Past Results - 19th September 2018

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Past Results - 19th September 2018

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Jewellery Section:
Clients are advised that many coloured gemstones are treated to enhance their properties. For example, heating is commonly used to improve the colour or transparency of rubies and sapphires; oiling is used to enhance clarity of emeralds. Such enhancement procedures are widely accepted by the international jewellery profession. While the colour of heat-treated stones is permanent, oiling may need to be repeated after a number of years in order for emeralds to retain optimum clarity.

Prospective buyers should therefore bear in mind that, unless otherwise stated, such enhancement methods could have been used.

Paintings Section:
Droit  De Suite Royalty Charges §.  All paintings and prints in this auction by aritst (of an EU nationality) who have died since 1942 will incur royalty charges, if the hammer price (at current exchange rates) is €1,000 or higher.  The buyer of such lots agree to pay Brightwells this royalty and we shall forward it to the artists' collecting agents.  The rate is 4% of hammer price between €1,000 and €50,000.

LOTS 1-500 SILVER SALEROOM commencing 10.00am

Lots 501-913 SALEROOM 1 commencing 12.00 noon

Registration for online bidding opens Monday 17th September 10.00am


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Picture Lot No. Description Sale Section Sale Price
1 A Victorian silver Teapot of shaped oval form on pedestal base, London 1892 Silver & Plated Items £100
2 Six George V silver Dessert Knives and Forks with mother of pearl hafts, Sheffield 1923, in case Silver & Plated Items £90
3 A George III silver Cream Jug with later floral embossing on shaped feet, a three piece Condiment Set, four fiddle pattern Condiment Spoons, London 1853 and a Napkin Ring Silver & Plated Items £95
4 A George III silver Fish Slice, fiddle pattern engraved crest and initials, London 1818, a Caddy Spoon London 1823, silver and plated Butter Knives and Pickle Forks, etc Silver & Plated Items £80
5 A plated oblong Entree Dish and Cover, two Georgian style plated Coffee Pots and two pairs of Nutcrackers and Picks in case Silver & Plated Items £40
6 Four George III silver Cauldron Salts engraved initials on hoof feet, London 1768 with blue glass liners, four George V silver similar Salts, Birmingham 1911 and four Salt Spoons, Sheffield 1888 Silver & Plated Items £140
7 Six Victorian silver Dessert Spoons fiddle pattern engraved initials, London 1853, two others, six Teaspoons, London 1836 and a part set of plated fiddle pattern Cutlery Silver & Plated Items £140
8 Six George V silver Spirit Tots, Birmingham 1922 and three plated Bottle Tickets Silver & Plated Items £95
9 A George V silver two handled Trophy and Cover engraved 'The Stock Exchange Point to Point Club', Sheffield 1929 on ebonised plinth Silver & Plated Items £190
10 An Edward VII silver navette shaped Inkstand with cut glass ink bottle, Birmingham 1902 and an Indian silver cylindrical Box and Cover Silver & Plated Items £65
11 A Victorian silver oval Rose Bowl with wavy gadroon rim, embossed leafage frieze, engraved 'Sir Francis Grenfell', London 1886 and a two handled Trophy 'Gerald Williams', Sheffield 1903 Silver & Plated Items £105
12 A Victorian silver small Georgian style Coffee Pot of tapering form, London 1897 and a small semi-fluted circular Teapot, London 1899, A/F Silver & Plated Items £150
13 A George V silver Sugar Caster, Birmingham 1924, pair of Napkin Rings Birmingham 1911, boxed, and a silver faced presentation Travel Clock in green case Silver & Plated Items £70
14 Six Georgian silver Table Spoons old english pattern, various dates and assay offices, and three plated Table Spoons Silver & Plated Items £100
15 Two silver oval Cream Jugs, Sheffield 1904 and London 1911, small Sauce Boat, Sheffield 1899, Sugar Bowl London 1930 and plated Sifting Spoon Silver & Plated Items £100
16 A pair of George III silver Cauldron Salts on lion mask and paw feet, London 1818 with pair bright cut Spoons, and another pair of Salts, London 1901, with shell Spoons Silver & Plated Items £100
