Past Results - 27th February 2019

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Past Results - 27th February 2019

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Jewellery Section:
Clients are advised that many coloured gemstones are treated to enhance their properties. For example, heating is commonly used to improve the colour or transparency of rubies and sapphires; oiling is used to enhance clarity of emeralds. Such enhancement procedures are widely accepted by the international jewellery profession. While the colour of heat-treated stones is permanent, oiling may need to be repeated after a number of years in order for emeralds to retain optimum clarity.

Prospective buyers should therefore bear in mind that, unless otherwise stated, such enhancement methods could have been used.

Paintings Section:
Droit  De Suite Royalty Charges §.  All paintings and prints in this auction by aritst (of an EU nationality) who have died since 1942 will incur royalty charges, if the hammer price (at current exchange rates) is €1,000 or higher.  The buyer of such lots agree to pay Brightwells this royalty and we shall forward it to the artists' collecting agents.  The rate is 4% of hammer price between €1,000 and €50,000.


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Picture Lot No. Description Sale Section Sale Price
1 A George V shaped circular Salver on three shaped supports with ball and claw feet, Chester 1927, 10in Silver & Plated Items £135
2 An Elizabeth II silver two-handled Bowl and Cover with gadroon rim and cut card work frieze, London 1964 Silver & Plated Items £105
3 A George V silver shaped circular Salver with gadroon rim, Birmingham 1913 and a silver circular Dish Holder, Birmingham 1930 Silver & Plated Items £75
4 An Edward VII silver lidded square cut-glass Inkwell, London 1909, a silver and enamel lidded Powder Jar, Birmingham 1934 and another, Birmingham 1928 Silver & Plated Items £110
5 A silver mounted glass Decanter, an E.P. mounted glass Claret Jug and two pierced circular plated Coasters Silver & Plated Items £95
6 A Chinese silver Cigarette Box with hammered design and vacant shield cartouche, 7 1/2in Silver & Plated Items £110
7 Six Victorian silver Napkin Rings with engraved friezes and numbered 1-6, Birmingham 1882, Maker: B.B., in case Silver & Plated Items £105
8 An Elizabeth II silver baluster Coffee Pot with scroll handle, London 1963 Silver & Plated Items £125
9 A pair of Edward VII silver Menu Holders with mermaid and scroll design, Birmingham 1902, two Continental Serving Spoons with figure finials and spiral stems and three other Continental Spoons Silver & Plated Items £90
10 A large silver plated Tea Urn with urn finial, ring handles, wooden handled tap on square base Silver & Plated Items £170
11 A large quantity of plated Items including gilt spoons and forks (cased), Elkington coffee pots and hot water jugs, ice buckets, sauce boats, fish eaters, sauce boats, napkin rings, cutlery, opera glasses, Meerschaum pipe in case, etc Silver & Plated Items £30
12 A George V silver Sugar Caster, Sheffield 1935, and another of octagonal form, Birmingham 1948 Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
13 A George V Aynsley Coffee Service for six with silver cup holders having urn and scroll design, Birmingham 1918, in case Silver & Plated Items £125
14 A Victorian silver mounted four piece stag antler handled Carving Set with ram's head masks, Sheffield 1879, in case Silver & Plated Items £75
15 A George III silver Coffee Pot of baluster form, the domed lid with urn finial, ornate spout, scroll handle, beaded rims, London 1782, maker: W.C. Silver & Plated Items £440
16 A pair of Victorian silver Butter Shells with blue glass liners and knives, Sheffield 1900, in case Silver & Plated Items £75
17 A George III silver Teapot of boat shape with engraved friezes, London 1812, maker: H.S., A/F Silver & Plated Items £205
18 A George VI silver three piece Tea Service of circular form with scroll frieze, Birmingham 1939 Silver & Plated Items £250
19 A Victorian silver Teapot of oval semi-fluted form, Sheffield 1895 Silver & Plated Items £105
20 A pair of Edward VII Fish Servers with engraved blades and turned handles, Sheffield 1905, in case Silver & Plated Items £60
