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Past Results - 10th May 2017

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Picture Lot No. Description Sale Section Sale Price
1 GREEN Valentine, The History and the Antiquities of the City and Suburbs of Worcester, pub London 1796, two volumes bound in one, (Worcester panorama missing), detached front leather board with gilt tooling (1) Not Sold
2 DUNCUMB John, Collections towards the History and Antiquities of the County of Hereford, pub 1804, vols I & II in leather binding, COOKE William Henry, Vol II Continuation of Duncumb, pub London 1882, blue cloth, and unbound editions of the Hundreds (Bundle) £190
3 NASH T., Collections for the History of Worcestershire, 2nd edition, pub London, 1799, in two volumes with supplement bound in, six plates missing, folio, 1/2 calf marbled boards (2) Not Sold
4 GREEN Valentine, A Survey of the City of Worcester, sixteen plates, pub Worcester, 1764, new end papers, leather binding repaired (1) £100
5 BUND J.W. Willis, The Battle of Worcester, pub Worcester 1913, rebound, CHAMBERS, History of Worcester, lacks title page and two plates, rebound, and CHAMBERS John, A General History of Worcester, 1820, HABINGTON Thomas, A Survey of Worcestershire, edit by John Amphlett, 1895, Vol I only, bound with Part II 1894 (4) £80
6 BRASSINGTON W. Salt, Historic Worcestershire, Historical, Biographical, Traditional, Legendary and Romantic, pub London etc, and PRESS C.A.M., Worcestershire Lives, Social and Political, pub London, bears bookplate of W.K. Westwood Chafy of Rous Lench, and BUND J.W. Willis, The Inquisitions Post Mortem for The County of Worcester, 1894, unbound (3) £70
7 A Guide to all the Watering and Sea Bathing Places, description of the lakes and Tour in Wales, etc, pub London, Longman Rees, folding frontis, views and maps £70
8 MURRAY's Handbook for Travellers in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire, pub John Murray, London 1872, new edition, WORTH R.N., Tourist's Guide to Worcestershire, 1889, A Concise History of the City and Suburbs of Worcester, new edition, pub 1816, binding A/F (3) £70
9 DUGDALE Thomas, Antiquarian, Curiosities of Great Britain, England and Wales delineated, assisted by William Burnett, illustrations and maps, in eleven volumes, green cloth (11) £80
10 CAMDEN William, Britannia or a Chorographical Description of the flourishing Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland and the adjacent Islands, pub 1607 with enlargement by Richard Gough, pub 1789 in three volumes, lacks maps, leather bound (3) Not Sold
11 A Collection of books on Worcester/Gloucester Topography, etc, including BENTLEY Rev. Samuel, History and Description of the Parish of Bosbury, 1891, BENNET, History of Tewkesbury, Abbeys, Castles and Ancient Halls of England and Wales (Midlands), GRIFFITHS, Free Schools of Worcestershire, etc £50
12 CUNNINGHAM George Godfrey, The English Nation or A History of England, pub fullerton & Co, 15 vols, HUME & SMOLLETT, The History of England, 1 vol missing, and The History of England in three vols, pub Thomas Keily (28) Not Sold
13 Bundle assorted relating to Worcestershire, including HUMPHREYS Survey of the Flora of East Worceswtershire, GAUT, History Agriculture, Effigies in Worcestershire Churches, and various ephemera (Bundle) Not Sold
14 Green leather bound volume Oxford Sketches, Humerous and Satirical various (1) £60
15 Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, England, An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Herefordshire in three vols, I - III, and a second copy of the second volume (East), grey cloth binding (4) £90
