Past Results - 11th July

Leominster Classic & Vintage Cars and Motorcycles

Please see below for the results of this auction. Some of the lots that are marked as unsold are still available to purchase. If you would like to make an offer, please contact the office on or 01568 611122.

All prices include our 10% buyers premium.

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Please note that all chassis and engine numbers quoted are taken from the V5C unless otherwise stated.

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  1. Lot Number 122

    01/01/1800 Albatross Mk 2 Continental Speedboat

    1964 Albatross Mk 2 Continental Speedboat

  2. Lot Number 122

    1964 Albatross Mk2 Continental Speedboat

    Fully restored; rare model fitted with Coventry Climax engine; four-seater; original Albatross trailer included

  3. Lot Number 89

    1978 Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1.3 Super

    AMENDMENT; Stunning sub-15,000 mile Sud; two owners from new; from a large private collection; Ziebart treated from new; incredible rust-free example

  4. Lot Number 89

    01/01/1800 ALFA ROMEO Alfasud 1.3 Super

    1978 PWL369T Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1.3 Super AMENDMENT; A new fuel pump, coil and condenser have just been fitted

  5. Lot Number 35

    1987 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 S3

    Classic Alfa roadster with peppy 2.0 carburettor engine; Bell & Colvill RHD conversion; Nardi steering wheel and gear knob; new soft top; magazine featured

  6. Lot Number 35

    02/04/1987 ALFA ROMEO Spider 2.0 S3

    1987 D721FVN Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 S3

  7. Lot Number 21

    1990 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 S4

    Super example of the much-loved twin-cam S4; half-leather tan interior; hard top; recent new soft top; RHD; much recent expenditure

  8. Lot Number 45

    1992 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 S4 RHD

    Very attractive Verde Inglese Spider; just two owners and 18,000 miles from new; tan leather and suede interior; new MOT

  9. Lot Number 45

    02/07/1997 ALFA ROMEO Spider 2.0 S4 RHD

    1992 J865KKH Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0 S4 RHD

  10. Lot Number 21

    19/12/1990 ALFA ROMEO Spider S4

    1990 H182YVV Alfa Romeo Spider S4

  11. Lot Number 52

    1934 Alvis Firefly Cross & Ellis Drophead Coupe

    One of only 133 made and 15 surviving; recent £35,000 renovation and only lightly used since; few owners; large history file; lovely condition; find a better one!

  12. Lot Number 52

    16/01/1934 Alvis Firefly Cross & Ellis Tourer

    1934 KV7063 Alvis Firefly Cross & Ellis Tourer

  13. Lot Number 98

    14/12/1949 Alvis TJ 12/50

    1930 MHW699 Alvis TJ 12/50

  14. Lot Number 98

    1930 Alvis TJ 12/50

    Vintage 12/50 from long-term ownership; shortened chassis; rapid and well sorted engine; well-known car with 12/60 wheels and carbs; super fun and ready to go

  15. Lot Number 107

    1966 Apal Porsche Speedster Replica

    Top quality Belgian-made replica; one of only 55 made in RHD; lots of original Porsche parts; hot VW engine; if its good enough to fool Ferdinand...

  16. Lot Number 107

    09/05/1978 Apal Porsche Speedster Replica

    1966 UKL934 Apal Porsche Speedster Replica

  17. Lot Number 44

    1928 Austin 12/4 Windsor


  18. Lot Number 44

    01/01/1800 Austin 12/4 Windsor

    WITHDRAWN - 1928 SV4476 Austin 12/4 Windsor

  19. Lot Number 77

    01/01/1800 Austin 7 Chummy

    1929 UU7011 Austin 7 Chummy

  20. Lot Number 49

    01/09/1960 Austin A40 Farina MkI Countryman

    1960 GSJ207 Austin A40 Farine MkI Countryman

  21. Lot Number 49

    1960 Austin A40 Farina MkI Countryman

    Rare and practical Countryman hatchback version; only 29,700 miles indicated; very smart; very original; very nice!

  22. Lot Number 20

    1974 Austin Allegro 1500 Super

    AMENDMENT; Superb condition with just 30,000 on the clock; early 'Quartic' steering wheel model; 5-speed box; highly collectable; increasingly trendy

  23. Lot Number 20

    01/01/1800 Austin Allegro Super 1500 5-Speed

    1974 RUD604M Austin Allegro Super 1500 5-Speed AMENDMENT; A new alternator has just been fitted

  24. Lot Number 77

    1929 Austin Seven Chummy

    Ex-display car at the Bygone Heritage Village; older quality restoration for light recommissioning

  25. Lot Number 80

    1936 Austin Seven Special

    Very nicely made special body; tuned engine; listed as Sports model in V5C; excellent summer fun

