Past Results - 12th December 2018

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Past Results - 12th December 2018

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Jewellery Section:
Clients are advised that many coloured gemstones are treated to enhance their properties. For example, heating is commonly used to improve the colour or transparency of rubies and sapphires; oiling is used to enhance clarity of emeralds. Such enhancement procedures are widely accepted by the international jewellery profession. While the colour of heat-treated stones is permanent, oiling may need to be repeated after a number of years in order for emeralds to retain optimum clarity.

Prospective buyers should therefore bear in mind that, unless otherwise stated, such enhancement methods could have been used.

Paintings Section:
Droit  De Suite Royalty Charges §.  All paintings and prints in this auction by aritst (of an EU nationality) who have died since 1942 will incur royalty charges, if the hammer price (at current exchange rates) is €1,000 or higher.  The buyer of such lots agree to pay Brightwells this royalty and we shall forward it to the artists' collecting agents.  The rate is 4% of hammer price between €1,000 and €50,000.



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Picture Lot No. Description Sale Section Sale Price
1 Six George V silver Grapefruit Spoons, Birmingham 1935, six Teaspoons, London 1905 and six Coffee Spoons, Sheffield 1902, all cased Silver & Plated Items £68
2 Two George III silver bright-cut Table Spoons old english pattern engraved initials, London 1787 & 1790, and a bottom marked Table Spoon, London 1759 Silver & Plated Items £55
3 Three Georgian silver bottom marked Table Spoons Hanoverian pattern, various dates and makers Silver & Plated Items £60
4 A pair of George V silver Candlesticks with octagonal baluster columns and bases, Sheffield 1924 Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
5 A Victorian silver Cigar Case with leafage scroll engraving and crest, Edinburgh 1841, maker: JN & Co Silver & Plated Items £100
6 Six Victorian silver Dinner Forks, Dessert Forks, Dessert Spoons and Teaspoons, fiddle pattern, London 1842/6, 1875, etc Silver & Plated Items £270
7 An Edward VII silver Christening Mug, London 1902, a silver drum Mustard Pot, London 1928, Cauldron Salt on hoof feet, two Condiment Spoons, glass Salts and Spoons, Napkin Ring, two small Pepperettes, and plated Snuffer Tray Silver & Plated Items £85
8 A George V silver Capstan Inkwell, Birmingham 1912, an oval Inkstand, Birmingham 1911, six Gorham silver handled Knives and a quantity of silver mounted Dressing Table Accessories Silver & Plated Items £90
9 A German silver heart shape Trinket Box, the lid embossed with the Flight to Egypt, import marks London 1901, maker: B Muller, hinge A/F Silver & Plated Items £95
10 A pair of George V silver Sauce Boats of panelled oval form having leafage scroll handles, Birmingham 1928 Silver & Plated Items £75
11 A George V large silver Sugar Caster, Chester 1911, maker: George Unite Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
12 A ruby glass double-ended Scent Bottle with white metal lids Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
13 Six George V silver Teaspoons, and six Cake Knives, Sheffield 1913 & 1914, both cased, three English silver Napkin Rings and two Indian silver Napkin Rings decorated figures and animals Silver & Plated Items £55
14 A Victorian silver oval Sugar Bowl and Milk Jug with floral embossing, London 1891 Silver & Plated Items £75
15 A George V silver boat shape Teapot with shaped rim, Birmingham 1915 Silver & Plated Items £115
16 A Georgian Toddy Ladle with coin inset bowl and baluster turned wooden handle Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
17 A pair of Edward VII silver Spill Vases floral scroll embossed, London 1901 Silver & Plated Items £60
18 A good late Victorian electroplated table Centrepiece and a pair of Comports ensuite, modelled as entwined fruiting vines, the branches supporting a trio of openwork baskets (lacking glass liners) (3) Silver & Plated Items £220
19 Four Victorian silver Vesta Cases and four silver Condiments Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
20 Three silver Photograph Frames Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
21 A pair of silver dwarf Candlesticks, pair of embossed Dishes, two handled Trophy, Vase and six Golfing Spoons Silver & Plated Items £95
22 An Edward VII silver seven bar Toastrack on ball feet, Sheffield 1908, A/F, and a silver Dish on pedestal base, Sheffield 1904 Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
23 A Victorian silver Card Case with floral and leafage scroll engraving with vacant cartouche, Chester 1900, and a Letter Holder with photograph aperture Silver & Plated Items £75
24 A modern silver Pear Silver & Plated Items £130
25 A George V silver Owl Rattle with two bells, ring and teether, Birmingham 1922 and a brass Squirrel Teether Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