17 A set of four George II style Sheffield plated Candlesticks with knopped stems on shaped circular bases, 9in Silver & Plated Items £65
18 Plated Items: pair of Coasters, two Salvers, Waiter, Spirit Kettle on stand, Toastrack, Ladle, Flask and two handled Dish on scroll feet Silver & Plated Items £65
19 Two sets of Nutcrackers, cased, two other pairs, two pairs of Salts, two silver Salt Spoons, silver mounted horn Beaker, silver hafted Tea Knives, small Flask and sundry Cutlery Silver & Plated Items £65
20 One dozen Edward VII Dessert Knives and Forks with engraved silver blades and mother of pearl hafts, Sheffield 1907, in case Silver & Plated Items £140
21 An Elizabeth II silver Cigarette Box, engine turned, Birmingham 1955 and five silver Cigarette Cases Silver & Plated Items £210
22 A George V silver Scent Funnel, Sheffield 1912, in case, three silver Toastracks, various Condiments and a Butter Knife Silver & Plated Items £130
23 A George V plain silver oval Photograph Frame, Birmingham 1920, 9 1/2 x 8in Silver & Plated Items £90
24 Six silver Menu Holders in the form of dogs on circular bases, London 1978, in case Silver & Plated Items £240
25 Four George V silver Menu Holders in the form of Pheasants on oval bases, Chester 1914, maker: S. Mordan & Co. Silver & Plated Items £140
26 A Victorian silver Christening Knife, Fork and Spoon with leafage engraving, Sheffield 1885/9, in case Silver & Plated Items £60
27 Six silver handled Button Hooks Silver & Plated Items £20
28 A Victorian silver oval semi-fluted Basket with swing handle on pedestal base, London 1897 Silver & Plated Items £85
29 A set of one dozen silver Royal Horticultural Society Flower Spoons, Sheffield 1973, in case Silver & Plated Items £75
30 Six Victorian silver Table Spoons fiddle pattern engraved initial J, London 1842 and 1854, and another plated Silver & Plated Items £100
31 Six Victorian silver Dinner Forks, Dessert Forks, Dessert Spoons and Teaspoons, fiddle pattern, London 1842/6, 1875, etc Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
32 Six Victorian silver Teaspoons, kings pattern, Sheffield 1880, four sterling silver Grapefruit Spoons and six silver handled Dinner Knives Silver & Plated Items £85
33 Four 19th Century silver Dessert Spoons and five Teaspoons old english pattern, various dates, a Christening Spoon in case and eight various Coffee and Teaspoons Silver & Plated Items £75
34 Two silver Vesta Cases, one engraved Ted, a white metal Vesta with iris design, Napkin Ring and silver lidded square glass Scent Bottle Silver & Plated Items £70
35 A George III silver Vinaigrette engine turned and engraved initials C.D., Birmingham 1817, maker: JL, and a small plain Vinaigrette, Birmingham 1804, maker: Cocks & Bettridge Silver & Plated Items £85
36 Two George V silver baluster Christening Mugs engraved 'Elisabeth' and inscription, Birmingham 1910 and Sheffield 1926 Silver & Plated Items £75
37 A Victorian silver Christening Mug on ball feet, Birmingham 1899 and another of waisted form, Birmingham 1912 Silver & Plated Items £105
38 A Victorian silver Christening Mug with butterfly and leafage engraving, London 1878 Silver & Plated Items £90
39 A Victorian silver Christening Mug with oval panels of floral engraving and initials, beaded base and scroll handle, London 1867 Silver & Plated Items £65
40 An Edward VII silver Christening Mug embossed hunting scene with figures on horseback, Birmingham 1902 Silver & Plated Items £65
41 A Victorian silver mounted tortoiseshell Spectacle Case with engraved detail and vacant cartouche Silver & Plated Items £110
42 A victorian silver oval Vesta Case with folding knife and propelling pencil, engraved crest, London 1889, maker: S. Mordan Silver & Plated Items £140
43 An Edward VII silver combined Vesta and Wax Holder, London 1906 Silver & Plated Items £125
44 A Victorian silver Vesta Case incorporating a compass, Birmingham 1897 Silver & Plated Items £70
45 A Victorian silver small cylindrical Scent Bottle with floral scroll engraving, Birmingham 1892, a sterling silver mounted cut glass Smelling Salts Jar and an Atomiser Silver & Plated Items £80
46 A George IV silver Snuff Box with liine engraving and vacant cartouche, London 1820 Silver & Plated Items £115
