1. Lot Number 35

    01/01/1800 TUM HD 6X6 VECTOR PPV

    2009 Pinzgauer TUM HD 6X6 Vector PPV

    In Service Date: 31/12/2007. 875 kilometres unwarranted.

    The ultimate in off-road ability, the Pinzgauer was introduced to HM Ministry of Defence's fleet as a supplement and sometime successor to the Land Rover Defender Wolf. The Royal Artillery reportedly took on the units as a gun tractor and the Vector model was deployed from around 2007. Some variants were used as troop carriers, ambulances, command vehicles and towing vehicles.
    The 6×6 Vector Protected Patrol Vehicle (PPV) was described to the market by the manufacturer as having the capability to "Build on the existing proven design, with enhancements that will include a combination of physical protection, as well as the use of sophisticated electronic counter measures to maximise survivability while on patrol."
    In the civilian world, the Pinz has been mainly sold to equatorial regions, for use in tourism. Some have been converted to campers, some ambulances, some farm or fire trucks. Oil exploration companies have owned some and, for pleasure, models have been seen on the Paris-Dakar Rally and other light hearted cross country races.

    Overseas theatres were not suited to the PPV running gear, so some have seen little action, as is possible with this vehicle. The odometer shows a just over 800 kilometres and, though this is not warranted by the Ministry, the vehicle looks like it has been enjoying a temperate retirement in storage for some while. The photographs on this page speak for themselves.

    This particular example has an in service date of 31 December 2009. It comes with it's Date In Service Certificate Official (DISCO), which is used for UK registration purposes. As standard in all our sales for the MoD, the buyer will need to produce their Passport ID for MOD approval before collection. For those clients wishing to export - an export licence is required, which will need to be obtained on a SIEL level, and the sale of this vehicle is not conditional on the buyer's ability to obtain one.

    As with all lots in this auction, it is sold as seen. Vat at 20% will be added to the sale price of this lot. A buyer's premium will be charged at 12% plus Vat on the sale price and added to your invoice. For collection purposes, the vehicle is on site at our Madley based auction centre, south of Hereford, and we will give the buyer more information when arranging collection or delivery.

    Direct from our Ministry of Defence Government Disposals contract.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  2. Lot Number 43

    31/10/2003 ALFA ROMEO 147 GTA

    2003 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

    SOLD £8,120

    Serious performance hot hatch with 3.2 V6 pushing out 247bhp with six speed manual 'box, wider body and just 74,177 miles

    Dating from October 2003 this ‘53’ plated pocket rocket is the hugely desirable and potent 147 GTA. Boasting Alfa’s fantastic 3.2 V6 engine that pushes a ludicrous 247bhp of epic fun through the front wheels via Alfa’s trick front diff’ it equals huge smiles per mile in this very fast little hatchback. Finished in silver with two-tone blue and black leather interior with deeply bolstered seats offering super comfort and grip. The 147 has covered just 74,177 miles with a strong history. The file includes the owner’s pack with manuals and service book showing an impressive 11 stamps, the most recent at 74,001 miles for a lube service in June of this year. The previous stamp is for the all-important timing belt and tensioner service in May 2019 at 73,484 miles. Invoices on file chronicle regular maintenance including rear discs, pads, hand brake cables in 2017 costing £301, another timing belt change costing £631 in 2009, new coil packs, wishbone and plugs in August 2018, gearbox mount, exhaust work front discs and pads and drop links in November 2017 costing £813 and new rear shocks and top mounts back in September 2017 at £507. A further 11 old MOTs on file confirms its mileage. This fun and flared little hot hatch comes with 2 keys and a current MOT valid until November 2020 with no advisories recorded. With just four previous keepers to our current of eight years, these 147 GTA’s are a proper bit of kit, no surprise their desirability is strong, values continue to rise and good examples with under 100k miles are fast becoming collectible and a modern classic investment. Get Involved before you wish you had!

    Buyers please note, the car has been de-catted.  The catalyst is included and in the boot.

  3. Lot Number 61

    23/03/1999 ALFA ROMEO Spider Lusso T-Spark

    1999 Alfa Romeo Spider Lusso T-Spark 16v

    SOLD £3,920

    Only 66,500 miles; very striking in Giallo Ocra with navy blue electric hood and matching leather trim

    Launched at the 1995 Geneva Motor Show, the Alfa Romeo GTV coupe and Spider convertible were rapturously received by press and public alike. Beautifully styled by Pininfarina, both cars featured a flying wedge shape with a low nose and high kicked up tail that looked fast even when standing still. To save weight the bonnet, inner and outer front wings and bumpers were made from a composite plastic, while the rest of the body was galvanized to end once and for all that old Alfa bugbear of rust. Two main engines were available, the 150bhp 2-litre Twin Spark or the more potent 3-litre V6 in either 12-valve 190bhp spec or 220bhp 24-valve spec. Even the 2-litre engine could propel the car to 60mph in 8.5 seconds on its way to a top speed of 137mph while the lighter weight actually made it more fun to drive fast than the 3-litre. Allied to secure front-wheel drive handling were direct 2.2 turns lock-to-lock steering and an all new multilink rear suspension which gave pin-sharp responses. The interior was beautifully trimmed in the best Italian style with embossed leather seats and all the toys you could want including: power steering; twin airbags; seatbelt pre-tensioners; Bosch anti-lock brakes; electric heated door mirrors; one-touch operation electric frameless windows; height adjustable headlamps; alarm immobiliser and central locking. The Spider featured a folding soft-top (electrically operated from 1997) with a five-hoop frame which completely disappeared from sight under a flush-fitting cover. Production of the GTV came to an end in 2005 and the Spider one year later when both were replaced by the Brera. This lovely 1999 Spider has the upmarket Lusso trim pack with striking Giallo Ocra paintwork, navy blue leather seats, matching electric hood and aluminium accents to the interior trim. It has covered 66,430 miles with a decent service history comprising four stamps in the book up to 36,823 miles in 2004 plus invoices for subsequent maintenance in more recent years. Starting instantly and running nicely as we moved it around for these photos, it comes with its original handbooks in the Alfa wallet, an MOT until March 2021 and five old MOTs back to 2008 since when it has only covered some 12,000 miles. Now crying out for more regular use, it will be a nice toy to cruise around in over the remaining summer months.

    For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  4. Lot Number 6

    05/09/1989 Austin 10 Clifton

    1935 Austin 10 Clifton

    SOLD £7,728

    A rare two-seater and dicky; from long term ownership; older restoration; a well documented car

    Purchased by the vendor from the Real Car Company in Wales in 1988 as a project, it took him 24 years to complete the restoration. Photos in the extensive history file show that it was taken right back to the bare chassis. There is a great deal of correspondence attempting to trace its previous owners as well as copies of magazines and books all relating to the Austin 10.

    The car has been much loved and now presents as a sound and usable example of the very rare Austin 10 Clifton two-seater and dicky. The vendor has researched the model extensively and believes that only 750 or so of this model were produced (saloon coachwork having gained popularity during the early '30s) of which some 42 are known to exist.

    The car was gone right through and has been carefully maintained ever since. It hasn't seen a lot of use over the last few years and when last used blew a headgasket which has now been replaced - but the engine not run.

    It has been fitted with front seat belts, but apart from that looks to standard specification. It retains some nice original touches, for example the upholstery has been restored where feasible rather than wholesale replacement.

    It comes with a good hood and sidescreens.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin on 07813 936698

  5. Lot Number 130

    01/01/1800 Austin 12/4 Burnham

  6. Lot Number 51

    01/01/1800 Austin 12/4 Burnham Saloon

    1933 Austin 12/4 Berkeley Saloon

    Lovely original and dependable Austin; rebuilt Mag; little use on rebuilt King Pins

    This super, original and dependable Austin 12/4 comes in Berkely Saloon form - Austin offering a particuarly well-built and contemporary range of bodies on their high-qualty range in the '20s and '30s.

    There are bills on file from around 2006, including a lot of work by Nical Engineering in Beaulieu and in 2012 from Alderton Austin Services who replaced the kingpins and bushes and gave it a thorough service. It had a Magneto rebuild early this year.

    Other than that, we know nothing of its previous life other than it changed hands in 2010 through Ashted Service Station who specialised in these cars. It has a current V5C which states nine previous keepers - we must simply take the car on its face value.

    Fortunately, that is easy enough. It is nice and original, the upholstery in particular. We have been running and driving it about on-site and it certainly starts easily and runs smoothly. We know the King Pins are in good order so it has plently of life in it yet and the bodywork and paint is presentable if not in show condition.

    There is a strong following for these high quality cars and plenty to do with them on the weekends. If a pre-war Austin is on your radar - we thoroughly recomend you take a good look at this one which is estimated for considerably less than it sold for in 2010.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  7. Lot Number 28

    01/01/1800 Austin Seven Gordon England Cup Model

    1928 Austin Seven Gordon England Cup

    SOLD £19,040

    Highly competitive G/E cup; high spec engine with phoenix crank; £1700 spent on axle and brakes; built 1992 to trial by well-known VSCC member

    This well-known Austin Seven Gordon England Cup model was built up from various sources by Phil Stainton in 1992. He enlisted the help of the Diffey Brothers and Geoff Scott Comber prepared the engine.

    Photos on file show the build process, which was as careful and thorough as one could wish. Everything was attended to including a beautifully created replica wooden body with fabric covering, just as the original would have been.

    The spec was carefully thought out - very much with competition in mind, the car appearing at Mallory and Prescott in the mid-'90s.

    The engine is pressure-fed, with a phoenix crank and GPZ 500 pistons and oil pump - the oil filter plumbing alone is a masterpiece! The head is standard chummy as is the cam - designed for maximum torque with trialing in mind. The rods have been strengthened and polished and the flywheel suitably lightened. As can be seen from the pictures, it has a downdraft SU on a special manifold and is reputed to very well indeed.

    Families, aspirations and the need for more speed meant that the car had changed hands by 1998, passing to a new owner again in 2003 and again in 2016. Our vendor purchased the car in 2018 but has not used it as intended hence its inclusion in the sale today.

    A buff logbook on file lists it as an Austin Seven 2/4 seater, first registered on 1st March 1928. The current V5C lists it as an Austin Sports which makes export particuarly easy these days.

    Masses of bills show regular care and attention - a close ratio gearbox rebuild in 2001 by Harry Colledge and a rear axle rebuild with new half shafts and seals costing £1,700 in 2017 standing out, since when the car has done little work.

    There are two VSCC buff forms in the file, and the spec hasn't changed since they were granted so it should be straightforward for its new owner to obtain a form in their own name should they so desire.

    Remaining in lovely order and ready to go, this Austin is on offer for a fraction of the build cost today.

    For further information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  8. Lot Number 92

    01/01/1800 Austin Seven RL Tourer

    1933 Austin Seven RL Tourer

    SOLD £8,620

    Rare open early '30s Austin; runs and drives; excellent hood and sidescreens; downdraft carb; charming

    By the early 1930s, the design of cost effective and long-lasting saloon bodies had developed to such an extent that they constituted the bulk of production, even at the cheaper end of the market. As a consequence, open tourers of the period are quite rare, such is the case with this delightful RL tourer on offer today.

    The long wheelbase chassis introduced in 1932 added a useful 6" to the inside space, making even the diminutive Baby Austin a useful car for the family man - retaining all of the usual Austin attributes - cute looks, reliability, low cost of ownership and a grin from ear to ear.

    Notes on file tell us that it was first registered to a lady in Nottingham in September 1933. She was to own the car for the first twenty years of its life. It passed to Mr Gilbert of Long Eaton, changing hands again in 1961 and 1963 before finding another long-term owner in 1964 who commented 'the two Sutton Bonington owners (1961 and 1963) didn't look after it'.

    We understand he was to keep the car until 2009 - a period of 45 years, the car passing into the hands of a local owner who was to keep it for a further 10 years.

    There are considerable signs of restoration work - quite when it was done we do not know. The upholstery has been replaced and it has an excellent hood and full set of weather equipment.

    The carburetor has changed to a down-draft item on a new manifold. This alone will make a world of difference to its performance and it should buzz along at 50mph all day long.

    The chassis is clean and in good order as is the general condition of the bodywork and the car has an air of originality about it. It is every bit as good as it looks in the pictures and has been running and driving around on-site since arrival.

    There are some letters and notes on file, an old style log book, buff logbook and a few old MOTs.

    Pretty as a picture and with a string of long-term owners, this charming Seven looks exceptional value at the catalogue estimate.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  9. Lot Number 29

    01/01/1800 Austin Seven Single Seater

    c1934 Austin Seven Single Seater

    Stunning aluminium bodied single seater; hot, pressure fed engine; offset transmission with remote; fantastic attention to detail; just completed; lots of potential with all the right bits

    We have no paperwork with this fabulous car, so it is down to the photographs to do the talking.....there is plenty to say.

    It has clearly been built regardless of cost and has been very carefully thought out during the process. One of the problems building single-seaters from conventional road cars is getting the driver low enough in the car. Alfa Romeo used the split transmission in their ground-breaking P3, while later in the same decade, Austin used an offset engine, transmission and rear axle to achieve the same low seat position.

    The builder of this car has incorporated this layout, a major undertaking and in this case beautifully executed. A nice remote gearchange completes the effect.

    The chassis has been fully restored, the axle too as it is fully offset. The springs are flat - giving a real ground-hugging stance and everything is very well finished in blue livery.

    The bodywork is in aluminium of course, again very nicely executed and finished, with an easily removable seat to gain access to the professionally made tank in the tail.

    The proportions of the car are spot-on, with a clever front cowl design based on the works twin-cam racers. The car sits on 15" tyres and refurbished wheels.

    The engine has been professionally put together with a pressure-fed phoenix crank and rods, oil filtration and a brand new aluminium head. Aspects such as the throttle linkages etc have been beautifully engineered. It has been fitted with electronic ignition which is about the only aspect we can see that the VSCC might take issue with for eligibilty, but there are plenty of other series out there such as the 750 motor club who may not bother with such trivialities.

    The car has probably only run for 20 minutes or so and so will require a good shakedown and set-up, but it is all there and all good to go. Obviously its build cost would be at least twice the modest catalogue estimate. If you have ever fancied having a go at some sprints, hillclimbs or circuit racing - this is it!!

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  10. Lot Number 32

    01/01/1800 Austin Seven Ulster Replica

    1930 Austin Seven Ulster Replica

    Freshly built on a LWB chassis; professionally built pressure-fed Phoenix crank engine; all the right bits; ready to go

    Out of the box, this Ulster replica is only on offer due to a complete change of plans by the owner. He has orchestrated the completion of this car to a very high standard as witnessed by the photographs.

    Rebuilt on a LWB chassis, the car carries a 1930 London 'GH' number and Rod Yeates bodywork. It has been built from the ground up, using period correct bits.

    The LWB chassis has a dropped sports front axle, twin shock absorbers and full hydraulic brakes. It carries a very high standard of finish.

    The wheels (five) have been refurbished and fitted with new tyres. The running gear has been professionally built, including a Phoenix pressure fed crank and rods and will need carefull running in before competition use. It has a brand new aluminium sports head, downdraft SU on a sports manifold, 4 into 2 into 1 sports exhuast, Bosch 009 distrubutor and special dynamo unit.

    Details abound, the well stocked dashboard with electronic rev-counter (hidden within the correct Smiths unit), 100 mph speedo, choke and starter pulls and correct steering controls for advance/retard and hand throttle. Under the bonnet the wiring is armoured cable and even the horn looks period correct.

    Fitted with a remote change and a new hood and carpets, there really should be nothing to do but give this car a good shake-down while running in.

    On offer for a fraction of the build cost, this looks exceptional value and will provide huge fun in VSCC competition and the like.

    Bidders are advised that the V5C states the car as a saloon, which shouldn't impact its use in the UK, but may cause difficulties for our European buyers wishing to register the car oversees.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  11. Lot Number 70

    01/01/1800 Bateson Covered Car Transporter

    c2016 Bateson Covered Car Transporter

    Ex-MOD; very little used; in very good order with folding ramp tailgate and side door; Plus VAT

    External dimensions - approx. Total length (inc. hitch) 6.50m Height – 3.20m   Internal dimensions - approx. Length – 4.95m Width – 2.25m Height – 2.50m

  12. Lot Number 94

    31/07/2020 Bedford VYC shooting break

    1932 Bedford VYC Shooting Brake

    SOLD £8,344

    Restored and extremely smart pre-war Bedford; lusty 2.1 ohv straight-six engine; ideal for shooting parties; lots of recent work; fun for the extended family; one of only a handful surviving; transferable number

    Established in 1930, Bedford Vehicles was a subsidiary of Vauxhall Motors (itself the British subsidiary of General Motors), that was dedicated to the production of commercial vehicles. A key part of the GM Europe operation, the Bedford brand proved hugely popular and their range of lorries and light commercial vehicles established an enviable reputation for sturdiness and reliability. Hardly surprising as they used Chevrolet-developed chassis and drivetrains that had been proven in the vast open spaces of 1920s America. The VYC 12cwt van was launched in 1932 and featured a 2.1-litre version of the famous Chevrolet Stovebolt-6, a rugged overhead valve straight-six with a pressure lubricated crankshaft in four main bearings. Smooth, flexible and quiet, it produced a healthy 42bhp at 3,300rpm and was mated to a three-speed gearbox which gave it a top speed of 60mph. Based on the contemporary Vauxhall VY Cadet 17hp saloon, it was good to drive and had a spacious load area that made it a popular choice with delivery drivers and small businesses. Only in production for three years, it was replaced by the 20hp BYC in 1935. First registered in Devon in June 1932, this particular VYC looks most impressive and has clearly been well restored at some point in the not-too-distant past. There is no history with the vehicle but we suspect that the shooting brake body is probably of fairly modern construction and has been very well executed. Our vendor acquired the vehicle from Kent in June last year, sight unseen and on the strength of a verbal description over the phone. When it arrived in Lancashire he was very happy with the appearance of the vehicle but discovered a few minor issues that had not been declared. An experienced engineer well used to working on vintage vehicles, he set about a thorough overhaul to bring it up to the standard that he required. This included redoing much of the wiring to get all the electrics working properly (lights, indicators, wipers, horn, starter, dynamo etc) and an overhaul of the braking system including new split pins on all the rods. All the grease points were regreased and the sump was fitted with a new gasket to cure an oil leak. The rear wings and running boards were replaced and a new floor made. Now in super condition throughout, it is said to start easily and to drive as it should. The tyres are all good (including the spare) and it comfortably seats six in the back. Retaining its original (transferable) number OD 2874, it is believed to be one of only around five VYC models remaining and would make a great promotional tool for any business.

  13. Lot Number 76

    05/09/2003 BENTLEY Arnage R

    2003 Bentley Arnage R

    Just 32,500 miles on this fine 6.75litre, 400bhp leather and walnut clad refined beast; freshly serviced and MOT'd

    The Plutocrats choice when new, ok, well not always, but often. Costing in excess of £170,000 when new this Arnage R offers huge value for outlay at today’s guide. Dating from September 2003, this exuberant car boasts a 400bhp turbocharged 6.75 V8 mated to automatic transmission and is finished in a lovely discreet hue of dark metallic blue with contrasting magnolia hide and burr walnut trim. Our vendor has covered 6,000 happy, trouble-free miles and is selling to keep the wife happy after buying another country property. The car has just been treated to a service and MOT by Hanwells of London in July of this year at 32,695 miles. Also included within the history file are the handbooks, and a service book showing 12 stamps along with purchase invoice from Hanwells in May 2019 for £28,375 when the car had covered 26,948 miles. The fresh MOT runs until June 2021 with no advisories recorded. Mega car with aristocratic looks and for new run of the mill car money. We love them here.

  14. Lot Number 31

    12/04/2008 BENTLEY ARNAGE T

    2008 Bentley Arnage T

    SOLD £21,500

    Late model 500Bhp Arnage T finished in Diamond black with all the luxury one might expect of such a fine model

    Dating from March 2008, this smart Arnage T benefits from the MY2007 updates, including new six speed ZF ‘box (as found in the then new Continental GT Coupe) new low inertia (faster spooling) Mitsubishi turbos (replacing the old Garrett units), and increased engine capacity up from 6750cc to 6761cc resulting in a staggering 500Bhp and mind bending 1,000NM of torque, enough to propel this ‘Blenheim Palace on wheels’ to coin a Clarkson-ism to 180mph and hit 60mph in 5.2 – quite something for a 2.6 tonne machine! Finished in Diamond Black Pearl (9560115) with supple black Beluga hide interior with eye-catching diamond pattern Portland stitching, suggesting the car is a Mulliner spec model, and as such featuring an even higher specification. All Arnage’s have a tremendous spec but we note here electric heated rear seats, lambs wool over mats, drilled pedals, body coloured lamp bezels, sunroof, Bluetooth, electric heated memory front seats with adj. lumbar, Bentley embossed interior, engine start button, sat nav, remote control for the in car entertainment unit, cruise control, air con and Mulliner badging and piano black trim. This five-owner T has covered some 92,853 miles with a file of history and stamped service book showing it was supplied new by Harwoods of Pulburough and ordered by them as the dealer demonstrator according to a vehicle information statement in the file. The service book includes the PDI inspection stamp at 53 miles plus eight stamps plus one hand written entry. The last stamp by Bowling Ryan Ltd, an independent RR & Bentley specialist in Bolton 90,081 miles in May 2018 costing £625. Invoices on file dating back to 2015 show regular maintenance including £1986 spent on pads, rear suspension spheres and new rear strut by P&A Wood in 2014, a major service in 2014 costing £975, an alternator repair in June 2016 costing £607, and repair to the gearbox oil cooler in 2015 costing £540.89 and two new tyres in 2018 costing £400. The car’s MOT expired earlier this year in January 2020 so will require a fresh MOT before its used on our roads again.

