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Fine English and Continental Paintings & Prints are offered in specialist auctions three times a year. Decorative pictures, prints and miniatures of lesser value are included in monthly Antique and Interior Sales

Paintings at Brightwells are offered on behalf of vendors throughout the UK, with auctions attracting internet and telephone bidding from all over the world. High prices have been achieved in a number of diverse areas including Old Masters, Modern British, Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Portraits; Victorian Paintings and Watercolours. High-lights have included £48000 for an Irish landscape by Paul Henry RHA, £47,000 for a rare mezzotint by Christopher Nevinson ARW; £40,000 for a London street view by Sir Lawrence Gowing and £42000 for a work by Dorothea Sharpe. In 2017 the Sam Kenrick collection of Indian Miniatures sold for a total of over £100,000

Brightwells include a varied selection of fine paintings for auction on 26th July 2018. They include works by Augustus John, Peter de Wint, John Piper, Andrew Nichol RHA, Francis Swaine, Thomas Faed RSA and Julian Trevelyan RA

For enquiries about buying or selling Paintings through Brightwells please contact
James Pearn Tel 01568 611122. E-mail