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Past Results - 25th October 2017

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Picture Lot No. Description Sale Section Sale Price
1 JONES Theophilus, A History of the County of Brecknock, pub Brecon 1805, in three bound volumes, being Vol I, Vol II part 1 and Vol II part 2, 1/2 calf with brown cloth, book plate of John Eyre Sparrow, with plates (3) £100
2 HUTTON W., Remarks Upon North Wales being the result of sixteen tours, pub Birmingham1803, rebound and TAYLOR Henry, Historic Notices of the Borough and County Town of Flint, pub London 1883, spine repaired (2) £55
3 ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORICAL MONUMENTS, Herefordshire, Vol I South-West, Vol Ii East and Vol III North-West, two bound in grey cloth and one in red cloth (3) £90
4 PRICE John, An Historical And Topographical Account of Leominster And It's Vicinity, with an Appendix, pub Ludlow 1795, TOWNSEND Rev. Geo Fyler, The Town and Borough of Leominster, pub Leominster, S. Partridge, and REEVES Norman, The Town in the Marches (3) £120
5 BRITTON John, The History and Antiquities of The Cathedral Church of Hereford, illus with series of engravings, pub London 1831, 2 copies, HAVERGAL Rev. F., Monumental Inscriptions 1881, TIMMINS, Nooks and Corners of Herefordshire, JOHNSON Richard, The Ancient Customs of the City of Hereford and two other vols (7)
6 GRAVES John, The History & Antiquities of Cleveland, 1808, with map, pedigree and 9 engravings and CHARLTON Lionel, The History of Whitby and of Whitby Abbey, 1779, with map and 3 engravings (2) £70
7 ENFIELD William, An Essay towards the History of Liverpool, 1774, with chart and 7 engravings, lacking title page and BAINES Thomas, History of the Commerce & Town of Liverpool, 1852, with plan (2) £90
8 COXE William, An Historical Tour in Monmouthshire, illus views by Sir R.C. Hoare, Bart, A New Map of the County and other engravings, pub London, Cadell, Jun and Davies 1801, in two parts, folding map and other engravings (2) £120
9 Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, Herefordshire, vols 1 - 3, 1931, grey cloth (3) £50
11 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, Notes and Queries, published in six volumes, 1884 (6) £160
12 NASH T., Collections for the History of Worcestershire, 2nd edition, pub London, 1799, in two volumes with supplement bound in, six plates missing, folio, 1/2 calf marbled boards (2) AMENDMENT - Extra Lot £100
13 CAMDEN William, Britannia or a Chorographical Description of the flourishing Kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland and the adjacent Islands, pub 1607 with enlargement by Richard Gough, pub 1789 in three volumes, lacks maps, leather bound (3) AMENDMENT - Extra Lot £55
14 CAMDEN William, Britannia or a Chorographical Description of Great Britain and Ireland together with adjacent lands, 2nd edition, published by Edmund Gibson, London 1722, lacks maps in two volumes and SHAKESPEARE The Library Edition, Tragedies and Comedies in two volumes, (4) £50
15 NICHOLSON's The Cambrian Traveller's Guide in every direction in the Principality of Wales, pub Stourport/London 1815, 2 copies, MALKIN B.J., The Scenery, Antiquities and Biography of South Wales, Vol I only, and BLACK's Picturesque Guide through North and South Wales and Monmouthshire, 3rd edit, 1854 (4) £40
16 The Woolhope Club Transactions 1852-2011, an incomplete run, 21 hardback and approx 68 soft back and some Indexes (2 Boxes) £190
17 TWO BOXES: Woolhope Club Transactions, some hardback but chiefly softback, any duplications (2 Boxes) £60
18 NASH Thomas, Collections for the History of Worcestershire, second edition with additions, pub John White, Fleet Street, 1799, folio with illustrations, maps, some folding, in two volumes, 1/2 calf marbled boards, one board detached, wear and rubbing (2) £150
19 WRIGHT J.P., A Walk Through Hereford or the Stranger's Guide pub Hereford 1819, JAKEMAN & CARVER's Directory and Gazetteer of Herefordshire, 1902, rebound and DAVISON Charles, The Hereford Earthquake of December 17, 1896 (3) £70