  15. Lot Number 41


    2006 Bentley Continental GT

    SOLD £20,160

    44,000 mile coupe with the stonking 550bhp twin turbo W12 driving all four-wheels - what a car, what value!

    Supplied new in 2005, (registered in the UK in August 2006) this wonderful, sleek and powerful 6.0 W12 twin turbo 550bhp all-wheel drive coupe looks to have been delivered to its lucky first owner via Bentley Hamburg who carried out its PDI at 18KM in March 2005, with the running in 1,000 mile service then carried out by Bentley Frankfurt a month later at 1840km. The car’s history is then all UK based with 7 further stamped services all by Bentley main dealers including JCT600, Broughtons of Cheltenham, Bentley Essex and Harwoods of Sussex. The last service was carried out by JCT600 Bentley in June 2017 at 41,899 miles costing £748.91 with the car showing just a few thousand more now at 44,000. This smart GT is finished in a super shade of blue that in some lights looks blue, in others purple with dark blue leather interior and attractive split rim alloy wheels. The specifications of all GT’s is excellent including electric heated memory seats, navigation, six speed auto with Tiptronic and sports mode, on board computer, superb sound system and a vast array of choices of interior trim and leather colour and the same for the wood/dash panel material and colour. You can have what you want with a Bentley, and no two cars are the ever same. A smart GT at an attractive estimate given its low mileage of 44,000 and just four previous keepers. It comes with a current MOT plus 7 old MOTs until February 2021 with no advisories recorded.

  16. Lot Number 58

    01/01/1800 BENTLEY MkVI Mulliner Saloon

    1950 Bentley MkVI Mulliner Sports Saloon

    SOLD £20,608

    From a deceased estate; few owners, the current for 47 years; well-maintained with large history file; valuable number plate; lovely patina and runs like a Swiss watch

    Launched in 1946, the MkVI was the first post-war Bentley to come out of the Rolls-Royce factory in Crewe – which had been flat out for the previous six years making Merlin engines for the war-winning Spitfire. Power came from a beautifully smooth 4.25-litre straight six engine with twin SU carbs and aluminium cylinder head that was good for 95mph. Drive was sent to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual gearbox (floor-mounted to the right of the driver) with single plate clutch. Servo assisted drum brakes provided the stopping power while suspension was independent with coil springs. The MkVI was eventually replaced in 1952 by the long-boot R-Type saloon. Most of the 5,200 MkVI models produced were factory-fitted with a Standard Steel Saloon body that cost £2,997 at launch, but around 20% were individually bodied by coachbuilders such as HJ Mulliner, Park Ward and James Young with prices from £3,500 to £4,000. The chassis alone cost £1,785. This particular car is one of around 100 Mulliner-bodied MkVI saloons with the graceful semi-razor edge styling that was just coming into fashion at the time. Considerably lighter and stiffer than the Standard Steel Saloon, it benefitted from the aircraft construction techniques that Mulliner had perfected during the war years, with much of the framework in cast aluminium and most of the outer panels in aluminium sheet. As a copy of the original build sheet confirms, chassis B494FV was completed in October 1949 and despatched to HJ Mulliner of Fulham where it was fitted with Special Six Light Sports Saloon coachwork with a Tan leather interior. Originally painted Black, it was almost immediately repainted in two-tone Sand over Sable. The finished car was delivered to first owner Dudley C Page of Weybridge via G Kingsbury & Sons of Hampton in March 1950 with the registration number OPC 2 which remains in place to this day. The original buff logbook shows that Page kept the car until 1958 when ownership transferred to Edward Russell Lloyd of Burton-in-Wirral and then in the mid-1960s to Dr JC Macaulay of Shrewsbury who kept it until March 1973 when our vendor acquired it from Wrexham Road Garage in Whitchurch – so it has effectively had just four owners from new, the current for 47 years. A good file of invoices from 1965 onwards detail meticulous upkeep over the years including an engine overhaul by Bentley Motors of Crewe in April 1965 when a new set of pistons were fitted. In 1978 the car was sent to Scott-Moncrieff of Leek where it received a full bodywork restoration and a bare metal repaint in white. The headlining was also replaced using West of England cloth, the interior woodwork refurbished, much of the wiring renewed and the rear lights modified to incorporate flashing indicators. In latter years the car has been maintained by Broughtons of Cheltenham, the most recent service being in April 2011 which included a brake overhaul and a new master cylinder since when the car has only covered around 800 miles. Always kept garaged in the current ownership, the car appears sound and straight, the doors open and close nicely, the interior is mainly original and is pleasingly worn. The paintwork is past its best being somewhat microblistered here and there, but that could be just the excuse you need to return it to its original Sand over Sable colour scheme. A much-loved family member, OPC 2 has always been in light regular use, including tours of France and the Scottish Highlands and has provided suitably regal transport at various family weddings. Very little used in recent years, it nevertheless started promptly and ran like a Swiss watch as we moved it around for these photos, although a precautionary check-over would be advised before any long journeys are undertaken. On offer here from a deceased estate at a very modest guide price, this rare coachbuilt Bentley comes with a good file of history and a very eye-catching number plate which is transferable and doubtless has a substantial value of its own.

    For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  17. Lot Number 40

    05/08/1964 BENTLEY S3

    1964 Bentley S3

    SOLD £18.750

    Tidy and well presented Series 3 with recently rebuilt automatic 'box at a cost of £4,000 and a 6.2 V8 at its heart

    Dating from August 1964 this tidy S3 is powered by the torquey 6.2 V8 and comes with a vast history file with some 32 old MOTs dating back to 1974 along with current V5C, old style V5 and older registration document. In addition, a previous owner has requested the early ownership history from DVLA which is also on file. The owner’s manuals and supplements suggest the car was supplied new by Jack Barclay of London to Caffyns of East Sussex according to copy invoices and documentation dated August 1964. A later purchase invoice and associated correspondence show another change of keeper in April 1975 for the heady sum of £2,753.80 – remember a new E-Type was c.£3,000 around this time, so still a considerable sum for a then eleven year old car. The S3 has been with our vendor since July 2007 during which time he’s enjoyed the car regularly and maintained it well. Invoices on file during his tenure show the car has been treated to a reconditioned automatic gearbox with servo drive-gear at an eye watering cost of £4,898 by Graham Whitehouse Autos in August 2014 along with various trips to local specialists NRT Motors including £640 on a starter motor overhaul, £414 for a radiator re-core in 2012, a reconditioned water pump, major service, new rocker gaskets and replacement master cylinders in 2010 at a cost of £1,364. As a result, the car is as we understand in a very nice usable state, and started immediately, running well as we moved it around for these photographs. A super addition to any collection or a great entry point into proper classic Bentleys.

  18. Lot Number 52

    31/05/1996 BENTLEY Turbo R

    1996 Bentley Turbo R

    Sub-100k example; solid car for cosmetic improvement; powerful Turbo model

    This 1996 Turbo R has had four previous keepers, its current owner acquiring the car in 2018.

    We have not been able to find its service history, but we know from its recent MOTs that it has covered some 7,000 over the last six years and shows 96,000 miles on the clock.

    It could do with some cosmetic improvement - particuarly to the lacquer in a few places and the driver's seat squab has suffered - but no worry - a replacement is included in the sale.

    The car starts and drives and has been used regularly recently - an important thing with these Bentleys as they don't like sitting around.

    Turbo Rs values have hardened of late - this sensible mileage car offering an excellent opportunity to acquire one with lots of potential at the lower end of the price spectrum.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  19. Lot Number 95

    05/06/2001 BMW ALPINA B10 (E39)

    2001 BMW Alpina B10 V8 (E39)

    SOLD £6,944

    A very rare, and fine performance car indeed. Four owners, the last for 15 years. 4.6 V8 with auto box, the gentleman's option to the M5

    Supplied new by Alpina authorised dealer Sytner of Nottingham in summer 2001 this very attractive and rare car is a wolf in disguise like many Alpina brethren. Finished in bright red, the car wears its discreet Alpina body-kit beautifully, the real giveaway to the cars status being the trademark jet-fin alloy wheels, lowered Sachs suspension and bigger brakes. The B10 features a potent 4.6 litre V8 rated at 342bhp mated to BMW’s excellent five speed automatic/triptronic gearbox with steering wheel change buttons too. The interior features black leather seats piped red, all embossed with the Alpina logo. The main dash and trim contrasts fashionably in red. As a facelift E39 series model it features widescreen navigation, heated electric memory seats, cup holders, digital climate control with A/C, parking sensors, traction/stability control, front fog lamps, electrically adjustable Alpina branded and stitched steering wheel, sunroof, Alpina mats, Alpina sill plates and in-car telephone. Wearing its 165,563 miles with consummate ease, it looks and feels like its done half that, no surprise given its been in the same careful ownership since 2005 with just three previous owners to that. The history file includes the smart leather Alpina owners wallet with manuals and service book showing 14 service stamps all by Sytner (4) and North Oxford BMW (10) plus the PDI by Alpina Germany on the 19th March 2001. The last service by North Oxford BMW was in February 2019 at 165,133 miles. In addition to the V5C, the file includes a selection of invoices. Work on file of note includes £1385 spent in January 2018 on repairs to both sills from corrosion, new rocker cover gaskets, and new brake lines. 2 new tyres were fitted in October 2017, a repair to the wiring harness in the boot, replacement brake calliper, pads, handbrake shoes and fluid in Dec-16 costing an eye watering £1913 plus other older invoices. Coming with a MOT valid until January 2021 with no advisories recorded. A rare car, no. 67 of a limited number built it offers a great alternative to the E39 based BMW M5 which were all manual and is somehow less thuggish and more gentlemanly. Don’t let the miles put you off, they are very well made and do double that with ease – we recently sold an older Alpina model that had covered 320,000 miles and it was fighting fit and still in regular use. Rarity and exclusivity hey.

  20. Lot Number 11

    01/01/1800 BMW M6 COUPE

    2006 BMW M6

    500hp V10; 88,000 miles in a great colour combination; awesome soundtrack

    This impressive black over black M6 both looks and sounds the part.

    Supplied with a service book showing 11 stamps plus PDI, the last listed was in 2018 at 87,455 miles. The has only covered 5,000 miles in the last seven years and very few miles since its last service.

    The spec list is impressive too, ordered in Black Sapphire with extended Merino leather, TV function and Bluetooth phone prep. It sold for £81,255 when new!

    Its last MOT expired as recently as June this year so it will require a new test before use once more. A health check at Sytners in Tamworth flagged the eml light showing, rear diff leak and a pdc fault. There was also corrosion to the brake pipes??

    The car was driven around 50 miles to our site and is offered at a price level which takes its MOT requirement and listed faults into account.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  21. Lot Number 21

    11/08/1992 CHRYSLER F58 Roadster

    1926 Chrysler F58 Roadster

    SOLD £9,072

    Super RHD Model A alternative; lusty 3-litre four-cylinder; ex-Australia; just three owners in 30 years

    The Chrysler Corporation was founded in 1925 after Walter P Chrysler took on the reorganization of the ailing Maxwell Motor Company. Development of an all-new model was already underway, Chrysler’s vision being to produce a mass-market car that was higher quality than a Ford, yet more affordable than a Buick. Production of the new Model F58 began in December 1925, the drive-train being based on the latest Maxwell with a 189ci (3,044cc) four-cylinder engine producing 38hp and mated to a three-speed manual gearbox with floor shift controls, shaft drive and a conventional clutch Named for its effortless cruising speed of 58mph, Chrysler’s brochures boasted that the F58: “Offers 3 qualities combined in no other car – 58 miles per hour, 2 to 25 mph in 8 seconds, and 25 miles to the gallon”. Surviving F58s are now rare and the model is viewed by Mopar historians as the very genesis of the Chrysler brand, laying the foundations for an expanding model range which soon made the firm one of the Detroit Big Three. Dating from 1926, this right-hand drive F58 Roadster spent many years in a collection in Australia before being brought to the UK in 1989 since when it has had just three owners.

    Appearing to be in good condition throughout, it was last running in 2019 when it had a new heavy duty 6v batterry.

    Looking splendid in its red and white livery, it comes with hood and sidescreens, a V5C, an old style V5 and  import documents from 1989.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  22. Lot Number 44

    01/01/1800 CITROEN Ami 8

    1975 Citroen Ami 8

    WITHDAWN UNTIL SEPTEMBER French barn find that starts, stops and runs - ideal for some light recommissioning and UK registration

  23. Lot Number 96

    01/01/1800 DAIHATSU Copen

    2005 Daihatsu Copen

    SOLD £3,528

    A stunning Kei car; massive service history; extremely clean and smart with working electric hard top; 50,800 miles only

    The Daihatsu Copen was designed to conform to the strict regulations for Kei cars in Japan, small capacity (and size) vehicles that attracted less tax and were perfectly suited to driving around Japan's ancient and highly congested cities. They had a brief spell of popularity around Europe too, not because of the tax advantages as these didn’t exist, but the ancient and highly congested cities certainly did. Now that the latest Mini is the size of an old Volvo estate, perhaps it would be a good time to encourage their use on our overcrowded roads!  The Copen may have been pint-sized, but it still had plenty of go, its 660cc turbo engine propelling the lightweight very well indeed. Although diminuative, they were brilliantly packaged, with plenty of space for full-size occupents. Jeremy Clarkson famously used one to tour the various manufacturer stands at the Geneva show for Top Gear in 2001, driving around the crowded hall in a Copen to make the point. What can we say about this superb bright-red example. It looks like it has barely left the showroom and the clever electric top works beautifully.
    The car has only covered 50,800 miles from new and the service book shows 18 services (16 stamps and two two additional invoices). It has clearly been very well cared for and the V5C shows three former keepers. The 'no advisory' MOT expires in June 2021.

    The only very minor fly in the ointment is a small patch in front of the rear offside wheel (photographed) where the tie-down strap has rubbed the paintwork which happened when the vendor delivered the car. 
    A Modern Classic if ever we saw one, this car offers economical fun, ease of parking and plenty of go.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  24. Lot Number 97

    30/03/1998 Daimler V8 LWB

    1998 Daimler V8 Auto LWB

    SOLD £8,578

    Two owner, current since december '98 LWB Daimler 4.0 V8 in super condition; picnic tables and just 22,774 miles

    Dating from March 1998, this fine Daimler 4.0 V8 was supplied to our long term owner in December of ’98 by TWR Jaguar of Oxford with 9,100 miles recorded. The purchase invoice on file shows our vendor paid a whopping £41,950 for the car back then. It has seen limited use, with just 22,774 miles covered at the time of cataloguing and must surely be one of the lowest mileage examples of this rare model on offer. The car is the long wheel-base version offering more space for rear passengers to enjoy and is fitted with rear picnic tables in walnut. The car is finished in the attractive hue of Madeira red with contrasting cream hide interior piped light grey. The specification includes cruise control, sunroof, heated electric seats, digital climate control with AC, rear ventilation, trip computer and Valet mode. The car presents well looking as it should with such low mileage although at the time of photographing the battery charge fault indicator was displayed. The car’s history file includes the V5C, owners pack and service book showing six stamps, three by Jaguar, three by the same independent, the last in June 2014 at 21,106 miles. There are also a couple of old MOTs and purchase invoice. The car’s MOT expired in May 2016, although showed no advisories and was at 22,352 miles – only 400 miles ago. A rare car in super order with extremely low miles – find another?

  25. Lot Number 59

    03/08/2020 Daimler DB18 Barker DHC

    1949 Daimler DB18 Barker DHC

    SOLD £13,899

    From a deceased estate; in single family ownership since 1973; one of only c.500 made; transferable number; charming patina and runs beautifully

    The Daimler DB18 was launched in 1939 with a 2.5-litre 70bhp ohv six-cylinder engine and was essentially a development of the earlier Daimler New Fifteen. Built on a cruciform-braced chassis with an underslung worm-drive axle and independent front suspension, it had beautifully light worm-and-roller steering and Girling mechanical brakes. Transmission was by Daimler’s traditional pre-selector gearbox allied to a fluid flywheel which ensured smooth progress and gave it a top speed of 80mph with a 0-60mph time of around 17 seconds. The standard saloon had coachwork by Mulliners of Birmingham but drophead versions were also available at considerable extra cost from coachbuilders such as Charlesworth, Abbott, Barker and Tickford. This impressive aluminium-bodied three-position DHC has coachwork by Barker and was first registered in October 1949. Our vendor acquired the car in 1973 via an ad in Motor Sport where it was described by Sportscar Garages of London as having received "a major overhaul in 1956 and only 38,000 miles since". After haggling the price down from £700 to £570, our vendor had enough change left over to treat it to a full repaint in Navy and Ivory and to get all the brightwork replated at the same time. It was also given a full service and a new exhaust, a new double duck lined hood being also fitted a few years later. The blue leather interior is all original and nicely mellowed. Joining a small collection of vintage cars (Alvis, Bentley, Riley etc), the Daimler was always kept garaged and only lightly used over the following decades, various invoices showing routine upkeep over the years. On offer here from a deceased estate, it retains its original (transferable) number plate, LTB 832, and comes with a V5C, buff logbook, original owner’s manual and spare parts catalogue. Starting promptly and running beautifully as we moved it around at Brightwells, it is uncannily smooth to drive, ironing out the potholes in our yard as if they didn’t exist. One of only around 500 Barker-bodied DB18s produced, this aristocratic motorcar just oozes character and now needs an enthusiastic new owner to give it the more regular exercise it deserves.

    For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com  

  26. Lot Number 83

    01/07/1972 Daimler DS420 Limousine

    1972 Daimler DS420 Limousine

    SOLD £8,120

    A really well-cared for example in lovely order; big money spent; driven 50+miles to the sale; one of the best available

    Introduced as a direct replacement for the Daimler Majestic Major in 1968, the DS420 also superseded the 4-litre Vanden Plas Austin Princess and was to remain in production virtually unchanged until 1992. It was the last vehicle to use the fabulous Jaguar straight-six XK engine. By the time of its demise, over 4,100 had been produced, initially at the Vanden Plas works in North London, with production moving to the Jaguar plant at Coventry in 1979. Favourites of the British and Danish Royal families, as well as official State cars the world over, they also found favour as funeral and wedding transport and offered good reliable service for half the price of a Phantom VI Rolls Royce. They were built around the already massive Jaguar 420G platform, which was extended a further 21” making for a most imposing car which was exactly what the designers had in mind. The driver benefitted very little from all this space while the rear seat passengers had more than they knew what to do with - the rear seat had a width of over six feet! The earlier Vanden Plas-built DS420s are known within the carriage trade as being far better built than later models, the fine two-owner example on offer today dating from 1972. It was purchased in 1981 from its original owners with the odometer reading 36,000 miles. Its first jobs were doing ‘Mayor and Judge work’, collecting and delivering the dignitaries of Shrewsbury. A job-book in the history file lists its duties from 1981 to 1984, and 30 old MOTs show its mileage accumulation to its current reading of 117,000 miles. It received a fully reconditioned engine in 2003 and there are bills on file for work done inside and out. The most significant was a major body refurbishment in 2005. Keith Hockenhall, a well-known restorer fitted new rear wings, repairing the inner arches at the same time. This was a massive job, the bill for the work and subsequent respray totalling some £16,000. At much the same time, a new headlining was fitted and the leather reconnollised. It has not had a great deal of work to do over the last few years and has been showroom stored when not in use. As a consequence, it has retained its lustre and looks most impressive inside and out. Rare, in the sense that it is one of the few DS420s to have been so well cared for and preserved, if one of these superb limousines is on your shopping list – this is the car for you.

  27. Lot Number 14

    01/01/1800 Daimler Light 20 Limousine

    1936 Daimler Light 20 Limousine

    SOLD £16,128

    Impressive car; running and driving and in very presentable order; excellent interior; attractive proportions

    The Daimler Light 20 made its debut in July 1936, filling a gap in the range identified by the success of its close relative, the Lanchester 18. In fact, the Light 20 took most of its mechanicals from the Lanchester...adding a larger 2,565cc six-cylinder engine with conventional valvegear.

    It was fitted (naturally) with a pre-selecter gearbox and fluid flywheel and came with a variety of bodywork options from Daimler themselves or supplied as a 'chassis only' for outside coachwork. Costing £675 in 1935, it was never going to sell in huge numbers, but around 877 were completed before production turned to war work. The model was never directly replaced.

    This most impressive example was purchased by the vendor rather on impulse (we all know how that can happen) and fine though the car is, it is too large for his reducing storage space so on the LIFO principal is up for sale.

    It looks every bit as handsome in the flesh as it does in the photos and has been running and driving about on-site. The proportions of the car are particuarly successful and the interior a joy to behold. It is also blessed with a decent perfomance thanks to an engine sufficiently powerful for the task in hand. There is sadly little in the way of history, but there are a few tax discs from Southern Ireland from the turn of the Millenium, although it is declared first UK registered on 20th May 1936.

