Past Results - 6th July 2016

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Past Results - 6th July 2016

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Wednesday, 6th July 2016

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Picture Lot No. Description Sale Section Sale Price
1 An Album of Sketches and notes on travels in early 19th Century Britain and on the Continent with watercolour sketches and a smaller Album compiled by Lieut. Blackwell 13th Light Infants, with Indian, Burmese and Swiss sketches (2) £950
2 An Album of caricatures of Members of Bath (?) Club Billiards Room by S W Mitchell, c1920's, and another of "Scraps by Many Hands" with many pencil, pen and other watercolour sketches, many humerous (2) £320
3 An Album of Watercolour Sketches of various people, a leather Album with details of Sedburgh, c1815 with various sketches, and five other various Scrap Albums (7) £620
4 Two Victorian Albums with watercolour, pen and ink sketches, verse, etc in lacquered boards (2) £130
5 BOX: Containing numerous Watercolours, drawings, oriental painting on silk, etc (box) £700
6 Four leather bound 19th Century Scrap Albums, with watercolour, pencil, pen and ink drawings and prints, engravings, etc, binding poor (4) £440
7 Six various leather bound 19th Century Albums with illustrations in watercolour, pen and pencil and various prints/engravings (6) £200
8 Nine assorted Albums with illustrations, verse, etc (9) £120
9 BOX: Assorted Scrap Albums and other Albums with watercolour, pencil sketches, etc (Box) £290
10 BOX: Assorted Albums, cut outs, watercolours, prints, etchings, drawings, etc. (Box) £260
11 Nine assorted Scrap Albums with watercolour drawings, verse, prints/etchings, etc (9) £280
12 Two leather bound 19th Century Albums with watercolour drawings, pen and ink sketches etc (2) £300
13 An album of Watercolour drawings, initialled E.J.H., of landscape scenes, Isle of Wight, Ryde Pier, Near Winchester, etc (1) £440
14 Two Albums of Watercolours and drawings, some heightened with watercolour, various views, landscapes and some comic humerous sketches (2) £260
15 Six various large Albums, scraps, prints, etchings, etc (6) £4,200
16 Five Albums, prints, etchings, verse, cut outs, cards, etc (5) £120
17 BOX: Sketch Books and Albums (Box) £520
18 Assorted Albums with illustrations, drawings, verse, etc (Box) £170
19 A Ms. Notebook noting the family births of the Morgan Family of Fotheringhay c1700's, various accounts, an Account book, early but not dated, an account book relating to Mr Thomas Price, Wheelwright, Gloucestershire, another day book for Mayall Jewellers in Hay on Wye and a day book c1824 (5) £320
20 Three Ms. volumes of textbook work performed at Mr. Richard Kemplay's Academy, St. Johns Place, Leeds, by Henry P. Snowdon, being specimens of Penship (2), Specimens of Writing, and two further Albums selected Penmanship and Original Pieces done by Henrietta Kemplay at Miss Fryer's Ladies Boarding School, Leeds in 1821 (5) £480
21 CLUVERII PHILIPPI, Introductio in Universaim geographam tam veteram Quam novam a Johanne Bunone, full calf, worn £550
22 DE MONTFAUCON BERNARD, The antiquities of Italy being the travels from Paris through Italy, in the years 1698 and 1699 (rebound) £90
23 STEDMAN J.G., Captain, Narrative of a five years expedition against the revolted Negroes of Surinam in Guiana on the wild coast of South America from the year 1772 to 1777, pub J. Johnson, London 1796 (rebound) 2 vols £1,550
24 WILLAN Robert, On Cutaneous Diseases Vol I, London 1808, printed for J. Johnson, St. Paul's Church-yard, foxing and staining (1) £90
25 PANCOAST Joseph, A Treatise on Operative Surgery comprising description and processes including all the new Operations, illus, pub Philadelphia, Cary and Hart, 1844, foxing/binding A/F £180
26 SMITHI Thomae, Angli De Republica Anglorum libre tres. Quibus Accesserunt, pub by Ex Oficina Elzeviriana, 1630, vellum bound and PINA El P Juan, El Inferno Abierto, pub Barcelona, bound in vellum (2) £70
27 PIELAT Barthelemy, La Vie et des actions memorable du Sir Michel de Ruyter, Duc, chevalier and Lt. Amiral General de Provinces Unies, pub Amsterdam 1677, vellum bound (1) £110
28 TULLIUS Marcus, Ciceronis Episto,arum Liber IX, I, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, pub Danielem Elsevirium and P.J. & Com, Hackios, Amstelodami, 1676, vellum bound (1) £25