  26. Lot Number 80

    24/09/1936 Austin Seven Special

    1936 BOR906 Austin Seven Special

  27. Lot Number 58

    01/07/2002 Austin-Healey 3000 MkI

    1960 HAS800 Austin-Healey 3000 MkI

  28. Lot Number 58

    1960 Austin-Healey 3000 MkI BT7

    Lightweight body; Jaguar XK 3.4 engine; overdrive; disc brakes all round; works style front grille; side-exit exhaust; recent quality repaint; many new parts; a gorgeous looking Healey in lovely condition throughout

  29. Lot Number 71

    1966 Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII BJ8 Phase 2

    Fully restored to concours condition and only 2,700 fine weather miles since; overdrive; matching numbers; original UK car; engineer's report; Heritage Certificate; superb example that has won many awards

  30. Lot Number 71

    01/03/1966 Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII BJ8 Phase 2

    1966 GFD300D Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII BJ8 Phase 2

  31. Lot Number 19

    1958 Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite MkI

    Very early Sprite fresh from a total nut-and-bolt restoration to 'as new' condition; less than 20k miles indicated; recently retrieved from 40 years storage in sunny California; RHD; find a better one!

  32. Lot Number 22

    1959 Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite MkI

    A rare treat owned by the same enthusiast couple since 1960; wire wheels; Leaf Green paint; lovely time-worn patina

  33. Lot Number 19

    01/02/2017 Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite MkI

    1959 739UYU Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite MkI

  34. Lot Number 60

    C. 1959 Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite MkI Parts

    An array of new and used parts for the Frogeye Sprite enthusiast; engine blocks, gearboxes, bonnet etc

  35. Lot Number 60

    01/01/1800 Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite Parts

    1959 Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite MkI Parts - AMENDMENT: Bonnet is Fibreglass not original as stated

  36. Lot Number 22

    05/06/1959 Austin-Healey Sprite

    1959 WXX631 Austin-Healey Sprite

  37. Lot Number 105

    1964 Austin-Healey Sprite MkII

    From a deceased estate; Ashley bonnet; hard top and soft top; wire wheels; roll cage; recent repaint in Aston Martin Sage Green; nice transferable number; smart and sporty Sprite

  38. Lot Number 105

    01/01/1964 Austin-Healey Sprite MkII

    1964 VPR437 Austin-Healey Sprite MkII

  39. Lot Number 46

    13/02/1962 Austin-Healey Sprite MkII

    1962 461CWO Austin-Healey Sprite MkII

  40. Lot Number 46

    1962 Austin-Healey Sprite MkII

    Rare early MkII; matching numbers; older restoration; Heritage Certificate; nice transferable number plate

  41. Lot Number 47

    2002 Bentley Arnage T


  42. Lot Number 47

    01/01/1800 BENTLEY Arnage T

    WITHDRAWN -2002 LG02AVV Bentley Arnage T

  43. Lot Number 106

    01/01/1953 BENTLEY R-Type

    1952 OXM618 Bentley R-Type

  44. Lot Number 106

    1952 Bentley R-Type James Young Saloon

    The original 1952 Earls Court Motor Show car; one of six ordered by Jack Barclay with coachwork by James Young; only 71,712 miles indicated; cocktail cabinet in the driver's door (where else?!)

  45. Lot Number 57

    01/01/1800 BMW 2002 Turbo

    1974 GOL949N BMW 2002 Turbo

  46. Lot Number 57

    1974 BMW 2002 Turbo

    One of only 1,672 made; original UK-supplied car with only 57,828 miles indicated; restored by Munich Legends in 1991; has spent the last 17 years Carcooned in a private collection; the ultimate 2002 in lovely condition throughout

  47. Lot Number 103

    1973 BMW 3.0 CSL Coupe (E9)

    One of only 500 supplied to the UK market; only 84,500 miles with a large history file; few owners; has spent the last 18 years in Carcoon storage in a private collection; extensively restored by Munich Legends; a fine example

  48. Lot Number 103

    01/01/1800 BMW CSL

    1973 SPF5M BMW CSL

  49. Lot Number 18

    1961 BMW Isetta 300

    Brighton-built RHD Isetta; only 28,086 miles indicated; four owners from new, the current since 1992; always garaged; well-maintained; highly original; utterly charming

  50. Lot Number 18

    23/08/1961 BMW Isetta 300

    1961 YWV784 BMW Isetta 300

  51. Lot Number 43

    1999 BMW M5 (E39) Saloon

    Cracking example of the iconic sporting saloon of the 1990s; one of only 2,595 made in RHD; 6-speed manual; 400bhp and 396lb/ft; excellent history; new Michelin Pilot tyres; new discs and pads; iron fist in a velvet glove; Tiff Needell's favourite!