    On offer at No Reserve, it represents a fantastic opportunity to enjoy top quality pre-war motoring with the ever enthusiastic and helpful support of the Daimler Lanchester Owners Club.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  28. Lot Number 33

    19/01/1983 Daimler Sovereign 4.2

    1983 Daimler Sovereign 4.2-litre Manual

    SOLD £4,648

    Very rare manual version with just 29,000 miles on the clock; very solid vehicle which needs some cosmetic attention to the paintwork

    This three-owner Daimler has two particularly unusual traits. The first is the extremely low mileage of just 29,000 miles from new and the other is its manual gearbox - very few of these luxury machines being specified without the usual automatic box.

    A letter on file from the second of its three owners, states that he bought it from a gentleman from Newcastle upon Tyne in 1989 with a warranted 19,244 miles under its belt and in pristine condition. Follow-up correspondence with the previous owner confirms that sadly the service book had been lost in a house move.

    The car's second owner used it only for Sunday best, putting the car into dry storage in May 1991 (mileage 19,577) where it was to stay until October 2015 (19,620 miles). It was submitted for an MOT which it passed without comment.

    It was excercised occassionally by its now 95 year old owner on his private land before falling into our vendors hands in February 2016 -still with under 20,000 miles showing.

    Since then, he has used it much more regularly, as can be seen from its most recent MOT which expires in February 2021 with just two minor advisories - one for slight play in a wheel bearing and the other for a rusty exhuast. The odometer still only reads a shade over 29,000 miles from new.

    The car remains remarkably solid and sound, but would benefit from some attention to the paintwork which is clearly illustrated in the images online.

    Surely at the base end of their depreciation curve, these late XJs still deliver grace, space and pace, this one looking particularly attractive given its overall mileage, manual gearbox and overall solidity.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  29. Lot Number 19

    09/03/1966 Daimler V8 250

    1966 Daimler V8 250 saloon

    SOLD £4,088

    Interesting opportunity for cosmetic restoration with a lovely purr; recent £5,000 engine and mechanical overhaul; automatic with nicely patinated interior that offers an ideal opportunity

    Launched in 1962, the Daimler 2.5-Litre V8 was one of the finest cars of its era being a more refined and luxurious version of the highly rated Jaguar MkII. Its crowning glory was the superb Ed Turner-designed all-alloy V8 that had made its debut in the Daimler Dart. This musical and muscular unit developed a silky smooth 140bhp and 155lb/ft of torque which gave the car a top speed of 115mph. Mated to a 3-speed automatic gearbox it endowed the compact Daimler with effortless flexibility that appealed to the marque’s more mature client base. It also had better handling than the MkII, the lightweight V8 giving more favourable weight distribution. It was quietly dropped from the Jaguar range in 1969 after some 17,600 examples had been sold, a real shame because it was a great car which was never properly replaced. This particular V8 automatic is finished in a subtle bronze with brown leather interior and was registered in March 1966. It comes to us with a good history comprising its V5C, nine old MOTs and old style log book showing four previous owners, the last being the company name of the current registered keeper. Invoices on file show the car had been stood for a number of years before being thoroughly recommissioned and then MOT’d through 2010 by Radlett Classic Cars of Borehamwood, Herts after its initial assessment in Autumn 2009. The works undertaken were considerable but include a full strip and rebuild of the brakes and braking system, strip of both cylinder heads to be refurbished and skimmed, new valve springs, gaskets etc after finding they were corroded around the water jacket inlets. These works and additional cost some £4390. The car returned again March 2013 for further works to the power steering and windscreen wiper assembly at a cost of £503.95. Other invoices on file date back to the late 90’s and include welding to the sills and jacking points and works to the exhaust. The history file also includes the car’s original service book with nine stamps, the first at 506 miles by Stratstone Ltd in March ’66, the last by Willets Ltd of Eastbourne in March 1980 at 13,279 miles. Look beyond the cosmetics and faded paint, focus instead on what’s already been done. The car started and ran as it should at the time of our rather wet visit, sounding very sweet. The bodywork and cosmetics could be tackled next but think of it as a great ‘use and improve’ example and go from there. For more information contact Will during normal working hours - 07951 709919

  30. Lot Number 71

    20/07/2006 Dax Tojeiro Cobra

    2006 Dax Tojeiro Cobra

    SOLD £28,683

    Tidy Cobra replica built by one of the most recognised brands and powered by a John Eales (J.E Developments) 4.6 V8 with LT-77 'box - fast and glorious!

    Dating from July 2006 this exceptional Dax Tojeiro Cobra has been with out enthusiast vendor for the past four years during which time he has thoroughly enjoyed his tenure seeing various jaunts to Goodwood, Le Mans and a host of classic and sports car shows at which its been very much admired. Purchased by our vendor from specialist dealer Sovereign in Hampshire in late 2016 the car is of course one of John Tojeiro’s Dax Cobras – he of the AC Ace design fame of course. The car is finished in the attractive hue of Shelby light metallic blue with light silver Le Mans stripes, tan interior, grey carpets and leather cockpit surround. Engine wise, we see here the cherry atop, it’s a J.E Developments alloy 4.6 V8 – John Eales is considered the bees knees when it comes to the Rover V8 – potent being a mild way of putting it. It features large valves, 518 road-race cam, Edelbrock 500 carb, Edelbrock Performer intake manifold, Edelbrock air cleaner and rocker covers, stainless headers, Petronix Flame Thrower distributer and Flame Thrower coil and Magnecor Racing silicone HT leads. The ‘box is an LT-77 5-speed ‘box. The tantalising spec goes on to include the factory option of extended foot wells to suit the taller driver an attractive Motolita timber rimmed steering wheel, Willans 4-point harnesses, emergency battery cut-off, Hallibrand style 17inch alloy wheels, large 4 into 1 stainless side pipe exhausts, P700 headlamps, chrome front and rear over-riders and bars, Brass Craft glass wind wings and sun visors along with a half zip Tonneau cover, hood and side screens for wetter weather. The history file includes The V5C, a current clean MOT valid until December 2020 and a ream of invoices, spec sheet, purchase receipt from 2016 at £32,000 at 9,355 miles, ten old MOTs confirming its covered approx. 13,000 miles in total with an odometer change due in 2017. Also on file, is the original order for the chassis placed in 1999 showing extended footwells and then the Dax Tojeiro body order in late 2001 with delivery scheduled for early 2002 from Dax cars along with a selection of thick tomes from Dax including ‘SVA Guide’, Dax options and price list and assembly guides. Invoices on file show regular maintenance and parts purchase including a recent replacement NSR output shaft in May 2019, lube service and carb set up in March 2018, pair of tyres in February 2017, exchange brake 4pot calliper in June 2010. A repair to the 5th gear synchronising hub and synchro was carried out in May 2015 costing only £216 by B.K Transmissions of Hampshire and also fitment of a Cat 2 Laserline immobiliser system in June 2015 to mention but a few. A quick and very usable example in super order with all the noise, presence, looks and performance you might wish for. Very cool indeed.

  31. Lot Number 49

    01/01/1800 FODEN DROPS

    1995 Foden DROPS 8x6 Hookloader Truck Left Hand Drive


    In Service Date: 30/08/1995. 12,897 kilometres unwarranted.

    In the mid-90s, the British Army ordered several hundred Foden with a hookloading capability, to fulfill the requirement for delivering loads to front-line troops in locations requiring an off-road capability. Needing to deliver items such as containers, flat racks and various other "drop and go" items, the loading could reportedly be carried out within or around 30 seconds.

    DROPS (Demountable Rack Offload and Pickup System) was the named specification, having been also assigned to their cousins fabricated on Leyland Daf platforms. Smart and low mileage Foden DROPS are a rarity, and this one comes from a very small number of this quality.

    To register this vehicle in the UK, we are supplying with it a Date In Service Certificate Official Supplied, which is needed as part of the registration paperwork. HM MoD ask us to ensure we obtain a copy of the Buyer's Passport Id for approval before collection and we remind clients that for clients wishing to export, we will not be cancelling the sale if the client cannot obtain a SIEL Export Licence. Like all items in our auctions, this lot is Sold As Seen.

    As part of further information for the buyer, the MoD declare that this vehicle contains EAR 99, so please see the attached documents for De Minimus letter from MoD. The Foden DROPS contains Assets Subject to Special Controls (ASSC).

    VAT at 20% will be added to the sale price of this lot and a Buyers Premium will be charged at 12% plus VAT on the sale price and added to your invoice.

    The item is for collection from Brightwells Ltd, Stoney Street, Madley, HR2 9NH.

    This lot is Direct from Her Majesty's Ministry of Defence Government Disposals Contract.

    For more information, please contact Matthew Parkin on 07813 936698.

  32. Lot Number 120

    18/11/1976 HONDA 550

    1976 Honda 550

    SOLD £2,744

    An older restoration; running and riding; a nice tidy machine for light recommissioning having seen little use for the last few years

  33. Lot Number 127

    01/01/1800 HONDA C90

    1979 Honda C90

    SOLD £1,804

    Offered by order of the Court of Protection; last recorded MOT issued in 2010; classic striking little cub

    For further information, please contact Toby Service on 07971 579393

  34. Lot Number 57

    20/03/1961 JAGUAR MkII 3.8 Automatic

    1961 Jaguar MkII 3.8 Automatic

    SOLD £20,160

    Fully restored including bare metal repaint and new gearbox; current owner 18 years; ex-Mayor Collection; a smart example of this charismatic sporting saloon

    You will get more smiles-per-mile proceeding along the Queen’s highway in a MkII Jag than you will in virtually any other car, such is the public affection for this quintessentially British sporting saloon. Clothed in one of the finest saloon car bodies ever made, it was powered by an equally fine engine, the legendary XK straight-six which had proved its mettle at Le Mans in the racing C- and D-Types and in the immortal road-going E-Type. With 220bhp on tap, the 3.8 version could launch the MkII to 60mph in 8.5 seconds with a top speed of 125mph. No wonder the cops and robbers loved it so much! First registered in March 1961, this 3.8 Automatic has had just five owners from new, the vendor acquiring it via a Coys auction in 2002 where it was being offered as part of the Mayor Collection in which it had resided since 1989 and had been treated to a "substantial restoration" reputedly at a "five figure cost" as detailed in a work summary on file. However, our vendor soon decided that the car was not up to the standard that he desired. Over the next four years he poured over £12,000 into the car including a bare metal repaint, many new trim parts, rechromed bumpers front and rear plus a brand new automatic gearbox and torque converter which alone cost over £3,700 (invoices on file). Always kept garaged and used in fine weather only, the car has clocked up fewer than 700 miles in the current 18-year ownership (as evidenced by various old MOTs) and has been regularly serviced by Jaguar specialists Grantham Bridge Motors of Droitwich, regardless of the low mileage covered. As you can see it remains in very good order throughout with sparkling Old English White paintwork, a lovely red leather interior and the desirable power steering option. All we can really fault it on are the somewhat indifferent shut lines between the door bottoms and the sills, a repair to the driver’s seat squab and remnants of the original light blue paint on the bulkhead. Starting promptly and running sweetly as we moved it around for these photos, it has an MOT until July 2021. Other documentation includes the 2002 Coys catalogue, an original factory workshop manual, many invoices and a 2017 insurance valuation for £38,000. It also retains its original Coventry-issued registration number, 9497 KV, which is transferable and doubtless has a value of its own.

    For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  35. Lot Number 38

    17/04/1968 JAGUAR MkII 340 Automatic

    1968 Jaguar MkII 340 Automatic

    SOLD £10,976

    Smart example from long term family ownership; 4.2 litre engine from early XJ6 fitted - eminently usable

    Dating from April 1968, this late model 340 comes from the run-out period of the MkII model before replacement by the XJ6 in September ’68. Finished in dark blue with synthetic leather like material Ambla in matching dark blue with burr walnut dash and automatic transmission. The car also retains its period correct circular grills fitted if no fog lamps were specified as optional extras. The car has been in the same hands since September 1994 and has evidently been cherished but lack of use has ultimately necessitated its sale. The history file includes the V5, an old style V5 and original buff logbook. There are an array of historic invoices dating back to the 80’s which include restoration works to the front door skins, inner wings, arches and spring boxes along with more recent maintenance. An engineers report on file dating from 1986 shows the car was fitted with a 4.2 litre unit from an early XJ6, carried out in a ‘safe and professional manner…meeting insurance requirements..’ with an odometer reading of 28,990 miles at the time. Also included in the history file are a Haynes manual, workshop manuals and other literature plus various diagrams. Driven to the sale, the car presents well with tidy body and bright work and sounds well through the stainless-steel exhaust fitted to it. We all love a MkII, and this car represents an enticing proposition at the guide price here.

    For more information contact Will during normal working hours - 07951 709919

  36. Lot Number 1

    01/01/1800 JAGUAR XJ6

    2003 Jaguar XJ6 V6

    SOLD £2,296

    Well cared for Modern Classic driven 100 miles to the sale; service history; offered at No Reserve

    Delivered new by Stratstones in the Grays Inn Road; London, the service book of this 2003 Jaguar XJ6 shows nine stamps to 2016 by which time it had covered 96,000 miles. The current mileage shows 103,280 miles.

    It comes with the 2,967cc V6 235bhp engine mated to an automatic gearbox. The grey leather upholstery and walnut dashboard have stood the test of time very well and it comes fitted with a Parrot hands-free kit and tinted glass.

    The bookpack also includes the handbooks, including that for the touch-screen display and it is MOTd until 5th November 2020 with no advisories.

    Driven some 100 miles to the sale, this Modern Classic Jaguar is on offer at No Reserve so the best bid buys the car.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  37. Lot Number 5

    15/06/1995 JAGUAR XJR (X306)

    1995 Jaguar XJR (X306)

    Rare to find supercharged 4.0 straight-six version showing just 76,131 miles; formerly owned by Top Gear's "Hammond!!"

    A rare find, few seem to remain of this supercharged XJR X306 breed although some 6,547 were believed to have been built. Powered by the venerable AJ16 4.0 straight six engine with the addition of an Eaton M90 supercharger with air-water intercooler the car produced a whopping 326bhp and 512NM of torque – quite the headline figures in the mid 90’s. Supplied new in June 1995 by Caffyns of East Sussex to a corporate owner, Netherwood Ltd it is finished in Jaguar’s classic racing green with cream hide interior, dark wood trim and black dash top and centre console. This super-saloon sits on a set of very attractive one-piece 17inch alloy wheels reminiscent of the wheels that adorned Jaguar’s XJ220 super car and really set it off. This fine example comes to us from longer term ownership and has covered just 76,131 miles. Unusually, the car has had two former keepers of public fame, the previous owner was none other than Top Gears favourite short man who likes a crash, Richard Hammond his name adorning a copy of an old V5. The vendor was actually Hammond’s Chauffeur before retirement and used the XJR for some years driving the star across the country before purchasing it when it was replaced. The second owner was one HRH Prince Torki Bin M Bin Al Kabir, a Saudi Prince and direct descendant of King Abdulaziz who owned the car for a number of years. Complimenting this Lot is a super history file which includes the current V5C, copy old V5’s confirming the previous owners as detailed above along with two owners booklets with manuals and service book showing an impressive 15 stamps with all but one carried out by Caffyns Jaguar the supplying main dealer plus one other, the last stamped by Surrey Jaguar Centre in August 2011 at 55,000 miles. Invoices on file show regular maintenance including new brakes all round in September 2015 at 73,000 miles along with new back boxes in April 2014. Another shows £864 spent on a new cooler kit and PAS hosing at 60,000 miles in 2013 and an automatic gearbox service at 56,000 miles in 2012. The XJR6 comes with an MOT valid until January 2021 with no advisories recorded and two keys plus ten old MOT certificates to back up the low mileage of this fine motorcar with strong provenance.

  38. Lot Number 99

    19/09/2020 JAGUAR XJS

    1991 Jaguar XJS 4.0 Coupe

    SOLD £5,650

    Over £14,000 spent in the last four years including partial repaint, new brakes, new tyres etc; excellent service history; personalised number plate; a lovely example of this fabulous GT

    Launched back in 1975 as a replacement for the E-Type, the Jaguar XJS is one of those rare cars that actually got better as it evolved – all too often it is the first model that is the best while the later ones just get lardier and lumpier. The first major facelift came in 1991 when the Big Cat got larger rear windows, new rear wings, different lights and revised instruments. It also got the superb new 4-litre 24-valve AJ6 engine, a paragon of refinement and reliability that was virtually as quick as the old V12 but with far superior fuel economy (235bhp, 140mph and 26mpg). Reliability was superb and these AJ6 engines have been known to clock up huge mileages without drama. Build quality also improved markedly with a galvanized body shell that was far better protected from our salty winter roads. Dating from September 1991, this early facelift XJS 4.0 is a most impressive example that has had some £14,500 spent on it over the last four years, all detailed in bills on file. Highlights include: partial respray in Regency Red metallic; new brake discs all round; new front brake calipers; new handbrake pads and mechanism; differential reconditioned; new alternator; new windscreen; fuel system TerraCleaned; new headlining; new A/C pump compressor and overhaul of A/C system; wheels refurbished; new Pirelli P600 tyres; Sony DAB radio/CD plus various other items. The car has covered some 121,400 miles to date with an excellent service history comprising no fewer than 20 stamps in the book, the last only 300 miles ago in August 2019. Fitted with a Thatcham Category 1 alarm system and supplied with all its original handbooks, it has an MOT until December 2020 with no advisories and 13 old MOTs back to 1994. A really nice example all round, it started instantly and ran beautifully as we moved it around for these photos. The icing on the cake is the personalised number plate XJI 600 which stays with the car and is transferable.

  39. Lot Number 62

    12/01/1989 JAGUAR XJ-S Convertible

    1989 Jaguar XJS V12 Convertible

    SOLD £8,456

    Current owner 16 years; smart interior; good hood; rust-free; sensible mileage; ready for long distance touring

    Launched way back in 1975 to replace the ageing E-Type, the Jaguar XJS Coupe was largely designed by Jaguar's legendary aerodynamicist, Malcolm Sayer. Low, lithe and elegant, it slipped through the air far more efficiently than the E-Type and was a paragon of stability and silence at speed. Based on a shortened XJ saloon floorpan, it weighed over 100kg less than an XJ12 and in early manual form could sprint to 60 in 6.7 seconds and hit 153mph. In 1981 the XJS received the new HE (High Efficiency) engine with Michael May-designed Fireball heads which improved fuel economy by 20 per cent and upped the top speed to 155mph, making it the fastest automatic car in the world. The long-awaited full convertible version of the Jaguar XJS was finally introduced at the 1988 Geneva Motor Show, a full 13 years after the coupe had been launched. Thoroughly re-engineered to compensate for the lack of a tin-top, it featured a reinforced floorpan, frameless doors and sophisticated electric hood complete with heated glass rear window. Underpinned by the same all round independent coil-sprung suspension and power assisted rack and pinion steering as its fixed head siblings, the soft-top came with anti-lock brakes as standard. Despite the hefty price tag of £40,000 a waiting list was quick to form. Dating from January 1989, this XJS Convertible has had five owners from new, our vendor acquiring it in May 2004 to join a collection of classic cars. Always kept garaged and only lightly used during his 16-year ownership, old MOTs show that it has covered just 3,200 miles during this period, the odometer currently showing 97,600 miles which is nothing for this unstressed V12. Although there is precious little history with the car, there are invoices for new rear brake calipers and pads (including handbrake) in July this year and a new battery in April 2019. The bodywork appears very straight and sound with good paint and no rust anywhere, the underside appearing equally clean and solid. The chromework is also very presentable and the magnolia leather interior is particularly good, as is the electric soft top which works as it should. In fact three months before the vendor acquired the car it had been vandalised which led to it being declared a Cat D insurance loss but the damage was only cosmetic (hood slashed; seats slashed; steering lock broken) with no damage whatsoever to the structure of the car and all was quickly put right. Starting instantly and running beautifully as we moved it around for these photos, it has an MOT until July 2021 with just a couple of minor advisories for slight play in both front wheel bearings and ‘wipers don’t cancel’. For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  40. Lot Number 89

    01/01/1800 JAGUAR XK8 Convertible

    2001 Jaguar XK8 Convertible

    Very eye-catching in Sea Ice Green; 114k miles with excellent service history; bespoke rear hood cover; personalised number; very tidy all round

    Launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 1996, the new Jaguar XK8 Coupe was the replacement for the venerable XJS which had in turn supplanted the E-Type. Designed by Geoff Lawson, who had also penned the stunning XJ220, it shared its platform with the Aston Martin DB7 to which it bore a more than passing resemblance. The first Jaguar ever with an eight-cylinder engine, it's wonderfully refined 4-litre V8 produced 290bhp and could waft the car to an electronically limited 155mph top speed in conditions of uncanny smoothness. First registered in May 2001, this XK8 Convertible looks great in rare Sea Ice Green with a dark green hood and cream hide interior. Our vendor acquired the car in 2010 and has since covered around 23,000 trouble-free miles, the odometer currently showing 113,590 miles. Always well-maintained, it has 13 stamps in the service book up to 100,846 miles in 2015 plus an invoice for another service in September 2019 since when it has only covered around 1,000 miles. The air con system was also serviced and recharged in April 2019. In very good order throughout with just a trace of rust at the base of the rear wheelarches, a dent at the bottom of the n/s/f wheelarch and a cracked wing mirror casing (as shown in the photos), it retains its original owner’s handbook and wallet and a spare key. It has an MOT until March 2021 and 15 past MOTs. Most unusually it also has a detachable GRP hood cover which has more than a whiff of the D-Type about it. The icing on the cake is the personalised transferable number plate which will no doubt appeal to the saddos among you! Only reluctantly for sale because the vendor is now getting on a bit and struggles to get in and out as easily as he once did, this is a most appealing Jaguar all round that will turn lots of heads over the remaining summer months that lie ahead of us. For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  41. Lot Number 13

    03/01/2002 JAGUAR XKR 100 (X100)

    2002 Jaguar XKR 100 (X100)

    SOLD £5,768

    Special edition, 1 of  just 500 built featuring all available options; inc. Garmin navigation and Recaro interior; two-owner car

    “The XKR 100 is a devastatingly rapid car cross-country. In the dry it's got more than enough pure grip for most drivers and astounding traction. Add in terrific seats, a superb steering wheel and great looks inside and out and it has enough appeal to justify its £70k price tag.” Launched in 2002 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Jaguar’s founder, the late Sir William Lyons, the XKR 100 certainly impressed the writers at EVO magazine. Produced in a limited edition of just 500 cars (half coupes and half convertibles and only 160 available to the UK), it had many improvements on the standard XKR. The 4-litre supercharged V8 packed the same 370bhp punch, sufficient to propel the car to 60mph in just 5.1 seconds on its way to a top speed of 155mph, but the chassis, steering, brakes and gearbox were all considerably tweaked to provide a more sporting feel. Only available in black, the XKR 100 also had massive 20” Montreal alloys and a bespoke interior with black leather Recaro sports seats, smoked grey bird’s eye maple veneer, a bespoke steering wheel and gear lever and various flashes of aluminium trim. Supplied new by HA Fox of Cheltenham in January 2002, it has had just two owners to date and covered some 108,400 miles with a stamped service book, owners manuals and a selection of invoices plus a JDHT Heritage Certificate is also present to prove that it is indeed a genuine XKR 100. Fully loaded in the usual XKR 100 manner, it has a black leather Recaro sports interior (unique to the model),  retro fitted Garmin sat nav in place of the outdated factory unit and 20” Montreal alloys.