29 Tractatus de Sponsalibus, Matrimonio et Thomae Trevisani, Veneti, pub 1599, vellus bound and a Dictionary c1689, lacks title page, both vellum bound (2) £70
30 CROKER TEMPLE Henry, WILLIAMS Thomas and CLARK Samuel, The Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences in which the whole circle of Human Learning is explained, full calf, three volumes, 1765 and 1766, worn (3) £80
31 HALMA Franciscus, 1709, Vetus Testamentum ex versione septuaginta Interpretum, secondum exemplar Vaticanum Rome edition, accuratiffime denvo recognitum (staining and worm damage) £90
32 THE HOLY BIBLE, containing the Books of the Old and New Testament, pub Cambridge, printed by John Field and illustrated by J. Ogilby, 1660, in two volumes, bound in leather, folio (2) £800
33 CACERAS Samuel de (edit?), Biblia En Lengua Espanola traduzida palabra pos palabra, illus Senor Duque de Ferrara, title page repaired, some loss, leather bound, A/F (1) £320
34 A 1599 Holy Bible, Imprinted at London by the deputies of Christopher Barker, lacks title page and A/F, Rev. John Brown Bible, 1829, leather bound, A Holy Bible by Rev. Brown and Rev. Cooke and TAYLOR Jer., The Great Exemplar of Sanctity & Holy Life, 1657, 3rd edition (4) £190
35 STACKHOUSE, Rev. Thomas, A New History of the Holy Bible from the beginning of the World, illustrated, pub London, Stephen Auften, 1744, 2 vols bound in leather (2) £60
36 A collection of cut out paper silhouettes of figures in landscapes, buildings, bridges, trees, conversation groups, etc £420
37 BOX: Albums, various (Box) £520
38 BOX: Albums various (Box) £120
39 BOX: leather bound, various, chiefly antiquarian (Box) £30
40 BOX: leatherbound, Colling's Peerage, etc, chiefly antiquarian (Box) £20
41 BOX: leather bound, chiefly antiquarian (Box) £50
42 TWO BOXES: Topography, York, Wales, etc (2 Boxes) £80
43 BOX: chiefly Art related (Box) £120
44 TWO BOXES: Saturday Magazine (2 Boxes) £35
45 BOX: General Interest (Box) AMENDMENT - Extra Lot £30
46 TWO FOLDERS: Illustrations and Drawings by Lucy Fonin, suitable for children's book illustrations (2) £180
47 FOLDER: Engravings, etchings and watercolours (1) £220
48 FOLDER: Pencil Sketches, watercolour drawings, cartoons, etc (1) £380
49 FOLDER: Engravings, etchings, prints, etc (1) £340
50 FOLDER: Etchings, prints, cut outs, etc (1) £110
51 BUXBAUM J.C., Plantarum Minus Cognitarum Centuria I, plantas circa Byzantinu and in Oriente Observatas, pub Petropoli 1728, damage/staining, full calf (1) £400
52 MILLER Philip, The Gardeners Dictionary containing the best and newest methods of cultivating and improving the kitchen, fruit, flower garden and nursery, London, Printed for the Author, and sold by John Rivington 1759 (worn) (1) £20
53 ROUSSEAU De J.J., Recueil de plantes colorées, pour servir A L'Intellingence des letres elementaires sur la botanaire, A Paris, chez poincot libraire, rue de la harpe, No. 135, 1789 (1) £100
54 TWO BOXES: Gardening titles various (2 Boxes) £20
55 TWO BOXES: Garden related including Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening, etc (2 Boxes) £25
56 TWO BOXES: Garden related including The Garden, Fruit Growers Guide, etc (2 Boxes) £100
57 THREE BOXES: Garden related including House & Garden, Horticultural Society (3 Boxes) £55
58 BOX: Various titles on Beekeeping and related (Box) £200
59 TWO BOXES: Gardening titles, various (2Boxes) £180
60 TWO BOXES: Art related and general interest (2 Boxes) £40
61 TWO BOXES: Garden related subjects (2 Boxes) £40
62 FIVE BOXES: Sundry titles, history, education and general (5 Boxes) £5
63 BOX: Garden and Natural History including The Gardener 1869-1873, 5 vols, FORSYTHE On Fruit Trees, Annals of Horticulture, WOODVILLE's Medical Botany, etc (Box) £40
64 BOX: Garden related including WRIGHT, The Vegetable Grower's Guide, 4 vols, The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening, 8 vols and other natural history volumes (Box) £20
65 BOX: Mrs Beeton, various titles including Illustrated Encyclopedia, Household Management, Every Day Cookery, etc (Box) £80
66 TWO BOXES: General interest, history, etc (2 Boxes) £90
67 SPENCER George William, History of England, from the first Settlement of Brutus in this Island to the year 1801, published by Alex Hogg, London 1797 £20
68 MUSEI CAPITOLINI, Philosophorum, Poetarum, Oratum, Virorumque illustrium Contiens, pub Rome, 1748, in three volumes, vellum bound, illustrated (3) £75
