening bag the metal mount set with green cabouchon stones, a cream inset with turquoise and another with filigree metal frame and central red stone (3). Unused£40-60
782.    A walking umbrella with a stone knob, a 1920's umbrella with bird decoration, an early folding umbrella and three others, one marked "Peerless London", and another "Fox & Co"£30-40
783.    A pair of brown leather boots with straps to the fronts, with the original trees. Probably cavalry, early 20th century£60-90
784.    A rose embroidered gilt mounted evening bag, gilt mounted slipper bag and two 1930's felt art deco appliqué bags£40-60
785.    A striped magenta 1920's long stole with fringed ends with a Chinese cream on cream dragon embroidered stole£50-60
786.    Peach coloured French knickers, 50's petticoat and other underwear with a striped stole and other items£30-40
787.    A silver on red art deco style Turkish stole£60-80
788.    A good quality 1930's evening bag with metal branch handle inset with green cabouchon stones, another with cornelian type stones and another with turquoise. All probably Alix-Caire (3). Unused£40-60
789.    A silver on cream 1920's Moroccan net stole£60-80
790.    A cream on cream Chinese embroidered large shawl with a green and yellow chiffon 20's stole. Both slight damage£60-70
791.    Various feather hat decorations, bird of paradise, black ostrich feathers, etc. Contained in a 1911 Derry & Toms box£60-90
792.    A brocade drawstring evening shoe bag, piece of Chinese embroidery, a good quality gold metal 1950's evening bag with mesh handle containing a metal compact and a matching box. Lined in peach satin. Original felt case. And a jet and clear stone brooch, diamanté necklace, Victorian brooch, belt clasps etc

793.    An Art Deco brocaded satin bag with metal mounts, a wood and silk work with ornate gilt mount set with blue stones, a peach satin hung with long strings of beads and an Indian bag (4)£50-60
794.    An Independant Order of Foresters black on cream printed apron with gold fringe, 19th century. With a green sash with tassel and medallion. Woven design. With an "India 1943" gold and silver embroidered hanging, a 1920's snakeskin clutch bag, blue and turquoise all-over beaded draw string, 30's green velvet beaded draw-string, yellow and orange silk scarf, gloves, etc£40-50
795.    A floss silk embroidered cream shawl with a large Chinese silk shawl A/F£50-70
796.    A fine chiffon stole printed with poppies and leaves and a brown stole with lace type motifs, French. Both 1930's£50-60
797.    An art deco suede and leather handbag with label J.E.D London with a black 1950's good quality leather bag and a pair of black suede long gloves (3)£40-60
798.    A black winter weight shawl with colourful embroidered flowers worked in satin stitch£30-50
799.    A velvet and Chinese embroidered silk blotter or book cover with metallic gold braided edges. Indian embroidered horse hanging , Chinese patterned brocade cloth and a prayer shawl£40-60
800.    A gold embroidered Indian belt and a similar clutch bag (2)£30-40
801.    A vintage ocelot handbag£30-40
802.    A 1920's silk velvet short cape of triangular form with the matching dark orange evening bag with a diamante stud, together with a gauze stole and purple and black ostrich feathers etc£50-70
803.    A mans bowler hat labelled 'Woodrow, 46 Piccadilly, London. By appt H.M. the King' in Barkers Kensington hat box£40-60
804.    A black Tress & Co black bowler with red satin lining and a Jeves black bowler size 6 7/8 (2)£40-60
805.    A pair of black leather riding boots size 8 complete with wooden trees and a pair of brown leather gaiters£60-80
806.    A National fur Company dark brown stole probably marmot£40-50
807.    A mink hat, faux fur with bobble ties, two other fur hats and a cream and brown velour with brim£40-50
814.    A dark blue silk brocade Chinese winter robe with gilt buttons. Lined with lambskin. Long riding slits to back and front, late 19th Century£150-200
815.    A full length silver grey woollen opera cloak lined in peach silk, the collar with chenile braiding, c1900£80-120
816.    A purple silk velvet Edwardian tea gown with lace lower sleeves. Later fastening£60-80
