Past Results - 8th May 2019

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Past Results - 8th May 2019

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LOTS 1 - 540 SILVER SALEROOM commencing 10.00am

LOTS 541 - 1106 SALEROOM 1 commencing 11.00am

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Jewellery Section:
Clients are advised that many coloured gemstones are treated to enhance their properties. For example, heating is commonly used to improve the colour or transparency of rubies and sapphires; oiling is used to enhance clarity of emeralds. Such enhancement procedures are widely accepted by the international jewellery profession. While the colour of heat-treated stones is permanent, oiling may need to be repeated after a number of years in order for emeralds to retain optimum clarity.

Prospective buyers should therefore bear in mind that, unless otherwise stated, such enhancement methods could have been used.

Paintings Section:
Droit  De Suite Royalty Charges §.  All paintings and prints in this auction by aritst (of an EU nationality) who have died since 1942 will incur royalty charges, if the hammer price (at current exchange rates) is €1,000 or higher.  The buyer of such lots agree to pay Brightwells this royalty and we shall forward it to the artists' collecting agents.  The rate is 4% of hammer price between €1,000 and €50,000.


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Picture Lot No. Description Sale Section Sale Price
1 A pair of Victorian silver mounted, antler handled Fish Servers with plated blades engraved stag amongst leafage, Sheffield 1889, and two pairs of embossed Spoons and Server, both cased Silver & Plated Items £90
2 A pair of Edward VII silver Candlesticks with foliate bands on circular bases, Birmingham 1907, and a three piece silver Condiment Set with engine turning, Birmingham 1951, both cased Silver & Plated Items £90
3 A pair of George III silver Table Spoons, old english pattern engraved crests, London 1796, five fiddle pattern Teaspoons, London 1815 and a quantity of plated Cutlery Silver & Plated Items £65
4 Two early 19th Century silver Dessert Spoons and three Teaspoons, Perth circa 1820, maker: R. Keay, a Scottish silver Butter Knife, five various Spoons and Sugar Tongs Silver & Plated Items £95
5 Four Victorian silver-gilt apostle handled Serving Spoons with spiral stems, London 1887/8 and a similar Sifting Spoon, in case Silver & Plated Items £110
6 A George III silver oval Mustard Pot engraved crest, London 1793, maker: Henry Chawner, a baluster Christening Mug, Sheffield 1943 and a Goblet on beaded base, Birmingham 1904 Silver & Plated Items £120
7 Four Georgian silver small Sifting Ladles, all old english pattern, London 1801 x 2, 1825 x 2 and a Sauce Ladle with shell bowl, London 1776 Silver & Plated Items £90
8 A silver Cigarette Box, silver Thimble, quantity of scrap gold Rings and Earrings, Stick Pin, plated Spoons, Knife Rests, etc Silver & Plated Items £135
9 A Walking Stick with Continental silver handle in the form of an elephant's head, and two other walking sticks Silver & Plated Items £300
10 A George III silver plain oval Vinaigrette with dot pierced grille, Birmingham 1798, maker: Thomas Willmore, hinge A/F Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
11 A George V silver oval Tea Caddy engraved birds, cornucopia and scrolls, Chester 1914 Silver & Plated Items £195
12 A pair of sterling silver Candlesticks with "Spring Glory" floral and leafage scroll friezes on the circular bases, 4in Silver & Plated Items £20
13 A George V silver backed gentleman's Hair Brush, Birmingham 1928, pair of Sugar Tongs, 1915, silver Matchbox Holder, 1935, two Teaspoons and two Continental silver Forks Silver & Plated Items £40
14 A Victorian silver circular Salver with fern engraving, vacant cartouche and ribbed border on three shaped feet, London 1880, 10in diam Silver & Plated Items £135
15 A George III silver circular Waiter engraved crest, gadroon rim on hoof feet, London 1773, 7in, maker: Coker Silver & Plated Items £195
16 A George V silver oval Teapot with engraved friezes and vacant cartouches, Birmingham 1912 Silver & Plated Items £135
17 A George III silver oval Teapot Stand with engraved friezes and reeded rim, London 1800 Silver & Plated Items £110
18 An Edward VII silver pierced circular Basket with scroll border, Sheffield 1905, slight faults Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
19 A George III silver Milk Jug of octagonal form with gadroon and Greek key friezes, engraved initial F, on four ball feet, London 1807, and a small mussel shape Dish Silver & Plated Items £60