69 CANGLIAMILA Franc Emanuel, Sacra Embryologia sive de Officio, Sacerdotum, Medicorum, editio prima in Germania, pub 1764, A/F and STAHLII Georgii Ernesti, Collegium Casvale, sic dictum Minus, pub Johannis Georgii Boehmii, 1734 (2) £90
70 VIAGGI DEI ENRICO WANTON alle Terre Incognite Australi ed al Paese Delle Scimie, in Napoli pub 1756, vellum bound (1) £40
71 ALTOMARI, Donato Antonio AB, De Mederidis Febribus ars medica, pub by Marci de Maria Salemitani, 1562, binding poor (1) £150
72 BARDON M. Dandre, Costume des Ancias Peuples, a L'usage des artistes, nouvelle edition, pub Paris 1784, stained and worn (3) £170
73 GOMBERVILLE De, The Doctrine of Morality or a view of human Life according to the Stoick Philosophy, trans to English by T.M. Gibbs, pub London 1721 £130
74 SPRATT G., Obstetric Tables comprising graphic illustrations with descriptions and practical remarks, exhibited on Dissected Plates, 2nd edition, Parts I & II, pub London 1837, back board missing of Part I (2) £230
75 THE HOLY BIBLE, containing the Old Testament and The New, pub London, printed by John Baskett, 1741, with numerous illustrations, leather bound with gilt tooling (1) £220
76 S VRSVLA Vin Dicata, Vita et Martyrium S pub 1647, ex library St. Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoody N.Y., folding maps, vellum bound, brass mounts (1) £190
77 RERUM Britanni Carum id est Angliae, Scotiae, vicinarum que insula scriptores Vetustio, pub Heidelberg, 1687, A/F (1) £20
78 BE JARD (J), Recueil des Tiltres, qualites Blazons et Armes des Seigneurs Barons des estats, par Monsieur le Prince de Conty, pub 1654, wormed, vellum bound (1) £20
79 Missale Romanum ex Dectreto Sacrosancti Concilic Tridentini Restitutum et Clementis, pub Coloniae Agrippinae, 1629, folio, leather bound with gilt tooling (1) £160
80 LONGFELLOW Henry W., Hyperian, A Romance, illus with 24 photographs of the Rhine, Switzerland and The Tyrol, pub London, Alfred William Bennett, 1765, leather bound (1) £30
81 TWO BOXES: Natural History, garden and general interest (2 Boxes) £25
82 TWO BOXES: Ladybird titles, various (2 Boxes) £30
83 TWO BOXES: Children's including Little Folks, Annuals, Cecil Aldin illustrated, etc (2 Boxes) £90
84 TWO BOXES: Children's titles, Boys Own, Wonder Books, etc (2 Boxes) £20
85 TWO BOXES: Wonder Books, Ladybirds and general titles (2 Boxes) £40
86 TWO BOXES: Leather bound volumes (2 Boxes) £440
87 BOX: Small Scrap albums, some leather bound (Box) £750
88 FOLDER: Prints, engravings and etchings (1) £150
89 FOLDER: Engravings, prints, etc (1) £250
90 FOLDER: Prints, watercolours, etc (1) £230
91 SOUSA Antonio, Relectio De Censuris Bullae Coenae Sacre Deiparae de Rofario, pub 1615, 374pp in velum binding and SALMUTH Henrico, Guidonis Pancirolli Rerum Memorabilium five Deperditarum, vellum bound (2) £100
92 MIRANDEN Bartholomaeum Carranzan, Summa Coricliorum et pontificum a Petro, published Andreas de Portonarifs, Salamanticae, 1551, vellum bound (1) £150
93 Jesuitica (Jesutien), Decreta Congregationum Generalium Societatis Iesu, pub Rome In Collegio Romano eiufdem Societatis 1615, superiorum permissv, 560pp, plus Index, vellum bound (1) £90
94 REVERENDI DOMINI Clarifsimi viri Francisci Duysseldorpii Lugdvensis Tractatus De Matrimonio, pub Antwerp 1636, vellum bound (1) £90
95 C. Inlii Caesaris quae extant, Ex recenfione los Scaligeri, pub Amsterdam 1644, 532pp plus Index, velum bound (1) £50
96 T. Lucretii (Lucretius), Cari de Rerum Natura Libri Sex, cum variis lectionibus and indice rerum infigniorium, pub Lugdvni 1606, 295pp and P. RAMI REGII, Audomari Talaei Rhetorica, pub Stirae, Apud Bernardum Albinum 1609, both vellum bound (2) £130
97 SALLUSTIUS CRISPUS, Primus in Hiftoria Sen Bellum Catilinaruim et Sugurthinum cum commentariis Johannis Min-Ellii, pub Rotterdam 1695, and CICERO Marcus Tullius, Rhetoricorum Secindus Tomas, pub 1570, both vellum bound (2) £90
98 NICCOLO DE TONTI ODDI, Descrizione Opera Di Don Mauro Soldo Bresciano, pub 1766, lacking some pages, and two other volumes A/F £360
99 BOCKLER George Andreas, (George Andreau Bocklern), Architect and Ingenieur, Theatrum Machinarum Nova Schanplat der Mechanifthen Kunften, pub Numberg, illus plates (lacks no 154 and some slight damage), vellum bound (1) £340
100 A 1630 Bible by Robert Barker and John Bill, lacking title pages and initial pages to the Old Testament, New Testament title page with date, bound in leather with brass plates, corners and clasps, A/F £150
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