    The car comes with a current MOT running until January 2021 with just one advisory for tyre wear.

  42. Lot Number 25

    01/01/1800 JEEP Hotchkiss JH101

    1955 Hotchkiss Willys Jeep JH101

    SOLD £9,018

    Spent its life on the Cote D'Azur; runs and drives; needs brakes and tidying; easy project; fun and easy Series I alternative

    This Civilian JH101 model Willys Jeep was manufactured in France under licence by Hotchkiss. Post-war, various attempts were made to sell new Jeeps to those requiring genuine off-road ability in a General Purpose vehicle - the JH101 was built specifically for this market.

    This one has lived in the sunny south of France which would account for its solid condition and the car still runs and drives (but doesn't stop).

    In original condition, some recommissioning to include a few days work on the brakes and wiring and some fresh tyres should see it back on the road again. Bills on file suggest it was last used in anger in 1999 and it comes with its original French registration document and official declaration of sale dated 2010.

    More interesting than a Series Land Rover and with just as much off-road ability, this simple, rugged and fun Jeep looks great value.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  43. Lot Number 78

    01/01/1800 L&R 3 TR3 Lightweight Replica

    1993 L&R 3 TR3 lightweight replica

    SOLD £8,400

    Factory-built production model; professional spaceframe chassis; hot 2.0 Pinto engine with Type 9 5-speed 'box; quality fibreglass body; modern-day classic motoring with real performance

    When you see this car in the flesh, it is only when you get close up that you start to question what you are looking at. The L&R 3 was the brainchild of Les Hunt and Ray Leech (L&R get it!) who ran a successful business making fibreglass components for trucks, fire engines and wheelchair buggies (to name a few).

    They were Triumph fans and wanted to use their expertise to manufacture cars (and kits) for a TR3 Replica.

    They based their moulds on imprints taken from geniune panels and assembled these onto a state-of-the-art spaceframe chassis with designed input from the team involved in the Caterham. The two-litre Pinto seemed the natural choice of power unit which they mated to a Type 9 5-speed gearbox.

    The suspension is independent all-round and the cockpit finished very closely to the original design. Externally, the only real giveaway to its true identity are the slight arch extensions which mask the slightly wider track.

    Their plan was to go into limited production, and once they got past the first prototype stage, this very car was the first production car they completed. They did such a good job of it, that it is the car used in the original brochure and for press use (copies on file).

    It was first registered in April 1993 and reads in the logbook as an L&R 3. We understand that approximately 10 were produced before the partners called it a day - the costs and complications of producing a low-volume car defeating them in the end - well, they wouldn't be the first would they?

    This car came into the vendor's hands in 2016 and appears to have done a shade under 17,000 miles since it was produced. It is extremely well specified, including a windscreen and sidescreens (not fitted), a set of wire wheels (currently also not fitted), hood sticks and a hood cover (yep - currently not fitted) and a tonneau - which is!

    The vendor has currently set it up for fast road/track day use, with four new Pirelli 15" tyres on Minilite style wheels. He has also added brown leather seats from an MX5 which suit the car well and are most comfortable. Just recently it has had a new master cylinder and a replacement brake caliper.

    The Pinto engine has been tuned - we are told with a stage 3 head and is reputed to go extremely well...the vendor refers to the car as a 'lightweight' - adding that it weighs some 250kilos less than the original - no wonder it goes like stink.

    This is an interesting and sophisticated alternative to a Cobra or Locaterfield kit build and is already done for you!

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  44. Lot Number 129

    01/07/2019 LAMBRETTA TV175

    1960 LAMBRETTA TV175

    Smart example, fresh engine rebuild, runs and rides

    Imported some time in 2017. The vendor however was not satisfied with the bikes engine, so it was taken to Dual Sport Motorcycles in Ledbury who removed the engine and fitted new crank mains, bearings, seals and gaskets costing £588.

    That done, the bike is now tickety-boo and ready for the trip to Brighton....well, when we are allowed.....

    It also comes complete with V5c and an original handbook - in English.
    For further information, please contact Matthew Parkin on 07813 936698


  45. Lot Number 50

    01/01/1800 LAND ROVER 109" Cab-Chassis with tray

    1971 Series III 109" Cab-chassis with Tray

    SOLD £8,960

    A useful and very well preserved Ozzy Tray-Back; not your average 49 year old Landy; highly original and on the button; one for the serious collector

    It is a mystery why it took the UK market so long to latch onto the mighty pickup - but boy has it done so now. In Australia of course, the 'beaut ute' is a way of life and Land Rover did well selling their range as chassis cabs for local bodywork.

    Being a practical bunch, the Australians favoured the Aluminium Tray-Back - giving maximum payload with a low load height and large load area. This is one such vehicle.

    Sourced from the state of Victoria, the climate has been kind and its owner/s have really cared for it - the truck retaining a great deal of originality yet remaining in really nice order.

    It has been running and driving while on-site and has clearly had some chassis cleaning and painting (that's saved a job) done to protect it against our climate.

    It was sent to Australia as a CKD kit for local assembly and uses the familiar 2,286cc four-cylinder engine. Sadly, we are not blessed with a large file of paperwork to know its history overseas. What we do know is that it arrived back in the UK in 2017 and is one of the more interesting Series Land Rovers that we have had through our hands. It has the correct NOVA number to prove that all taxes and duties have been covered so UK registration should be straightforward.

    The photographs give a very clear indication of its overall condition and we think you would struggle to find a more original and unmolested example.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  46. Lot Number 34

    01/01/1800 LAND ROVER 110

    1987 Land Rover 110

    SOLD £6,720

    Ex-Singapore Armed Services; recent paint; well specc'd and in very sound order

    Supplied new to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in 1987, this smart 110 was imported into the UK recently and comes with a dating certificate from Land Rover stating its year of build as 1987. It also comes with a NOVA number showing all duties paid. It is not UK registered.

    Puported to be built as a generator truck, it runs 24volt electrics and has the rugged and basic 2.5-litre naturally aspirated diesel mated to an LT77 gearbox.

    The signs and stickers on the car are in English and Chinese and we are advised that it has a RADHAZ kit fitted for colder climates - quite why for Singapore we are not so sure...

    Recently given a repaint in military green, the chassis and bulkhead are as one would expect from a hot climate and it runs and drives as one would expect. There are a few minor tidying jobs to do, sorting lights mainly and the top covering is present but has tears in places.

    If you are looking for a reliable workhorse in rock solid order, this looks ideal. It could be turned into whatever variety of 110 you desire very easily and will go on forever...

    Bidders are advised that VAT at 20% will be added to the hammer price.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  47. Lot Number 37

    01/01/1800 LAND ROVER Defender Diesel (LWB)

    2010 Land Rover Defender Diesel (LWB) RWMIK+

    In Service Date: 20/10/2010. 2,620 kilometres unwarranted.

    The Land Rover Defender Wolf was a long-time favourite vehicle for use in theatre or on domestic duties, as far as Her Majesty's Ministry of Defence Buyer were concerned. After a major re-fleeting of Land Rovers in the late '90s, different variants came to the fore in the attempt to accommodate war zones in unique global situations and the expanding types of warfare that the military were beginning to be faced with.

    Certain situations called for a vehicle that would undertake reconnaissance or be the support for artillery platforms that needed to get close to enemy positions. The Wolf was considered to be agile and yet tough enough to fill this role, so the design needed to protect the soldiers would need to carry out this role. WMIK (Weapons Mounted Installation Kit) was to be one of the variants that would develop for this function and Land Rover hooked up with Ricardo Vehicle Engineering to produce them, with the RWMIK+ being a version of which is before you here – the R purportedly stands for Revised.

    The original vehicle in service would have supported up to two machine guns of varying capabilities, as can be indicated from the remaining infrastructure, but we cannot be sure what was originally fitted to this particular model. What you have here, though, is an eye catching example of some of the most recent vehicles from the British Army. The condition report is well worth a look.

    There are several conditions we ask buyers to meet, when purchasing items from HM  Ministry of Defence. Passport ID is required for MOD approval before collection. For clients wishing to export - Export Licence required. VAT at 20% will be added to the sale price of this lot.  A Buyers Premium will be charged at 12% plus VAT on the sale price and added to your invoice. 
      We remind buyers that this lot is subject to an EAR/ASSC rating, the details of which will be provided to the purchaser and will be subject to the purchaser’s approval to accept, due to export controls.

    This vehicle will be available for collection from our Brightwells Site at Stoney Street, Madley, Herefordshire HR2 9NH

    Direct from Ministry of Defence Government Disposals Contract

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698  

  48. Lot Number 12

    26/08/1983 LAND ROVER S3 88"

    1983 Land Rover S3 88"

    SOLD £6,160

    Good usable late model S3 in tidy, usable order with Overdrive

    Dating from August 1983 this later model Series 3 88" looks like a good usable old truck, and according to MOT records online has covered only around 3,000 miles in the last 12 years. It comes with a current MOT valid until February 2021 with no advisories recorded showing 13,809 miles which we can assume to be 113,809 given its age and the odometer resets at 99,999! Looking appealing in that lovable utilitarian style with its grey lower bodywork and white van top the truck started and ran well as we moved it around for these images. The rear load area has been fitted out with checker plate to help protect the floor and wheel arches adding to the appeal and usability with bench seat. The cab looks tidy enough with a smart set of three vinyl seats and desirable overdrive. Under the bonnet we find the 2286cc petrol four with a couple of obviously new parts fitted including coil and carb. The underside shows the usual signs of surface corrosion with a few areas that might require a bit of attention, but it looks like most Land Rovers of this period (see images) and shouldn’t present too many problems for the dab hand. This s3 comes with its V5C and current MOT only.

  49. Lot Number 67

    01/01/1800 LAND ROVER Series I

    1955 Land Rover Series I 86" Petrol

    SOLD £5,936

    AMENDMENT; A rock-solid vehicle which runs but needs work; easy project; Australian import from a small private collection

    Imported into the UK in 2017, it is a cut above the usual fayre in that it runs and drives - although is some way from fit and healthy....still, the basics are there and very sound, it has the usual compliment of ancilliaries and would be very straightforward to put back on the road.

    Sourced from a small collection in the north of England, it looks exceptional value at the suggested guide price.

    AMENDMENT: The reference to ULR motors in this description relates to lot 46  - not 67.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  50. Lot Number 46

    01/01/1800 LAND ROVER Series I 86"

    1955 Land Rover Series I 86" Petrol

    SOLD £6,497

    A very solid Australian import; from a small private collection; run and drives; needs work but an easy project; just how we like them

    You may have noticed that we have have few Australian Land Rovers through our sales of late - our selection in this sale coming from a new source - a small private collection from the north of England.

    Another one of our Australian imports, this 1955 86" was delivered new by the Melbourne-based Land Rover Dealership ULR Motors in Malvern, who are still trading to this day.

    Imported in 2017, these have come from the State of Victoria and have been well chosen based on condition and originality.

    Living in a region with benign weather, they have survived remarkably well, this 1955 CKD (locally assembled) 86" remaining in good solid order. The attached photos show the basic condition of the chassis and while it has been onsite, it has been running and driving - although will need work before it is safe and reliable for use on our roads.

    It comes with the correct NOVA documentation so UK registration should be a formality.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  51. Lot Number 68

    01/01/1800 LAND ROVER Series IIa Six-cylinder 109" Trayback

    1967 Land Rover Series IIa Six-Cylinder Trayback

    AMENDMENT: A very rare and intersting variant; factory six-cylinder; Ozzy trayback body with tilt; lovely condition; rock solid

    The factory six-cylinder Land Rover was not a particuarly popular choice as they were expensive to buy and pretty thirsty when driven with any determination. They were however silky-smooth and turned the normal four-cylinder variant into the workhorse it always promised to be.

    In Australia, fuel prices were low and so consumption really didn't affect sales. The competitors from Toyota had big sixes and sold well too.

    This fine 109" six-cylinder Series IIa dates from 1967 and was sent out as a CKD kit for local assembly. The first owner chose a chassis cab only, prefering to add his own aluminium Trayback in true Ozzy tradition. This one even comes with a full tilt.

    The truck has remained in lovely original order, although plenty of work has been done to protect the chassis from the less amenable UK climate. It presents extremely well and is in fine order. Sadly, we don't know much more of its time in Australia.

    Bidders are advised that the car comes with a NOVA number, for which the importer used the incorrect vin so this paperwork exercise needs to be sorted before the DVLA will issue a new registration number.

    Rare and interesting, this lovely Series IIa is a must for any serious Land Rover collector.

    AMENDMENT: We are advised that there are documents included which show the correct VIN which have been verified by the Land Rover Series 2 Club Vehicle Registrations Officer and should be attached to the DVLA registration application which should do the trick to get it UK registered.
    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  52. Lot Number 65

    01/01/1800 LAND ROVER Series III Hi Cap Pickup Diesel

    1982 Land Rover Series III Hi Capacity Pickup

    SOLD £3,418

    Replacement chassis just fitted; running and driving with just a few minor cosmetics to complete; the last truck you will ever need

    Since its arrival onsite, we have discovered that this unusual Hi Cap diesel was sold by us back in 1998.

    It had spent most of its life on a large Estate in Shropshire having clearly led a busy life working on the farms. Its new owner intended to restore it to its former glory, but never quite got round to getting on with the job, by which time the chassis was in a very parlous state.

    He passed it to the vendor who is always up for a new project. He organised to have the chassis replaced which has now been completed - the body having been lifted away and a replacement (excellent but possibly not new) chassis fitted. This has included work to the brakes with new cylinders etc and new shock absorbers and fixings too.

    A change in plan has meant that he is no longer committed to finishing the job - which is where you come in. The vehicle does need some more work, but all basic and simple Land Rover stuff. The underpinnings and (most) of the panel work is perfectly serviceable.

    The engine starts and runs - we have even used it for several small jobs while it has been with us onsite and the brakes, although largely new, will need some bleeding and adjustment. Available for the cost of the replacement parts and chassis replacement alone, this rare pickup would make a really useful tool around your own Estate in the country, or as a general workhorse if you haven't got one of those.

    There is no paperwork supplied with the vehicle and the registration number is no longer on the DVLA database - presumably because it spent so much time untaxed in its early days.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  53. Lot Number 3

    01/01/1800 MERCEDES-BENZ 190 2.5D Automatic

    1992 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5D Auto

    SOLD £1,710

    Well cared for car with considerable expenditure in 2018; driven 100+ miles to the sale; nice number

    The  Mercedes W201 190 series marked the introduction of a smaller, more affordable car into a new market segment for Mercedes. Still engineered as if hued from a block of granite, it was a huge success, with 1.8 million produced between 1982 and April 1993.

    This 1992 example has the 2,497cc naturally aspirated five-cylinder diesel mated to an automatic gearbox. Its attractive dark red paintwork remains in good order bar a few areas with lacquer issues and the wheel arches are presentable.

    There are eight old MOTs, its current test expiring in July 2021 and showing no advisories. A notebook details considerable service work in 2018 (at 145,001 miles) which included new front discs and pads, new front shock absorbers, new front springs, a new exhaust and a replacement heater motor. In addition, refurbed alloy wheels were fitted with new tyres, wiper blades added and a gearbox service with fresh oils and filters. The back axle oil was replaced as were the fuel filters and engine oils. Finally new discs and pads were fitted to the rear and the car carefully undersealed.

    Complete with its nice registration number J6 JFS, this very well preserved and recently serviced 190E has worn its 151,891 miles extremely well and in all probability has yet to reach its half-life.

    On offer at No Reserve, it will give its new owner all of the Mercedes-Benz virtues of quality-build and dependablitly with decent economy into the bargain.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  54. Lot Number 66

    01/01/1800 MERCEDES-BENZ 230SL

    1964 Mercedes-Benz 230SL Pagoda

    SOLD £37,520

    Just two owners and 74,600km from new (46,400 miles); supplied new to France; 4-speed manual; matching numbers; highly original; excellent soft top; ready to enjoy

    Dating from 1964, this 230SL Manual had just one French owner for the first 13 years of its life, one Bernard Corouge of Mont La Ville, a small village 40 miles north of Paris. He clocked up 56,000km in the car (34,800 miles) with a good file of invoices charting upkeep during this time (all in French, naturellement). In April 1977 he advertised the car for sale at 17,500 Francs and it was bought by an American gentleman living in Paris, one Ralph W Drayer. Three months later, Drayer returned to Waynesboro, Virginia, and had the car shipped over to America ahead of him. Drayer was to keep the car for the next 42 years, adding only 18,600km to the odometer which currently shows 74,600km (46,400 miles), as confirmed in documents on file. Invoices show that he had the car smartened up on arrival, including new bumpers, a new hood and a repaint of the front end. Other invoices attest to regular upkeep over the next few decades, all servicing from 2009 onwards being carried out by Sea Island Auto Service of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Our vendor acquired the car in 2019 and had it shipped back to England earlier this year with all duties paid. It has not yet been UK registered for the simple reason that DVLA is in some disarray at the moment and it is taking longer than usual to get all the paperwork sorted. However, both the NOVA document and the original US Certificate of Title are both on file so the new owner should have no difficulty getting it registered using the requisite DVLA form. Finished in its original white with a blue vinyl interior (including rear child seat), this low mileage, matching numbers, two-owner Pagoda remains in good and highly original condition throughout. Much of the paintwork appears original and is therefore somewhat dull in places. Perfectly acceptable as it is, it would be transformed by a respray. Starting promptly and running nicely as we moved it around for these photos, it looks mighty tempting at the sensible guide price suggested.

    We have just checked the soft top on this car and it is navy blue and looks virtually new and unused. For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  55. Lot Number 63

    01/01/1800 MERCEDES-BENZ 230SL

    1966 Mercedes-Benz 230SL Pagoda  Chassis Number 11304212016558

  56. Lot Number 53

    05/06/1975 MERCEDES-BENZ 240D LWB

    1975 Mercedes Benz 240D LWB (W115)

    SOLD £3,809

    Rare 2.4 diesel LWB automatic limo with seating for upto 8 passengers; in storage for many years, will need some recommissioning, showing just 79,792 miles

    Dating from June 1975 this W115 series 240 Diesel ‘Lang’ model is the rarer LWB (long wheel base) version (Vin No. W115.119XXX), one of just 3,655 built between 1973 and 1976 and comes to us from a deceased estate. The car has been with the vendors for some 24 years seeing limited use until ill-health forced the car into storage along with others in his collection in 2010 when the car was last on the road and MOT’d. Arriving to us in a non-running state straight from storage, confirmed by the fine layer of dust atop its boxy proportions the car appears in sound order. There is no battery and we have not attempted to start it given its been stood for so many years. However, these old MB diesels are well known to be bullet proof and shouldn’t take an oily hand long to get her running. Showing just 79,792 miles on the clock, which if genuine, is remarkably low for one of these ‘proper’ W115 series Mercs a look at its MOT history shows little use between Mots prior to mothball. The interior finished in blue MB-Tex has worn well and looks to permit 8 including the driver with the folding set of additional seats in use. The 240D’s history file includes only its V5C and is offered here without Reserve.

  57. Lot Number 17

    14/05/1990 MERCEDES-BENZ 260E Auto

    1990 Mercedes-Benz 260E Auto

    Luxury classic motoring  showing 135,000 miles from new; 24 stamps in the book; very clean and tidy

    Delivered new through Rivervale in Brighton in May 1990, this Astral Silver 260E has clearly led a sheltered life over the last 30 years.

    The service book shows no fewer than 24 stamps, its last service taking place at MB Autoworks in November last year at 135,152 miles.