26 A Danish silver Cake Server by georg Jensen and another in stirling silver Silver & Plated Items £105
27 Three small sterling silver Pepperettes, a silver Bangle, three silver Napkin Rings and four others with applied silver numbers Silver & Plated Items £65
28 Two Russian silver Torah Pointers with orb and figure finials, 6 1/2in Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
29 Five George III Irish silver bright-cut Teaspoons engraved initial D, maker: possibly J Salter of Cork, and a pair of Irish fiddle pattern Mustard Spoons, Dublin 1840 Silver & Plated Items £75
30 An Edward VII silver Bread Fork, Sheffield 1905, a large Cake Knife, Sheffield 1912, sundry Knives and Forks and a silver Bowling Trophy, Sheffield 1953, maker: Walker & Hall Silver & Plated Items £50
31 A George V silver three piece Tea Service on shaped feet, London 1919, and a pair of Sugar Tongs Silver & Plated Items £160
33 Six George III silver Dessert Forks fiddle pattern, Newcastle 1819, and six Dessert Spoons fiddle pattern engraved initials, London 1864, etc Silver & Plated Items £140
34 A quantity of silver Dessert Spoons, Teaspoons, Condiment Spoons, Sugar Tongs, etc and plated Condiment Spoons, etc Silver & Plated Items £70
35 A collection of silver and plated items including Salad Servers, apostle Spoons, Dressing Table items etc Silver & Plated Items £105
36 A collection of mostly silver items including Scent Bottles, Boxes, child's Knife and Fork, Thimbles in cases, MOP Purse, bone Sewing Instrument etc. Silver & Plated Items £180
37 A silver mounted Claret Jug with glass stopper 10 1/2in H A/F, and a silver mounted Claret Jug with hinged cover and silver handle 7 1/2in H Silver & Plated Items £200
38 A pair of George V silver Fish Servers and a matching set of six silver Fish Knives and Forks, boxed, London 1930 Silver & Plated Items £95
40 An Edward VII silver handled Walking Cane with greyhound grip, two other Canes and four pairs of silver SugarTongs Silver & Plated Items £100
41 A silver plated two bottle Wine Cooler with lid for central ice compartment Silver & Plated Items £140
42 A nickel plated Desk Lamp on oblong stepped base Silver & Plated Items £120
43 An Edward VII silver Shade pierced and embossed cherubs and floral scrolls, London 1901, maker Wm Comyns Silver & Plated Items £70
44 A George V silver mounted Watch Stand, Birmingham 1918, and a circular Photograph Frame, Birmingham 1903 Silver & Plated Items £30
45 A silver Trophy on Stand and three miniature silver Trophies, one with cover Silver & Plated Items £45
46 A silver lidded cut glass Scent Bottle A/F, three Knife Rests and a Chinese Scroll Weight Silver & Plated Items £30
47 A pair of silver Spill Vases, 6 3/4in H, three silver Pin Trays, a quantity of costume Jewellery, old Spectacles, coins etc. Silver & Plated Items £50
50 A nickel plated Desk Lamp with curved column, and a pair of plated Tea Caddies Silver & Plated Items £95
51 A German silver Set of Cutlery for six persons with rose decorated stems, 42 items, marked BSF 90 Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
81 An 1898 Half Sovereign, a 1904 Half Sovereign and a facimile Half Sovereign Coins £180
82 A large collection of Royal Mint Proof Sets and cased Singles, 1970's onwards including silver Proof Crowns, £1 Coins and a small quantity of loose Commemorative Crowns, etc Coins £500
83 A collection of Bank of England 10/- and One Pound Notes to include several consecutive runs Coins £65
84 Royal Mint silver Proof Piedfort four coin collection 2009 (includes the Kew Gardens 50p) in case of issue with COD Coins £230
85 Royal Mint silver Proof Piedfort six coin Set 2011, in case of issue with COA Coins £105
86 Royal Mint silver Proof Piedfort five coin Set 2010 in case of issue with COA Coins £90
87 Royal Mint silver Proof Piedfort five coin Set 2010 in case of issue with COA Coins £95
88 Royal Mint silver Proof Piedfort seven coin Collection, 2008 in case of issue with COA Coins £75
89 Royal Mint silver Proof Piedfort twelve coin Set 2009 (including Kew garden 50p) in case of issue with COA Coins £210
90 Royal Mint "Millenium" silver Proof Set 2000, 1p - £5, including Maundy Set, in case of issue with COA Coins £160
91 Royal Mint silver Proof Piedfort five coin Collection 2007, in case of issue with COA Coins £65
92 Royal Mint, fine silver £100 Coins 2015 Buckingham Palace x 2 and Big Ben x 2, £50 Britannia struck from silver recovered from the SS Gairsoppa x 2 (9) Coins Not Sold
93 Silver Proof £2 Piedforts 1998, 1999 and 2001, Proof silver £2 Double Coin Set (1997 & 1998) silver Proof £1 Coins 1983 x 3, 1984 x 3 and silver Proof Piedfort £1 Coins 1998, 1999 and 2000 (13) all in cases of issue Coins £140
94 Royal Mint silver Proof £5 2000, silver Proof 1998 NHS Piedfort 50p pair and a quantityh of silver Proof Crowns, UNC Sets, 1971 copper Coin Rolls, etc Coins Not Sold
95 A collection of Royal Mint Proof and UNC Sets, a quantity of boxed Commonwealth Coins, to include Bahamas $10, Isle of Man 1979 Tynwald Crowns, etc Coins £170