817.    A Victorian figured velvet skirt with a lace front panel. With train. c1868£70-90
818.    A black beaded ribbed silk fitted jacket-cape with lace edging labelled 'Jay's Regent St. London W. By Appt to Her Majesty the Queen' with French jet tassels£70-90
819.    A man's grey dressing gown with braided detail, 19th Century, A/F£40-50
820.     A lavish pale grey and cream Hollywood style fox fur cape stole£50-60
821.    A cream silk 1930's tunic type blouse with drawn threadwork and flowers in yellow and black. A green 80's jacket and dress 'Bon Marche' button through, black Jaeger jacket£50-60
822.    A black silk taffeta dress with velvet ribbon detail to skirt and bodice. With fringe and button detail to bodice and overskirt, c.1865£80-120
823.    A 1934 bias cut cream satin long sleeved wedding dress and separate long train appliqued in gold leaves and lined with gold lame. With a cream petticoat and French knickers from trouseau. The marriage celebrated at The Brompton Oratory£100-120
824.    A black brocade Edwardian skirt, white petticoat with lace edging, Victorian chemise, winter petticoat, ladies broderie anglaise sunbonnet, etc£70-90
825.    A silk pink, brown and beige striped afternoon dress edged with blue at scalloped sleeves and hem. The sleeves with button trimming. c1868£70-90
826.    A black lace 1930's dress with tiers of frills to the hip and a black striped lace and ribbon Edwardian long sleeved dress£60-80
827.    A red and brown on cream printed Victorian dress with long sleeves and a cape collar. Country woman's dress c1835
828.    An 18th century style flower printed cotton fancy dress with panniers. Labelled 'C & H Nathan, 12 Panton St. Haymarket', c1900
829.    A 1930's black lace dress and jacket and a black silk velvet and another black cotton lace (3)
830.    A brown and cream metallic lace dress and jacket with an orange silk and lace 1930's full length dress£60-70
831.    A 1950's black brocaded taffeta strapless evening dress, ballerina length, a Saks Fifth Avenue black lace top, black dress and a black slip£60-90
832.    A French style black silk velvet cocktail dress with rusched detail to sleeves and bodice, 1930's£50-70
833.    A 1930's full length charcoal grey winter evening coat with a quilted lining£50-80
834.    A pale lilac sprigged 1870's dress with long sleeves, bound detail and train£60-80
835.    A gold and black cocktail dress with a black beaded, with a 1940's black lace and chiffon over turquoise dress£50-70
836.    A black silk velvet full length evening dress with looped belt and over bodice, 1930's labelled "Morton London". With a 1960's gold mini dress sleeveless and with a roll collar£40-60
837.    A polychrome flowered silk bodice with dark green ruffles and a piece of fabric from the skirt, 1860's£40-50
838.    A day dress c.1912, made from ivory silk with a narrow figured grey stripe, the bodice with gilt metal button detailing to the cross over bodice, the guimp and undersleeves of ivory lace, the tunic skirt edged with appliqued coarse cream lace
839.    A 1914 evening dress of buttermilk coloured silk satin, the skirt knife pleated, the magyar sleeved bodice and deep peplum of ivory silk lace, bead embroidered panels to front and back of bodice. Together with a wedding dress c.1915-16 of ivory silk crepe de chine, the magyar sleeved front opening bodice with lace trim to collar, front and cuffs of long sleeves, the two tier skirt with draped peplum, with self bow to back
840.    A Victorian cape of fine black wool, braid decoration to shoulders and back, deep lace flounce to hem, together with a 1920's evening cloak of black silk satin with deep black lace inserts to front and back from hip level, cream braid detail to deep collar
841.    A Vanheems London white Anglican priest's linen surplus, another by J. Wippell & Co Exeter, with a cotton: all with smocked necks £30-40
842.    A suit of livery. The dark blue jacket with yellow lining and brass buttons with griffin and tree. With a pair of blue velvet breeches with gold braid and a yellow waistcoat with same buttons£100-120
843.    A black court suit with quilted lining and lace cuffs, with matching breeches. 8 small cut steel buttons and 25 larger. Matching buttons. With two ruffled fronts. The suit A/F, circa 1880£100-120