16 WOOLLEY George, The Parish Church of St Lawrence, Ludlow, printed Ludlow 1893, The Castles and Old Mansions of Shropshire, pub Shrewsbury, Leake and Evans, 1868, PAULUS Carolus, Unpublished Pages Relating to the Manor and Parish of Ecclesall, pub Sheffield 1927, and SEARLE William George, Anglo-Saxon Bishops, Kings and Nobles, pub Cambridge 1899 (4) £80
17 CARY's Traveller's Companion, pub London 1819 (1) £120
18 OWEN George of Henllys, Lord of Kenes, The Description of Pembrokeshire, with notes and appendix by Henry Owen, pub 1892 London, folding map, gren 1/2 calf (1) £65
19 JONES James P., A History of the Parish of Tettenhall in the County of Stafford, pub London, Simpkin, Marshall etc 1894, subscriber's copy (1) £60
20 BOX: BEATTIE William, Caledonia Illustrated in a series of views by Bartlett, Allom, etc, pub London George Virtue, leather bound, 2 vols, with assorted volumes on Chester, Staffordshire, etc (Box) £120
21 MORRIS F.O., The Ancestral Homes of Britain containing examples of its noblest Castles, Halls and Mansions, pub London, Bell and Daldy, 1868, col plates (1) Not Sold
22 NASH Thomas, Collections for the History of Worcestershire, pub 1781, printed by John Nichols, leather bound, detached boards in two volumes (2) £150
23 RCHM Ancient Monuments in Glamorgan, Vol I parts 1-3, Vol IV part II and Glamorgan County History Vols I-III and Vol VI (8) £150
24 JONES Glyn Lewis, A Bibliography of Cardiganshire, 1600-1964 pub 1967, Vols 1-3 bound as one, and LLOYD Sir John E., A History of Carmarthanshire, pub Cardiff 1935, in two volumes (3) £90
25 PARRY Edward, Royal Visits and Progresses to Wales, 2nd edit, pub 1851, and another copy, YORKE Philip, The Royal Tribes of Wales, 1799, a later edition with additions by Richard Williams, 1887, The Harleian Society, Visitation of Shropshire, 1889 in two vols, scuffed and rubbed (6) £90
26 FLETCHER J.S., Picturesque History of Yorkshire, pub London, Caxton Publishing Co., in six volumes, red cloth (6) £30
27 BRASSINGTON W. Salt, Historic Worcestershire, pub Simpkin, Marshall London, c1900, BARTLEET R.S., The History of Bordesley Abbey, pub 1866 and other local vols (11) £20
31 BOX: WILLIAMS Alfred, A Wiltshire Village 1912, JEFFERIES Richard, Red Deer 1884, with other Richard Jefferies volumes and related (Box) £30
32 TWO BOXES: Chiefly Topographical (2 Boxes) £50
33 TWO BOXES: WRIGHT Thomas, History & Antiquities of Ludlow 1826 with other Shropshire and Wales local history interest and related (2 Boxes) £85
34 BOX: Staffordshire topography and local history, including North Staffordshire Journal of Field Studies (Box) £45
35 BAKER Nikky, The Great Match of Cricket, All England vs. Hampshire 1772, with scorecard (1994), TIPPER Tom, Records Recollections & Reminiscences of Leek Cricket 1844-1924 and other cricket, rugby and tennis (9) £20
38 Six volumes Army Lists, 19th & 20th Century, including 1856, 1890, 1930, etc Not Sold
39 ALEXANDER William, Picturesque Representations of The Dress and Manners of the Austrians, illustrated col engravings, Plate 18, A Young Peasant of Egra in his winter clothes missing, pub London, James Goodwin, n.d., and Picturesque Representations of The Dress and Manners of the Russians, two col plates missing, plate 43, A Schaman of Kamtshatka and plate 59, A Merchant of Kelouga, pub London, Howlett and Brimmer, both leather bound with marbled endpapers (2) Not Sold
40 THE ARTIZAN: Bound vol containing ten issues, Jan to Oct 1858. 4to. Fine chromolithograph title page, many fldg plates. Bound in half cloth and marbled boards, worn. (1) £20
41 HARRIS Joanne and OVENDEN Graham, Rainy Days and Monday, pub 2006, printed by Giclee Process (1) Not Sold
42 Volume of Michael Atkin plates by Bracken Press, Beggars Bridge, pub 1977, limited edition no 24/75 (1) £60