20 A leather Dressing Case with French silver-gilt lidded fittings engraved monogram, labelled Gustave Keller, Paris Silver & Plated Items £100
21 A Victorian silver Coffee Pot of panelled oblong form with gadroon rim, laurel wreath embossed corners on ball feet, Sheffield 1896, maker: Walker & Hall Silver & Plated Items £145
22 A Victorian silver Sugar Sifter, leafage and gadroon decorated, Sheffield 1892, an hexagonal Sifter, Chester 1907 and a silver lidded glass Sifter, Sheffield 1930 Silver & Plated Items £90
23 Five 19th Century silver Sifting Spoons, old english pattern, London 1802, 1827, 1829, 1874, etc Silver & Plated Items £100
24 An early Victorian silver small Vinaigrette with engine turning, dot pierced and floral engraved grille, Birmingham 1846, maker: Francis Clark Silver & Plated Items £65
25 A George V silver small circular Compact, Chester 1911, and a square Compact with lipstick holder and mirror having engraved design Silver & Plated Items £45
26 A Victorian silver Soup Ladle king's pattern engraved crest, Newcastle 1846, maker: Clement Gowland Silver & Plated Items £95
27 An Edward VII silver Coffee Pot of straight tapering form with ebonised scroll handle, Sheffield 1906, maker: Fenton Bros Silver & Plated Items £190
28 Silver items including; six Teaspoons with bright-cut engraving London 1812, Sugar Tongs, Mustard Spoons, Pepperette and a pair of plated Chambersticks Silver & Plated Items £50
29 A Victorian silver spirally fluted Vesta Case, Birmingham 1893, silver Butter Knife, antique copper Warming Pan with rustic handle marked R.l., a quantity of Horse Brasses, and a quantity of plated items including Teapot, Cocktail Shakers, etc, Silver & Plated Items £75
30 A large quality crocodile skin Dressing Case with George V silver and enamel mounted fittings including brushes, jars, scent bottles, etc, London 1933 Silver & Plated Items £580
31 A pair of silver two branch Candlestick Surmounts, Sheffield 1969, a Victorian plated two handled oblong Tea Tray with presentation inscription, plated Toastrack and oval Entree Dish Silver & Plated Items £160
32 A George VI silver Fork and Spoon engraved initials, London 1945, in case, and a silver Tea Strainer with floral handle, Birmingham 1972 Silver & Plated Items £40
33 Three heavy silver oval Napkin Rings engine turned, Birmingham 1962, a Victorian pierced silver Napkin Ring by George Unite, and two silver Pepperettes Silver & Plated Items £60
34 Four George III and one Victorian silver Sifting Ladles, old english pattern, London 1790, 1799, 1801, 1805 and 1858 Silver & Plated Items £120
35 A double glass Salt in the form of a Yacht with continental silver sails Silver & Plated Items £65
36 Six silver Thimbles, a Napkin Ring, two plated Bowls and a Spoon Silver & Plated Items £20
37 A silver Pin Cushioin in the form of a Pig Silver & Plated Items £95
38 A Continental silver Pepperette in the form of a Cockerel, with hinged lid, 8in Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
39 A pair of Victorian silver Fish Servers fiddle and thread pattern, London 1856 Silver & Plated Items £130
40 A Victorian silver Bottle Holder with basket weave design, London 1897 Silver & Plated Items £520
41 A Victorian silver Teapot of panelled oblong form with gadroon rim, laurel wreath embossed corners on ball feet, London 1895, maker: W.J.B. Silver & Plated Items £145
42 An Edward VII silver Bread Basket with wirework body and scroll handles, Sheffield circa 1900, 11 1/2in Silver & Plated Items £220
43 A George V silver four piece Tea and Coffee Service of boat shape on scroll feet, Birmingham 1929/31 Silver & Plated Items £260
44 A Danish silver Christening Spoon and Fork with pierced and pineapple finials, eleven hammered and floral Coffee Spoons, pair of Teaspoons and sundry Continental Cutlery Silver & Plated Items £30
45 An EPNS pierced and engraved Belt, plated Posy Holder, Bread and Pickle Forks, scrap silver, etc Silver & Plated Items £150
46 A collection of silver plate and Cutlery including Tea Service, Butter Dish and Cover Silver & Plated Items £180
47 A George VI silver large Cigarette Case with engine turning, Birmingham 1937 Silver & Plated Items £55
48 A Cocktail Set on stand, Indian silver Dish, plated Entree Dish and Cover, oval Dish, sundry plated Cutlery etc Silver & Plated Items £45
49 A George V silver circular Salver with presentation inscription on four hoof feet, London 1932, 10in, 19oz Silver & Plated Items £150
50 Four plated Entree Dishes and Covers and four pierced hexagonal Plates Silver & Plated Items £20