  52. Lot Number 43

    12/05/1999 BMW M5 (E39) Saloon

    1999 T32BWL BMW M5 (E39) Saloon

  53. Lot Number 55

    04/07/2018 Bristol 400

    1949 NNU312 Bristol 400

  54. Lot Number 55

    1949 Bristol 400

    One of only c.420 made; shell taken back to bare metal; engine and gearbox rebuilt; interior retrimmed; needs minor jobs to finish, but boy will it be worth it!

  55. Lot Number 118

    C. 1985 BTR-80 Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier

    AMENDMENT, Direct from the Ministry of Defence; of Soviet origin; 260bhp V8 turbo diesel; up to 55mph on land and 5 knots in water; eight-wheel drive; interesting recommissioning project

  56. Lot Number 118

    01/01/1800 BTR-80 Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier

    1985 BTR-80 Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier (Plus VAT) - AMENDMENT: We are led to believe this is possibly a BTR60 model, due to a number of differences in tthe bodywork. This item will be released to the buyer, upon presentataion of photo ID compliant with the invoice address. Purchasers are to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description and the item is sold without any warranty in regard to description or condition.

  57. Lot Number 23

    01/01/1800 Buick Special 40 Sedan

    1939 DVF187 Buick Special 40 Sedan

  58. Lot Number 23

    1939 Buick Special 40 Sedan

    Original RHD UK car; one of only three left in the country; powerful straight-8 OHV Dynaflash engine; older restoration; twin side-mounts; air-horns; massive history file; a quality pre-war Buick

  59. Lot Number 10

    01/10/1921 Cedos Model 16

    1921 BD6127 Cedos Model 16 - AMENDMENT: The estimate is now £3,000 - £4,000

  60. Lot Number 10

    1921 Cedos Model 16

    Incredibly rare motorcycle; fewer than 20 thought to survive; a well made early English machine; in need of restoration before a Banbury run

  61. Lot Number 121

    1934 Chrysler Plymouth 3.3 Sedan

    Ex-Stondon Museum Collection; rare and refined American sedan with a gutsy 3.3 straight-six; running car in need of recommisioning

  62. Lot Number 121

    05/05/1989 CHRYSLER Plymouth 3.3 Sedan

    1934 NSU757 Chrysler Plymouth 3.3 Sedan

  63. Lot Number 117

    1932 Coventry Eagle

    Rare model for the eclectic collector

  64. Lot Number 117

    01/01/1800 Coventry Eagle

    1932 395UXV Coventry Eagle

  65. Lot Number 95

    01/01/1800 Crossley 20.9 Tourer

    1928 DT66HW Crossley 20.9 Tourer

  66. Lot Number 95

    C. 1928 Crossley 20.9 Tourer

    Part-restored long-wheelbase tourer; chassis, engine, gearbox, brakes etc comprehensively refurbished; runs and drives; attractive sports tourer body; just needs finishing

  67. Lot Number 96

    01/08/1986 Daimler Ferret Scout Car

    1951 USV469 Daimler Ferret Scout Car

  68. Lot Number 96

    1953 Daimler Ferret Scout Car

    AMENDMENT; Reportedly running well when put into storage a few years ago; good tyres; desert colours; lots of tasty kit; straightforward recommissioning project

  69. Lot Number 67

    01/01/1800 Excelsior

    1950 Excelsior

  70. Lot Number 67

    C. 1950 Excelsior

    Post-war single-cylinder bike from Britain's first motorcycle manufacturer; stove enamelled frame and wheels; Villiers engine; unfinished project

  71. Lot Number 9

    1975 Fiat 128 Saloon

    AMENDMENT; Only 52,000 miles indicated; sound example of this charismatic super-mini; now very rare; an off-beat choice which will get admiring glances from the cognoscenti

  72. Lot Number 9

    01/01/1800 FIAT 128 Saloon

    1975 JNG194N Fiat 128 Saloon AMENDMENT; New rear brake shoes have just been fitted.

  73. Lot Number 100

    1987 Fiat X1/9 VS

    Only 69,000 miles indicated; few owners; wide body targa top styling; Speedline 'phone dial' alloys; reconditioned unleaded head; recent exhaust; one of only 219 remaining; a rising star!

  74. Lot Number 100

    01/08/1987 FIAT X19 VS

    1987 D65TVS Fiat X19 VS

  75. Lot Number 51

    1979 Ford Capri 3.0S MkIII

    AMENDMENT; Just two owners and 52,000 miles from new; Carla check interior; Minilite-style wheels plus originals included; factory PAS; Ziebart protected from new; recent Aldon tune; highly collectable

  76. Lot Number 51

    09/08/1979 FORD Capri 3.0S MkIII

    1979 WCP666V Ford Capri 3.0S MkIII AMENDMENT; The car is MOT'd until 17/6/2019 with three minor advisories plus windscreen damage but not in driver's field of view. The MOT printout is not present. Please also note reduced estimate.