21 Two silver seven bar Toastracks, Chester 1899 and Birmingham 1962 Silver & Plated Items £80
22 An Edward VII silver Cream Jug on three hoof feet, Chester 1902, a Sugar Bowl, Birmingham 1909 and a plated pierced octagonal Pot Pourri Box and Cover Silver & Plated Items £65
23 A Victorian silver handled tortoiseshell Page Turner, Birmingham 1876, three silver Cigarette Cases and an Indian Vase of flared form with leafage design Silver & Plated Items £220
24 Plated Grape Scissors, Nut Crackers and Picks, six Fish Knives and Forks and six Steak Knives and Forks, all cased Silver & Plated Items £50
25 An Elizabeth II silver Coffee Pot of straight tapering form, London 1961 Silver & Plated Items £135
26 A Victorian silver oval Dish with floral and scroll embossing, London 1893, a similar circular Dish, Sheffield 1897 and a glass Mug with silver lid, A/F Silver & Plated Items £55
27 Four George V Servers with silver blades and mother of pearl hafts, Birmingham 1921/8, etc, cased, and a pair of Georgian Sugar Nips Silver & Plated Items £110
28 Six silver hafted Dessert Knives and Forks with pistol grips, one odd Knife and pair of silver Spill Vases and two others Silver & Plated Items £45
29 A George V silver Hot Water Jug with ebonised handle, Birmingham 1951, an Art Deco pedestal Dish, Birmingham 1933 and a Dish Stand Silver & Plated Items £95
30 Twelve sterling silver Teaspoons engraved initials, and a quantity of silver Condiment, Coffee and Teaspoons Silver & Plated Items £190
31 A George V silver pierced Comport, Birmingham 1931, a Cigarette Box, Cigarette Case, and a pair of Cup Holders, Sheffield 1934 Silver & Plated Items £125
32 A plated Crumb Scoop, Asparagus Server, Fish Servers, etc Silver & Plated Items £45
33 A plated Spoon Warmer in the form of a nautilus shell on rocky base Silver & Plated Items £80
34 A George V silver Cigarette Case leafage scroll engraved, Birmingham 1921, a silver cased Pocket Watch, two Wristwatches, a rolled gold Bangle leafage engraved, an old Biscuit Tin, Set of Dominoes, etc Silver & Plated Items £130
35 An Edward VII silver Spirit Flask engraved initials and motto, detachable cup base, Birmingham 1906 Silver & Plated Items £125
36 A George V small silver Spirit Flask engraved presentation inscription, Sheffield 1914, and another Birmingham 1921 Silver & Plated Items £130
37 A silver two handled Quaich with inscription and an Edward VII silver fluted Card Case engraved stork crest, London 1902, maker: S. Mordan & Co Silver & Plated Items £90
38 Six George V silver Teaspoons, Sheffield 1933, in case, a sterling silver Art Nouveau Dish with lily embossing, a plated Wine Funnel, 'Madeira' and 'Rum' Labels, two Cocktail Shakers and a Sugar Caster Silver & Plated Items £70
39 A pair of George V silver plain oval Salts, London 1919, four dwarf silver Candlesticks, Birmingham 1978 and a Napkin Ring Silver & Plated Items £70
40 A modern silver Salver with presentation inscription on three shaped feet, Sheffield 1967, 8 1/2in Silver & Plated Items £65
41 A Georgian silver large Rattle with floral embossing and ten attached bells, Birmingham circa 1830, maker: Unite & Hilliard Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
42 A George V large silver capstan Inkwell, the hinged lid incorporating a mammoth pocket watch with subsidiary seconds dial, Birmingham 1912 Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
43 Six Victorian silver Teaspoons and Sugar Tongs fiddle pattern, London 1899, six plated bean handled Coffee Spoons, both cased, eight silver bright-cut Teaspoons, a silver Tea Strainer, Sugar Tongs and a plated Bread Fork Silver & Plated Items £80
44 A George V silver combined Sovereign and Stamp Case with leafage engraving and vacant shield cartouche, Chester 1913, a small silver Flask, Birmingham 1927 and a silver lidded glass Scent Bottle Silver & Plated Items £125
45 A silver plated oval Tray with pierced gallery, a silver plated Salver, a cut glass and silver plated Claret Jug, a pierced silver plated Bowl with glass liner and an etched glass Goblet Silver & Plated Items £90
46 A silver Specimen Vase A/F, a pair of pierced silver Dishes, a pair of silver plated pierced Pedestal Dishes, pierced Basket, Punch Ladle, Beaker and a Fruit Bowl Silver & Plated Items £50
