Past Results - 19th June 2019

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Past Results - 19th June 2019

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Jewellery Section:
Clients are advised that many coloured gemstones are treated to enhance their properties. For example, heating is commonly used to improve the colour or transparency of rubies and sapphires; oiling is used to enhance clarity of emeralds. Such enhancement procedures are widely accepted by the international jewellery profession. While the colour of heat-treated stones is permanent, oiling may need to be repeated after a number of years in order for emeralds to retain optimum clarity.

Prospective buyers should therefore bear in mind that, unless otherwise stated, such enhancement methods could have been used.

Paintings Section:
Droit  De Suite Royalty Charges §.  All paintings and prints in this auction by aritst (of an EU nationality) who have died since 1942 will incur royalty charges, if the hammer price (at current exchange rates) is €1,000 or higher.  The buyer of such lots agree to pay Brightwells this royalty and we shall forward it to the artists' collecting agents.  The rate is 4% of hammer price between €1,000 and €50,000.


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Picture Lot No. Description Sale Section Sale Price
1 A George V silver oval Photograph Frame, Birmingham 1910, 8 x 6in Silver & Plated Items £50
2 A George V silver rectangular Photograph Frame, Birmingham 1928, 10 x 8in Silver & Plated Items £105
3 A sterling silver rectangular Photograph Frame with leafage engraving and initials, 12 x 9 1/2in Silver & Plated Items £45
4 A silver Goblet engraved 'Best Puppy- Chiddingfield Hounds 1878' and a silver Powder Compact Silver & Plated Items £65
5 A George V silver four piece Tea and Coffee Service of boat shape on scroll feet, Birmingham 1929/31 Silver & Plated Items £260
6 A George V silver mounted shagreen and green bakelite Table Lighter in the form of a lighthouse, London 1934, and a plated Cocktail Shaker Silver & Plated Items £150
7 An Art Deco silver Dressing Table Set, comb A/F, Birmingham 1934/36, cased Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
8 A silver Cigarette Box with tiered engine turned lid, 5 1/4 in Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
9 A George III silver helmet shape Jug engraved initials on circular base, London 1791, maker: R. Hennell Silver & Plated Items £90
10 A silver Port Label with leafage surround, a Gin and Whisky Label and a quantity of Cuff Links Silver & Plated Items £35
11 A Victorian silver cased Pocket Watch, Chester 1892, a silver Spoon and Pusher and a Georgian silver Teaspoon Silver & Plated Items £40
12 Six silver Teaspoons, Birmingham 1939, six silver handled Tea Knives Sheffield 1919 and various plated cutlery Silver & Plated Items £20
13 A Victorian silver mounted three piece Carving Set, Sheffield 1897, in case Silver & Plated Items £60
14 A Victorian silver Preserve Spoon with Brazilian coin finial 1821, Sheffield 1900, six silver bean handled Coffee Spoons, Sheffield 1935,two silver Napkin Rings, six Edward VIII Coronation Coffee Spoons, plated Fish Knives and Forks Silver & Plated Items £30
15 A French Paris standard silver Serving Spoon with shell bowl and floral decorated handle, in case Silver & Plated Items £45
16 A George V Art Deco silver mounted Dressing Table Set with black and white basse taille enamelling, Birmingham 1933, maker: Mappin & Webb Silver & Plated Items £65
17 A pair of George III silver Table Spoons old english pattern with bright cut engraving and initials, London 1815, maker: Wallis & Hayne Silver & Plated Items £50
18 A George I silver two handled Porringer with gadroon embossing, oval cartouche engraved initials, London 1722, maker: R.B., repaired Silver & Plated Items £150
19 A modern silver pierced and embossed oval Trinket Dish, London 1961, and a Continental silver two handled Dish, import mark London 1892 Silver & Plated Items £55
20 A silver collared antler handled malacca Walking Stick and an oak Walking Stick with silver collar Silver & Plated Items £20
21 Two silver Pepperettes, a silver Pedestal Dish, quantity of silver Condiment Spoons, Teaspoons, Sugar Tongs, Souvenir Spoons, etc Silver & Plated Items £75