844.    A 1940's short cocktail/evening dress of brown lace over taffeta, the short puff sleeves and skirt with brown velvet floral applique, the neck with an orange, brown and green velvet flower trim, together with a 1950's black lace mid calf evening dress with tulle panels to skirt. Label: Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge
845.    An elegant blue/grey silk dress, circa 1889-90, the high necked fitted boned bodice with front button fastening, the skirt slightly draped to front and with a short train, silk strong, some slight spotting, trim at neck and sleeves need attention£200-240
846.    A 1930's embroidered muslin blouse 'The Jewel', striped muslin Stanley Lawrence ex shop stock and a Simon Ellis, London£60-80
847.    A cream striped satin skirt with a black velvet hemline, late 19th century, with a striped skirt with frilled hemline 1920's (2)£40-60
848.    A satin petticoat and an Edwardian jet trimmed silk dress£40-60
849.    A cream, silk and wool dress, circa 1890, with self woven paisley design, the fitted high necked bodice side fastening and with pleated detail and with a wide cape like lace collar, the skirt plain and flared, very good condition and fabric strong, lining discoloured but this does not affect the face fabric, one or two tiny marks£180-220
850.    A fine pink silk velvet opera cloak with inserts of gold lamé and a deep border of art deco style sequinned flowers. With a ruffled collar. Labelled "Chauvel 26 Rue Vignon - Paris£200-300
851.    A pink and gold brocade evening jacket lined with velvet. French 1920's£60-80
852.    A fine mustard yellow silk velvet 1920's evening jacket the sleeves embroidered with brown and pearl beads, labelled "Marque Deposee Becker Fils, Paris"£200-300
853.    A short evening dress of black lace over net, flared full skirt and strapless bodice with ruched net over bust and net fichu. Labelled "Baroque Ltd, London", excellent condition, part of 1951 trousseau together with a royal blue satin short evening dress of circa 1960. Princess line into soft inverted pleats. All over cord and sequin embroidery, Label "Julian Rose, London", good condition with one or two small marks to satin£70-90
854.    A spotted silk Edwardian dress with lace braided panels£50-80
855.    A velvet and chiffon striped Edwardian dress with braided tassel to waist and sequinned edging to neckline£70-100
856.    An 1870's black satin dress with heavy jet embroidery. Lace trim to collar and sleeves£70-90
857.    A black velvet and brocade winter mantle with lavish jet embroidery and edged with clipped ostrich labelled "William Whiteley, Westbourne Grove, Bayswater"£70-100
858.    A figured silk velvet Victorian winter coat lavishly braided and with cord edging, labelled "Mantle Dept. William Whiteley Ltd, 39 Westbourne Grove, London W."£70-100
859.    A black velour princess line double breasted coat with cape oversleeves embroidered with cord, circa 1939-40, some moth holes to rear of left cape sleeve, wear to one button, together with a grey ottoman 'silk' suit, the jacket fitted, front braid and paste button fastening, straight skirt, worn as a going away outfit in May 1952, in excellent condition£60-80
860.    A 1950's white lace wedding dress with cap sleeves and high neckline, a white satin 'Forever Yours' pearl decorated wedding gown with train and a lilac silk with draped front (3)£40-60
861.    A cream and beige silk taffeta size 10 wedding gown labelled 'Elan' with a wild silk and brocaded long sleeved gown with buttons to bodice front labelled 'Suzanne' in 1940's style, a wedding veil and ring pillow£40-60
862.    A blue 'Perfections' bridesmaids dress, a lilac satin size 10 'Debut' strapless ball gown and a dusky pink 1950's extra extra outsize dress£50-60
863.    A dressmakers adjustable dummy with fabric cover£40-60
864.    A man's heavy blue rayon dressing gown printed with devil-like beasts, 1930's. With a black evening suit with ribbed silk collar labelled 'Alexandre Oxford St' a medical corps 2nd War cap and a group of bow ties£40-60
865.    A cream crepe Arosi flared short dress and bolero£30-40
866.    A pair of brown Bedford cord ladies jodhpurs 1940-50 with a Vequi elasticated pair£20-40
