Past Results - 22nd/23rd March

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Past Results - 22nd/23rd March

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Day 1 - Lots 1-630 , Day 2 - Lots 701-1281

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Jewellery Section:
Clients are advised that many coloured gemstones are treated to enhance their properties. For example, heating is commonly used to improve the colour or transparency of rubies and sapphires; oiling is used to enhance clarity of emeralds. Such enhancement procedures are widely accepted by the international jewellery profession. While the colour of heat-treated stones is permanent, oiling may need to be repeated after a number of years in order for emeralds to retain optimum clarity.

Prospective buyers should therefore bear in mind that, unless otherwise stated, such enhancement methods could have been used.

Paintings Section:
Droit  De Suite Royalty Charges §.  All paintings and prints in this auction by aritst (of an EU nationality) who have died since 1942 will incur royalty charges, if the hammer price (at current exchange rates) is €1,000 or higher.  The buyer of such lots agree to pay Brightwells this royalty and we shall forward it to the artists' collecting agents.  The rate is 4% of hammer price between €1,000 and €50,000.

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Picture Lot No. Description Sale Section Sale Price
1 An Edward VII silver three division Stamp Case on ball feet, Birmingham 1904, and a silver mounted cut-glass two division Stamp Case, London 1906 Silver & Plated Items £210
2 A Victorian silver Sovereign/Vesta Case with diagonal ribbed design, Birmingham 1897, Vesta Case, 1897, circular Pill Box, Birmingham 1909, modern Box with Prince of Wales plume, Note Clip, Watch Chain and plated Book Vesta Case Silver & Plated Items £180
3 A George V silver and tortoiseshell large Paper Clip with gadroon rim, Chester 1910 Silver & Plated Items £170
4 A George III silver cased Shaving Brush engraved crest, London 1793, a Stilton Scoop engraved crest, Birmingham, maker Geo Unite, and a plated Stilton Scoop fiddle and thread pattern engraved Royal Bengal Fusiliers crest Silver & Plated Items £180
5 A George III silver small Caster, London 1792, maker: CH, and two George IV silver Mugs with reeded bands, one engraved monogram, London 1825 Silver & Plated Items £200
6 A Victorian silver circular Sugar Bowl with floral and swag embossing, vacant cartouche, London 1889, an Edward VII oval Mustard Pot on shaped feet, Birmingham 1901, and two Toddy Ladles with spiral whalebone handles Silver & Plated Items £120
7 A George V silver plain circular three piece Tea Sevice engraved crest, Birmingham 1931 Silver & Plated Items £190
8 A George V silver miniature Monteith with lion mask and ring handles, London 1933, Hot Water Jug, Birmingham 1927, Trophy, London 1927 and a pair of Sheffield plated telescopic Candlesticks by M Boulton & Co. Silver & Plated Items £155
9 A George III silver oval Milk Jug with leafage engraving on ball feet, London 1814, a small baluster Measure, silver and enamel lidded Jar, overlaid glass Scent Bottle and four various Bottle Tickets Silver & Plated Items £125
10 An Indian silver Bowl embossed and chased hunting scenes with figures, elephants, deer, lion, etc, presentation inscription dated 1915, 8in diam Silver & Plated Items £220
11 An Edward VII silver Sovereign and Stamp Case, Birmingham 1909 Silver & Plated Items £145
12 A George V silver Photograph Frame, Sheffield 1921, 9 1/2 x 7 1/2in and five other Frames, mostly embossed Silver & Plated Items £260
13 A Victorian silver three piece Tea Service of oval semi-fluted form, Birmingham 1894 and a matching plated Hot Water Jug Silver & Plated Items £250
14 A George V silver Cream Jug of helmet shape with bright-cut decoration, shaped cartouche on square pedestal base, London 1792, maker: John Mewburn Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
15 A pair of Edward VII silver Candle Snuffers in the form of hunting horns, London 1903, 12in Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
16 A Victorian silver cased small Carriage Clock with scroll embossing, London 1897, 3in Silver & Plated Items £320
17 A Continental silver mounted moonstone Wager Cup with figural support and scroll engraving, 4in Silver & Plated Items £280
18 A George III silver boat shape Teapot engraved crest, gadroon and scallop rim, London 1815 Silver & Plated Items £210
19 A Victorian silver boat shape Tea Kettle engraved crest, Sheffield 1894 and a pair of Georgian silver bottom marked Berry Spoons with later embossed bowls Silver & Plated Items £200