23 A Victorian silver Gravy Spoon fiddle pattern engraved initial P, Exeter 1851, maker: Williams brothers Silver & Plated Items £60
24 A pair of George III silver Table Spoons old english pattern engraved initial G, London 1809, maker: Crossley & Smith Silver & Plated Items £45
25 A George III silver plain oval Vinaigrette with dot pierced grille, Birmingham 1798, maker: Thomas Willmore, hinge A/F Silver & Plated Items £45
26 An oval silver Mustard Pot with hinged cover, two oval silver Mustard Pots and a quantity of plated Cutlery Silver & Plated Items £50
27 A silver plated circular Cakestand and Knife, with engraved decoration, 16in diam, boxed Silver & Plated Items £100
28 A set of six silver Bear and Ragged Staff Teaspoons Birmingham 1893, a set of six silver crested Teaspoons Birmingham 1907 and a set of twelve silver Teaspoons Sheffield 1897, all cased Silver & Plated Items £120
29 An Edward VII silver pierced circular Basket with scroll border, Sheffield 1905, slight faults Silver & Plated Items £85
30 A quantity of Plated Items including a set of six Napkin Rings, Coffee Pot, Teaware, Coffee Spoons, Salver, part set of Cutlery, Cigarette Case, etc and a pair of Bookends with metal cherub surmounts Silver & Plated Items £140
31 Two Sets of five silver Teaspoons, Birmingham 1908 & London 1933, two Coalport small Cabinet Cups and Saucers and pair of small Coalport Bowls Silver & Plated Items £70
32 A good quality heavy leather Dressing Case with numerous fittings including silver lidded jars engraved crests, etc London 1929 Silver & Plated Items £120
33 A collection of silver items including Napkin Rings, pierced Bon Bon Dish, silver handled Magnifying Glass, Teaspoon with Manx handle and a pair of plated Grape Scissors Silver & Plated Items £35
34 A plated Napier Patent Cocktail Shaker, two Cocktail Glasses and Tray decorated cockerels and a Cocktail Tumbler Silver & Plated Items £70
35 Five Victorian silver Teaspoons fiddle pattern, Sifting Ladle, Toddy Ladle fiddle pattern, Exeter 1860, two bright cut Teaspoons, and Condiment Spoon Silver & Plated Items £50
36 A Victorian silver Sauce Ladle fiddle pattern, Exeter 1868, Butter Knife, Exeter 1861, small Irish silver and green enamel Sifting Ladle, Dublin 1958, plated Spoon set green cabachon, two silver handled Knives and six others Silver & Plated Items £50
37 A George V silver Rose Bowl with leafage scroll engraved frieze, Birmingham 1910 Silver & Plated Items £75
38 An Edwardian ladies travelling Vanity Case, c.1920, the pigskin case with fitted interior of silver topped glass bottles, monogrammed tortoiseshell combs/brushes etc, engraved brass locks, and canvas outer bag Silver & Plated Items £150
39 A Canteen of electroplated Cutlery and Flatware, retailed by Francis of Reading, for twelve place settings, in mahogany two-drawer cabinet, (steel replaced, large carving fork missing); and a quantity of miscellaneous antique Table Knives Silver & Plated Items £75
40 A large quantity of electroplate, including two Ice Buckets, together with several pewter items. Silver & Plated Items £110
41 Three Victorian silver Serving Spoons, London 1895, in case Silver & Plated Items £90
42 Six George V silver handled Dessert Knives and Forks, Sheffield 1929, in case Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
43 A modern silver three piece Condiment Set, Sheffield 1973, with Spoons, on plated Tray, and a pair of eastern silver Serving Spoons engraved lotus flower and having horn handles Silver & Plated Items £80
44 Six Victorian silver Teaspoons fiddle pattern, London 1841, silver mounted Blotter, silver Sugar Claws and Tongs, Posy Vase, Scent Bottle and Condiment Spoon Silver & Plated Items £55
45 Plated Items: Four piece Tea and Coffee Service, Toastrack, pierced drum Mustard Pot, Grape Scissors, two Sauce Boats, Serving Spoons, Jam Spoons, etc Silver & Plated Items £35
46 A Continental silver Pepperette in the form of a Cockerel, with hinged lid, 8in Silver & Plated Items £180
47 A modern silver circular Pill Box inset with Victorian Crown, a plated Kettle on Stand, and a gothic style gilt-metal Casket Silver & Plated Items £120
48 A Victorian silver Goblet embossed flowers, London 1864 and a Victorian silver mounted glass Claret Jug, Sheffield 1870 Silver & Plated Items £280