20 BOX: READE Rev. Compton, Memorials of Old Herefordshire, pub 1904, MUNTHE Malcom, Hellens, WEBB Rev. John, Memorials of Civil War in Herefordshire, pub London 1879, 2 vols and KILVERT's Diary, edit William Plomer, 1st edit 1938, 3 vols, and other Herefordshire booklets (Box) £50
21 PRICE John, An Historical Account of the City of Hereford, embellished with Views, Plans etc pub Hereford, 1798, An Historical and Topographical Account of Leominster and It's Vicinity, pub Ludlow 1795 (2) Books £130
22 PARRY R & WALLACE A R, The History of Kington with an appendix by a member of the Mechanics Institute of Kington, pub Kington 1845 (1) Books £200
23 GROVES Hereford, Maps of Views C1780, COX, Map of Herefordshire and Text, c1720, two copies (3) Books £90
24 DUNCOMB John, collections towards the History and Antiquties of the County of Hereford, pub Hereford, 1804 - 1882, three volumes, bound in full calf marbled endpipes, gilt tooling, bears bookplates of Leonard L Hartley Esq, and Sir Joseph Pulley, Baronet (3) Books £200
25 Herefordshire Portraits, past and present, pub 1908, Planning Survey of Herefordshire, 1946, Fasti Herefordenses and other Antiquarian Memorials of Herefordshire, Baker Oliver, Ludlow Town and Neighbourhood and seven other titles (11) Books £80
26 Picturesque View of Seats of Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland, vols 1-4, pub William Mackenzie, BAKER Oliver, Ludlow Town and Neighbourhood, Herefordshire Portratis, and two others (8) Books £25
27 TOWNSEND Rev Geo, Fyler, TheTown and Borough of Leominster illustrated, pub Leominster and PRICE John, An Historical Account of the City of Hereford, pub Hereford 1796, uncut, publishers boards (2) Books £95
28 GIBSON Matthew, A View of the Ancient and Present State of the Churches of Door, Home-Lacy and Hempstead, endowed by John, Lord Viscount Scudamore, pub London 1727 (1) Books £150
29 MOSS Fletcher, Pilgrimages to Old Homes, various years, 6 vols in cloth binding (6) Books £30
30 GILPIN William, Observations on the River Wye and several parts of South Wales made 1770, 3rd edition, 1792, green morocco, the Wye Tour or Gilpin on the Wye, 6th edit, 1841, HUTTON Edward, a book of the Wye, pub Methuen, 1911 and 2 others (5) Books £95
31 PRICE John, An Historical Account of the City of Hereford, ilus pub Hereford 1796, 1/2 calf mrabled boards, EALES-WHITE Major J C Records of Hereford Cathedral School, 1931, CARLESS W T, A Short History of Hereford School, pub 1941 (3) Books £70
32 WATKINS Alfred, Early British Trackways, a lecture given by Watkins 1922, WATKINS Allen, Alfred Watkins of Hereford, his life and pioneer work, pub Garnstone Press, 1972, The Old Straight Track 3 editions, and Old Standing Crosses of Herefordshire (6) Books £40
33 BRITTON J, History and Antiquities of Hereford Cathedral, pub Longman and Co, 1831, bears bookplate of Bishop of Bath and Wells, Geo H Lan, MARSH Rev F T, Annals of the Hospital of St Wulstan in City of Worcester, 1890, BEVAN Rev W L, Medieaval Geography pub 1873, an Illustration of Mappa Mundi, MEREWETH Very Rev, Cathedral Church of Hereford and Record of the Work Done at Hereford Cathedral, 1990 (5) Books £40
34 Herefordshire Portraits past and present, of Herefordshire Men, pub 1908, Stanhope and Moffatt, The Church Plate of the County of Hereford, 1903, HAVERGAL, The Ancient Glass in Credenhill Church, 1884, and The Victorian History of Herefordshire, vol 1 only (4) Books £35
35 MERCER & CROCKER'S General and Topographical Directory of Herefordshire, 1874, WELLS & MANTON, Herefordshire Journal Directory 1912, two volumes, Hereford Directory and Gazeteerer of Herefordshire, 1902, two volumes, Hereford Directory produced by Kent Service Limtied, and Littlebury's Directory and Gazeteer of Herefordshire, 1876-7 (7) Books £140
36 Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire, 1905, 1909, 1922, 1937, and 1941 (5) Books £60
37 Kelly's Directory of Herefordshire, 1905, 1937 and 1941 and Herefordshire and Shropshire 1922, 1929 (5) Books £50
38 JAKEMAN & CARVER: Directory and Gazzetteer, of Herefordshire 1902, in slip case, Kelly's Directory of Hereford, 1934-1935 two copies, 1937 and 1939, and three other Directories (8) Books £65