    The rest of the book pack is present and the extensive history file inlcudes lots of bills and an old style V5 which shows it entered the vendor's family in 1997 directly from its first owner. It has passed through various family members which explains why the V5C now shows four previous keepers. It carries a no advisory MOT which expires in November 2020

    They have clearly looked after it very well and it drove some 70 miles to the sale without missing a beat. These W124s have been popular for a while now, their extreme durability, driveability and comfort offering a distinct contrast to today's oversized and overstyled offerings..

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  58. Lot Number 73

    01/09/1992 MERCEDES-BENZ 300GD (W463)

    1992 Mercedes Benz 300GD (W463)

    SWB 3-door manual 'box 3.0 diesel (OM603 engine) with turbocharger fitted, sunroof and burr walnut trim showing just 115,500 miles by its five owners

    Dating from August 1992, this W463 itineration of the legendry G-Wagon is of the ‘newer’ extensively revised generation which saw a move away from spartan utilitarian style of the past to a more luxury based specification to rival the Range Rover. Finished in gorgeous light blue metallic and in desirable 3-door form the vehicle is in 300GD spec with uses the venerable OM603 series 3.0 diesel engine, usually naturally aspirated and developing 111bhp, however looking under the bonnet it evident a previous owner decided that wasn’t sufficient and has fitted a turbo charger, or changed the engine to the 3.0 OM606 turbo diesel unit or 3.5 OM603.972 turbo diesel unit – this is unfortunately not clear as the vehicles history has been lost bar the V5C and current MOT valid until February 2021 with no advisories recorded. However, the G presents well with straight bod-work showing few signs of its age or 115,500 miles. The interior looks clean and tidy. The car started and drove well when we moved it around for these images. A super alternative to a classic Range Rover or Land Rover, these go anywhere machines have a certain something about them that makes them acceptable and ever-so-cool no matter where you’re lucky enough to rock up in one – hence why they still cost what they do and are still being built by Mercedes.

  59. Lot Number 81

    01/01/1800 MERCEDES-BENZ SL500

    1992 Mercedes-Benz SL500

    Under 48,000 miles from new; huge spec; AMG wheels; Japanese import; a lovely example; fresh MOT

    This impressive top of the line R129 SL was sold new in Japan in 1992.

    As is often the case in that country, mileages are minimal, which explains why this car has only covered an average of 1,700 miles per year.

    It retains its original Japanese paperwork although no hand book as such. The V5C shows that it was imported into the UK in 2016 and registered in June of that year K876 EEP.

    It had some new top strut mounts at that time and an MOT which was needed to register the car. Since then it has barely turned a wheel and remains in stunning order, sitting on a set of AMG wheels.

    The vendor informs us that it is indeed a fine car, the only fly in the richly iced cake (to mix metaphores) are the hood rams which do not hold fluid - a common enough issue on these R129s we are led to believe when the hood is not operated regularly.

    Complete with hard top, this impressive 5-litre V8 is one of the nicest we have seen and the way interest in these beautifully engineered Mercedes' is going, looks like an excellent place to store some hard earned cash...

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  60. Lot Number 88

    12/03/2003 MERCEDES-BENZ SL500 (R230)

    2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500 (R230)

    SOLD £7,000

    Loaded with toys and a low mileage of under 60,000; key-less go; electric heated & cooled(!) seats with massage "Pulse" facility; light wood trim; folding metal roof; Comand navigation; auto lights & wipers; ABC sport suspension; BOSE sound system

    This most impressive SL500 was sold through Brightwells back in 2016 to a local owner. They have enjoyed it, the car having cruised down through France as well as being enjoyed for more local journeys on sunny days. It now doesn't get the use that it did, so is reluctantly up for sale - nice number plate (S500 TCP) and all.

    The car still has fewer than 60,000 miles on the clock and has recently had a new alternator fitted. In 2017 it had a new fuel pump and filters fitted beyond which it has proved a paragon of reliability and sophistication. It is MOTd until December of this year - showing no advisories

    It comes with its handbooks, including sat nav instructions - although the vendor points out it will need a new upadated disc to function properly again.

    The bodywork condition is impressive and the wheels are good - the automatic top is also in good working order.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  61. Lot Number 20

    09/04/2003 MERCEDES-BENZ SL500 (R230)

    2003 Mercedes Benz SL500 (R230)

    WITHDRAWN UNTIL THE SEPTEMBER SALE Superb four owner example in desirable Tanzanite Blue with grey leather and just 69,800 miles

    Supplied new in April 2003 by Mercedes Benz of Swindon this attractive R230 series SL (Sports Lightweight) is finished in the desirable hue of Tansanite blue metallic with light grey leather interior and burr walnut trim. This model of course, features the clever folding metal roof which stores neatly away in part of the boot. Equipped with the powerful yet superbly refined 5.0 V8 which develops 306bhp it is driven through automatic transmission with Tiptronic option along with Sports or Comfort modes. The interior specification includes heated electric memory seats with adjustable lumbar, automatic lights, rain sensing wipers, Mercedes Comand navigation and in car entertainment, dual zone climate control with air con and on-board computer as well as cruise control, wind deflector, roll bar etc. As a higher spec model, it also features air suspension combined with ABC – active body control, allowing an adjustable ride height and stiffness at the touch of a button – very clever, very comfortable and/or sporty when needed. This lovely four owner example has covered just 69,800 miles and comes with a stamped service book showing eight stamps plus final inspection stamp. The last stamped service (with supporting invoice) was at 65,139 miles by Maundsell Performance Specialists of Oxfordshire in July 2018. However, since then, the car has had two annual health checks at our local, reputable MB specialist in Hereford. There are 2 keys, four old MOTs and in addition, the car will come with a fresh MOT in time for the sale which includes fitment of a replacement front strut. These cars love being used and are all the better for regular use, so get bidding and go and enjoy it, either roof up, or, at the touch of a button, roof down. Super.
    For more information contact Will during normal working hours on 07951 709919

  62. Lot Number 69

    20/03/2003 MERCEDES-BENZ SL500 (R230)

    2003 Mercedes Benz SL500 (R230)

    SOLD £5,807

    Tidy R230 with the thumping 5.0 V8 engine in silver with light grey heated electric leather and Comand Nav showing 90,000 miles

    Dating from March 2003 this earlier model R230 series SL500 features the powerful 5.0 V8 and has had four owners from new who have covered just over 90,000 miles in this folding metal roof convertible Merc. The SL is finished in popular Tellurs Silver and sits on standard 7 spoke 17inch wheels with grey Alpaca leather and burr walnut trim inside. There is factory navigation via MB’s Comand system which also doubles as the radio/CD player. Further specification features include heated electric memory seats, automatic lights, rain sensing wipers, electric lumbar adjustment, cruise control with speed limit function, head lamp wash, dual zone climate control with A/C and adjustable air suspension with ABC. Transmission is automatic with Tiptronic option and this example also features tinted windows for added privacy. The history file includes the V5C, DX navigation disc dated 2004, owners pack with manuals and supplements, a selection of invoices including for historic servicing by both MB main dealers and Halfords Autocentres along with health check reports and 9 old MOTs. Invoices of note include one for a replacement alternator in November 2015 at a cost of £465, and a major service including braking system consumables costing £896 by MB Wolverhampton in 2010. The car comes with an MOT valid until July 2021 with just 2 advisories for front brake pads and is, as we understand, ready to be enjoyed. Further bonus is the inclusion of the private plate 'W8NHC' with this lot.

  63. Lot Number 4

    27/06/2002 MERCEDES-BENZ SLK230 Kompressor (R170)

    2002 Mercedes-Benz SLK230 Kompressor (R170)

    SOLD £2,856

    Smart supercharged 2.3 SLK with innovative folding metal roof; leather interior and automatic/tiptronic 'box showing just 74,755 miles. AMMENDMENT

    Supplied new in June 2002 and finished in Brilliant Silver with contrasting black leather and brushed aluminium trim. The car is fitted with the powerful yet surprisingly economic 2.3 four cylinder engine with supercharger giving it 197bhp resulting in a surprising turn of speed. Our vendor has owned the car for past three years covering just over 3,000 enjoyable miles giving it a total of 74,755. During his tenure, he has spent some money on tyres, a new washer pump and jet along with ignition coil and new rear brake pipes at significant cost. The near side rear window regulator required replacement by our local MB Specialist Gerry Doverman of Hereford in November 2018 at a cost of £511 including a health check. This R170 series SLK comes with a history file including V5C, owners pack and service booklet showing 4 stamps, the last in November 2017 at 72,000 miles along with five old MOTs in addition to its current MOT valid until November 2020 with one minor advisory recorded for deterioration of the central brake light. These original generation SLK’s are really good news, offering a rakish design with the hugely practical folding metal roof and usable boot space with a range of engines, the 230Kompressor being the engine of choice and offer great value for money as a usable sports car with low running costs particularly when offered at No Reserve as we have here.

    AMMENDMENT -  Rear left window appears non-operational

  64. Lot Number 18

    01/01/1800 MG 14/40 Sports

    1929 MG 14/40 Sports

    Rare and well documented genuine MG; lots of history; nicely patinated; very usable; first registered in UK but delivered to Ireland in 1929

    Well documented by the in the Early MG Society, RF 5717 is listed as a genuine pre-Abingdon MG and is one of  21 14/40s  (of which just five are two-seaters) listed in the Register.

    A letter from Staffordshire County Council dated 1982 states that the Staffordshire 'RF' registration number was issued to an Oxford MG on 15th April 1929 for a Mrs Eames who lived in Derbyshire.

    It didn't hang around long, as shortly after was taken to Southern Ireland where it has lived until recently. In those days, UK registration numbers were retained so it has worn its original number RF 5717 ever since. It is being sold with a NOVA number and we feel sure its original number could be retained by the new owner with the assistance of the EMGS.

    A letter on file states that it was used by a Doctor during the War years and was owned by the O'Callaghan family from thereafter until 1978 - competing in numerous rallies and events in the Dublin, Cork and Clonmel areas. By 1981 it was in the hands of Mr Stynes of Clondalkin before changing hands once more in 2015.

    The documents folder comes with information on the model, correspondence with past owners an Irish Buff Logbook dating back to 1936 and copy of the instruction book.

    The car itself has an air of originiality to it, both runs and drives and is ready to be enjoyed straight away. We are not sure if it has been fully restored in the past, or simply used and improved as the years have rolled by. The body looks to be largely original to the car (there can be even fewer of those) and it is well presented and looks 'right'.

    The current owner has just had the dynamotor (dynamo cum starter) rebuilt by the Cook Group. In refitting, a new gasket was not available so the old one was used which drips a bit - a simple fix.

    This is a superb opportunity to own a particularly rare early MG, with continuous history and originality. Cars like this do not come along every day!

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  65. Lot Number 42

    29/08/1973 MG B

    1973 MGB Roadster

    SOLD £8,624

    Fully restored at 88,000 miles in 1990 with fully documented photographic record - lovely period colour and eminently usable

    A very smart and presentable ‘B, and no doubt one of the last chrome bumper cars before ‘the change’ to rubber dating from 29th August 1973. Comprehensively restored in 1990 this tidy little roadster has covered just 20,000 miles since in the hands of two loving owners. Finished in desirable and oh-so-period Harvest Gold with contrasting navy-blue leatherette interior and timber rimmed steering wheel and gear knob it is undoubtedly an attractive spec. The car has worn the thirty years since restoration remarkably well and still very much looks and feels as sharp and fresh as if it had been much more recent. The car has a good history file comprising some 22 old MOTs the last being in May 2017 at 3,861 miles and is now of course MOT exempt. The car has covered only 4,000 miles since then, currently showing 8,678 miles (108,678). The file also includes a the V5C, detailed photographic record of the restoration and a swathe of invoices and bills for parts and maintenance dating back from the current time to 1990. With a full tonneau cover included and a smart hood we see little, if any reason why this smart ‘B couldn’t be enjoyed all year round, particularly given the active owner’s club scene and rear mounted luggage rack for weekend jaunts away. A cracker for sure.

  66. Lot Number 72

    10/04/1984 MG Metro Turbo

    1984 MG Metro Turbo

    SOLD £6,720

    Uber rare turbocharged 1275cc MG Metro showing just 77,245 miles - a properly retro pocket rocket

    Dating from April 1984 this quirky little 80’s hot hatch oozes the retro-boxy cool factor. Consider the recipe, take one lightweight 3-door hatch with the proven 1275cc A-series lump and add a turbo – the result, a big grin as you ride the turbo boost wave. The addition of the turbo to the MG Metro increased power from the regular 70bhp up to 93bhp with a similar hike in torque, enough to power it to 60mph in under 10 seconds. At the time of launch it had few competitors but that soon changed after this set the trend for the rest of the crew to arrive on the scene from Renault, Peugeot and Ford. The Turbo model featured prominent Turbo decals, alloy wheels, red seat belts, an LCD boost gauge, black wheel arch extensions and trim, vented front discs and rear window spoiler amongst other changes to help it stand out from the regular model and show it meant business. With our vendor for the past 5 years, the car has sat unused in his barn until recently when it was pulled out and given fresh fuel, new starter solenoid, new plugs and a new battery. We understand the car starts and runs well but would no doubt benefit from a degree of recommissioning after standing for so long. He informs us the car goes well and believes it to have the common Turbo mod’ this being straight-cut drop gears to the box making the gearchange more direct. Under the bonnet, the rocker cover would suggest it features an Avonbar engine, however there is no documentary evidence to support this so it may or may not be the case. Only the V5C and last MOT from 2015 at which time the car had covered just 77,199 miles accompany this funky and rare little car.

  67. Lot Number 98

    01/01/1800 MG Midget 1500

    1977 MG Midget 1500

    SOLD £2,082

    AMENDMENT; Current owner 18 years; starts and runs; for recommissioning following five years in storage

    The Midget totally sums up the MG ethos – to make small, quick, good-handling cars at an inexpensive price.
    Beginning in 1963 with a 55bhp1098cc A-series engine, it was steadily developed, front drum brakes soon giving way to discs and in the MkII model gaining improved rear suspension with semi-elliptical rear springs. In 1966 the MkIII was introduced, powered by the punchy and flexible 1275cc engine that had helped to enhance the Mini Cooper’s reputation. With 65bhp on tap the Midget was capable of snappy acceleration and speeds into the 90s.
    Styling changes in 1972 saw the new Rostyle wheels housed in rounded off rear wheel arches in place of the old square ones and in 1974, the MkIV 1500 arrived. Powered by the 1493cc pushrod OHV engine from the once-rival Triumph Spitfire (which also provided the transmission), the little car was now capable of 100mph from the 66bhp motor. US legislation also ushered in rubber bumpers which increased rear ride height by two inches but gave little away in terms of handling.
    Dating from March 1977, this Midget 1500 has been in the current ownership since 2002 and was in regular use until 2015. A good file of invoices show regular upkeep over the past 20+ years including photos and bills for restoration of the bodywork in 1998. More recent bills show a new alternator in 2007, a new clutch kit and master cylinder in 2009 at 103,808 miles plus regular servicing / check over at MOT time.
    Now showing 105,522 miles, the car has been in storage for the past five years and although it still starts and runs it will doubtless need attention before it can be returned to the road. The bodywork appears basically sound and the paintwork is fairly presentable barring some microblistering here and there. The interior will also need smartening up, especially the driver’s seat squab which needs a new cover.
    Documentation includes a V5C, old style V5, two workshop manuals, various parts catalogues, book on the purchase and restoration of the Midget range plus 15 old MOTs from 2015 to 1991 when it had covered 75,758 miles.
    These are simple cars to work on and parts are plentiful and cheap so it shouldn’t take too much to get it driving again.

    AMENDMENT: Please note that Experian records this car as having been stolen in 1991.

    For more information contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  68. Lot Number 93

    01/01/1800 MG TD

    1953 MG TD

    UK RHD car; five-speed conversion; driven 30+ miles to the sale; nice colour combination with full weather equipment

    This well-presented 1953 TD was originally registred JCA 846 according to its original Buff logbook and was first licenced in Denbigh.

    The continuation book shows that it was still wearing that number in 1972, the subsequent old style V5 showing that it wore a private number 4593 MG until that too was changed to the current 487 UYW.

    We are not sure when the car was restored, as it certainly has been at some time, but bills on file from 2012 to 2015 show some major work to the engine and new rear springs.

    The vendor acquired the car in 2019 through the MG magazine since when he has undertaken just minor works such as a headlight rewire and new steering column bushes.

    He confirms it has a five-speed gearbox conversion which gives an overdrive fifth and relaxed cruising as speed. It was driven some 35 miles to the sale.

    The car looks very nicely presented in its black livery with tan hood and sidescreens. It has a dash full of the correct instruments and was MOTd as recently as last year - the file consisting of 21 old MOTs with a mileage change in 2012 which could indicate the fitting of the alternative gearbox. There is its original handbook and three good books including a TD workshop manual, The Original MG T Series and The Magic of MG.

    This is a very well cared for, usable and complete original UK supplied TD.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698


  69. Lot Number 55

    01/01/1800 MG TD MkII

    1953 MG TD MkII

    SOLD £14,280

    Rare TD/C twin carb export model; older restoration in very good order throughout; matching numbers; nice transferable number plate

    Following on from the successful TC, the MG TD arrived in 1950, introducing some much-needed post-war refinements. Sharper handling and smoother riding than its predecessors, the newcomer was well-received by press and public alike, proving a big hit in the vital American market which kept much of the British car industry afloat in the dire period of austerity that afflicted Europe following WW2. In 1951 a MkII TD Competition Model also became available for the export market with a higher compression ratio, bigger carbs, twin fuel pumps, Andrex suspension and a higher ratio rear axle. Producing around 60bhp, it was easily distinguished by the raised moulding on the right side of the bonnet (required to clear the bigger carbs) and the TD/C chassis prefix. Never offered on the home market due to the feeble 72 octane ‘pool petrol’ of post-war Britain, only around 1,700 of the 30,000 TDs made in total were to TD/C spec, making this car a rare find indeed, especially on this side of the Atlantic. Dating from 1953, this lovely TD/C MkII came back to the UK in March 1992 and judging from the condition of the car it has been expertly restored and converted to RHD at some point in the not-too-distant past. Although there are no invoices to document the work carried out, the car speaks for itself and it is as good underneath as it is up top. The only noteworthy flaw that we spotted are some cracks in the paint at the front end of the bonnet hinge (as shown in the photos). The full set of weather gear looks barely used and there are a good few invoices showing routine upkeep over the last 10 years. Starting promptly and running well as we moved it around for these photos, this 'matching numbers' TD looks mighty tempting at the guide price suggested, the icing on the cake being the nice DSK 998 number plate which is transferable (most unusual with an imported car).