  77. Lot Number 90

    1962 Ford Consul Capri

    Stunning example of US influenced British design; fully recommissioned by Stratton Motor Co. with over £6,000 of parts

  78. Lot Number 90

    22/05/1962 FORD Consul Capri

    1962 TSY787 Ford Consul Capri

  79. Lot Number 115

    1964 Ford Cortina MkI Rally Car

    Well-known Finnish rally car; veteran of many events, often finishing 1st in Class; FIA Appendix K papers

  80. Lot Number 115

    02/07/2018 FORD Cortina MkI Rally Car

    1964 Ford Cortina MkI Rally Car

  81. Lot Number 99

    1972 Ford Cortina MkIII 2000 GXL Auto

    AMENDMENT; A fine, low mileage range-topper; Pinto power; very '70s; a practical and eminently usable classic

  82. Lot Number 99

    01/01/1800 FORD Cortina MkIII 2000 GXL Auto

    1972 NLY120L Ford Cortina MkIII 2000 GXL Auto. AMENDMENT; A new alternator has just been fitted and the car given fresh oil and a new filter

  83. Lot Number 17

    1970 Ford Escort MkI Two-Door Saloon

    LHD imported car from hot climes; superb shell; lovely original machine with just 33,000 miles; German-built example

  84. Lot Number 56

    1979 Ford Escort MkII Rally Replica

    Superbly detailed Rothmans rally replica; signed by Ari Vatanan and David Richards; magazine featured; ready to show, ready to go

  85. Lot Number 56

    04/07/1979 FORD Escort MkII Rally Replica

    1979 HNO57T Ford Escort MkII Rally Replica. AMENDMENT - new water pump and recon starter motor fitted last week.

  86. Lot Number 17

    01/01/1800 FORD Escort Two Door Saloon

    1970 Ford Escort Two Door Saloon

  87. Lot Number 119

    1955 Ford F600 Car Transporter

    Fitted with new aluminium bed with ramps and winch; recent respray; great opportunity for transporting your vehicle to Goodwood

  88. Lot Number 119

    01/01/1800 FORD F600 Car Transporter

    1955 822UYN Ford F600 Car Transporter

  89. Lot Number 37

    1931 Ford Model A Coupe

    Smashing ex-California example; rear Dickie seat; alternator conversion; in lovely order throughout; an eminently usable car with a great club scene

  90. Lot Number 37

    19/12/2012 FORD Model A Coupe

    1931 182YUM Ford Model A Coupe

  91. Lot Number 113

    1923 Ford Model T Tudor Sedan

    Extensively restored in the USA; new radiator core, shackles, road springs, king pins & steering joints; ready to enjoy.

  92. Lot Number 113

    01/10/2017 FORD Model T Tudor Sedan

    1923 BF8434 Ford Model T Tudor Sedan

  93. Lot Number 32

    1983 Ford Sierra XR4i

    Only 59,600 miles from new; just recommissioned after 28 years in a private collection; one of only 765 still UK registered; excellent example of this increasingly collectable model

  94. Lot Number 32

    01/01/1800 FORD Sierra XR4i

    1983 SJI2666 Ford Sierra XR4i

  95. Lot Number 39

    1969 Gilbern Genie V6

    Grand Touring with a stout heart; tuned Essex V6 with 199bhp dyno sheet; overdrive; underrated sixties British classic; amazing bang for your buck!

  96. Lot Number 39

    01/02/1969 Gilbern Genie V6

    1969 WMP391G Gilbern Genie V6

  97. Lot Number 63

    01/12/2014 Harley Davidson Panhead FL

    1948 WXG649 Harley Davidson Panhead FL

  98. Lot Number 63

    1948 Harley Davidson Panhead FL

    The ultimate of collectible Harleys; first year of the Panhead; last year of hardtail and springer front end; the bike of legends

  99. Lot Number 53

    12/07/1962 Hillman Minx Series IIIC

    1962 143BVJ Hillman Minx Series IIIC

  100. Lot Number 53

    1962 Hillman Minx Series IIIC

    Recently unearthed barn find; believed to be one owner; only 7,510 miles indicated; engine starts and runs; original interior; ripe for recommissioning

  101. Lot Number 78

    1980 Honda Z50R Monkey Bike

    Ever popular the venerable 49cc four stroke Monkey bike with three-speed semi-automatic transmission; believed to be in original condition