39 WEBB Rev John, Memorials of the Civil War between Charles I and Parliament as it affected Herefordshire, pub 1879, in two volumes, Herefordshire Domesday, two copies, Abstract from Camdens Britannia relating to Herefordshire, facsimile copy of Domesday Herefordshire, etc (10) Books £55
40 HYETT-WARNER Rev R, Historic Memories of the Manor and Parish of Almeley, 1917, rebound, JOHNSON Richard, Ancient Customs of the City of Hereford 1882, TIMMINS Nooks and Corners of Herefordshire, two copies, Ancient Customs of City of Hereford 1868, HAVERGAL Rev F T, Antiquarian Memorials of Hereford, an 1895 City of Hereford Directory, rebound, and two others (9) Books £300
41 SHARPE Frederick, The Church Bells of Herefordshire vols I-V bound in one volume, Limited Edition 1976, and five various individual volumes, and WATKINS History and Antiquities of County of Hereford being continuation of Duncumb History, 4 seperate volumes (10)
Books £80
42 BULMER'S Pomona, 1987 facsimile; green cloth and marbled boardsm HUTTON J Arthur, Our Fishing Diary, Hampton Bishop pub 1942, CHAPMAN D R, Hereford, Herefordshire and The Wye, HUTTON, Wye Salmon and other Fish, pub 1949, STOCKINGER V R, edit, The Rivers Wye and Lugg Navigation pub 1996 (5) Books £120
43 LEWIS G R, Illustration of Kilpeck Church, Herefordshire, 1842 (incomplete), STRONG George, The Heraldry and Herefordshire, 1848, MORGAN Octavius, Some Account of the Ancient Monument in the Priory Church, Abergavenny, 1872 and CREIGHTON, The Story of some English Shires (4) Books £140
44 Box: Local Topography, Herefordshire and Borders (Box) Books £35
45 Box: Topography chiefly local, with various titles Hereford related (Box) Books £35
46 Box: Topography including Pamphlets, booklets, books etc, many of local interest (Box) Books £95
47 Box: Woolhope Club Transactions, soft back, Kilverts Diary reprint 1971 3 vols in slip case, Kilvert's Diary 1944, drawings by John Nash, and other Herefordshire related titles (Box) Books £110
48 Fourteen assorted volumes of Pevsner's Buildings in various Counties (14) £110
49 Royal Commission of Historical Monuments, Herefordshire in three volumes, grey cloth, South West, East and North West (3) Books £85
50 BULL Henry Graves, (Gen Editor) and HOGG Robert (Techn. Editor), The Herefordshire Pomona containing original figures and descriptions of the most esteemed kinds of Apples ad Pears, drawn and coloured from Nature by Miss Ellis and Miss Bull, pub. Jakeman and Carver, 1876-1885, under auspicies of Woolhope Club, lithographs by G. Severyns, folio, in two volumes (2) £4,000
51 West Buckland Year Book and Kalendar for 1860, with The Rectors Travels and Sundays Abroad, having 8 coloured plates of Egypt and Jerusalem, printed for The Farm and County School 1860 (1) Books £40
52 GREENWAY Kate, Painting Book with outline for Boys and Girls to Paint (not painted in), pub Frederick Warne and Co, WHALLEY & CHESTER, A History of Children's Book Illustrations, pub John Murray with the V&A, Terry Richard, More Old Rhymes with new Tunes, illustrated Gabrile Pippet, Kingsman 1925 and DULAC Edmund, Picture Book for the Red Cross (4) Books £45
53 GRAND-CATERET John, Vieux Papiers Vielles Images, Cartons collectionneur pub A La Vasseur & Co, Paris, 1896, decorative leather binding (1) Books £60
54 RUSSELL W H, The Wedding at Windsor being a Memorial of the Marraige of HRH Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and HRH Alexandra Princess of Denmark, 1863, illustrated by Robert Dudley, pub Day and Son, London, lithographers, folio (1) Books £40
55 The Pageant of the British Emprie, Souvenir volume with introductory Note by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, illustrated Brangwyn, Spencer Pryse and MacDonald Gill, edited by Martin Hardie, pub Fleetway Press (1) Books £60
56 POSNER David, A Rake's Progress, pub Lion and Unicorn Press 1962, illustrated by David Hockney, with Errata slip, ex Reading University Library, black cloth binding (1) Books £120