    For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  70. Lot Number 79

    01/01/1800 MG TF

    1954 MG TF

    SOLD £17,024

    From a deceased estate; lovely TF specially prepared for regularity events; only 2,600 miles since full engine rebuild; Halda Twinmaster; full set of weather gear; aluminium hard top; transferable number; a super TF all round

    Last of the MG T-series line and arguably the best, the TF was introduced in October 1953. Although mechanically very similar to its TD predecessor, the provision of a shorter radiator, revised wing line and faired-in headlamps lent it an altogether more streamlined air. Equipped with rack-and-pinion-steering, independent coil-and-wishbone front suspension and four-wheel drum brakes, the sporty new model was everything that MG’s fan base had hoped for. Powered by a 58bhp twin-carb 1250cc XPAG four-cylinder engine, the TF could crack 60mph in around 18 seconds with a top speed of 80mph. From November 1954 onwards it was also available with a 63bhp 1466cc XPEG engine. Just 9,600 TF models were made before it was replaced by the entirely different MGA in 1955, the overwhelming majority being sold in LHD to the American market. As the Heritage Certificate confirms, this 1250cc model is a rare UK market car that was first registered in Stoke-on-Trent in March 1954. The original buff logbook shows that the first three owners only kept the car for a few months each but the fourth owner, Bert Rogers of Wem, kept it for 17 years. A professional car restorer, he also made a bespoke aluminium hard top for the car in 1960 (as detailed in drawings and an old newspaper cutting on file) which remains with the TF to this day but will need collecting from the Worcester area before the end of August. The fifth Shrewsbury-based owner then acquired it in 1973 and was to keep it for the next 41 years. Between 1980 and 1982 he treated the car to a body-off restoration (as detailed in an album of photos on file) and then barely used it, old MOTs showing that it only covered 2,700 miles over the next 32 years. A stainless steel exhaust was fitted in 2007, new carpets in 2008, reconditioned carbs and an electric fuel pump in 2010 and the cylinder head was rebuilt in 2011. In May 2014 he finally parted with the car, putting it into a Brightwells auction where the current owner acquired it, paying well above the estimate to secure the car - £27,440 to be precise. A keen rally driver and navigator, he promptly sent the TF to South Western Coachworks of Lyme Regis to prepare it for regularity rallies. This included a thorough service and tune-up; new engine, gearbox and exhaust mountings; full brake overhaul; new clutch kit; new speedo cable; new floorboards; new wiring; flashing indicators conversion; uprated halogen headlights and spot lamps plus much else besides. A Halda Twinmaster was also fitted, the final bill for this lot being £3,400 plus £960 for the Halda. The car was then used in several events (all detailed in a notebook on file), covering some 2,500 miles until it broke down on the M6 on the way back from an event in Scotland in May 2015. This led to a full engine rebuild by Malvern Rebore which cost £2,100 and included new pistons, bearings, timing chain, rear oil seal conversion, lead-free head, reground crank and balanced crank/flywheel. Restored to full health, the TF then clocked up another 2,600 miles on various other events, gaining electronic ignition, a sports coil, new brake shoes and wheel cylinders, new starter motor, five new tyres and at least two services along the way. The owner then fell ill and the car was laid up in the autumn of 2018 where it was to remain until we collected it shortly before this auction. A full set of weather gear accompanies the car (hood, sidescreens, tonneau cover) all in excellent condition. Documentation includes a V5C; old style V5; original buff logbook; Heritage Certificate; 28 old MOTs; many old tax discs; a b/w photo of the car taken in 1956; original owner’s handbook; original workshop manual; period sales brochure; Halda Twinmaster instruction booklet; photo album of the 1980s restoration plus many invoices for subsequent upkeep and a detailed usage log from 2014 to 2018. Retaining its original (transferable) number plate, TVT 546 shows just 74,100 miles on the odometer which is almost certainly correct and has only covered 7,800 miles since the restoration in 1982 and only 2,600 miles since the engine rebuild in 2015. On offer here from a deceased estate, this TF remains in very good order throughout, as you would expect given the enthusiasm of its late-owner who was extremely attached to the car, as were the two owners before him. We hope that the fortunate new keeper will become equally fond of it. For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  71. Lot Number 80

    01/01/1800 MINI 850 Pickup

    1971 Mini 850 Pickup

    SOLD £12,205

    From a deceased estate; lovely Morris Mini Pickup with various tasteful upgrades

    Although the Mini Saloon was launched in 1959, it wasn’t until the following year that a commercial version was introduced, the Mini Van, which was built on the slightly longer Traveller chassis. In 1961 it was joined by another commercial, the Pickup, which shared the same ¼ ton load capacity and had an open-topped rear cargo area and a folding tailgate. Like the van it had a simple slotted radiator grille (cheaper than the chromed item on the Saloon) with sliding windows and external door hinges. The interior was also very basic with sun visors and seat belts being extra cost options, although a heater was standard. Powered by an 848cc A-series four-cylinder engine mated to a four-speed manual gearbox, it soon became a familiar sight on UK roads often bedecked in the livery of a utility company or small business. Equipped with all-round independent suspension and rack-and-pinion steering, it proved just as much fun to drive as its saloon car sibling. Production finally came to an end in 1982 with some 58,000 Pickups built in total although most led hard lives and survivors are becoming rare and sought after. This lovely Morris Mini Pickup has been somewhat upgraded in recent years and is now rather more sporting and luxurious than it would have been when it was first registered in March 1971. Lots of invoices back to 2006 show that many new parts have been fitted over this period including: Cooper S front brake discs; Lucas sports coil; copper head gasket set; spin-on oil filter; stage 1 tuning kit HIF44 carb; brake and clutch master cylinders; wheel bearings; brake pipes; suspension bushes; subframe and engine mountings; windscreen; tyres – the list goes on and on. The interior benefits from black leather door cards and half-leather seats with headrests, replacement headlining and a Mountney steering wheel. Other features include a chrome front grille, sports exhaust and a sturdy Ifor Williams aluminium hardtop. An invoice shows that it was Waxoyl treated in 2011 while other documentation includes 5 old MOTs back to 1990 at 85,192 miles (the clock now showing 101,613 miles), some undated restoration photos, an original van/pickup owners handbook, a period sales brochure and a spare set of keys. Starting promptly and feeling very lively as we moved it around for these photos, this practical little pickup is on offer here from a deceased estate and would make a great promotional vehicle for any small business. For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  72. Lot Number 24

    01/01/1800 Morgan 4/4 Four-Seater

    1986 Morgan 4/4 Four-Seater

    SOLD £11,816

    The perfect entry point into Morgan motoring; solid car with current Irish MOT; interesting history; fun for all the family

    The specs for this bonny little 4/4 four-seater were submitted to the Malvern factory in September 1982 from the Swedish dealer Wendels. It was an export order through Wendels for a gentleman living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabi who was to use it in the UK.

    A copy of the original order shows a 4/4 four-seater in right hand drive, a special colour paint, leather upholstery, wire wheels, triple wipers, a tonneau, luggage carrier, seat belts, an aluminium body and wings, reversing lights, door handles, wing mirrors, spot lights, badge bar, bonnet strap and rustproofing....most of the option list in fact.

    This well-spec'd car was duly delivered in March 1983 having been registered ROX 29Y on 20th January 1983 - a letter on file from its first owner dated 1984 tells of a pleasurable trip through Scandinavia and Ireland the previous year.

    The car remained in the UK until 1985 when its first owner took it to live in Ireland - keeping it until 1988. Its second owner enjoyed the car for the next 24 years, the car passing through two more sets of hands until the vendor acquired it in 2018.

    He took it to Simon Echlin Motorsport for attention, bills on file covering a full service in January 2019 which cost Euro 3305. This included a new timing belt and tensioner, thermostat, brake shoes, cylinders and front brake pipes, some rewiring, carb overhaul, battery and general tidy-up. A further Euro 582 was spent in June on a new ignition module and attention to the fuel tank.

    The car was taken for an Irish NCT test which it passed (no mean feat by all accounts) and which expires in April 2021.

    The car comes with its original Irish logbook, NCT certificate, copy handbook, copy original order, correspondence and some bills. It is also being sold with a NOVA number to assist in UK registration should it remain in the UK.

    The car itself has certainly been enjoyed during its lifetime. The odometer shows under 30,000 although there isn't sufficient paperwork to confirm this as correct. The bodywork is solid and presentable although there are plenty of signs of wear and tear and some slightly ripply quarter panels. The paint work is best described as average and it comes comeplete with hood and sidescreens.

    This is a car to use and improve - it runs and drives and could be turned into a very smart example with relative ease. It has to be the most accessible way into Morgan motoring.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  73. Lot Number 16

    01/01/1800 Morgan Plus 4 four-seater

    1994 Morgan Plus 4 Four-Seater

    SOLD £20,258

    Very well cared for, low mileage family Morgan; recent expenditure; sports exhaust; powerful two-litre car with lots of extras

    This fine-looking 1994 four-seater Plus 4 model comes with a stack of extras: galvanized chassis, chrome wire wheels, leather interior, headrests, walnut dash, stainless luggage carrier, full weather equipment including a full length tonneau cover etc. The original bill of sale for £24,693 from Wykehams of South Kensington gives the full list.

    The V5C shows five former keepers, the vendor purchasing the car through Brightwells in 2018. There are eight service stamps in the Handbook/Service book from F H Douglas in Ealing - the last dated 2001 by which time the car had covered 15,250 miles. There are further bills and invoices on file, a more recent healthcheck taking place at Holdens of Bromyard in 2018 and a major service at Williams in Chipping Sodbury in 2019 costing £1,674 to include a Librands stainless steel sports exhaust system and four branch sports manifold; giving a more sporty exhaust note, better performance and improved economy.

    The vendor has just taken it for a fresh MOT, which it passed with flying colours and no advisories - expiring in July 2021.    This is an archetypal English open-topped sports car with the sort of mileage (28,515 confirmed by a string of MOTs) you might expect from a four year old car and whose styling doesn’t betray its age – put a private plate on it and the neighbours will not know when it was made and that it didn’t cost you almost £50,000!

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  74. Lot Number 9

    01/01/1800 Morris Eight Series E

    1939 Morris Eight Series E

    SOLD £5,768

    Comprehensively recommissioned in 2017 after 40 years in storage; new clutch; full engine rebuild; four new tyres; lovely patina and original interior

    Purchased by the vendor in 2018 to join his collection of original pre-war motors, it had already been recommissioned by its previous owner having spent over 40 years covered in blankets in a store.

    The recommissioning consisted of a thorough overhaul, not just some new petrol and some air in old tyres. The engine was removed and fully overhauled, including a rebore, hone, block reface and a crank grind (invoice on file from 2017).

    It was rebuilt with a new copper head gasket and installed back in the car with a new clutch kit and a carburettor rebuild kit from Burlen Services. The brakes were also overhauled.

    The end result is a car which is fit and well mechanically and still carrying its lovely unrestored interior and exterior paintwork - although it is all very presentable having been well stored for all those years.

    This charming little Morris comes with a delightful patina and will appeal to those who like their cars to be original. The plus side is a freshly rebuilt engine which has seen little use. The car also comes with a CD manual.

    The car has been running and driving nicely while on site at Brightwells, although we feel the brakes were not the most effective we have tried.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  75. Lot Number 74

    01/01/1800 MORRIS Marina 1.3

    1979 Morris Marina 1.3L Saloon

    SOLD £6,076

    Husband and wife owners from new; just 48,000 miles; for recommissioning after a long period in storage; it really is in very good condition complete with yellow cushions

    This Marina 1.3 L has come to us via Hereford Council in support of its current registered keeper who is in a care home.

    It was purchased by her husband as a new car in 1979 and has been very well cared for since it stopped being used around 10 years ago. It has lived in a lockup garage.

    There are 17 old MOTs on file, the earliest dating from 1990 when it had covered 29,931 miles....the odometer still reads just 48,000 today - substantiated by the subsequent MOT record.

    It looks to be very sound indeed, with a good interior, but will of course need some attention and a thorough recommissioning.

    There are a few useful spares in the boot and it has a current V5C and an old style logbook.

    There can't be many Marinas left to discover, especially in such sound order and with so few miles. A few weekends work should have this back on the road.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  76. Lot Number 87

    01/01/1800 Opel GT

    1970 Opel GT

    SOLD £10,864

    Gorgeous 'mini Corvette' in excellent condition throughout; one of only 34 in the UK 

    The impossibly pretty Opel GT started as a design concept intended to bring a little glitz and glamour to the Opel stand for the 1965 Paris and Frankfurt shows. It certainly managed that, the public giving such a positive reaction to the ‘mini Corvette’ that GM decided to put it into production. Based on the Kadett platform, it was available with either a 67bhp 1.1-litre or 102bhp 1.9-litre engine although very few customers opted for the smaller engine which was hardly surprising given the sporty looks of the car. The voluptuous body with lovely pop-up headlights (manually operated by a lever on the centre console) was made in France by Brissonneau & Lotz (better known for making trains), and provided plenty of interior space for even the tallest of drivers. With disc front brakes, four-speed manual transmission, rear-wheel drive and good weight distribution, the car went well and handled nicely with more than 103,000 finding buyers before production came to a halt in 1973, all in LHD and 80% of them sold to the American market. This gorgeous GT 1.9 dates from 1970 and was first UK registered in May 1996 at which point it had 54,600 miles on the clock, a total which has since risen to 77,600 miles as detailed in 12 old MOTs on file. It was restored some years ago including a full repaint and interior retrim with many invoices to show meticulous upkeep since. This included a bespoke stainless steel exhaust system in 2000 and a new clutch in 2004 at 66,824 miles. Our vendor acquired the car in 2017 and has improved it still further including localised paint rectification, thorough tuning and servicing and many new parts: distributor cap; rotor arm; HT leads; coil; spark plugs; starter motor; battery; clutch cable; fuel filter; alloy wheel nuts; battery cut-off switch etc. In really lovely condition throughout with just a few minor blemishes to the paintwork on the bonnet and one below the rear screen (as shown in the photos), it started promptly and ran perfectly as we moved it around for these pictures. The history file also includes a wealth of literature on the model including an owner’s handbook, period road tests and magazine features, various books on the GT and the Opel range, original sales brochures plus much else besides. One of only 34 such cars still UK registered, it must surely be among the smartest remaining and will attract loads of attention wherever it goes. For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  77. Lot Number 82

    01/05/2017 PEUGEOT 402

    1935 Peugeot 402 Commerciale

    SOLD £12,320

    Fabulous design; recent full restoration - just door cards, carpets and headlining to complete; fascinating history; charismatic and beautiful

    This completely stunning Peugeot starts off with a fascinating back-story. It is reputed to have been owned by long-time owner M.Cuterone who tells of it being bricked up in a barn during the war to stop it being used by the Nazis.

    He was a travelling salesman and ran the car for many years after the war with the identification 'Drome & VRP' an area of south east France near Valence.

    It was subsequently sold on to a local farmer, who's kids learnt to drive it and used it on the farm. It was then put away in a barn.

    The present owner purchased the car in 2008 from Antibes, spending the next eight years on a comprehensive body and mechanical restoration.

    Photos on file show that it was in quite a state. The car was completely stripped and everything made good - the fit and finish on the underside now being as good as that on top.

    The engine is from a 1938 model with 2,142cc. The crankshaft was reground, new white metal bearings poured, new liners fitted, rings, studs, guides, timing chain and core plugs all replaced. Since completion, the engine has only covered 150 miles or so.

    The gearbox was fully rebuilt with all new bearings and the rear axle was washed out, checked and declared fit and healthy. The simple yet effective brakes have had new cables, linings and the drums trued and new king pins and bushes have also been fitted. Stainless fittings have been used throughout.

    A new wiring harness has been installed along with a modified dynamo and indicators added for safety.

    Much bodywork has been done and very well painted in polyurethane, with just a few blemishes which have occured in the rebuild.

    The standard of the work is exceptional, including the fitting of a heater to the massive rear compartment. There are still a few minor jobs to complete, the rear bumper is not yet fitted, as are the hubcaps which are currently resting in place for the photos.

    The rear wooden floor is a masterpiece and one could carpet it but it would be a crying shame - it may have been like that from new. The seats carry their original material which could be replaced if so desired and it needs door cards and a headlining to complete the interior.

    This is a real head turner and has been extremely carefully and thoughtfully restored. It must have cost its owner significantly more than the modest catalogue estimate to get this far and with so little more to do, it looks so tempting and is perfectly usable as it is.

    The file includes multitudes of bills, a handbook (you will need to brush up your French), import documents from France and a current UK V5C carrying the registration number UXS 215.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  78. Lot Number 36


    2007 Pinzgauer TUM HD 6X6 Vector MK2 Ambulance

    In Service Date: 6/12/2007. 710 kilometres unwarranted. 
    We at Brightwells hold the contract to sell vehicles for Her Majesty's Ministry of Defence and the Pinz Ambulance looks like one of the most versatile platforms we have seen from them. The internal condition is pretty unique and it looks like it has been relatively wrapped up in cling film before finding it's way to us, it has been hardly used, appearances suggest. Open the back doors and you won't believe your eyes - this brute is an ambulance. Or perhaps a camper in waiting.
    So, what'a Pinzgauer? The ultimate in off-road ability, the "Pinz", as British soldiers affectionately came to know it, was introduced to HM Ministry of Defence's fleet as a supplement and sometime replacement to the Land Rover Defender Wolf. The Royal Artillery reportedly took on the units as a gun tractor and the Vector model was deployed from around 2007. Some variants were used as troop carriers, ambulances, command vehicles and towing vehicles.
    The 6×6 Vector PPV (Protected Patrol Vehicle) was described to the market by the manufacturer as having the capability to "Build on the existing proven design, with enhancements that will include a combination of physical protection, as well as the use of sophisticated electronic counter measures to maximise survivability while on patrol". The Ambulance MK2 is a variant of this.
    In the civilian world, the Pinz has been mainly sold to equatorial regions, for use in tourism. Some have been converted to campers, some ambulances (though this is already one), some farm or fire trucks. Oil exploration companies have owned a few and, for pleasure, models have been seen on the Paris-Dakar Rally and other rough-terrain cross-country races.
    It turned out that overseas war theatres were not necessarily suited to the PPV running gear, so some have seen little action, as is possible with this vehicle. The odometer for this one shows a little over 700 kilometres and, though this is not warranted by the Ministry, the vehicle looks like it has been enjoying a temperate retirement in storage for some while. The photographs on this page dramatically speak for themselves.
    This particular example has an in Service date of 6th December 2007. It comes with it's Date In Service Certificate Official (DISCO), which is used for UK registration purposes. As standard in all our sales for the MoD, the buyer will need to produce their Passport ID for MOD approval before collection. For those clients wishing to export - an export licence is required, which will need to be obtained on a SIEL level, and the sale of this vehicle is not conditional on the buyer's ability to obtain one.

    As with all lots in this auction, it is sold as seen. Vat at 20% will be added to the sale price of this lot. A buyer's premium will be charged at 12% plus Vat on the sale price and added to your invoice. For collection purposes, the vehicle is on site at our Herefordshire based Madley offices and we will give the buyer more information when arranging collection or delivery.
    Direct from our HM Ministry of Defence Government Disposals contract.
    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  79. Lot Number 30

    01/02/1985 PORSCHE 911 Carrera 3.2 Cabriolet

    1985 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Cabriolet

    SOLD £25,213

    Showing just 89,361 miles and finished in Guards Red with red leather Sports seats this is a proper 80's icon. Ammendment.

    Supplied new in February 1985 by Merlin Porsche of Chatsworth to its lucky first owner, this attractive cabriolet has been in the current ownership since June 2009. Finished in desirable Gaurds Red with Can-Can red leather interior and carpets, black hood, Limited slip-differential, spoilers and forged alloy wheels in Grand Prix White it very much fits the 80's red braces/stockbroker look and we love it for that. The interior features deeply bolstered Sports seats piped white with electric adjustment, optional cruise control and top tinted windscreen. The binnacle looks, like many Porsches of this era, to quote a Clarkson-ism "as though you’ve stuffed all the knobs, dials and buttons into your nose and sneezed, such is the apparent disorder that somehow magically just works". Showing just 89,316 miles, this 3.2 Cabriolet could easily be described as ‘low mileage’ for this age of Porsche with most having covered well over the 100k mark. The 911 has seen little recent use, sat idle in storage in North Devon for the past couple of years it has recently been pulled out and treated to a new battery and check over at a specialist in Gloucestershire who built the modern, bespoke ECU with Bluetooth for wireless connection and diagnosis The car is due to have a fresh MOT all being well in time for the sale and would no doubt benefit from some regular use and a thorough service. We note the electric windows do not currently work, although we spotted a relay missing under the bonnet which may be connected. The hood is however manual in operation and very simple to operate. The history file includes a tome of invoices showing limited use over the last ten years including a service receipt from 2016 at 89,054 miles by a recognised independent specialist who also carried out a repair to 1st gear with replacement dog teeth, synchro ring along with a new speed sensor and battery in September 2010 at 85,399 miles at a cost of £1877. In addition to the £7950 then spent on restorative work to the chassis panels, L and R kidney bowls, inner and outer sills, B-posts, nearside front wing and subsequent paintwork along with engine removal and replacement of the clutch plate, oil hoses, brake hoses and a major service at 85,399 miles. Yet another £1418 spend followed in September 2012 at 86,659 miles for an annual service , rev counter repair (carried out by 3rd party) and replacement light switch. Another £871 was spent on the annual service in 2014 at 87,896 miles including a replacement starter motor, and oil gauge level sender. Another details a replacement oil cooler, pipes and torsion bar in October 2009 at a cost of £663. Also in 2009, the entire exhaust system was replaced with a system supplied by Design911 whilst the vehicle was serviced at a cost of £1707.52. Also in the history file are 6 old MOT certificates, laminated service history chart (detailing all works carried out from Jan-93 to Sept-08 from 59,966 miles to 83,921 miles), the V5C and Certificate of Authenticity from Porsche confirming the build date and original spec with options. These air-cooled 3.2 models have been rising stars of the past few years with many well into the £30-40K+ bracket with an upward trend and look to continue their trajectory which makes this cabriolet look particularly attractive given its mileage, condition and history of spend on the car. Who doesn’t love an old 911 anyway?

    AMMENDMENT The Porsche was presented for an MOT late and failed on emissions, a bulb and a blocked washer nozzle but the vendor has run out of time to address this before the sale so there is NO fresh MOT on this lot as hoped for.

    For more information contact Will during normal working hours - 07951 709919

  80. Lot Number 100

    01/01/1800 PORSCHE 914 2.0

    1973 Porsche 914 2.0  Chassis Number 4742900560

  81. Lot Number 7

    01/08/1986 PORSCHE 924 S

    1986 Porsche 924 S

    Tidy 2.5 manual coupe in desirable Guards red showing just 91,900 miles with history for recent expenditure inc. new ECU and timing belt

    Dating from August 1986, this smart 924 is the bigger engine ‘S’ variant with the pokier 2.5 four-cylinder unit mated to 5 speed manual transmission. Finished in Guards Red with blue half vinyl and pin-stripe interior. The car features electric windows, part electric seats, lift-out sunroof, electric mirrors and heated rear screen.
    Sat on lovely period Tele-dial alloy wheels the car looks rather neat and svelte with the black 924S script on the lower door sections. The car shows 91,900 miles which cannot be verified due to a lack of history. The history file does however include invoices detailing much recent expenditure through 2019 including a replacement timing belt, 4 new plugs, new clutch slave cylinder, brake light switch, oil cooler seal, washer pump and wiring diagrams. A note on file from the previous owner suggests the car was also treated to a replacement ECU although no invoice could be located. The car is understood to run and drive well and can be seen running in the video for this lot. There is a current MOT which runs until December 2020 showing six minor advisories. Given the condition, suggested mileage and recent expenditure we think this represents affordable, and enjoyable entry to the retro classic Porsche world and looks both good fun and good value at the guide.

  82. Lot Number 85

    01/01/1800 PORSCHE 928S

    1980 Porsche 928S

    SOLD £8,879

    Lots of recent expenditure; sound car needing some more regular use

    AMMENDED DESCRIPTION: Purchased by the vendor some 12 years ago, he had unearthed the car from an elderly and slightly eccentric Porsche collector and hoarder living in Belfast. The car was purchased new in Northern Ireland and carried the registration number IJI 3462. A Northern Irish MOT dated February attests to a mileage of 57,211 at this time, but sadly this is the only paperwork we have from this period of its life.