  102. Lot Number 78

    01/01/1800 HONDA Z50R Monkey Bike

    1980 Honda Z50R Monkey Bike

  103. Lot Number 86

    1930 Humber 9/28 Saloon

    Few owners, the current for 14 years; recent new exhaust and Dynastart overhaul; highly original Vintage saloon in regular use; nice transferable number

  104. Lot Number 86

    18/07/1930 Humber 9/28 Saloon

    1930 VL2411 Humber 9/28 Saloon

  105. Lot Number 84

    1961 Jaguar E-Type S1 3.8 'Flat Floor' Roadster

    Chassis number 239; recent £40k mechanical overhaul at CMC and only 10k miles since; many upgrades; matching numbers; few owners, the current for 18 years; 5-speed box (plus original Moss box); gorgeous early car that drives like an E-Type should

  106. Lot Number 84

    07/11/1961 JAGUAR E-Type S1 3.8 Flat Floor Roadster

    1961 29SBB Jaguar E-Type S1 3.8 Flat Floor Roadster

  107. Lot Number 41

    1992 Jaguar XJS 4.0 Coupe

    From a deceased estate; current owner 9 years; less than 106k miles with 15 Jaguar main dealer service stamps; a smart example of this classic sporting coupe

  108. Lot Number 41

    17/09/1992 JAGUAR XJS 4.0 Coupe

    1992 K341GWU Jaguar XJS 4.0 Coupe

  109. Lot Number 85

    C. 1993 Land Rover Defender (mini)

    Child's size Defender; 20hp petrol engine with forward and reverse drive; four new tyres; LED lighting

  110. Lot Number 85

    01/01/1800 LAND ROVER Defender (Mini)

    1993 Land Rover Defender (Mini)

  111. Lot Number 59

    1952 Land Rover Series I 80"

    Ex-RAF; demobbed in 1962; 2.0 petrol engine; split-rim wheels; date-stamped radiator; recent new rear springs and shocks; reconditioned steering box; highly original and in good running order

  112. Lot Number 59

    11/05/1962 LAND ROVER Series I 80inch

    1952 864UXV Land Rover Series I 80inch

  113. Lot Number 72

    1955 Land Rover Series I 86"

    Faithful old workhorse fitted with a 2,500cc Rover saloon engine which still turns; for restoration after 16 years in storage

  114. Lot Number 72

    06/08/1984 LAND ROVER Series I 86inch

    1955 ASV948 Land Rover Series I 86inch

  115. Lot Number 75

    1967 Land Rover Series IIA 109" Diesel

    Stalled restoration project; rare Safari 12-seater; many useful spares included; last on the road in 2015

  116. Lot Number 75

    17/08/1967 LAND ROVER Series IIA 109inch Diesel

    1967 LNW413F Land Rover Series IIA 109inch Diesel

  117. Lot Number 104

    C. 1975 Lander Graziella

    Classic Italian lightweight caravan for small-capacity cars; just 300kg; two berth with all mod-cons

  118. Lot Number 104

    01/01/1800 Lander Graziella 300 Caravan

    1975 Lander Graziella 300 Caravan

  119. Lot Number 38

    28/08/1997 LTC Taxi FX4 Cab

    1997 R433RRK LTC Taxi FX4 Cab

  120. Lot Number 38

    1997 LTI FX4 Taxi Cab

    Featured in the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony; complete refurbishment in 2011 prior to stardom; own a piece of history!

  121. Lot Number 42

    1984 Mercedes-Benz 200 (W123)

    Lovely W123 from 30-year ownership with excellent history; sunroof and manual transmission

  122. Lot Number 42

    26/06/1984 MERCEDES-BENZ 200 (W123)

    1984 A138YTG Mercedes-Benz 200 (W123)

  123. Lot Number 40

    1985 Mercedes-Benz 230E (W123)

    Last owner 23 years; tidy W123 with the more potent 2.3-litre four-cylinder; automatic transmission

  124. Lot Number 40

    16/08/1985 MERCEDES-BENZ 230E (W123)

    1985 C407DDV Mercedes-Benz 230E (W123) - AMENDMENT: Please note revised Estimate

  125. Lot Number 111

    27/05/1986 MERCEDES-BENZ 300 SL Auto

    1986 C164CES Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Auto

  126. Lot Number 111

    1986 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Automatic (W107)

    SL Shop overhaul in 2011 at a cost of over £11,300 including new hood and body repairs; lots of bills; German luxury - Korean price