47 An Edward VII silver Matchbox Holder with bird, dog and scroll embossing, London 1903, and an embossed oval Trinket Box, Sheffield 1912 Silver & Plated Items £80
48 A small silver mounted horn Beaker and two silver Pepperettes Silver & Plated Items £85
49 A silver mounted cut glass Decanter, London 1978 by Asprey, London, with bull's eye stopper Silver & Plated Items £75
51 A George III silver Caddy Spoon with bright-cut circular Bowl, Birmingham 1811, maker: J. Willmore, a Dutch Spoon with windmill finial and a plated Caddy Spoon with thistle pierced stem Silver & Plated Items £50
52 A George V Continental silver Midwife's Cord Holder of serpent and stork form, import mark London 1926, maker: G.S. Silver & Plated Items £195
53 A Georgian plated oval Teapot with engraved friezes and associated silver lid
Silver & Plated Items £160
54 A George V silver Wax Jack with scissors surmount, engraved square platform on four shaped feet, spiral and leafage handle engraved I.Z., London 1924, maker: C & R.C. Silver & Plated Items £100
55 A George V silver two handled Rose Bowl, London circa 1920, a pierced circular Basket, Chester 1899, three plated Rose Bowls and a pair of single Flower Holders Silver & Plated Items £85
56 A pair of plated Pillar Candlesticks with lobed circular bases, 11 1/2in and a pair on rectangular bases, 7in Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
57 A modern 9ct gold Toothpick with engine turning, Birmingham 1965, and a gilt-metal extending knib Pen/Pencil with scroll engraving Silver & Plated Items £55
58 Five George IV silver Teaspoons fiddle pattern, Edinburgh 1825, maker: AW, also marked MORTON, numerous other Coffee and Teaspoons, two pairs of silver Sugar Tongs, Napkin Rings, etc Silver & Plated Items £120
59 An Edward VII pierced circular Dish, Birmingham 1909, small silver Scent Funnel, white metal scallop Scent Bottle and tiger's eye agate type Brooch Silver & Plated Items £45
60 Plated Items: Pair of Fish Servers, corn on the cob holders, cocktail sticks (cased), plus crumb scoop, brush, waiter, ladle, carving set, etc Silver & Plated Items £55
61 A George V silver circular Fruit Bowl with pierced rim, Birmingham 1931 Silver & Plated Items £105
62 A George V silver small Toby Jug, Birmingham 1912, 2 3/4 in H Silver & Plated Items £75
63 A Continental silver small Toby Jug circa 1880, J. D. Schleissner, marked 800, 2 1/2 in H Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
64 A quantity of Christofle A Paris gilt-metal Cutlery Silver & Plated Items £90
65 A George V silver Inkstand with presentation inscription to Lawrence D. Holt, Esq by his Liverpool Pilots, London 1913 Silver & Plated Items £110
66 A Scottish horn Snuff Mull with white metal mounts engraved initials and a George V silver and tortoiseshell Trinket Box on shaped supports, London 1921 Silver & Plated Items £150
67 A George V silver Milk Jug, Sheffield 1915, maker: Walker & Hall, Sugar Bowl, Sheffield 1960, Letter Opener, Birmingham 1968, Wafer Box, London 1986, two Teaspoons and a Mustard Spoon Silver & Plated Items £95
68 A Georgian silver pattern back Teaspoon engraved initials, six Coffee Spoons, Sheffield 1958, various Condiment and Teaspoons, Sugar Tongs, Fork, Souvenir Spoons, etc Silver & Plated Items £70
69 Six silver Grapefruit Spoons, Sheffield 1961, six Coffee Spoons, Birmingham 1929 and six plated Teaspoons Silver & Plated Items £65
70 A George V silver three piece Bachelor's Tea Service of panelled circular form, Birmingham 1921 Silver & Plated Items £165
71 A George III silver helmet shape Cream Jug on square base, Sheffield 1919 and an Edward VII Cream Jug, Birmingham 1902 Silver & Plated Items £130
72 A George IV silver Christening Mug with floral swag embossing, London 1824 and a George V pierced circular Tazza, Sheffield 1911 Silver & Plated Items £105
73 A Victorian silver Gravy Boat with floral and scroll embossing, Sheffield 1893, and three silver Napkin Rings Silver & Plated Items £80
74 A George III silver shaped oval Basket with scroll engraving, swing handle on pedestal base, London 1795, maker: A.P. Silver & Plated Items £160
75 A Sheffield plate Coffee Pot having hinged cover, embossed with drapery on pedestal base, 13in H Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