    At this stage, the paintwork was somewhat lacking, but the interior had been refurbished and the car had done little for a long time. Since moving South, the paintwork has been sorted by Carcraft in Dublin. More recently it has been carefully recommissioned with new injectors, a new metering unit and the replacement of perished pipes and a full timing kit including belts. It has more recently had new discs, pads and calipers and seals, since when the car has still only covered a handfull of miles. The odometer now indicates 57,223 miles and it looks extremely attractive at the catalogued guide price. A little TLC in a few areas would turn it into the car it deserves to be. Since arrival, it has started readily, sounded healthy and driven around on-site.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  83. Lot Number 60

    01/01/1800 Riley RME

    1954 Riley RME

    SOLD £6,223

    Current owners since 1998; restored in 1995 including rebuilt engine and only lightly used since; nice transferable number

    Riley's four-seater 1.5-litre RMA Saloon was introduced in 1945 with low, streamlined styling and an opulent interior designed to appeal to the more discerning motorist. The cars were built on separate chassis assemblies with unstressed, ash-framed steel panelwork and a fabric-covered roof. Power came from a 1,496cc overhead valve four-cylinder engine with twin camshafts, mounted high in the cylinder block. Producing 54bhp, it propelled the car to a top speed of 75mph. The running gear was advanced for its time with rack-and-pinion steering and torsion bar independent front suspension. In 1951 the RMA was replaced by the RME, essentially the same car, but with open prop shaft, hypoid axle, fully hydraulic brakes and a larger rear window. Noted for its outstanding handling, the RME was summed up by Motor magazine as follows: "With its many traditional British features, its good road manners and its excellent build quality and finish, the latest Riley will appeal to discerning drivers whose taste runs to an individual car of very pleasing up-to-date line." By 1954 it had lost its running boards and gained rear wheel spats, the model continuing in production until the arrival of the new Riley One-Point-Five in 1955. As the original buff logbook confirms, NNP 110 was first registered in Worcestershire in July 1954 and was acquired by our vendor’s family way back in 1975 to join a collection of choice vintage cars. An invoice on file shows that it was treated to a major restoration in 1995 by Coach House Garage of Telford which cost over £2,300 (those were the days!). This included a rebuilt engine with new +020 pistons etc; a complete new clutch kit; overhaul of the brakes, steering and suspension; refurbishment of the wooden frame; new wiring; new screen rubbers front and rear; a full interior retrim with mulberry leather seat covers; a full repaint; rechromed brightwork plus much else besides. Imagine what that lot would cost today? Always kept garaged, it has only been lightly used over the past 45 years, old MOTs showing that it covered fewer than 200 miles between 2008 and 2014. Virtually unused in the last five years, it nevertheless started easily and ran well enough as we moved it around for these photos. The doors fit nicely with no drooping and the paint/bodywork has held up well in most areas with just a few little bubbles starting at the base of the right hand doors and the top of the left hand windscreen pillar, as visible in the photos. On offer here from a deceased estate at a very modest guide price, it would doubtless benefit from some precautionary recommissioning before any long journeys are undertaken. The icing on the cake is the NNP 110 number plate which is transferable and will have a not insignificant value of its own.

    For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  84. Lot Number 39

    23/11/1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

    1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

    SOLD £3,234

    Deceased estate Shadow II from 26 year ownership thats seen little recent use; requires restorative work to return to its former glory

    Supplied new by Jack Barclay in November 1978 to its first owner, the car was originally finished in Brewster Green (paint code 9510393) on both upper and lower sections with optional beige velour trim (warmer on the bum than leather, with less passenger slide!) and walnut trim. The car retains its original radio and features rear foot rests and electric front seats with integrated arm rests. Showing 110,000 miles its unclear if this is genuine given the car has been stood idle in storage for a number of years following the vendor’s demise. Our vendor has owned this car since 1994 and was a Rolls lover with another earlier Shadow still in storage, also in white like this Shadow II. The colour change from green to white is recorded by Experian in July 1990. Boasting the venerable and proven 189bhp 6.75 V8 with GM sourced Turbo-Hyrdramatic 400 automatic transmission and as a Shadow II, features much improved rack and pinion steering and tighter handling than its forebear. The Rolls requires a degree of recommissioning before being used on the road again, and comes to us as a non-runner following many years sat idle, however the bodywork looks sound enough with a few bubbles and cracks to the paint in the usual Shadow places but is generally presentable, particularly the lovely interior. The history file includes just the V5 with no recent MOTs recorded on the VOSA website since 2005. Offered here at No Reserve, the highest bid takes her away.

  85. Lot Number 47

    01/04/1982 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit I

    1982 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit I

    SOLD £5,040

    Smart Spirit I with recent new everflex roof; attractive colour combination, 18 service stamps; very usable

    Supplied new in April 1982 to its lucky first owner, one J.D Alston Estates of South Lopham hall, Norfolk by Mann Egerton & Co Ltd of Norwich the car is finished in Ice green with a sand colour Everflex roof and beige leather interior with lambswool over mats, Cumberland Stone carpets and Oatmeal headlining. The history file shows the car was serviced exclusively by Mann Egerton from new until at least September 1989 by which time we see 17 service stamps and 84,669 miles covered. A footnote on the last stamp confirms a second service book was supplied in April 1990 when we see the next and final service stamp at 87,712 miles. We also have the original Warranty booklet for its first owner along with a Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club valuation by renowned expert A.E Fogg for £8,000 in April 2009. The Spirit comes with an MOT valid until July 2021 showing just 1 minor advisory for an exhaust leak. There are at least 20 old MOTs on file along with a host of invoices supporting works during the last ownership which has kindly been details for the history file what he had done since purchase in May 2008. This includes a complete overhaul of the braking system, fitment of new spring saddles, new rear hydraulic accumulators, fittings, pipes and dampers, replacement lower steering column and new woodruff keys fitted to the drive shaft yokes. He also mentions some minor bodywork rectification to the arches and fitment of various engine components to keep the car looking fresh and running well. Unusually, the car also comes with its build data in a nice folder from the RR Enthusiasts Club entitled Chassis Card Details. An eminently usable and tidy Spirit I with a great history file showing spend on the right areas in the last 12 years. Buyers please note, the car is registered incorrectly with DVLA as a Spirit III (1993 onwards) instead of Spirit I.

  86. Lot Number 101

    01/01/1800 Rolls Royce/Lucas 25/30

    Rolls Royce / Lucas R100

    SOLD £896

    Super pair of head lights from a 25/30 Rolls branded RR and Lucas 29cm / 11.5" - lovely order

  87. Lot Number 22

    26/06/1968 ROLLS-ROYCE Silver Shadow I

    1968 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I

    SOLD £4,480

    Tidy pre-'70 Shadow I with 4-speed Hydramatic auto 'box; olive leather with rear picnic tables; showing just 70,000 miles

    Dating from June 1968 this Shadow is the MkI and also a pre’70 version and thus comes with the 6.2 litre V8 mated to four-speed Hydramatic automatic ‘box. Finished in pale yellow with unusual olive green interior the car certainly stands out. The interior is a lovely place to be, with rear picnic tables, acres of leather and walnut with early period electric seats and radio unit. The car started and ran well as we moved it round for these pictures. The car’s early history is unknown, however the history file is vast with a brace of service books bristling with 15 stamps between them, the earlier showing it resided in Bournemouth with the first stamp in 1977 by Arnetts of Bournemouth with a further eight by them and the rest by a selection of independent specialists. The last stamp was in July 1988 at 32,000 miles. However, this would be 132,000 as the mileage in the late 70s and early 80s rose vigorously up to 95,000 in October 1981 being service sometimes 3 times per annum. The history file shows much of the service and maintenance work was charged to a Chauffeur company, Barrington Chauffeur services with regular specialist works documented in the ream of invoices dating back to the early 90s. In the same ownership from 1990 until 2017 when our vendor purchased the car after driving it for work for many years as a Chauffeur. Works of note in the file include replacement head gaskets in early 1994 by local RR and Bentley specialists JL & JE Adams of Apperley, Glocs at a cost of £722 plus parts from main dealer Broughtons of Cheltenham. There are also receipts showing various repairs to the body and underside including rear wing repair sections in 2002, and to the NSF door and wing in 2012. The carbs were rebuilt by NRT Motors in July 2010, the rear suspension overhauled in December 2010 at a cost of £2081 and a replacement fuel tank fitted in May 2013. Some 28 old MOTs are also among the history, plus old tax discs and an old style log-book, 2 old V5's and current V5C. A tidy old Shadow I that’s led an interesting and varied life seeing much regular use and maintenance with a super history file. The last MOT expired in April 2017 and saw no advisories recorded and is of course now MOT exempt. One to use and enjoy we think.

  88. Lot Number 8

    01/01/1800 ROVER 400 GSI

    1998 Rover 400 GSI 2.0-litre

    SOLD £3,976

    Just 7,600 miles from new; out of the box; top spec; leather upholstery; they don't make them any more; for the serious Rover lover

    Sold new by Greens of Haverfordwest in September 1998, the sole owner of this car must have added all the spec he could when he bought this two-litre GSi 400 series Rover.

    There isn't a huge amount of paperwork with the car, which is unsurprising given how little use it has had over the years. There is a handbook but sadly no service book and three old MOTs, the earliest dating from 2012 by which time it had still only covered 6,706 miles. It also comes with its old style logbook.

    The car is hard to fault. The headlining has gone a little saggy, but that aside, the car is in fabulous condition as befits a car with just over 7,500 miles on the clock and one wonders if the rear seats have ever been used. It comes with an MOT until November 2020 with of course, no advisories.

    This range-topping small Rover comes with all the luxuries available at the time and is one for the serious Rover lover, or simply someone wanting a straight-forward, comfortable and reasonably rapid 'nearly new' car.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  89. Lot Number 90

    01/01/1800 ROVER P3 75 4-lite Sports Saloon

    1949 Rover P3 75 4-lite Sports Saloon

    SOLD £5,880

    Rare 4-lite six-cylinder Sports Saloon;  from 31 year ownership; older restoration; original radio and full toolkit; a very sound car for recommissioning after a period in storage

    This rather splendid P3 75 was completed on 8th August 1949 and despatched the next day to W H Atkinson and Co in Huddersfield according to the accompanying Heritage Certificate.

    It wears the registration number NPF 150 which was issued by Surrey Council in 1949 which is a slight mystery, but cars were hard to come by in 1949 so maybe its new owner lived in Surrey?

    It was purchased by the vendor in 1989 - so comes from 31 year ownership and it was re-registered on what is thought to be its original number in 1981 - the old style V5 stating it was declared manufactured in 1949 (which it was).

    The car is still on the DVLA database and the submission of the old style V5 should get its new owner a shiny new red one. It has two original handbooks, a book on Rover cars and various old bills etc.

    In 1989 it had an some money spent - with new kingpins, idler and track rod ends and a further £500 was laid out in 1990 on an 'engine-out' overhaul including a replacement camshaft and four new rockers. We are also advised that further work to the chassis, bulkhead and woodwork was undertaken at about this time.

    We are told the exhaust is made of stainless steel and the sunroof works, although we cannot confirm if the original radio 'warms up' as there is currently no battery on the car. This is because it has been in storage for the last seven years, although we are told it was running just fine when it stopped.

    The interior is delightfully original and the attached photos show the best and worst of the bodywork. It remains very solid indeed, but there will be some jobs to do to recommision it for the road.

    This is a rare, desirable and attractive 4-lite Sports saloon which a powerful six-cylinder engine. It is extremely original and complete down to the radio and pull-out tool tray under the dashboard.

    We have not attempted to start it while it has been on-site.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  90. Lot Number 128

    16/03/1960 Royal Enfield Bullet

    1960 Royal Enfield Bullet Combination

    SOLD £3,640

    Offered by order of the Court of Protection; 26,500 miles showing; last recorded MOT issued in 2009

    For further information, please contact Toby Service on 07971 579393

  91. Lot Number 27

    01/01/1800 Sunbeam 14/40 Tourer

    1926 Sunbeam 14/40 Tourer

    SOLD £25,200

    Factory coachwork; lovely orginal example on the button; new b/e wheels and tyres; set of wellbase included; weather equipment; a delight

    When the current owner of this car saw it advertised, he simply had to have it - there was no going back. He knew it well, the car having it first having come into his family at a farm sale in 1952 for the princely sum of £35.

    It was to remain with them until the 1970s, changing hands a few times, until its previous owner bought the car through AvonVale Classics in 2001. He passed it to the vendor in 2013.

    It had an engine rebuild back in 1993, complete with a roller chain conversion and still sounds particuarly sweet and healthy to this day. The upholstery has been retirmmed, but sufficiently long ago to develop a lovely patina which adds to the originality and appeal of the car.

    The Sunbeam coachwork is in excellent condition and the car comes with comprehensive weather equipment and an Auster screen for the rear.

    There are various bills on file and some old MOTs. A copy of a handbook is also on file as well as an illustrated spares list.

    When it was purchased, the car was fitted with a set of wellbase wheels which are included in the sale, the car now sporting a brand new set of the correct beaded edge wheels and Waymaster tyres which have done very little work. These make the car much nicer and lighter to drive, the car bowling along all day at 45-50mph with no stress or effort.

    Fitted with four-wheel brakes and a conventional pedal layout, this is an easy car to live with and has plenty of room for everyone.

    Also included in the sale is a spare gearbox, halfshaft and brake backplate - all available for collection from the Kington area of Herefordshire (along with the wellbase wheels) from whence it arrived under its own steam.

    Offering quality in every sense of the word, this is a lovely, original and 'ready to go' Sunbeam...

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  92. Lot Number 23

    24/01/1964 Sunbeam Alpine

    1964 Sunbeam Alpine

    SOLD £8,792

    From long-term ownership; hard top; driven 45 miles to the sale; lots of history; a few cosmetic jobs to do but entirely usable as is

  93. Lot Number 86

    01/01/1800 Sunbeam Alpine Harrington

    1963 Sunbeam Alpine Harrington Series C

    SOLD £19,779

    One of only around 20 built and 12 remaining; three owners, the current for 19 years; former concours winner; matching numbers; well-known car in good condition throughout

    Thomas Harrington Ltd was founded in Brighton in 1897 and specialised in making coach bodies, going on to make armoured vehicles in wartime and even coachbuilding a few cars for Rolls-Royce and Talbot. In later years they became agents for the sale of Rootes cars so it was natural that Sunbeam turned to Harrington when they wanted to create a Coupe version of their Alpine Roadster in 1960. Each Harrington Alpine was handmade to order and no two are exactly alike as customers could specify their own interior trim and mechanical upgrades. Only around 384 were made in total before production came to an end in 1964, around 250 of them to Le Mans spec and around 20 to Series C spec, as here. Built on an Alpine Series II body, the Series C cost over 50% more than a standard Alpine and had a glassfibre top with an opening rear hatchback, a distinctive air vent in the roof and pronounced tail fins with a range of trim and equipment options. This particular Series C was based on a 1963 Alpine with a Hartwell-tuned 1,592cc engine with twin Zenith carbs producing around 90bhp and mated to a four-speed overdrive ‘box. The original buff logbook shows that XDB 25 was first registered to British Metal Crates Ltd of Stockport in February 1963 and had six further keepers, all in Cheshire, before it was acquired by marque-expert Terry Gatley of Warrington who restored it in the early 1980s, our vendor acquiring it from him in 2001. Well-known to the Club and a regular on the show circuit, it has scooped many awards over the years, winning its class at the Alpine Owners Club concours in 1992, 1995, 1997 and 2005 and being runner-up in 2001. A good file of invoices and photos show regular upkeep over the current 20-year ownership including many new parts and periodic attention to the Carnival Red bodywork. Electronic ignition has been fitted but the original parts also come with the car. The file includes 28 old MOTs which chart the gradual accumulation of mileage from 74,698 in 1989 to today’s total of 92,033 miles. In generally good order throughout with a nice black leather interior, it has always been in light regular use, starting promptly and running very nicely as we moved it around for these photos. The large history file also includes many old tax discs and a wealth of technical literature relating to the model including period road tests, an original Harrington sales brochure, original Alpine owner’s handbook, Haynes Workshop Manual, historic photos of XDB 25, Club literature, various trophies amassed over the years plus much else besides. One of only 12 Series C models thought to survive, this nicely preserved 'matching numbers' Harrington will be sure of a warm welcome at any classic event. It could be a long time before you see another for sale so if you have ever fancied one, bid vigorously now or kick yourself for your hesitancy hereafter! For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  94. Lot Number 15

    01/01/1800 TALBOT 14/45 Four-seat Tourer

    1927 Talbot 14/45 Four-seat Tourer

    SOLD £19,040

    Invicible and advanced family tourer; very nicely restored with lots of original features; good brakes; top quality Vintage motoring

    Talbot introduced their new 14/45 in record time, the car going from design concept to Motorshow debut in the same year - 1926. The first series was called the AD and featured numerous modern sophistications including coil ignition, 12 volt electrics, a dynastart, fabroil 'silent' timing gears, four-wheel brakes and a four-speed gearbox - influenced no doubt by the advanced thinking of Georges Roesch.

    The result was a really lovely machine, highly regarded among the engineering fraternity and popular with the buying public who could afford to pay a bit more.

    This lovely example comes with plenty of history having been first registered in Gloucestershire on 9th May 1927. It was sold at a farm sale in Bridgewater in 1938 to the Harrison family who were to use the car as their everyday transport until the Suez crisis in 1956, including towing the family caravan on family holidays.

    In 2009 it was acquired by the vendor and he and a friend restored it to the fine state you see today. The job was completed by April 2011 and the car won the Talbot Owners Club's Wilcock trophy for best car at that year's AGM.

    The restoration involved a dismantle and complete rebuild of the engine and a new loom. Incredibly, the body restoration only required one panel to be replaced. The leather work is delightful and mostly original although it has a new hood and comes with a complete set of sidescreens. The car has been repainted its original shade of blue.

    Appleyards of Sheffield dealt with the nickel fittings which are of the highest quality and the car still looks as beautiful today as it did when it was first restored.

    The engine starts easily, the vendor advising us that the a slight engine rattle at low revs comes from the oil pump drive and is a characteristic of the model. It is otherwise runs particularly smoothly.

    The documents folder includes useful service information, a copy handbook, restoration photos and a buff logbook.

    This Talbot would be an ideal car for a growing family and is an interesting and 'dare we say' far better engineered alternative to certain large American tourers that seem so fashionable at the moment.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  95. Lot Number 84

    24/05/1989 TOYOTA Supra MkIII 3.0

    1989 Toyota Supra MkIII 3.0

    SOLD £8,456

    Superb naturally aspirated example of a sought after model with manual transmission and just 43,013 miles; show use only for the last 5 years

    Dating from May 1989 this attractive Uk market coupe is the 3rd itineration of the famous Supra nomenclature and features the well respected MA70 series 7M-GE 3.0 straight six in naturally aspirated form and develops a respectable 200bhp driven through five-speed manual transmission, the purists’ choice. Finished in red, with ever-so-cool pop-up headlights and sat on its period correct original ‘saw blade’ 16x7 alloy wheels the car still looks very striking. The interior on this example is of grey cloth with electric driver’s seat adjustments for lumbar and side bolsters. With only 43,013 miles covered this must be one of the lowest mileage UK spec manual MkIII Supras on the market. It has been in the hands of our loving, enthusiast owners for the past five years and has spent much of that time cosseted, wrapped up in a heated garage and has covered only 904 miles during their tenure, with only circa 200 miles per annum for dry show use. The history file includes the V5C, some 27 old MOTs dating back to 1992 confirming its mileage along with a selection of bills revealing fitment of a replacement clutch at 39,458 miles. The Supra comes complete with the original owner’s pack, tool kit and unused spare wheel. A Toad security system is fitted for reassurance. The MOT is valid until mid July 2021 with only 3 minor advisories recorded for a binding handbrake and deterioration of the exhaust, both likely due to such little regular use. A tempting entry here, particularly given the upwards curve of values of the later MkIV model, this must surely be the next to move in the same direction. In fact, we sold a similar MkIII to this lovely car last year which made a staggering £12,000 and it had covered more miles…..gets the old bean into a rummy thinking spree doesn’t it. A shrewd investment we feel!

  96. Lot Number 91

    01/01/1800 Triumph Spitfire MkIV

    1972 Triumph Spitfire MkIV

    SOLD £3,640

    Recently recommissioned; driven 50+miles to the sale; lightweight fibreglass bonnet; budget fun to use and improve; £800 spent in last few years

    This tidy little Spitfire was first registered in September 1972 and has enjoyed 11 keepers according to its V5C. It came into the hands of the vendor earlier this year, having sat idle for some time.

    There are bills on file where work has taken place, specifically in 2013 when the suspension was overhauled, a new hood was fitted along with a new exhaust.

    It had a new fuel pump in 2018 and its current owner has carefully recommissioned it for the road since acquisition at the start of this year as a lockdown project.

    The car was driven to us some 50+ miles and is both presentable and usable - although we notice the clutch could do with bleeding since its arrival on-site.

    The chassis looks solid, the bodywork and paint serviceable and it has had a fibreglass front end fitted - being significantly lighter than the original and entirely rust-free.