47 A large silver framed Easel Mirror 13 1/4in x 11 1/4in, two silver plated Tea Pots, Sauce Boat, Entre Dish and Cover, a pair of plated three branch Candelabra, a quantity of plated Cutlery, etc. Silver & Plated Items £160
48 A George V silver large Toastrack on bun feet, Sheffield 1917 Silver & Plated Items £115
49 A large silver plated shaped Tray with leafage engraving, 2ft 5in W Silver & Plated Items £75
50 A Victorian silver mounted Blotter and Stationary Box, floral and scroll embossed, Birmingham 1896 Silver & Plated Items £240
51 Three George V silver and shagreen mounted Brushes and a Mirror, Birmingham 1929, etc, and three silver mounted Hand Mirrors Silver & Plated Items £85
52 Six George V silver Dessert Knives and Forks engraved initial and Spoons, London 1913 Silver & Plated Items £95
53 A George V silver circular Trinket Box with ribbon engraved lid, Birmingham 1911, a small pierced Dish, London 1906 and a Sauce Boat, Sheffield 1938 Silver & Plated Items £90
54 Twelve silver mounted or lidded Scent Bottles, Jars, etc Silver & Plated Items £115
55 Two George VI silver Pepperettes, Cauldron Salts, London 1937, pair of pierced oval Salts, Birmingham 1900, nine various silver Condiments and a plated Condiment Set Silver & Plated Items £160
56 Four silver Table Mats, six Napkin Rings, eight pistol grip Knives, nine fiddle pattern Teaspoons and a Serving Spoon with shell bowl, London 1901 Silver & Plated Items £75
57 A plated two handled oval Tray, Cruet Stand, Bowl on scroll feet, Bread Tray, Preserve Stand with pair of frosted glass oval Dishes, Entree Dishes, Candlesticks, Candelabra etc Silver & Plated Items £35
58 One dozen George V Dessert Knives and Forks with silver blades and mother of pearl hafts, Sheffield 1922, maker: Mappin & Webb, in case Silver & Plated Items £200
59 A George V silver mounted Manicure Set, Birmingham 1920, in case, two Candlesticks, A/F, and six sterling silver cockerel Cocktail Sticks Silver & Plated Items £80
60 A Victorian silver small three piece Tea Service of boat shape with gadroon bases, Birmingham 1897 Silver & Plated Items £180
61 Three silver Photograph Frames Silver & Plated Items £65
62 A Victorian silver Ashtray, London 1899, circular Pill Box, Spill Vase on silver base, Scent Bottle, Egg Cup and pair of Georgian engraved silver Condiment Spoons Silver & Plated Items £70
63 A George V silver Sauce Boat with leafage scroll handle, Birmingham 1932, Cream Jug, Sheffield 1917 and two Preserve Dishes with clear glass liners Silver & Plated Items £80
64 Three silver Butter Knives, Indian silver Bowl with beaded design and blue glass liner, A/F, plated Sauce Boats and Sugar Bowl, plated Cocktail Shaker, quantity of plated Cutlery, Canteen with part set of Cutlery, etc Silver & Plated Items £45
65 A set of six Edward VII Fish Knives and Forks with engraved silver blades, Sheffield 1902, in case Silver & Plated Items £65
66 A Canteen of Elkington plated Cutlery old english pattern, 62 items, in oak cabinet with hinged lid above two drawers Silver & Plated Items £120
67 A George V silver two handled Christening Bowl with shaped frieze and spoon, Sheffield 1912/13 in case Silver & Plated Items £70
68 A George III silver Sifting Ladle old english pattern, London 1786, maker: WS, and six pistol grip Tea Knives, both cased Silver & Plated Items £40
69 Six early 19th Century silver Dessert Spoons, old english pattern engraved crests, various dates, and a George III Fish Slice, London 1792 Silver & Plated Items £105
70 A pair of Victorian silver Fish Servers with pierced and fish engraved blades, floral and leafage decorated handles, Sheffield 1852 Silver & Plated Items £70
71 A George VI silver three piece Condiment Set in the early Georgian style on hoof feet, London 1937-39 Silver & Plated Items £50
72 A modern silver and gilt 'Ich Dien' Caddy Spoon, a silver Sifting Spoon, two French Cocktail Forks, Dutch Caddy Spoon, A/F, Coin Brooch, Halcyon Days enamel Travelling Clock and Italian Trinket Dish, plus plated Fish Eaters, Mug, Caster, Coaster, Egg Coddlers, Cheese Scoop, Toddy Ladle, etc Silver & Plated Items £90
73 A Victorian plated Epergne with four trumpet Vases on three griffin supports, maker Walker & Hall Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