96 A Georgian convict type Token and one other, both engraved on smoothed pennies: The first inscribed Newgate with initials I.P. depicting the figure of a man smoking a pipe, beside a table. The other Token is inscribed "Matilda Townsend Born May 30 1826" (2) Coins £220
97 A large quantity of British pre-decimal Coins, 1/4d - 2/6 Coins Not Sold
98 A tin of assorted Coins, mainly British pre-decimal issues including minor silver issues and two coin weights Coins Not Sold
99 A Victorian Half Sovereign, 1887 Coins £130
100 An Edward VII Sovereign, 1910 Coins £175
101 A George V Sovereign, 1914 Coins £175
102 A collection of Bank Notes including a John Bradbury 10 Shilling and a Southern Rhodesia 1945 5 Shilling (Qty) Coins £90
103 An album containing mostly Roman bronze Coins 2nd - 4th Century AD, along with some Greek and Islamic issues. AMENDMENT estimate is £300-400 Coins £290
104 An Album of Coins containing British Celtic, Roman and hammered issues, to include Iceni silver units, Tiberius tribute Penny, Edward I Berwick on Tweed Penny, Mary Groat, etc Coins £600
105 A collection of many British Coins to include an 1893 Crown Coins Not Sold
106 A box of assorted Coins to include a silver Music Medal, a small quantity of pre'47 silver issues, etc Coins Not Sold
107 An Edward VII Sovereign 1903 Coins £175
108 An Edward VII Sovereign 1910 Coins £170
109 A Victorian Sovereign 1896 Coins £200
110 A George V Sovereign 1915 Coins £185
111 A Victorian Half Sovereign 1899 Coins £85
112 A USA Gold Rush 1/4 Dollar 1868 (holed), 1897 Crown and assorted British and World Coins Coins £100
113 A collection of assorted World Coins to include modern commemoratives, a 1797 Cartwheel Twopence and minor silver issues Coins Not Sold
121 A lady's Omega Ladymatic Wristwatch, the square champagne dial with hourly applied baton markers in gold plated case on brick link 18ct gold bracelet Jewellery and Objet d’Art £360
122 A lady's Burberry Wristwatch, the white dial with arabic numerals in gold plated case on black leather strap in original box Jewellery and Objet d’Art £35
123 A lady's Garrard Cocktail Watch the champagne dial with chevron markers on flexible 9ct gold bracelet Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
124 An early 20th Century lady's Wristwatch in 18ct gold case, a 9ct gold Signet Ring, two 9ct gold 'Shell' Studs, a small collection of Costume Jewellery and six Coffee Bean Spoons Jewellery and Objet d’Art £160
125 An Art Deco Diamond Cocktail Watch, the rectangular dial marked 'Mappin' with black arabic numerals, bezel and lugs pavé and channel-set eight-cut and baguette stones Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
126 A silver cased Fob Watch, the white enamel dial with arabic numerals with enamel and seed pearl decoration to case Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
127 A lady's Omega Automatic Geneve Wristwatch, the silvered dial with hourly baton markers, sweep seconds hand and date aperture at 3 o'clock in stainless steel case on stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp Jewellery and Objet d’Art £110
128 A silver Lady's Waltham Pocket Watch and Chain, two Commemorative Coins, a collection of ten Hat Pins, a reproduction Scrimshaw and a pair of Opera Glasses Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
129 A pair of Diamond Ear Studs each claw-set old-cut stone, estimated total diamond weight 0.80cts Jewellery and Objet d’Art £220
130 A Diamond Ring millegrain-set old-cut stone with smaller stones to shoulders in carved mount, ring size K Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
131 A 1920's gem-set Brooch claw-set oval-cut purple stone within scrolled frame pavé-set rose-cut diamonds suspending pear-cut pink stone Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
132 A Diamond single stone Ring claw-set brilliant-cut stone, estimated 0.85cts, in 18ct gold, ring size M Jewellery and Objet d’Art £300
132A A Diamond two stone Crossover Ring claw-set brilliant-cut stones, estimated total weight 1ct, stamped 18, ring size I Jewellery and Objet d’Art £500
133 A Diamond pyramid Cluster Ring claw-set brilliant-cut stones in 18ct gold, ring size I 1/2 Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
134 A Blue Topaz and Seed Pearl Ring set round topaz between trios of seed pearls, stamped 18ct, ring size J 1/2 Jewellery and Objet d’Art £130
135 A loose pear-cut Blue Topaz, 7.64ct, and a loose emerald-cut Blue Topaz, 8.21ct Jewellery and Objet d’Art £85
136 A single row of rice shaped Freshwater Pearls Jewellery and Objet d’Art £90
137 A pair of 9ct gold oval Cufflinks, approx 7gms Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
138 A single row of Cultured Freshwater Pearls in white, pink and peach on clasp stamped 375 Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
139 A Diamond Pendant Cross peg-set brilliant-cut stones in platinum on fine white gold chain stamped 18K Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
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