867.    A beige/pink crepe woollen Jean Muir jacket, size 12£30-50
868.    A turquoise metallic chain link sheath dress with two in red and gold and a gold and silver tunic. Ex shop stock£30-50
869.    A 3/4 length light brown mink coat, good gloss to fur, with a short cream faux fur jacket£100-150
870.    A bright yellow 1960's swimsuit with accordion pleated over skirt with a matching sun hat, red and white check 1960's suit, 1940's painted jacket, cream silk 20's petticoat, blouses etc£50-70
871.    A Canadian squirrel brown fur jacket "Ellis Barker Furs Chester", with a squirrel stole£50-60
872.    A snakeskin and light brown suede skirt and jacket labelled 'Cathy Fink', believed to have been worn by the famous Country and Western singer at a performance at the White House£60-90
873.    A ladies light brown Burberry full length rain coat with belt, size 14£40-50
874.    A Jaeger blue silk dress, Cleonice Capece Italian made dress, Jaeger red and white two piece suit, Horrockses dress, Jaeger wool and camel classic jacket, etc (9) From one woman's wardrobe£70-90
875.    A good quality light brown mink jacket£100-130
876.    A silver fox Hollywood style cape labelled 'Revillon Freres, London, Paris & New York'£50-60
877.    A dark brown stole, a fur lining and a black beaver Victorian muff£60-70
878.    An Edwardian skirt, Hobs black linen dress, 1950's navy dress with diagonal hip pockets, etc£40-50
879.    A 1950's sequinned and beaded evening dress with net inserts, a black velvet Sytel Zelker with bead detail and a checked dark blue and crimson dress£50-70
880.    A brown Fenn Wright Manson jacket with ribbon detail to the pockets, René Derhy printed jacket and two others£40-50
881.    A 'De Bella' beaver lamb 3/4 length coat and a 30's ranch mink coat£40-60
882.    Two female mannequins complete with wigs, 1970's£40-60
883.    A beaver lamb coat, Alban House, Hereford, and a faux mink jacket£40-60
884.    A 1950's dark turquoise and gold evening dress£30-40
885.    An Oxford scholar's short jacket labelled 'Castell & Son. Robe Makers. Oxford'£20-30
886.    A 1960's gold and strong pink full length evening dress with boat neck and trailing panels£30-50
887.    A pastel mink Coat by Noble Furs with original receipt£40-60
888.    A Carnegie flowered dress with diamanté buckle to hip. Black velvet sequin and bead decorated Cresta and a beaded pink cocktail dress. 1950's and 60's (3)£40-50
889.    An orange and brown Cresta Couture 60's metallic shift, and orange and yellow wool embroidered 'Tricoville' and a pink Marie Howitt 60's evening dress with beaded neckline£40-50
890.    A navy crepe Jean Allen/Cresta long sleeved dress, turquoise shift 'Petite Francaise' with pearl detail and double skirt, metallic waistcoat and a Jack Bryan light brown dress and jacket£40-50
891.    A good quality dark brown musquash 3/4 length coat labelled 'Howells fur specialists Cardiff', 1930's. This and the following six lots from one womans wardrobe£50-60
892.    A dark red chiffon pleated dress and jacket, Simon Ellis polychrome printed maxi, black chiffon Jack Bryan and 60's Janet Colton pink and white spotted bare midriff top£40-60
893.    A 1960's bouclé emerald green suit with a fur collar labelled 'Alexon' with another brown suit with a mink collar labelled 'Slimfit', also 1960's£30-50
894.    A Gina Bacconi saxe blue dress with a matching hat, a blue and pink coat and dress and a salmon pink dress£30-50
895.    A 3/4 length light brown mink coat with a half belt. Three decorative buttons to front, two on belt. £100-150
896.    A gold and black evening sweater. Ex shop stock, 60's high necked blouse, one with beaded neckline, evening bag and Turkish embroidered belt£30-40
897.    A brown musquash 3/4 length coat labelled 'The Furriers of the West, Alban House, Hereford'£30-60
898.    A 1960's Laura Phillips crochet type full length dress, a Jean Allen London metallic, same date. A 1970's brown and metallic full length and a slate blue Trevira halter neck dress£50-70
899.    A blue and grey heavily beaded 'Ma Cherie' long sleeved cocktail dress, a turquoise Michael Paul 50's dress with pearl beading and a pink moss crepe Frank Usher with bead and pearl detail£50-60