76 A Victorian silver Soap Box and Ink Jar with strapwork engraving, initials with coronet surmount, London 1858, a quantity of similar gilt-metal Toilet Boxes and Jars, silver and blue enamel mounted Brush, Scent Bottle, etc Silver & Plated Items £320
77 A pair of Edward VII silver Candlesticks with plain columns on circular bases, Birmingham 1908, a Trinket Dish, Birmingham 1905, a plated four piece Tea Service, Cigarette box, Fish Eaters and Servers Silver & Plated Items £90
78 A plated Condiment Set in the form of an old car Silver & Plated Items £40
79 A plated three piece Tea Service, pair of three-light Candlesticks, pair of brass Candlesticks and a pair of Racing Prints Silver & Plated Items £50
80 A quantity of Plated Items including six bottle cruet, tea service, wine cooler, napkin rings, entrée dishes and covers, trays, cocktail shaker, etc Silver & Plated Items £135
81 An Edward VII silver small Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl, Sheffield 1902 Silver & Plated Items £30
82 A plated four branch, five light Candelabrum with foliate bands, tapering column on circular base, a three piece Tea Set, Coffee Pots, Jug and Hors D'Oeuvre Dish Silver & Plated Items £120
83 An Elizabeth II silver helmet shape Jug commemorating 350th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, London 1970, No 322 of Ltd Edition of 2000, in case Silver & Plated Items £80
84 A George III silver oval Teapot Stand engraved coat of arms, London 1790, repaired Silver & Plated Items £100
85 A pair of George III silver oval pedestal Salts with floral engraved frieze and initial W, London 1800, maker: J.E., blue glass liner and fiddle pattern Spoons Silver & Plated Items £110
86 A George V silver shaped circular Salver engraved monogram on scroll feet, London 1912, 8in diam Silver & Plated Items £110
87 A pair of modern silver Candlesticks with slender columns on circular bases, Birmingham 2007, 14in Silver & Plated Items £260
88 A George III silver Caddy Spoon fiddle and shell pattern, London 1817, maker: G Wintle Silver & Plated Items £60
89 A 19th Century French silver oval Box with hinged lid embossed figures and flowers, import mark London1892 Silver & Plated Items £80
90 A Victorian silver large Photograph Frame with floral scroll embossing, London 1891, 15 x 10in, A/F, and a plain Frame, London 1914, 10 x 8in Silver & Plated Items £150
91 A Victorian silver plated oval two handled Tea Tray with floral and scroll embossing, 29in, and a large circular Salver with floral engraving and crest, 18in, by Mappin Bros Silver & Plated Items £40
92 An Edward VII silver Rattle in the form of a hunting horn with bells, Birmingham 1905, a pair of George III Sugar Tongs, London 1808, Button Hook, Shoe Horn and three silver handled manicure Tools Silver & Plated Items £50
93 A George V silver three piece Condiment Set, Birmingham 1933, and two oval Trinket Boxes, Chester 1922 & 1925 Silver & Plated Items £80
94 A Set of four Victorian silver two handled boat shape Salts, semi fluted on ball feet, Birmingham 1895, plus four plated spoons, in case Silver & Plated Items £90
95 A Victorian silver semi-fluted Milk and Sugar Bowl, London 1896 Silver & Plated Items £85
96 A George V silver baluster Mug with inscription, London 1910, an embossed bellied Mug and a pair of Pepperettes Silver & Plated Items £85
97 Three Victorian Knives and Forks with engraved silver blades, a Victorian silver plated Revolving Breakfast Dish on ball and claw feet, a quantity of plated Cutlery and two silver mounted Brushes, etc Silver & Plated Items £55
98 A Victorian silver Ring Box with scroll embossing, Birmingham 1896, and an Edward VII silver Figure of Nelson, London 1904, sword A/F Silver & Plated Items £200
99 A George V silver Cigarette Box, Bimingham 1916, a Pepperette, small embossed oval Trinket Box, Bottle Stopper, pair of Knife Rests, Jam Spoon, Teaspoon, Bangle, Brooch, etc Silver & Plated Items £65
100 Three George III Irish silver Table Spoons fiddle pattern, Dublin 1811, maker: J.P and four various silver Dessert Forks Silver & Plated Items £80
101 A circular silver Inkwell with ribbon design, 3 1/2in D and a pewter Arts and Crafts Toast Rack, 8 1/4in L Silver & Plated Items £30
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