    For someone looking for a great budget classic to use and improve...look no further.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  97. Lot Number 26

    01/01/1800 Triumph Stag MOD

    1972 Triumph Stag

    SOLD £7,952

    Local car from long term ownership; manual with overdrive; hard top; quality respray in recent years; lots of history

    Delivered new in February 1972, this attractive manual Stag has spent most of its life in the Hereford area. It shows eight owners on the V5C, but the previous keeper owned it from 1989 until 1996 since when it has been with the current. There are 26 old MOTs on file, the earliest dated 1988 which lists its mileage at 9,500 miles - likely 109,500 miles - a figure which has gradually increased since to register the current figure of 32,500 miles.

    There are a significant pile of bills which show dedicated maintenance, including a replacement gearbox and overdrive refresh in 2009 - just a few thousand miles ago. These include local Hereford garages as well as from SNG Barrett and Rimmer Brothers etc.

    It was colour-changed from dark red to black about 20 years ago, a colour which suits it well and which extends to the boot and bonnet area as well as the colour-coded hard-top. Within the last two years, it has been professionally repainted again (not the hard top), the paintwork looking very smart indeed with a really deep lustre. The bodywork remains commendably rust-free and is well above average and the car looks very presentable and sits particularly nicely.

    The engine started and ran well during our brief photo session on-site, with working gauges and smooth operation. The vendor advises us that there are eight even compressions and that electronic ignition has been fitted. An additional oil pressure gauge registers a healthy pressure. The radio is the original (with working electric aerial) and a stainless exhaust has been fitted with a large-bore tailpipe.

    In 2013, new tyres were fitted to the period-correct alloy wheels and we have inspected the hood which is in good serviceable condition - with just a little discolouration of the rear zip down window and what appears to be a Renovo treatment to the canvas.

    This good looking Stag hasn't done much for a couple of years so could do with a good service.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  98. Lot Number 77

    01/01/1800 Triumph TR3A

    1958 Triumph TR3A

    SOLD £27,440

    Amendment: Car is from 1958 and not 1964 as previously listed. Multiple concours winner in excellent condition throughout; fully restored nine years ago; only 4,000 miles on rebuilt, balanced and lightened engine; galvanised chassis; TR4A overdrive gearbox; find a better one!

    The quintessential British sportscar of the Fifties, who doesn’t love a Triumph TR? Powered by a virtually indestructible 1991cc 4-cylinder, wet-liner OHV pushrod engine, the gutsy TR2 was capable of a genuine 100mph. Not only that, in its 1954 road test, The Motorcar praised Britain's lowest-priced ton-up car for returning 'astonishing fuel economy' of 34.5mpg over 1,904 miles. The TR2 was replaced by the TR3 in 1955, now with 100bhp on tap (5bhp up on the TR2), front disc brakes and the option of an overdrive unit on the top three gears, electrically operated and controlled by a switch on the dash. The final evolution of the line, the TR3A was introduced in September 1957. It differed mainly in having a wider front grill, exterior door handles, a lockable boot handle and a full tool kit as standard. Great fun to drive, its tough boxed section chassis featured independent coil and wishbone front suspension, a leaf sprung 'live' rear axle and disc / drum brakes. Now with some 104bhp and 117lbft of torque, it could sprint to 60mph in 10 seconds on its way to a top speed of 109mph. It was replaced by the more Italianate TR4 in 1961. This stunning TR3A dates from October 1958 and was originally a LHD car that is thought to have been first owned by an American serviceman based in Germany. Returning to the UK in March 1964, it has had five owners since, our vendor acquiring it in April 2010. Over the next two years it was treated to a total nut-and-bolt restoration with the spectacular results you see today. The extent of the work carried out is too detailed to list in full here but is amply documented in dozens of invoices on file. Mechanical highlights include: full engine rebuild by Worcester Classic Cars with new pistons etc, lightened and balanced and converted to run on unleaded fuel; alloy sump; upgraded rear crank oil seal; electronic ignition; rebuilt TR4A overdrive gearbox with synchro on all gears including first and overdrive on 2nd, 3rd and 4th; new TR4A clutch kit; uprated cooling system with alloy radiator, electric fan and Evans Waterless Coolant. On the structural/cosmetic side: all outer panels chemically stripped and e-coated by SPL of Dudley prior to a professional repaint in red; new stainless steel bumpers and brightwork; stainless steel headlamp guards; new aluminium fuel tank; painted wire wheels and tyres; stainless steel exhaust; full interior retrim with black leather seat covers etc; new set of weather gear (hood, sidescreens and tonneau cover); battery cut-off switch. The chassis was found to be in perfect condition being a galvanised item fitted by a previous owner. Since the restoration was completed the car has only covered 4,000 fine weather miles and it remains in outstanding condition throughout. To prove the point, it won the TR Register (Birmingham Group) TR2/3 Concours in 2012 and won the Master Class Concours six more times over the next seven years, beating off opposition not only from the TR2/3 Class but also from the TR4, TR5, TR6 and TR7 Classes. Documentation includes a V5C; old style V5; green logbook from 1974; MOT to March 2021; 19 old MOTs back to 1998 at 14,840 miles (now showing 23,709 miles) and a large file of restoration invoices. An indoor car cover is also included, the icing on the cake being the nice 660 FOW number plate which is transferable. Perhaps the best TR3A we have ever offered, it is no doubt capable of winning many more trophies in years to come.

    For more information - contact James Dennison 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  99. Lot Number 64

    01/01/1800 Triumph TR7 Convertible

    1982 Triumph TR7 Convertible

    SOLD £3,360

    '90s restoration; smart interior; good hood; fresh MOT; paintwork could do with some cosmetic attention but a solid car upstairs and down...

    The TR7 took a while to come out in convertible form - Triumph's management working on the premis that the US legislators would ban the sale of open cars - wrong!

    When it did finally arrive, the TR7 had matured nicely, the '80s wedge shape looking suitably sharp and modern at the time.

    The vendor of this car had  fancied one ever since he saw them driving around when they were new, and his dreams were realised when he spotted this one in a customer's garage having done very little for some time. This was in 2014.

    It had been given a body restoration sometime in the late '90s, a bill from 1997 listing a new front lower panel, f/glass front spoiler, wheelarch repair panels and new transfers.The job was workmanlike, but the result is rock solid and the car passed its most recent MOT which expires in July 2021 with comments on steering rack play and a poor tyre which has been replaced. The paintwork is the least appealing aspect, with a few areas where the top coat has reacted over time but it looks reasonable.

    It has recently had new brake pads and is only for sale due to lack of regular use.

    Solid, usable TR7s don't grow on trees - especially in convertible form and they have started to develop a strong following of late.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  100. Lot Number 56

    01/01/1800 Vanden Plas Princess 1300 MkII

    1971 Vanden Plas Princess 1300 MkII Automatic

    SOLD £10,920

    Stunning ADO16 painstakingly restored to 'as new' condition; only 33,650 documented miles; surely the best example in existence

    Internally known as the ADO16, the Austin/Morris 1100/1300 range was an instant hit, becoming Britain’s best-selling car from 1963 – 1966 and again from 1968 – 1971 when the MkII version came out which proved so desirable that there was a waiting list of several months – most unusual in a car of this class. The Pininfarina styling was bang up-to-date and clever Hydrolastic suspension made it ride even better than its sophisticated European competition. Issigonis had another hit on his hands. So impressed was Fred Connolly (owner of the famous leather firm) with the ride and comfort of the humble ADO16 that he approached Vanden Plas (one of his main customers) with the idea of introducing a luxury limousine version. The concept was enthusiastically embraced and the new model launched at the 1963 Earls Court Show. Eventually nearly 40,000 Princess 1100/1300s were to be produced, initially from Longbridge and Cowley, but latterly from Vanden Plas themselves where they took an MG bodyshell complete with twin carb 55bhp engine and painted and trimmed the car to their normal high standard. Complete with full Connolly leather interior, lashings of burr walnut to the dash and doors, picnic tables and the oversized Vanden Plas grille at the front, the recipe proved irresistible. This stunning Damask Red 1971 VDP 1300 MkII Automatic must surely be the best in existence. Owned and cossetted by one Essex family for the first 42 years of its life, it was in light regular use until 1991 when it was laid up with 30,000 miles on the clock. In 2013 it was acquired by a Hereford ADO16 enthusiast who also happened to own his own car dealership. Using the skills of his workforce, he treated it to a meticulous restoration with the spectacular results you see today. Although there are no invoices for the work done, we are told that much time and money was spent sourcing rare ‘new old stock’ parts including front wings; front panel; front and rear subframes; all four hydraulic displacers; Fog Ranger lights; headlights; rear lights; bumpers/over-riders; boot fairing; radiator etc. Other new parts include the wiring loom; battery; all five tyres; exhaust system; electronic ignition; interior and roof lining. The suspension components have all been blasted and powder coated and the paint finish is exemplary. You could even eat your dinner off the underside, it’s that clean! The comprehensive history file contains the original purchase invoice, correspondence from the supplying dealer, V5C, old style log book, original handbooks and manuals, service book with six period stamps, original sales brochure, VDP Owners Club heritage certificate and an array of historic maintenance and parts invoices dating back to the early ‘70s. A stack of 18 old MOTs confirms the car’s low mileage of only 33,650. Starting promptly and driving perfectly as we moved it around our yard for these photos, this wonderfully correct, rigorously restored and impressively historied Princess would sit well in any collection. We love it!

    For more information please contact James Dennison on 07970 309907 or email james.dennison@brightwells.com

  101. Lot Number 75

    01/09/2017 Vauxhall / Opel Lotus Carlton / Lotus Omega

    1992 Vauxhall/Opel  Lotus Carlton/Omega

    SOLD £25,760

    Left-hand drive example originating in Germany. German plates retained, rare and valuable owner's pack present; recent clean MOT.

    Of German origin, this smart and rare Lotus Omega (Carlton) is one fast car, with 377bhp developed from its twin turbo 3.6 six-pot the turbo rush on boost is something else, urgent even by today’s standards of very little lag. The Carlton sits well, looking menacing in its dark Green, almost black hue sat on correct alloy wheels with black leather interior and manual ‘box. The odometer indicates just 121,062km (75,224 miles) although there is little history to back this up, bar the five years of MOTs since import and first MOT in 2015 and following registration in September 2017 by its sole UK owner. The car would no doubt benefit from some tidying cosmetically, as witnessed in the pictures, the car wears the usual marks commensurate with age and use but suggests it hasn’t been painted and ‘tarted’ which is re-assuring. These cars go like rockets, handle surprisingly well for a big saloon and are rare. As such, values have continued to climb steadily with some of the nicest cars making well over £70,000 at auction over the past two years – worth considering when looking at the enticing guides of this and the other example in this sale. The car was driven some 80 miles to the sale and is understood to run and drive well, with a current MOT valid until October 2020 with no advisories recorded, but as always, we’d suggest a thorough service and check over before using in angst as the car has covered little mileage in the past few years. The history file includes a V5C, selection of invoices including for a new battery, Reinz headgasket  in December 2017 and EBC yellow stuff pads also from 2017 along with a very rare and valuable Lotus Carlton owner’s pack and unmarked service book along with copy documents from its registration with DVLA dated September 2017. In addition, there are copy German docs including the Fahrzeugbrief, a copy purchase receipt and green Internationaler Zurlassungsschein booklet. With some fettling and light cosmetic enhancement this could be a very interesting and potentially valuable example, particularly given its low indicated KM and perceived originality.

  102. Lot Number 48

    22/01/1935 VAUXHALL Grosvenor Big Six BXL

    1935 Vauxhall Grosvenor Big Six BXL

    Believed one of just 9 left running world-wide; in super order from long term lady ownership; driven 55 miles to the sale

    Yet another fabulous and rare car on offer here at Brightwells. Considered to be one of just nine remaining world-wide and just three in Britain according to the Vauxhall club this is indeed a fine opportunity. Believed to be one of just 796 BXL (Long wheel-Base Limousine Big Six’s) built, costing some £550 in 1934/5, a premium of £225 over the standard saloon it is powered by a 3180cc six cylinder based on the YV Cadet engine but with improved cylinder head and 5.6:1 compression it developed a taxable rated 27hp and was quite the flying machine, reaching some 72mph on a test in 1934 conducted by The Motor magazine. Transmission is by four-speed manual with a silent third and synchromesh on 3rd and 4th – it takes some mastery to get it right with a mixture of double-declutching and confidence (or ability!) to get it right, but is a sweet moment when it one ‘gets it’. Dating from January 1935 the car was assigned JM1660 and purchased new by Miss Gwendolen Smith of Manchester who had her family crest on the two rear doors, the car was chauffer driven until it was sold in March 1939. The next owner, a Mr Hellen of Conniston Lake, Cumbria kept her for some 55 years, hiding it away during the war. The car was used for private hire after the war until 1964 when he retired returning the car to its war-time store until sale and purchase in 1994 by Vauxhall main dealer Wass of Leeds who lovingly restored the car to its former glory. This included a full restoration of the bodywork and engine with photographs on file. The car was kept in their showroom and attended various shows and events. The car looks to have then spent some time in Ballymena, County Antrim, being re-registered TAS 936. Our intrepid lady became the next owner purchasing it from Vintage specialists Malcom Elder & Son opting to have ‘Candice’ as it became known re-sprayed from cream and black to primrose and black along with fitment of new springs and exhaust system. Maintained in house by our vintage and classic car mad owner this is a reluctant sale of a much loved car that’s seen regular use in all weathers proving very reliable and has not only been all over the UK to various club meets and events but has also been driven more than 50 miles to the sale. A cracker of a car in very good usable order with rarity and looks most definitely on its side with a considerable history file to boot. Get those fingers tapping and bidding.

  103. Lot Number 124

    01/01/1800 Velocette LE

    1955 Velocette LE

    SOLD £1,097

    Offered by order of the Court of Protection; last recorded MOT in 2009; appears to have always been a relatively local machine

    For further information, please contact Toby Service on 07971 579393

  104. Lot Number 123

    01/01/1800 Velocette LE

    c.1968 Velocette LE

    SOLD £207

    Offered by order of the Court of Protection; not currently registered; in need of restoration

    For further information, please contact Toby Service on 07971 579393

  105. Lot Number 125

    13/05/1955 Velocette LE

    1955 Velocette LE

    SOLD £700

    Offered by order of the Court of Protection; last recorded MOT issued in 2009; in need of some recommissioning

    For further information, please contact Toby Service on 07971 579393

  106. Lot Number 122

    19/03/1968 Velocette LE

    1968 Velocette LE

    SOLD £700

    No Reserve

    Offered by order of the Court of Protection; originally registered to the Chief Constable of Essex police until moving to private hands in the 1970s; in need of some restoration

  107. Lot Number 121

    01/01/1800 Velocette LE

    c.1955 Velocette LE

    SOLD £285

    No Reserve

    Being offered by order of the Court of Protection; in need of restoration

  108. Lot Number 126

    01/01/1800 Velocette Parts

    Velocette Parts

    SOLD £123

    Offered by order of the Court of Protection; approx 70% of a motorcycle here; includes frame, crank cases; gearboxes; rear shocks; bevel drive; all sorts!

    For further information, please contact Toby Service on 07971 579393

  109. Lot Number 2


    1996 VW Caravelle 2.6-litre

    Rare high-performance Caravelle; South-Africa spec car with factory Audi 2.6-litre five-cylinder; well sorted; 139bhp dyno test

    This Type 25 was built by the Volkswagen South African factory for home consumption. There are thought to be no more than 10 examples of the South African VW T25 in the UK which came fitted with the desirable ADV code Audi 5-cylinder 2.6i engine. It also has A/C (currently requiring regassing), electric windows, central locking, eight seats and a certificate from VW South Africa claiming the vehicle is unable to meet the UK emissions standards for 1996 so is exempt from emissions testing to the 1996 requirements.

    The model featured the sought after square headlights and super rare South African-only lower grill and remains in great shape with only very minor surface rust in a few areas thanks to its years in the hot and dry African climate. This 1996 Caravelle saw only light use in South Africa before its owner shipped it over here. In 2004 he sold the Caravelle, at which point it had covered just under 43,000 miles. It was subsequently owned by the editor of Volksworld. When the current owner acquired it, the bus had already been fitted with lowered springs and a Porsche steering wheel to which have been added some neat Fuchs-style alloy wheels to continue the theme. He has subsequently added a correct South African sourced exhaust manifold and a bespoke full stainless exhaust.....and lowered it a tad more. 

    He also found and fitted correct clutch master and slave cylinders as well as giving it a major service which included all filters and fluids replaced, new rear wheel studs, new front wheel bearings and replacement of corroded power steering lines. To cap it all, a new a/c compressor was also sourced from South Africa to the exact spec required. Finally, he has upgraded the ECU to a Megasquirt 2 system which has given the very healthy dyno reading of 139bhp...a touch more than quoted by the factory.

    The clock currently stands at 121,000 kilometres (76,500 miles) which the current owner believes to be correct, but there is no documentary evidence to back this up, although the overall condition of the van certainly supports this figure. He has covered about 12,000 kms since he bought it and the van has an MOT until 13th October 2020 - its first test in 7 years so it is now back up to how it should be. There are, in all, five recorded keepers. The van was featured in Volksworld Camper & Bus magazine (issue 4 2006), a copy of which accompanies the van as well as its original handbook, service book and one old MOT. The vendor has removed the cooker unit and turned it back into the full eight seat Caravelle it started life as. N738 YNT is a rare, upmarket Type 25 with an attractive engine option and has seen relatively little use and a lot of recent care and attention.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  110. Lot Number 45

    23/10/1998 VOLVO V70R

    1998 Volvo V70R

    Turbocharged Q-car with 240bhp 2.3 5-pot with auto 'box in arguably the best colour combination

    The V70R was Volvo’s understated successor to the perhaps even more outrageous 850 T5R, popular with traffic cops as undercover Q-cars during the ‘90s with their discreet looks and spanking acceleration. As a first phase car from October 1998, this striking example is finished in Saffron and features the 2.3 turbocharged five-pot mated to automatic transmission which develops 237bhp. With a superior spec, the R models offered half suede and leather interior with diamond stitching and upgraded stereos, electric heated seats, blue gauges and smart 17inch alloy wheels. This lovely example was first supplied new by Johnson Volvo of Worcester to the Postmaster of Malvern Link, before it travelled around the country with a further five owners. Our vendor searched high and low for the best example he could find, purchasing this one from a specialist dealer since when he has covered just over 12,000 trouble free and very enjoyable miles over the last two years. A truly reluctant sale, it will be sorely missed. The history file includes a service book boasting some fifteen stamps and a further two evidenced by invoices. The current MOT runs until March 2021 with no advisories and there are 13 old MOT certificates which along with the service history backs up its 158,742 miles – a walk in the park for one of these stellar beasts.

    For more information call Will Daniels - 07951 709919

  111. Lot Number 54

    01/01/1800 Willys CJ-3B Jeep

    1953 Willys CJ-3B Jeep

    SOLD £8,400

    Mitsubishi-built Indonesion Jeep; recent import; rock solid example with recent expenditure - running sweetly and driving; UK registered and ready to go - a fun Land Rover Series I alternative

    This impressive post WW2 Jeep was assembled in Indonesia by Indonesian Service Coy Djakarta-Kota from a kit of parts manufactured by Mitsubishi themselves in Japan.

    At that time, Mitsubishi Industries Reorganized Ltd held the Licence to manufacture the Willys Jeep from the Willys Motors Inc USA - hence the name Willys is preceded by the Mitsubishi logo pressed into the front panel. The VIN indicates a 1953 assembly - the first year of manufacture and this is believed to be an early example of the model. There is a Vehicle Verification letter from the The Military Vehicle Trust which helps prove its authenticity. The engine is the later 2.2-litre Hurricane unit which has just been serviced (oil & filter) new spark plugs, distributor cap, valve clearance, carb adjusted and radiator flushed. The electrics are 12v and the car has an alternator for reliablity.

    The lights work and lots of work has been done to the brakes, with new front wheel cylinders, brake pipes, flexi hoses, shoes and fresh fluid.....it now stops as well as it starts and runs... The car has been UK registered since early this year and comes with a new style V5C. It looks to have arrived in the UK in early 2019.

    New 6.4mm thick laminated glass has just been fitted to replace a cracked windscreen and we thought this model was a rare sight in this country until the other very similar (restoration case) turned up onsite...they are like busses!!!

    Running and driving round the site, this more modern Jeep will be easier to live with than its early wartime counterparts - not to say significantly better value and will offer the same pleasure and fun on the road....

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  112. Lot Number 10

    01/01/1800 Wolseley 12/48

    1939 Wolseley 12/48 Saloon

    SOLD £5,656

    Nicely patinated example; re-cored radiator and new king pins; comes with history; running and driving

    This fine old Wolseley came into the hands of its current owner in 2018. First registered in March 1940, it is thought to have been built in late 1939 and comes with a buff logbook dating back to the mid-'60s when it was resident in Buckinghamshire.

    The vendor located the car in Hastings and has undertaken some recommissioning including a recored radiator (£450) and new King Pins - a big job which required the axle eyes to be shrunk back to size. There are further bills on file and a typed listing of works carried out in 1963/4 which is interesting. There are also a number of old MOTs, including one dated 1966.

    The car appears to be extrememly sound. The paintwork is average, the worst part being the top of the bonnet which has a paint reaction, but looks fine from a few feet away. The interior is lovely and original and the sunroof functions as it should. Altogether it looks good and its new owner is not going to frightened to leave it parked in the High Street.

    It has been used for local trips and is only on offer due to lack of storage. We have driven the car while it has been onsite and it goes well, although the brakes needed a few pumps to get working so they will need some attention before driving on the road.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698