43 A Portfolio of four Prints, the Artist and the Printer, Type Specimen Facsimilies 1-15, pub Bowes & Bowes and Putnam, illustrations by Selous of Hereward the Wake, 1870 (3) £30
44 BOX: Titles on the Book Trade/Publishing, etc (Box) £50
45 STYRON William, Sophie's Choice, pub Modern Library Edition 1998, U.S.A. with unopened DVD, McCATHY Mary, The Group, 1963 edition, pub New York, Harcourt, Brace and World, ROTH Philip, The Plot Against America and AMIS Martin, The Information, pub 1995, Harmony first Edition, all in green cloth boxes (4) £20
46 WAGNER Bruce, Still Holding, A Novel of Hollywood, pub Simon & Schuster, 2003, U.S.A., BURTON Robert, The Anatomy of Melancholy, paperback, DE BEAUVOIR Simone, The Second Sex pub Everyman's Library, LUKACS John, Five Days in London, May 1940, printed Yale University Press and CAPTE Truman, In Cold Blood pub 1965, U.S.A. (5) £30
47 DINESEN Isak, Out of Africa, intro by Bernardine Kielty, in green cloth box, SHAKESPEARE William, The Tragedy of Hamlet, pub Peter Pauper Press, N.Y., in slip case, The Three Musketeers, BARNES Julian, A History of the World in 10 1/2 chapters, Poetry and other History volumes etc (12) £30
48 HABERLY Loyd, The Crowning Year and other Poems, pub at Stoney Down, Forfe Mullen, Dorset, 1937, uncut, THEMERSON Stefan, On Semantic Poetry 1975 and MARITAIN Raissa, Patriarch Tree, pub Stanbrook Abbey Press, 1965 (3) £110
49 SONTAG Susan, On Photography pub 1977, pub Farrar, Straus and Giroux, with d.w., in green box case, FERGUSON Niall, The House of Rothschild, Money's Prophets, 1798-1848, 1998, d.w., and SCOTT Paul, After the Funeral, pub Whittington Press and William Heinemann, 1979, in slip case, ltd edit (3) Books Not Sold
50 CORMAN Cid, Clocked Stone, pub Origin Press, Kyoto, 1959, illustrated, 41/210, signed (1) AMENDMENT: EXTRA LOT Books £40
51 DAVIES, G Christopher. On Dutch Waterways. The cruise of the S.S Atalanta on the rivers & canals of Holland & the north of Belgium. Jarrold, ND [c1886]. 4to. 28 x 21 cm. 379 pages, tissue-guarded frontis. (1) £20
52 ANTARCTICA, The Taurus Collection, 150 collectable books on Antarctica pub 2001, Travellers Bookshop, and BEAGLEHOLE J.C., The Journal of Captain James Cook on his voyages of Discovery, pub the Boydell Press, in four volumes (5) AMENDMENT: EXTRA LOT Books £50
53 BOX: A collection of about 40 original Acts of Parliament for docks in London all disbound from 4to volumes, 1870-1935, some duplicates. Includes the 1908 Act establishing the Port of London Authority. Some edge fraying, one Act torn without loss, otherwise usable. (Box) £20
54 LUBBOCK, B. The Arctic Whalers. Brown, 1937; BAILEY, H. Shanghaied out of ‘Frisco in ther ‘Nineties. Cranton, 1925; WILLAN, T. The English Coasting Trade, 1600-1750. Manchester UP, 1938; LUBBOCK, B. The Romance of the Clipper Ships. Locke, 1948; and DESMOND, S. Windjammer: the book of the Horn. Hutchinson, 1932. (5) £40
55 GRIFFITHS William, A Practical Treatise on Farriery, 2nd edition, pub 1795, printed by J. Marsh, The Druid Press and LAWRENCE Richard, The Complete Farrier and British Sportsman illustrated, pub London, Thomas Kelly (2) £90
56 Three Japanese Books, one printed Japanese figures in interior scenes dressed in national costume, one printed on rice paper with birds and floral designs and one floral and leaf designs on paper (3) £85
57 Rules and Articles for better Government of His Majesties Land Forces in Pay, publishd London, Charles Bill etc, 1688, rebound, SHAW Bernard, The Apple Cart: A Political Extravaganza, pub Constable & Co. 1930, and HUXLEY Aldous, Grey Eminence, pub Chatto and Windus, London 1941 (3) £95