  127. Lot Number 112

    01/01/1800 MG B GT

    1972 EOR250K MGB GT

  128. Lot Number 69

    24/02/1981 MG B GT MkIII

    1981 YMA594W MGB GT MkIII

  129. Lot Number 54

    01/06/1982 MG B LE Roadster

    1982 LNP870X MGB LE Roadster. AMENDMENT: Starter Motor is refurbished not brand new.

  130. Lot Number 88

    14/05/1965 MG B Roadster

    1965 DUJ568C MGB Roadster

  131. Lot Number 36

    17/09/1975 MG B Roadster

    1975 MGK539P MGB Roadster

  132. Lot Number 5

    01/04/1977 MG B Roadster

    1977 POL577R MGB Roadster. AMENDMENT: Bidders should be aware that there is no new MOT with this vehicle as catalogued.

  133. Lot Number 62

    21/04/1978 MG BGT

    1978 WPB658S MGB GT

  134. Lot Number 15

    04/04/1974 MG BGT

    1974 PLJ369M MGB GT

  135. Lot Number 16

    1959 MG Magnette MkIII

    From a deceased estate; only 17,600 miles with excellent history; three owners from new, the current since 1983; one of only seven left; super condition throughout; find a better one!

  136. Lot Number 16

    08/10/1959 MG Magnette MkIII

    1959 1887NX MG Magnette MkIII

  137. Lot Number 24

    01/01/1800 MG Midget

    1974 RAJ268M MG Midget

  138. Lot Number 8

    1978 MG Midget 1500

    Fully restored in 2002 with may new parts and sparingly used since; de-bumpered; mesh grille; bucket seats; inertia reel seat belts; new tyres; smart and sporty Midget

  139. Lot Number 8

    01/01/1978 MG Midget 1500

    1978 VJI5275 MG Midget 1500

  140. Lot Number 101

    01/03/1969 MG Midget MkIII

    1969 DVG425G MG Midget MkIII

  141. Lot Number 101

    1969 MG Midget MkIII

    From a deceased estate; tuned engine; sports exhaust; hard top and soft top; wire wheels; de-bumpered; a very sporting Midget

  142. Lot Number 24

    1974 MG Midget MkIII

    Stunning concours winning Midget; under 30,000 miles from new; round arch model; original shell and mechanics; massive history; one of the very best

  143. Lot Number 87

    1953 MG TD

    AMENDMENT; Fully restored for Hollywood actress Betty Aberlin in 2004/05 at a cost of over $30k and only 2,000 miles since; recent gearbox rebuild; luggage set; LHD; excellent condition throughout

  144. Lot Number 87

    01/02/2016 MG TD

    1953 281UYP MG TD

  145. Lot Number 93

    1955 MG TF 1500

    Interesting TF that was fitted with MGB engine and running gear in the 1960s; full body restoration in 2005/06; full weather equipment; rapid and usable; Madley Miglia eligible!

  146. Lot Number 93

    01/06/2006 MG TF 1500

    1955 636UXR MG TF 1500

  147. Lot Number 15

    1974 MGB GT

    Family owned since 1977 in good order throughout with black interior and O/D; with original Rostyle wheels it represents ideal access to MG owners club events

  148. Lot Number 112

    1972 MGB GT

    Affordable chrome bumper GT; overdrive; Webasto sunroof; lots of history; a usable car with scope for cosmetic improvement

  149. Lot Number 62

    1978 MGB GT

    Delightfully original GT; an amazing 11,000 miles from new; only 3 owners; new MOT; original delivery documents and history

  150. Lot Number 69

    1981 MGB GT MkIII

    Stunning late model GT restored and modified over a three-year period by engineer owner and less than 10,000 miles since; overdrive; fast road cam; uprated brakes and suspension; alloys; sports exhaust; leather; walnut; one of the nicest we have seen

  151. Lot Number 54

    1980 MGB LE Roadster

    One of only 420 made; retro-fitted with chrome bumpers and black leather interior; luggage rack; wire wheels; smart example from long term ownership

  152. Lot Number 88

    1965 MGB Roadster

    Recent engine rebuild and interior re-trim in leather; manual overdrive; wire wheels; recent new hood; FIA race eligible

  153. Lot Number 5

    1977 MGB Roadster

    AMENDMENT; Nicely modified Sebring-inspired MGB Roadster with various upgrades; lots of bills; rolling road tuned; hard top included

  154. Lot Number 36

    1975 MGB Roadster

    Smart chrome bumper converted B; new interior with blue piping; body restored in 2011; overdrive; in good order throughout

  155. Lot Number 25

    1968 Mini Mk2 Traveller

    Rare classic Sixties Mini; Morris Mk2 non-woody Traveller; smooth roof; Cooper S brake conversion; for recommissioning after seven years in storage

  156. Lot Number 68

    1982 Mini 95L

    Comprehensively restored Minivan; very solid; fitted with a 998 engine; ready to go

  157. Lot Number 68

    01/01/1800 MINI 95L

    1982 NOK315X Mini 95L

  158. Lot Number 92

    1964 Mini Cooper S Mk1

    One-family-owned since 1989; recent four year restoration; bodywork replaced only where necessary; excellent interior; twin fuel tanks; ready for country lane fun

  159. Lot Number 92

    01/02/1965 MINI Cooper S MkI

    1964 GPD760C Mini Cooper S MkI - AMENDMENT: Not original colour as described, now British Racing Green rather than Almond Green as original. Interior is excellent and mostly original , just a little wear on the original seats.