20 An Edward VII silver Photograph Frame with floral embossing and vacant cartouche, Birmingham 1902, 8 x 6in Silver & Plated Items £110
21 A modern silver salmon handled Corkscrew, Birmingham 1974 Silver & Plated Items £150
22 A silver circular Powder Compact enamelled with cock pheasant in flight, Birmingham 1961 Silver & Plated Items £190
23 A Victorian silver Rattle with floral embossing and five applied bells, Birmingham circa 1890 Silver & Plated Items £195
24 A Victorian silver Rattle with rosette embossing and four applied bells, Birmingham 1894 Silver & Plated Items £200
26 An Edward VII silver and tortoiseshell oval Jewel Box with ribbon and swag design, London 1907, and another, smaller, Birmingham 1924 Silver & Plated Items £230
27 Two silver lidded ruby glass Scent Bottles, Birmingham 1897 and 1901 and two double-ended Scent Bottles in blue and clear cut glass Silver & Plated Items £145
28 Four silver lidded glass Scent Bottles including one blue and one red, Birmingham 1887, 1893, 1899, etc Silver & Plated Items £160
29 Three small silver Scent Bottles, Birmingham 1900/5/6 Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
30 A Victorian silver circular Salver with scroll engraving and central crest, gadroon and scallop border, on three shaped feet, Sheffield 1898, 8 1/2in Silver & Plated Items £115
31 A pair of 19th Century Continental silver Candlesticks with floral embossed stems and shaped circular bases, marked 1862, 10in, worn Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
32 Six Edward VII silver Table and Dessert Spoons, Dinner and Dessert Forks, old english pattern engraved initial M, Birmingham 1902, maker: Elkington & Co Ltd Silver & Plated Items £390
33 Two pairs of George III silver Table Spoons old english pattern engraved initials JJC, London 1809/10, six Victorian fiddle pattern Dessert Spoons with similar initials, London 1864, four Dessert Forks, Dinner Fork and a Salt Spoon Silver & Plated Items £220
34 An Edward VII silver double Sovereign Case, leafage scroll engraved, Birmingham 1906, a Vesta Case with shield cartouche, Birmingham 1914, pair of Georgian Sugar Nips, maker: H.B., another pair, Sheffield 1919, pair of Tongs with turned finial, Sheffield 1903 and three other pairs Silver & Plated Items £180
35 A George VI silver circular Salver with shaped rim on ball and claw feet, Sheffield 1945, a pierced oval Basket, pair of oval Trinket Dishes, Chester 1904 and three other Trinket Dishes (7) Silver & Plated Items £220
36 A Victorian silver Sifting Ladle fiddle pattern, London 1851, four Napkin Rings, set of six cased Teaspoons, two Dessert Spoons, three Forks, seven Condiment Spoons, Cocktail Spoon, Jam Spoon, Candlestick, Tea Strainer, Butter Knife, Salts, six Egg Spoons, Sheffield 1973, etc Silver & Plated Items £350
37 A 19th Century Argentinian silver and parcel gilt Maté Cup and matching Bombilla (straw), engraved with gaucho on horseback pursuing rhea beside a lake with a cow skull, scrolled feet, 5in high (2) Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
38 A Persian silver square Box with hinged cover finely embossed and chased with exotic birds amongst foliage, 6 1/4in, maker: Bagher Parverash Silver & Plated Items £240
39 A Georgian Irish silver Sugar Basket of ogee form with bright-cut engraving and piercing, swing handle, blue glass liner Silver & Plated Items £230
40 A George III silver Mustard Pot with hinged lid, beaded rim on ball feet, a George I Pepperette, London 1726, another of urn shape, floral engraved, London 1799 and a pair of plated pierced oval Salts Silver & Plated Items £205
41 An Edward VII silver Pin Cushion in the form of a duck, Birmingham 1907 Silver & Plated Items £220
42 Four various silver Caddy Spoons, Sugar Tongs, Trinket Dishes, Condiment and Teaspoons, Magnifying Glass, enamel Box, etc Silver & Plated Items £200
43 A Continental silver lidded Pot and Cover with liner, A/F and a white metal Horse, on onyx base Silver & Plated Items £145
47 An Arthur Price Canteen of plated kings pattern Cutlery, viz: Dinner, dessert and steak knives, table, dessert, soup and teapoons, dinner and dessert forks, 52 pieces, in case, as new Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
48 A pair of large EP Table Lamps with green effect marble columns on stepped square bases Silver & Plated Items £300
49 A plated oval Biscuit Box engraved crest and a pair of Candlesticks with leafage scrolls on circular bases Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