57 PARPAGLIOLO L, Capri, Vison Archiletoniche di Gio Batt Ceas, pub Roma, Biblioteca D'Arte Editrice, 1930, illustrations and maps, vellum and marbled boards (1) Books Not Sold
58 ELEODORO Marenco, La Estancia Vieja, 1st edit, pub 1972, illustrated, MICKIEWICZ Adam, Pan Tadeusz, illustrated Tadeuza Granow Skiego, 12 double pages folding and RAVEN-HILL L An Indian Sketch Book, pub London, Punch Office 1903 (3) Books £30
59 THOMAS SHOTTER Boys, Original Views of London 1972, facsimile copies, 2 vols, and LOUTHERBOURG P.J. De, Romantic and Picturesque Scenery of England and Wales, pub Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust 1979, no. 254/1000 (3) AMENDMENT - Extra Lot £75
60 TAPLIN William, The Gentleman’s Stable Directory of Modern System of Farriery, 1793, BROWN Thomas, The Complete Modern Farrier, 1900 and (YOUATT William) The Horse with a Treatise on Draught, 1831, all in attractive leather bindings (3) £100
61 REES Thomas, The Beauties of England and Wales, South Wales, 1 vol and Middlesex 5 vols (6) £35
62 BEALE Catherine Hutton, Memorials of the Old Meeting House and Burial Ground, Birmingham, 1882, RICHARDSONS Map of South East and Central England, on linen, bound, copies of Population Census (Bundle) Not Sold
63 PINCHIN JOHNSON & CO, Decorators Trade Catalogue, the Weston Trading Co (Gloucester) Ltd, Catalogue of Sanitary and Laboratory Equipement, Shanks "M" Catalogue 1935, B Line & Co, Lock Maker's Brass Founders Factors, Gardiner & Sons Catalogue 1936, and SEARS John, (edit), The Builder's Compendium and Annual Catalogue of the Building Trade, 1933 (6) Books £65
64 BYNE Arthur and STAPLEY Mildred, Majorcan Houses and Gardens, pub 1928, large folio, and Rejeria of the Spanish Renaissance, pub New York 1914, large folio, and COOK Sir Theodore, Twenty-five Great Houses of France, pub Country Life, 1916, large folio (3) £75
65 WRIGHT Thomas, Arbours and Grottos, a facsimile of the two parts, pub Scolar Press 1979, extensively illustrated, in two volumes, in slip cases. Folio (2) £140
66 JELLICOE G.A., Baroque Gardens of Austria, large folio, 1932, SAUVEUR Hector, Architecture et Decors du Jardins, pub Paris 1925 and HEGEMANN Werner, City Planning Housing, pub William Forster, 1938 (3) £60
67 BLYTON Enid, sixteen assorted titles, c.1960's, with d.w.(16) £55
68 BETJEMAN John, Summoned by Bells, pub John Murray, 1960, 1st edition, inscribed by author on a bell design printed on title page, "Dandenong 1971, John Betjeman me facit", in d.w. (1) £70
69 ISHIGURO Kazuo, The Remains of the Day, pub faber & Faber, 1989, 1st edition, d.w. (1) Not Sold
70 DURAND Jean-Nicolas-Louis (1760-1834), Recueil et Parallele des Edifices de Tout Genre Anciens et Modernes, 1800, large folio, 110 architectural plates, missing title page, water staining, folio (1) Not Sold
71 ROBINSON William, Flora and Silva 3 Volume set 1903-1905, with chromolithographic plates (3) £110
72 GORMAN Maurice, The Local, 1939 with 15 colour lithographs by Edward Ardizzone. [Scarce: copies and plates were lost when Cassells’ premises were destroyed in the Blitz]. (1) Not Sold
73 LEAR Edward, Nonsense Songs Stories Botany & Alphabets, 1871 1st edition, published R J Bush, complete but pages loose (1) £40
74 Twp Japanese printed books, one with birds and one floral designs (2) £80
75 KIRKLAND John, The Modern Baker Confectioner and Caterer, new and revised edition, pub Gresham 1924, in four volumes, in a glazed oak cabinet £90
76 DULAC Edmund, Picture Book for the French Red Cross, pub Hodder & Stroughton, coloured plates, and King Alberts Book (2) £35
78 CHANT A.G., The Legendary of Glastonbury, decorated and illustrated by Horace J. Knowles, pub Epworth Press, 1948, d.w. worn, and Countryside Treasures, quotations selected, decorated and illustrated by Horace J. Knowles, d.w., uncut (2) Not Sold
79 FLEMING Ian, The Golden Gun, pub 1965, Jonathan Cape, with d.w. and 5 other volumes (6) Not Sold
80 SWIFT Jonathan, A Tale of a Tub written for the Universal Improvement of Mankind to which is added An Account of a Battel between the ancient and modern books in St James's Library, 7th edit, pub London, printed for Benf. Motte, 1727, full calf, title page torn Not Sold