  160. Lot Number 14

    1989 Mini Flame Red

    Nicely preserved example of this limited edition Mini; one of only 1,000 made

  161. Lot Number 14

    17/03/1989 MINI Flame Red

    1989 F477BOC Mini Flame Red

  162. Lot Number 66

    1962 Mini Marcos

    Three owners from new, the current since 1992; based on a 1962 Mini 850; recently recommissioned after 16 years in storage with many new parts; highly original; very nippy; useful spares; nice transferable number plate

  163. Lot Number 66

    16/11/1962 MINI Marcos

    1962 3050DF Mini Marcos

  164. Lot Number 25

    01/04/1968 MINI Mk2 Traveller

    1968 OPM242F Mini Mk2 Traveller

  165. Lot Number 2

    1984 Mini Mk4 Saloon

    Sweet little Leyland Mini; finished in Blaze Red; brown check interior; rare survivor in unmodified condition

  166. Lot Number 2

    10/02/1984 MINI Mk4 Saloon

    1984 A441BJH Mini Mk4 Saloon

  167. Lot Number 97

    01/01/1800 Mini-Comtesse Micro Car

    1974 Mini-Comtesse Micro Car

  168. Lot Number 97

    1974 Mini-Comtesse Microcar

    Unusual '70s French curio with 49cc motor; rare five-wheel model with single sprung seat and gullwing doors

  169. Lot Number 34

    1985 Morgan 4/4 Tourer Two-Seater

    From a deceased estate; only 16,800 miles from new with good history; four owners, the current since 1995; Ford CVH 1.6 engine and five-speed 'box; last on the road in 2015; for straightforward recommissioning

  170. Lot Number 34

    01/11/1985 Morgan 4/4 Tourer

    1985 C315TLF Morgan 4/4 Tourer

  171. Lot Number 70

    01/04/1994 Morgan Plus 4 Four Seater

    1994 L50JKL Morgan Plus 4 Four Seater

  172. Lot Number 70

    1994 Morgan Plus 4 Four-Seater

    Only 27,118 miles; alloy body on a galvanised chassis; steel wings; scuttle roll bar; chrome wire wheels; leather; last of the pure Morgans with no PAS, no ABS and no airbags

  173. Lot Number 26

    1987 Morgan Plus 4 Four-Seater

    Factory prototype Plus 4; used at the official press launch at Brands Hatch; lots of history; lots of fun; lots of extras!

  174. Lot Number 26

    09/02/1987 Morgan Plus Four Four-Seater

    1987 D955AWP Morgan Plus 4 Four-Seater

  175. Lot Number 64

    19/11/1934 Morgan Super Sports

    1934 AAO981 Morgan Super Sports

  176. Lot Number 64

    1934 Morgan Super Sports

    From a deceased estate; current owner 20 years; last on the road in 2012; straightforward recommissioning project

  177. Lot Number 33

    13/08/1970 Morris Minor Convertible

    1970 YTJ362J Morris Minor Convertible

  178. Lot Number 33

    1970 Morris Minor Convertible

    Older restoration in lovely order throughout; professionally converted from a saloon; modern CD system discreetly fitted; recent new hood and hood bag

  179. Lot Number 6

    1972 Morris Minor Van 6cwt

    WITHDRAWN until a future auction

  180. Lot Number 6

    01/01/1800 Morris Minor Van 6cwt

    WITHDRAWN - 1972 KYU702K Morris Minor 6cwt

  181. Lot Number 65

    01/01/1800 MT-LB Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier

    1985 MT-LB Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier (Plus VAT). This item will be released to the buyer, upon presentataion of photo ID compliant with the invoice address. Purchasers are to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description and the item is sold without any warranty in regard to description or condition.