51 A George V silver Sauce Boat with leafage scroll handle on three hoof feet, Birmingham 1927, five silver Condiments and a pair of plated embossed Cauldron Salts Silver & Plated Items £100
52 A mahogany cased Canteen of silver bladed and mother of pearl handled Fruit Knives and Forks, a mahogany Canteen of Cutlery, three cased sets of Coffee Spoons, various Cutlery and a pair of brass corinthian column Candlesticks Silver & Plated Items £80
53 A George V silver Card Tray with shaped rim on three scroll feet, Chester 1935, a plain silver Bowl, Birmingham 1931 and a silver lidded Jar and Scent Bottle Silver & Plated Items £110
54 A Victorian three piece Carving Set by James Deakin & Sons, Sheffield, comprising knife, fork and steel with carved and polished walrus tusk handles, original velvet-lined fitted case 17in. L Silver & Plated Items £70
55 A plated on copper oval two handled Gallery Tray with gadroon rims and presentation inscription, on ball and claw feet, 22in Silver & Plated Items Not Sold
101 A collection of British and World Coins, to include a quantity of silver Threepences, two 1977 Silver Jubilee 9ct gold Medallions, a 1977 silver proof Crown, etc Coins £70
102 A Collection of Coins and Notes, mainly modern commemorative Crowns, 25p Crown - £5 to include a Jersey silver proof 2006 £5 in capsule and a small quantity of minor Banknotes etc Coins £210
103 A Victorian Sovereign 1890 Coins £200
104 A Victorian half Sovereign 1901 Coins £120
105 An Edward VII Sovereign, 1906 and an Edward VII half Sovereign, 1903 Coins £300
106 A Victorian Sovereign, 1878 Coins £200
107 A Victorian Sovereign, 1893 Coins £190
108 A George V Sovereign, 1914 Coins £200
109 An Edward VII Sovereign, 1903 in 9ct gold pendant mount 9.85gms all in Coins £250
110 A Victorian Sovereign in pierced 9ct gold pendant mount, 12gms all in Coins £250
111 A collection of miscellaneous Coins and Tokens to include an 1811 Hull, Rudston and Preston 1/6 token, various Georgian coppers, a small quantity of pre 47 silver issues, a 1935 crown, etc Coins £170
112 British Celtic, a collection of bronze and silver issues to include a "Cunobelin" bronze units, an Iceni silver double crescent unit, etc and a 4th-5th Century Roman Barbarous bronze (7) Coins £130
113 A collection of Medieval Crusader Coins, various issues from Jerusalem, Antioch and Cyprus to include a Tripoli Bohemund VII Gros, a Jerusalem Baldwin III Oboce, etc (all identified with collector's labels) Coins £200
121 A Lady's Waltham Wristwatch, the white enamel dial with arabic numerals and subsidiary dial in 15ct gold case on expanding bracelet engraved 15ct, a similar Lady's Wristwatch in 15ct gold case on black leather strap, a Lady's Wristwatch in 9ct gold case and another A/F Jewellery and Objet d’Art £380
122 A Bueche Girod Lady's Cocktail Watch the cream dial with hourly baton markers, bezel claw-set alternating round rubies and brilliant-cut diamonds on integral 9ct gold bracelet, approx 39gms all in Jewellery and Objet d’Art £340
123 Seven various silver Pocket Watches, mostly A/F Jewellery and Objet d’Art £85
124 A silver cased Pocket Watch, a small collection of Costume Jewellery, set of Scales, pair of Opera Glasses etc Jewellery and Objet d’Art £210
125 A Gentleman's Tudor Manual Wristwatch the textured grey dial with arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9 abd 12, dot markers and subsidiary seconds dial in 9ct gold case number; 661822 826 on tan leather strap, case width approx 32mm Jewellery and Objet d’Art £200
126 An 18ct gold cased early Wristwatch (converted from a pocket watch) the white enamel dial with roman numerals and subsidiary dial marked LS Gallopins Cie Succrs, Geneva, case engraved monogram, width approx 31mm Jewellery and Objet d’Art £240
127 An open faced Pocket Watch in 9ct gold case, the white enamel dial with roman numerals, case engraved monogram Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
128 A Gentleman's Glycine Vacuum 'High Frequency' Automatic Wristwatch, the blue dial with hourly baton markers, sweep seconds hand and date aperture at 3 o'clock in stainless steel case, no 314111 1106028, on stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp, case width approx 37mm, in original box and a Gentleman's Rotary Manual Wristwatch in silver case Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
129 A collection of Wristwatches including; 1970's Avia Digital Quartz Wristwatch, the display within brushed steel rectangular case on black leather strap, case width approx 37mm (as seen on 'Tomorrow's World), a Gentleman's Avia Electronic Wristwatch, an Alfex Wristwatch, a 1980's Pierre Cardin Wristwatch a lady's Folkwatch etc Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