74 Six George V silver and porcelain pistol grip Dessert Knives painted figures and flowers, Sheffield 1921, one A/F, and three Indian white metal Dressing Table Accessories embossed figures etc Silver & Plated Items £125
75 An Edward VII small Irish silver Cream Jug, Dublin 1909, maker: West, a silver Dish on tripod base, Birmingham 1939, pair of octagonal Dishes, Birmingham 1935, pair of Victorian Diamond Jubilee embossed Dishes, Birmingham 1896 and a plated Bowl Silver & Plated Items £125
76 A pair of George V silver Sauce Boats, Birmingham 1926, a pair of silver plated Sauce Ladles amd three Butter Spreaders Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
77 An Edward VII silver Dressing Table Tray and two Brushes engraved classical urns, swags and pendants, Birmingham 1907 Silver & Plated Items £125
78 Silver items including; two Cigarette Cases, Cigar Cutter, two apostle Spoons and Pig Pin Cushion, a blue opaque glass Scent Bottle, Spirit Level and folding Ruler Silver & Plated Items £210
79 A silver plated Teapot, Letter Rack, pair of Candlesticks, two Toastracks, Pepperette, Mustard and three Muffin Dishes Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
80 A silver cased Yard-O-Led Viceroy Rollerball Barley Ballpoint Pen, No 1108, in silver case, Birmingham 2002, with certificate Silver & Plated Items £75
81 A Set of eleven silver apostle Teaspoons and matching Tongs in case, an EPNS Cruet Set, Bread Knife and Fork and a pair of plated Fish Servers Silver & Plated Items £50
82 A pair of Edward VII plain silver Photograph Frames, Birmingham 1905/6, 9 1/2 x 7 1/2in Silver & Plated Items £185
83 A Pair of George V silver Pillar Candlesticks with fluted columns on stepped square bases, Birmingham 1915, 10in, A/F Silver & Plated Items £100
84 A Set of six Georgian silver bright-cut Grapefruit Spoons, Newcastle circa 1800, maker: Landlands & Robinson Silver & Plated Items £80
85 A silver mounted part Dressing Table Set, mask, bird and floral embossed, two Nail Buffers, Button Hook and three Thimbles Silver & Plated Items £25
86 A small collection of silver including; cased Condiment Set, London 1959, four various Napkin Rings, child's Spoon and Fork, cased, and two others, baby's Spoon and a King's pattern silver handled Bread Knife and Cake Slice Silver & Plated Items £180
87 Silver items including; Dish Birmingham 1926, six Coffee Spoons Birmingham 1914, six Apostle Spoons Sheffield 1920, six George III Teaspoons engraved monogram, two Teaspoons with bright cut engraving, three Cigarette Cases and a French silver circular Trinket Box engraved fishergirl and boats Silver & Plated Items £180
88 A collection of silver plated wares including; three piece Tea Service, Entreé Dish and Cover, Sauce Boat and Stand, two Mugs, four bottle Cruet in plated stand, various bone handled Cutlery, Knife Rests etc Silver & Plated Items £100
89 An Eastern silver Bowl, possibly Burmese embossed dancing figures, 5 1/2in diam Silver & Plated Items £95
90 A modern Elkington, Sheffield silver plated Canteen of Cutlery for six persons. Silver & Plated Items £60
101 Contemporary Counterfeit One Pound Notes dated 1810 and 1819 (both A/F) and Bank of Economy 1830 Skit Note (3) Coins £60
102 An Album of mainly Roman Coins including a good selection of silver Denarius, and two Celtic Iceni silver units, Byzantine Follis and Roman Egyptian Tetraoraclims (Qty) Coins £510
103 An Album of mainly Roman Coins including a Mark Antony Legionary type, Vespasian Judaea type AS and a selection of Denarius Coins £800
104 A Collection of British and World Coins including a US 1880 "O" Morgan Dollar and a small quantity of pre 47 silver issues Coins Not Sold
105 A Collection of Medallions including a boxed bronze "French Army Reserve" Plaque named to "Commandant Paviot" signed lower right "Cournault" and a copper "1905 Victory" Fob, etc Coins Not Sold
106 Royal Mint Proof Sets, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 and a Queen Mother £5 Crown in pack (6) Coins £60
107 Royal Mint 2011 Proof Set Coins £65
108 Royal Mint 2009 Proof Set Coins £120
109 A Queen Elizabeth II 2003 Half Sovereign in case of issue Coins £95
110 A Queen Elizabeth II 2005 Proof Half Sovereign in case of issue Coins £125
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