51 A Set of four Millennium silver Napkin Rings, London 2000 and modern silver Jug with cat handle Silver & Plated Items £170
52 A Chinese silver circular Box and Cover with floral embossing, 3in diam, and five boxed Arthur Price items including sauce boat, cake slice, bread knife etc Silver & Plated Items £115
53 A George IV silver Rattle with six bells and engraved design, Birmingham 1826, maker: John Bridge Silver & Plated Items £145
54 A pair of modern Limited Edition silver and parcel gilt Wells Cathedral Goblets commemorating 8th centenary of the building, on fluted stems and octagonal bases, London 1978, No 59A and 59B, maker: W & W Silver & Plated Items £140
55 A George III silver pierced circular Coaster with floral and scroll design, gadroon rim and turned wooden base engraved crest, London 1799, maker: W A Silver & Plated Items £300
56 A Georgian style silver Sauce Boat with leafage scroll handle and gadroon rim on three hoof feet, Birmingham 1972, two small plain Sauce Boats and six modern Teaspoons, Sheffield 1969, in case Silver & Plated Items £190
57 An Edward VII silver five bar Toastrack on ball feet, London 1904, a modern three piece Condiment Set and two Spoons, Eleven Edward VII Dessert Knives, Sheffield 1909, in case, an EP four Egg Cup Stand, large Toastrack, Fish Knives and Forks, elephant handle Coffee Spoons, six other Coffee Spoons and a Butter Knife Silver & Plated Items £135
58 A Victorian silver mounted glass Match Striker with bubbles, Chester 1896, another, London 1913 and a Tea Strainer on Stand by Elkington, Birmingham 1963 Silver & Plated Items £140
59 An Edward VIII silver Sauce Boat with leafage scroll handle on ornate feet, Birmingham 1936 Silver & Plated Items £120
60 A George V silver large plain Cigar Box, London 1918, 8 x 6in Silver & Plated Items £180
61 A Victorian silver pierced circular drum Mustard Pot with pierced thumb piece and blue glass liner, London 1854, maker: E & J Barnard and a George V small Spirit Flask, Chester 1915 Silver & Plated Items £210
62 A George V silver oblong Inkstand fitted two square cut-glass Inkwells, on hoof feet, London 1910 Silver & Plated Items £210
63 A Victorian silver Coffee Pot of shaped oval form having engraved friezes and ebonised handle, Sheffield 1891 Silver & Plated Items £190
64 A Victorian circular Salver with scroll and rosette engraving, pierced floral swag and beaded border on shaped feet, London 1892, 10 1/2in diam Silver & Plated Items £210
65 A George V silver Biscuit Barrel and Cover with ribbon and swag engraving and swing handle, Birmingham 1910 Silver & Plated Items £140
66 A George III silver Stuffing Spoon, old english pattern, London 1781, maker: Hester Bateman Silver & Plated Items £165
67 A George III silver Stuffing Spoon, old english pattern engraved crest, London 1784, maker: JW Silver & Plated Items £115
68 A George III silver Toddy Ladle with beaded oval bowl and spiral whalebone handle, Newcastle circa 1790, makers: Langlands & Robertson Silver & Plated Items £160
69 An Indian silver three piece Condiment Set with floral and scroll design Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
70 A George III silver Wine Funnel with reeded rim and engraved crest, London 1798, makers: Peter & Anne Bateman Silver & Plated Items £310
72 An Edward VII oval silver Photograph Frame, Birmingham 1901, and a large rectangular Frame with floral engraved corners, London 1920, 12 x 8 1/4in Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
73 An Edward VII silver mounted cut-glass Decanter of thistle shape, London 1901 Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
74 Two pairs of silver Pepperettes, Chester 1918 and Birmingham 1916, both cased, and a George V silver Card Case, Birmingham 1925 Silver & Plated Items £140
75 A George V silver and tortoiseshell lidded glass Scent Jar with ribbon and swag design, London 1912, a silver and blue enamel lidded Hair Tidy and four other silver mounted glass items Silver & Plated Items £140
76 Six George III silver Dessert Spoons old english pattern engraved crests, London 1787, maker: Hester Bateman Silver & Plated Items £190
77 A George III silver oval Basket engraved initial, with reeded swing handle on pedestal base, London 1798, maker: Peter & Anne Bateman Silver & Plated Items £220
78 A pair of Victorian silver Sauce Ladles fiddle pattern, London 1869, another fiddle and shell pattern, London 1820, another with shell bowl, three Sifting Ladles and pair of Spoon Forks, London 1854 Silver & Plated Items £170
79 A George III silver Stuffing Spoon old english pattern engraved initial M, London 1795, maker: Peter and Anne Bateman, pair of Table Spoons, London 1793, three other Table Spoons and a Dessert Spoon Silver & Plated Items £190