58 MACQUOID Percy, A History of English Furniture, The Age of Mahogany, Walnut, Oak and Satinwood (4) £40
59 A collection of 30 Observer Books, various titles, most with d.w. (30) £60
60 BOX: A collection of 56 Observer Books, most with d.w.'s, and 10 Little Gems, etc (Box) £70
61 Twenty one King Penguins, various titles, all with d.w.'s (21) £55
62 Twenty volumes of Britain in Pictures series (20) £45
63 BRADSHAW's Guide for Great Britain and Ireland, 1933 (January), bound in brown cloth, bears bookplate for CLD Duckworth (1) £40
64 The Belgian Railroads from 1850 to the Present Day, published by International Publishing Corporation ltd, Brussels, c1920, with many advert pages (1) £40
65 HUNGERFORD Edward, The Story of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 1827-1927, pub Putnam & Sons New York/London 1928, Railway Centenary 1825-1925, supplement to The Locomotive, a Souvenir of the Tenth International Railway Congress and OWEN D.J., A Short History of the Port of Belfast, 1917 (3) £50
66 EDWARD, Lord Herbert of Cherbury, The Life and Raigne of King Henry the Eigth, pub London 1649, printed by Thomas Whitaker, binding A/F (1) £140
67 A New Abridgement of the Law by a Gentleman of the Middle Temple, Vol 1 only, pub in The Savoy, printed Nutt and Gosling, 1736, full calf, worn (1)
Not Sold
68 CULPEPPER Nicholas, Student in Phyfick and Aftrology, The English Physician enlarged with Medecines made of English Herbs, pub London, Bruce, Burnett etc, 1784, leather bound, front board detached, worn, lacks endpapers (1) £40
69 The Works of Lord Byron, ppub John Murray, London 1819, bound in leather with gilt tooling (3) Not Sold
70 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, rendered into English by Edward Fitzgerald, illus Edmund Dulac, pub Hodder and Stoughton, col plates, red decorative cloth (1) £50
71 DEACON Bernard, The Cornish Family, The Roots of our Future, pub Cornwall Editions, Fowey, in plastic wrapping (1) Not Sold
72 MERIAN Maria Sibylla, The Surinam Album, Folio Society pub London 2006, limited edition of 1000, quarter green morocco boards, in green cloth solander box, no commentary volume (1) £200
73 LECKY William Edward Hartpole, A History of Ireland in the Eighteenth Century, 1892, 5 vols, HEMPTON edit, The Seige and History of Londonderry, 1861, rebound, The Ancient and Present State of the County of Down, facsimile 3/50 bound by Sydney Aiken, in slip case, MOORE Thomas, Life and Death of Lord Edward Fitzgerald 1831, rebound in leather, and Oxford Illustrated Dictionary (10) £60
74 Taxatio Ecceliastica Angliae et Walliae Auctoritate P. Nicholai IV circ 1291 (1802) - Pope Nicholas IV taxation of England & Wales c1291. Front board detached. Armorial bookplate of Alexander de Luders; and Thomas Wood: An Institute of the Laws of England 4th edition 1728 (2) £60
75 MARSHALL Mrs A.B., Large Cookery Book of Extra Recipes, 1891, The Grocer's Encyclopedia, compiled by Artemas Ward, pub New York 1911, and 4 other early titles (6) £75
76 Nine illustrated volumes including FABRE's Book of Insects, illus E.J. Detmold, 1921, TUNNICLIFFE C.F., Mereside Chronicle, illus, 1947, other titles illustrated Tunnicliffe, wood engravings of Robert Gibbings, etc (9) £50
77 CHARNOCKE Stephen, Several Discourses upon the existence and attributes of God, pub London 1682, with intro by Veel and Adams, rebound, and BURN Richard, Ecclesiastical Law, 3rd edition, in four volumes, pub London Strahan and Woodfall, 1775, leather bound (5) £90
78 FAUKNER Thomas, An Historical and Topographical Description of Chelsea and its Environs, illus engravings, pub Chelsea 1829 in two volumes, tooled leather binding and respined binding (2) £120