130 A lady's Longines Wristwatch the silvered dial with hourly baton markers on integral 9ct gold flexible link bracelet and a lady's Wristwatch the oval dial with arabic numerals in 14ct gold case on black leather strap Jewellery and Objet d’Art £200
131 A Le Coultre leather covered travel Alarm Clock made for Finnigans with rectangular dial in original box
Jewellery and Objet d’Art £60
132 Two 9ct gold cased lady's Wristwatches, a lady's Cocktail Watch set marcasite, a lady's Avia Wristwatch and a collection of Costume Jewellery including marcasite Brooches, silver Ingot Pendant etc Jewellery and Objet d’Art £150
133 A lady's Girard Perregaux Wristwatch the champagne dial with hourly baton markers on 9ct gold herringbone link bracelet Jewellery and Objet d’Art £90
134 A Lady's Omega Quartz Wristwatch the champagne dial with hourly baton markers in 9ct gold case on black leather strap, in original box with receipt and guarantee Jewellery and Objet d’Art £80
141 A Sapphire and Diamond five stone Ring pavé-set three round sapphires interspersed with two brilliant-cut diamonds in 18ct gold, ring size P 1/2 Jewellery and Objet d’Art £70
142 A Ruby and Diamond Cluster Pendant claw-set round ruby within frame of eight old-cut diamonds on later 9ct gold long link chain, pendant adapted from a ring Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
143 A Chinese export rectangular jadeite Brooch with foliate design, in mount stamped 14K, maker's mark "L.Y.H." Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
144 A pair of Diamond Earrings each rub-over set brilliant-cut stone in heart shaped frame suspending knife blade bar set three further stones terminating with larger heart shaped frame set single stone Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
145 A Black Opal Doublet Pendant claw-set asymetric drop in silver on fine 9ct gold chain Jewellery and Objet d’Art £680
146 A Gem-set Brooch claw-set chatoyant chrysoberyl within lozenge shaped plaque set rose-cut diamonds and four round emeralds in silver backed with gold Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
147 A Diamond single stone Ring illusion-set old-cut stone, ring size O, a Diamond Cluster Ring millegrain-set seven eight-cut stones and a Ruby and Diamond boat shaped Ring, pavé-set three cushion-cut rubies within a frame of rose-cut diamonds stamped 18ct Jewellery and Objet d’Art £160
148 A Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring claw-set oval-cut sapphire within a frame of pavé-set brilliant-cut diamonds, ring size P Jewellery and Objet d’Art £80
149 A Chinese Jade Bracelet and Necklace, necklace stamped 14k Jewellery and Objet d’Art £140
150 An Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring claw-set oval-cut emerald, 1.15cts within a frame of tapered graduated baguette and brilliant-cut diamonds in 18ct white gold, ring size M 1/2 Jewellery and Objet d’Art £660
151 A pair of Art Deco style Diamond Earrings each pavé-set throughout numerous eight-cut stones on clip fittings, stamped 9K Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
152 A hunting Stock Pin applied figure of running fox, stamped 9ct Jewellery and Objet d’Art £50
153 An Emerald and Diamond Ring rubover-set step-cut emerald within frame of illusion-set eight-cut diamonds in 18ct gold, ring size N 1/2 and a 22ct gold Wedding Band approx 2.90gms Jewellery and Objet d’Art £140
154 A Diamond three stone Ring claw-set brilliant-cut stones, total diamond weight 1.61cts, in 18ct white gold, ring size L Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
155 A Zambian Emerald and Diamond Pendant claw-set oval-cut emerald, 3.42cts, within frame of fourteen brilliant-cut diamonds in 18ct white gold on fine chain Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
156 A Pink Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring claw-set oval-cut sapphire, 3.14cts, within frame of fourteen brilliant-cut diamonds in 18ct gold, ring size M Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
157 A Victorian carved shell Cameo Brooch depicting figures before a cottage, woven hair verso in pinchbeck frame Jewellery and Objet d’Art Not Sold
158 An Amethyst and Cultured Pearl Cluster Ring in 9ct gold, a Garnet Cluster Ring in 9ct gold, various Dress Rings, paste set Brooches, silver Locket, lady's Wristwatch in 15ct gold case, white metal Lorgnettes etc Jewellery and Objet d’Art £140
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