80 A Victorian silver oblong Chamber Candlestick and Snuffer engraved crest and motto, beaded rim, London 1898 Silver & Plated Items £260
81 A modern silver designer Soup Ladle with spout and strainer having double mask finial and ring handle, London 1979 and a Candlestick of cup form with double loop handle, London 1971, maker: Hilary Norman Silver & Plated Items £170
82 A George IV silver Meat Skewer engraved crest, London 1828 and a pair of Toastracks, Birmingham 1932/33 Silver & Plated Items £145
83 A George VI silver Comport with pierced and cast fruiting vine border, Sheffield 1943 Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
84 A Victorian silver Coffee Pot of pear shape with leafage scroll engraving, melon finial, London 1843, maker: J & J Angell Silver & Plated Items £460
85 A pair of modern silver Candlesticks of classical form with ribbon, swag and pendant husk design on square bases, Birmingham 1974 Silver & Plated Items £230
86 An Edward VII silver circular Salver with presentation inscription, scroll and gadroon border on ball and claw feet, Birmingham 1902, 14in, and a George V silver and tortoiseshell circular Trinket Box, Birmingham 1912 Silver & Plated Items £240
87 A pair of George V silver pierced circular Baskets with single scroll handles on pedestal bases, London 1926, maker: Mappin & Webb, six various Condiments and Spoons, two Napkin Rings, plated Dish and Knife Silver & Plated Items £200
88 An Edward VII silver four piece Tea Service of gadrooned oval form with floral frieze and presentation inscription and initial M, Sheffield 1902/3 Silver & Plated Items £410
89 Four Scottish Provincial silver Spoons including Montrose Table Spoon, repaired, maker: Benjamin Lumsden, Banff and Perth fiddle pattern Teaspoons and Salt Spoon, maker: A.G. AMENDMENT: Banff not Dundee Silver & Plated Items £80
90 Four American Civil War coin silver Teaspoons fiddle pattern, maker: G C Johnston of Frederick, Maryland USA Silver & Plated Items £50
91 An Edward VII silver Art Nouveau Photograph Frame, Birmingham 1904, 8 x 6in Silver & Plated Items £140
92 Two Edward VII silver mounted two division Stamp Cases, Birmingham 1904 & 1908 Silver & Plated Items £105
93 An Edward VII silver Pin Cushion in the form of an emu, Birmingham 1907, maker: Tozer, Kernsey & Fisher Silver & Plated Items £560
94 A George III silver Caddy Spoon with bright-cut rectangular bowl, Birmingham 1816, maker: Cocks & Bettridge Silver & Plated Items £95
95 A George III silver Caddy Spoon with leaf bowl and coiled handle, London 1801, maker: Elizabeth Morley Silver & Plated Items £115
96 A George III silver Caddy Spoon with circular scallop bowl and bright-cut stem, Birmingham 1796, maker: J. Taylor and another fiddle pattern, Exeter 1833, maker: W.R. Sobey Silver & Plated Items £115
97 A Victorian silver Vinaigrette with leafage scroll engraving, gilt floral pierced grille, Birmingham 1839, maker: Nathaniel Mills Silver & Plated Items £310
98 A William IV silver Vinaigrette with engine turning and vacant cartouche, floral scroll pierced grille, Birmingham 1832, maker: G. Wheeler Silver & Plated Items £185
99 A group of silver Items, Comprising a Dutch silver rococo Strainer, a Dutch .800 standard silver repousse Casket decorated with tavern scenes after Teniers, and five Georgian and Victorian Irish silver fiddle pattern Teaspoons. Casket 6 ½ in wide (7) Silver & Plated Items £155
100 A composite five piece silver Tea and Coffee Service,
Dates and makers including Mappin and Webb, Walker and Hall, 1897, 1919, 1905 1906,
oval half-gadrooned bodies, ebonised handles and knops (5)
Silver & Plated Items £520
101 A George V silver Double Sovereign Case, Birmingham 1910 and three Vesta Cases with engraved decoration Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
102 Two small silver Stamp Cases on ball feet, Birmingham 1899 and 1906 and eight Fruit Knives Silver & Plated Items £130
103 Two George V silver Jewel Boxes with engine turning, Birmingham 1919 and 1929 Silver & Plated Items £150
104 A George V silver and tortoiseshell lidded cut-glass globular Scent Bottle, London 1924 and two other silver lidded cut-glass Scent Bottles Silver & Plated Items £150
105 Nine small silver handled Button Hooks, one set hardstone, and four Extending Pencils, one by S. Morden & Co Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
106 A Russian silver-gilt handled eight piece Serving Set, two with dolphin handles, in case marked 84, etc Silver & Plated Items £200
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