79 NIMROD, The Life of John Mytton Esq, of Halstone, Shropshire, illustrated Alken and Rawlins, coloured plates, 4th edition, pub London, George Routledge & Sons 1870, red cloth, stained (1) Not Sold
80 BERTHOUD Michael, A Compendium of British Cups, MANCHIP David, Artists and Craftsmen of the 19th Century Derby China Factory, POOLE T.R., British Silver, WILLIAMS S.B., Antique blue and white Spode and a Mallett & Son catalogue of an Exhibition of Old English Furniture, Needlework, etc (5) £35
81 CRAWFORD John, Journal of an Embassy from the Governor General of India to the Court of Ava, 2nd edit, pub London 1834, full calf, 2 vols (2) £460
82 CRAWFORD John, History of the India Archipelago, pub Edinburgh 1820, illustrated, 3 vols (3) Not Sold
83 DIGBY William, The Famine Campaign in Southern India, 1876-8, pub Longmans Green and Co, 2 vols (2) Not Sold
84 THURSTON Edgar and RANGACHARI K., Castes and Tribes of Southern India, pub 1909, vols 1-7, green cloth, and THURSTON Edgar, Ethnographic Notes in Southern India, pub 1906 (8) £240
85 ORME Robert, History of the military Transactions of the British Nation in Indostan, 4th edition rebound, Vol 1 & Vol 2 in two sections, ex library (3) £75
86 ATKINSON, George Franklin, Curry and Rice, The Ingredients of Social Life at "Our Station" in Indian, no date, c1857, quarter calf, illus lithographs, repaired (1) £75
87 HODGES William R. A., Travels in India, During the years 1780-1783, 2nd edition 1794, repaired (1) £150
88 LOVE David, Indian Record Series, Vestiges of Old Madras 1640-1800, pub John Murray 1913, vols 1-3 and Index (4) £250
89 HEYNE Benjamin, Tracts Historical and Statistical of India, with account of Sumatra, illus maps and plates, pub London 1814, SOLTYKOFF Prince Alexis, Voyages Dans L'Indie, illus engravings, URWICK Rev. W., Indian Pictures drawn with pen and pencil, and HURST John, Indika, The Country and The People of India and Ceylon, pub 1891 (4) £300
90 ROUSSELET Louis, India and It's Native Princes, Travels in Central India and in the Residences of Bombay and Bengal, illus, maps, revised and edited by Lieut Col Buckle, 1 vol (1) £90
91 Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 1898-1900, vols 9/11/12/13, quarter leather (4) £180
92 ROBERTS Emma, Hindostan, Its Landscapes, Palaces, Temples, Tombs, the Shores of the Red Sea and the Sublime and Romantic Scenery of the Himalaya Mountains, pub H. Fisher, 1845, in two volumes (2) Not Sold
93 ELLIOTT Robert and ROBERTS Emma, Views in India, China and On the Shores of the Red Sea, pub H. Fisher, 1835 in two volumes (2) Not Sold
94 CRAWFORD John, Journal of an Embassy from Govenor General of India to The Court of Ava, 2nd edit, pub London 1834, illus folding plates (2) £120
95 Eight assorted volumes on the History of Sir Thomas Munro, Late Governor of Madras, His Life and Times, etc (8) £40
96 The Oriental Annual or Scenes in India by various authors, 1834, 1835, 1836, 1837 and 1840, and MOOR Edward, The Hindu Pantheon, new edit, 1864, a reprint of 1897 (6) £120
97 BOX: India related titles including architecture, Life and Correspondence of Sir John Malcom, FLIFFORD, Further India, various Regimental lists, etc (Box) £380
98 BOX: India History, Travel, etc (Box) £45
99 BOX: Indian Art related, Paintings, etc (Box) £250
100 BOX: Indian Art topics including volumes on British Drawings in the Indian Office Library, Gompany Drawings, Indian Paintings and Miniatures (Box) £160
101 BOX: Paintings, Miniatures, Punjab Art, Bidri Ware, etc (Box) £130
102 BOX: Rudyard Kipling, Thomas Hardy, various children's books etc (Box) £65
103 BOX: Indian Art, history, etc (Box) £30
104 BOX: Gardening Titles (Box) £20
105 BOX: Chiefly national and local Topography etc, (Box) £35
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