49 Two modern silver Wine Coasters Silver & Plated Items £60
50 A silver Toast Rack, Mustard Pot, plated Toast Rack and a Coaster Silver & Plated Items £80
51 Three foreign silver Dessert Spoons fiddle pattern with sailing boat decoration, a silver handled Knife, pair of plated Fish Servers, silver sugar Caster, cased set of silver Tea Spoons and a set of Coffee Spoons Silver & Plated Items £100
55 A silver handled Pie Slice, a silver Perpetual Calendar/Clock, a pair of Victorian silver plated Wine Coasters, a pair of silver plated Fish Servers, an ivory handled Trowel, a modern Clock/Barometer and two framed Prints of Tintern Abbey and Goodrich Castle Silver & Plated Items £130
81 A large collection of modern Commemorative Coins/Medallions including "Diana, Her Life in Jewels", 1936 Year of the Three Kings", "Napoleon Bonaparte", etc Coins Not Sold
82 2018 Gold Proof Sovereign in case of issue, with Certificate of Authenticity and outer packaging Coins £290
83 2018 Gold Proof Sovereign in case of issue with Certificate of Authenticity and outer packaging Coins £290
84 Alderney 2018 Gold Proof Coronation Jubilee £1, in case of issue with Certificate of Authenticity Coins £170
85 "Valuable 10" cased Set of the Worlds smallest gold Coins, in case of issue with Certificate of Authenticity and outer packaging, along with three loose miniature gold Coins Coins £290
86 A collection of mostly modern commemorative Coins/Medallions including Princess Diana jewel type, various Jubilee Mint issues, etc, and a small quantity of pre-decimal issues Coins £75
87 Jubilee Mint three gold Coins set 2018, consisting of two Tristan Da Cuna Crowns and an Alderney 25p, in fitted case (3) Coins £135
88 A Welshpool Bank One Pound Note dated 1812, four John Mytton Matthew Jones and Price Glynne Mytton (lower left corner missing) Coins £70
89 A Welshpool Bank One Pound Note dated 1813, for John Mytton, Matthew, Jones and Price Glynne Mytton Coins £120
90 A Welshpool Bank One Pound Note, dated 1813, for John Mytton, Matthew, Jones and Price Glynne Mytton Coins £80
91 A Collection of Fob Medals, etc, including three 9ct gold examples, a Herefordshire Constadulam Badge and a Printers Plate for a business card Coins £280
92 A Collection of Medals and Enamel Badges, including a special constable Medal named to "Group Ldr Edward F. Harris", various Masonic Types, Bowling, etc and minor Ephemera Coins £90
93 A Collection of World Stamps in an album and loose and a quantity of World Banknotes and minor Coins Coins Not Sold
94 A suitcase of sundy Coins including a 1902 Half Crown, a tin of Stamps, small folder of lace samples and a quantity of assorted Costume Jewellery Coins £50
95 The 100 Greatest Cars silver miniature (ingot) collection in case of issue with Certificate of Authenticity with a selection of Medallic First Day Cover issues in Wallets - Royal Wedding 1973 x 4, the Turner Bicentenary x 2, Great Britons, etc and a quantity of Badges on Pennant Coins £100
96 Great Military Commanders, silver Medallion five piece Set by Slade Hampton & Son Ltd, in case of issue along with a quantity of modern Commemorative Crowns including a 1935 Jubilee example Coins Not Sold
97 A George I silver "Order of the Garter Restored" Medal 1725, holed and battered, a Charles II Crown 1677, George III Half Crown 1816, and various minor Coins (18) Coins £100
98 A Victorian Australian Sovereign 1866, Sydney Mint Coins £230
99 An Edward VII Sovereign 1910 Coins £200
100 An Edward VII Half Sovereign 1910, Sovereign Scales and Sundry Coins including Crowns, etc Coins £130
101 A Quantity of Pre-Decimal Coins including pre-47 Half Crowns-Shillings Coins £80
102 A Quantity of World Coins including 18th & 19th Century French Issues, three German 10 Mark Notes, etc Coins £100
103 A silver Torque with wirework decoration, possibly North African 6 1/4in Silver & Plated Items £90
105 A Lady's Cyma Wristwatch the silvered dial with hourly baton markers on integral 9ct gold bracelet and a lady's Tissot Wristwatch the white dial with arabic numerals and subsidiary dial on expanding bracelet Jewellery and Objet d’Art £170