81 4 x handwritten manuscripts MSS: MS detailing first-hand account of air raids on London March 1941 - July 1944 inc. Flying Bombs V1 attacks; 2 Vols. military & political intelligence Germany c1933-8 and WW1 1918 Anti-Gas Course, with drawings. (4) £150
82 Court Roll of the Manor or Prebend of Hinton, Hereford, commecing in 1838 to June 1880 and Pipe Rolls of the Exchequeer, Hrefordshire AD1129 to 1202 (2) Not Sold
83 Three Old Estate Ledgers recording Landowners, Occupiers, amount of Tithe Rent, etc for the Parishes of Pembridge, Brilley, Allensmore, Eaton Bishop, and Stretton Sugwas, 1 vol, Breinton, Canon Pyon, Colwall, Hampton Bishop, Holmer and Lugwardine, 1 vol, and Mordiford, Burghill, Llandinabo and All Saints, 1 vol. Three bound volumes (3) Not Sold
84 Two old Estate Ledgers recording Landowners, Occupiers, amount of Tithe Rent, etc for the Parishes of Alveley, Sarnesfield, Letton, Kinnersley and Staunton on Arrow, 1 vol and St. Martins, Norton Canon, Amberley, Ballingham, Linton, Bishop's Froome, Canon Frome, AbbeyDoor, Little Birch, Stoke Lacy, Westhide and Kingstone. Two bound volumes (2) Not Sold
85 Three Old Estate Ledgers recording Landowners, Occupiers, amount of Tithe Rent, etc for the Parishes of Llanwarne, Llancillo, Fownhope, Woolhope, and Lower Bullingham, 1 vol, Brockhampton, Norton Radnorshire, How Capel, Sollarshope, Presteign Radnorshire, Madley, 1 vol and Preston Wynn, Bosbury, Colwell, Preston on Wye, Much Birch, Much Cowarne, All Saints and St Nicholas. Three bound volumes (3) £40
86 Two Old Estate Ledgers recording Landowners, Occupiers, amount of Tithe Rent, etc for the Parishes of Marden, Moreton-on-Lugg, Sutton St Michael, Sutton St Nicholas, Bolston, Little Dewchurch and Tupsley, 1 vol, and Sellack, Peterstow, Madley, Clehonger, Hentland, Withington and Orcop, 1 vol. Two bound volumes (2) Not Sold
87 CAMBRIA DEPICTA, A Tour through North Wales illustrated with picturesque views by a Native Artist, pub London E. Williams, 1816 (1) £100
88 MEYRICK Samuel Rush, The History and Antiquities of the County of Cardigan, pub London 1808, full calf, bears book plate for Lewis Pugh Pugh (1) £140
89 WARNER Rev. Richard, A Walk Through Wales in August 1797, pub Bath, 1798, and A Second Walk Through Wales, in August and September 1798, pub Bath 1799 (2) £50
90 CARADOC of LHANCARVAN, Englished by Dr Powell, the History of Wales, to which added a Description of Wales by Sir John Price, pub London 1774, full calf, FREEMAN, Rev. G.J., Sketches in Wales, A Diary of three Walking Excursions, pub London 1826, and three other Welsh titles (5) £65
91 The History and Management of the East India Company from its origin, new edition, pub London 1782 (1) £210
92 YOUNG, The Farmers Tour through East England, pub London 1771, full calf, Vols 2, 3 and 4 only (3) £55
93 RHYS John, edit, Tours in Wales by Thomas Pennant, pub Caernarvon, 1883, cloth A/F (3) Not Sold
94 BYRON The Works of Lord, pub London, John Murray, c.1830, 4 vols, ten various bound volumes of British Poets, leather bound, and three others (17) £50
95 HARMSWORTH, Atlas of the World and Pictorial Gazetteer with Atlas of the Great War, pub Amalgamated Press (1) £20
96 BEAVER Alfred, Memorials of Old Chelsea, pub London, Elliot Stock, 1892, rebound (1) £20
97 FAULKNER Thomas, An Historical and Topographical Description of Chelsea and It's Environs, pub London 1810, illustrated, folding map, bound in 1/2 calf and marbled boards (1) £50
98 DAVIES Randall, F.S.A., Chelsea Old Church, pub London, Duckworth & Co., 1904, illustrated and BLUNT Reginald, By Chelsea Reach, Some Riverside Records, pub Mills & Boon, 1st edition 1921 (2) Not Sold
100 REID Stuart J (eidt), The Prime Ministers of Queen Victoria, Lord John Russell, pub London, Sampson, Low, Marston & Co, 1895, 1/4 vellum red cloth boards, limited edition 29/250 (1) Books Not Sold
101 BOX: Worcestershire Historical Society, Register of Diocese of Worcester, Dugdales Visitation of Yorkshire, etc, unbound (Box) £35
102 BOX: Topographical Pamphlets, books various (Box) £50
103 BOX: Welsh Topography chiefly (Box) £120
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