106 A Gentleman's Smith's Wristwatch the cream dial with arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial in 9ct gold case with presentation inscription on gilt metal expanding bracelet A/F, a string of graduated Cultured Pearls, simulated Pearls, Costume Jewellery etc Jewellery and Objet d’Art £160
107 A Cocktail Watch Case - lacks movement, stamped 18ct & PLAT, and a collection of vintage and quartz Wristwatches Jewellery and Objet d’Art £100
110 A Gentleman's Garnet Camelot Ring set oval-cut stone in embossed mount in silver gilt, ring size R Jewellery and Objet d’Art £35
111 An unmounted Diamond, cut cornered square modern brilliant-cut, 0.51 carat, accompanied by IGI Report number F4F84712, dated 15th March 2007, stating clarity VS1 colour E Jewellery and Objet d’Art £500
112 An unmounted Pink Sapphire, oval-cut, 1.54cts Jewellery and Objet d’Art £70
113 An unmounted Fire Opal, oval-cut, 7.9cts Jewellery and Objet d’Art £170
114 A Victorian silver and agate Fouled Anchor Brooch having faceted agate shaft between engraved white metal mounts, 3 3/4in H Jewellery and Objet d’Art £95
115 An Opal Doublet Pendant set oval stone on fine 9ct white gold chain Jewellery and Objet d’Art £120
116 A pair of Amethyst and Diamond Cluster Earrings, each claw-set oval-cut amethyst within a frame of brilliant-cut diamonds in 18ct gold Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
117 A Tanzanite and Diamond Cluster Ring claw-set oval-cut tanzanite, 0.97cts, within a frame of twelve brilliant-cut diamonds in 18ct white gold, ring size L Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
118 A Ruby and Diamond Ring claw-set oval-cut ruby between trios of old-cut diamonds in 18ct gold, ring size L Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
119 A Diamond crossover Ring rubover-set two brilliant-cut stones with graduated eight-cut stones to shoulders, stamped 18ct & PT, ring size L Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
120 A Diamond Flower Cluster Ring claw-set seventeen brilliant-cut stones, estimated total diamond weight 0.75cts, in white gold stamped 14K, ring size O Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
121 An Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant corner claw-set step-cut aquamarine, 1.62cts, below single brilliant-cut and four baguette diamonds on fine chain in 18ct white gold Jewellery and Objet d’Art £920
122 A Victorian hinged Scarf Pin set coral and a Scarf Pin set single rose-cut diamond Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
123 A single row of graduated red amber type Bakelite Beads Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
124 A Diamond Tennis Bracelet claw-set fifty seven brilliant-cut stones in 18ct gold, total diamond weight 2.15cts Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
125 A Diamond Cluster Pendant claw and pavé-set numerous brilliant-cut stones to circular plaque on fine chain in 18ct white gold Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
126 An Amethyst and Seed Pearl Cluster Ring claw-set oval-cut amethyst in pierced frame set seed pearls in 9ct gold, ring size P 1/2 Jewellery and Objet d’Art £130
127 A Diamond single stone Ring claw-set brilliant-cut stone, estimated 0.50 cts, in 18ct white gold, ring size I 1/2 Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
128 A Ruby and Diamond Cluster Ring corner claw-set rectangular step-cut ruby, 2.57cts, within a frame of pavé-set brilliant-cut diamonds in 18ct white gold, ring size N Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
129 A pair of Diamond and South Sea Pearl Earrings, each with foliate plaques set brilliant-cut diamonds suspending cuppola mount set single drop pearl in 18ct white gold Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
130 A Diamond and Seed Pearl Bracelet the front with flowerhead set single old-cut diamond within seed pearls between seed pearls set on curb link chain Jewellery and Objet d’Art £140
131 A pair of Cufflinks formed from coin style medallions, a Cameo Ring in 9ct gold and a Wishbone Ring Jewellery and Objet d’Art £100
132 A Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Halo Cluster Ring claw-set scissor-cut sapphire within a frame of pavé-set brilliant-cut diamonds in 18ct white gold, ring size J 1/2
Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
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