  182. Lot Number 65

    C. 1985 MT-LB Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier

    AMENDMENT; Direct from the Ministry of Defence; Soviet designed; up to 38mph on the road, 19mph off-road, 3 knots on water; weighs 12 tons; carries 11 passengers; interesting static display item

  183. Lot Number 116

    01/01/1800 Peel 50

    1963 BDH974C Peel P50

  184. Lot Number 116

    1963 Peel P50

    One of only 50 made by Peel Engineering in the Isle of Man; current owners 40 years; straighforward project with huge potential

  185. Lot Number 50

    1989 Peugeot 205 GTi

    Iconic Eighties hot hatch from 11-year ownership; only 82,928 miles indicated; 12 service stamps; highly original and unmolested; investment potential

  186. Lot Number 50

    24/03/1989 PEUGEOT 205 GTi

    1989 F67TRW Peugeot 205 GTi

  187. Lot Number 27

    1981 Peugeot J9 Camper Van

    Quirky French camper van packed full of home comforts; only 118,836km indicated (73,800 miles)

  188. Lot Number 27

    01/01/1800 PEUGEOT J9 Camper Van

    1981 DWU123W Peugeot J9 Camper Van AMENDMENT: This vehicle is registered in the Isle of Man. The vendor has to cancel this using the details of the new owner so that a V5C can be issued.

  189. Lot Number 102

    01/01/1800 PORSCHE 911 Carrera Tiptronic S

    2000 LJZ8911 Porsche 911 Carrera Tiptronic S

  190. Lot Number 102

    2000 Porsche 911 Carrera Tiptronic S (996)

    Stylishly modified 911 with GT3 inspired bodywork by Xclusive Customz; low recorded mileage with excellent service history and recent gearbox rebuild

  191. Lot Number 28

    1981 Porsche 924 Turbo

    Rare Turbo version; recent £4,000 recommissioning; highly original; scope for cosmetic improvement

  192. Lot Number 28

    01/01/1800 PORSCHE 924 Turbo

    1981 TWD136W Porsche 924 Turbo

  193. Lot Number 4

    1949 Reliant Regent Van

    Later 750cc engine fitted; low indicated mileage; ideal promotional vehicle; very little use in the past few years; for recommissioning

  194. Lot Number 4

    01/01/1800 Reliant Regent Van

    1949 908UXS Reliant Regent Van

  195. Lot Number 7

    1972 Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5a Manual

    Galvanised chassis; 5-speed Sierra gearbox; Holley four-barrel carb; tubular exhaust manifold; Spax shocks; Middlebridge alloys plus original wheels; stainless steel fuel tank; nice number; use and improve

  196. Lot Number 7

    17/05/1972 Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5a Manual

    1972 DOK211K Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5a Manual

  197. Lot Number 74

    1965 Renault 10

    AMENDMENT; Funky and rare mid-range, rear-engine Renault; round light model; always gets lots of attention; very sound condition; 52,350 miles; find another one

  198. Lot Number 74

    01/01/1800 RENAULT 10

    1965 DJY956C Renault 10 AMENDMENT; New battery just fitted

  199. Lot Number 120

    01/01/1800 Riley Nine Gamecock

    1932 YY747 Riley Nine Gamecock

  200. Lot Number 120

    1932 Riley Nine Gamecock

    Prepared for trialling with the VSCC; original aluminium body; original engine included as well as the currently fitted Merlin unit

  201. Lot Number 109

    1953 Riley RMF

    Restoration project; potential to re-create a wonderful car; only being sold due to lack of time to put towards it

  202. Lot Number 109

    07/05/1953 Riley RMF

    1953 SBB880 Riley RMF

  203. Lot Number 79

    1935 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Park Ward Swept Tail Limousine

    Highly original car in running order; last owner 43 years; oodles of 'oily rag' patina; use and improve

  204. Lot Number 79

    01/05/1935 ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25 Park Ward Swept Tail Limousine

    1935 AVP77 Rolls-Royce 20/25 Park Ward Swept Tail Limousine

  205. Lot Number 48

    1963 Rover P4 95 Saloon

    A lovely and highly original example of one of the best British cars ever made; silky smooth 2.6 straight-six; only five local owners, the fourth for 26 years; utterly delightful in all respects

  206. Lot Number 48

    23/04/1963 ROVER P4 95 Saloon

    1963 AFM39A Rover P4 95 Saloon

  207. Lot Number 11

    12/03/1970 ROVER P5 B

    1970 LXC680H Rover P5 B

  208. Lot Number 11

    1970 Rover P5B Saloon

    One-family-owned from new until May 2017; only 58,000 miles recorded with good history

  209. Lot Number 73

    1984 Rover SD1 2000

    AMENDMENT; Unusual SD1 manual; remarkable condition; just 33,000 miles from new; the perfect practical classic; a real time traveller

  210. Lot Number 73

    01/01/1800 ROVER SD1 2000

    1984 A519RRP Rover SD1 2000 AMENDMENT; The head lining is sag-free because it has just been professionally replaced with a new one

  211. Lot Number 3

    1996 Simson Albatros Trucky SD50

    Peppy 50cc trike with only 241km recorded

  212. Lot Number 3

    01/01/1800 Simson Albatros Trucky SD50

    1996 P58RBX Simson Albatros Trucky SD50

  213. Lot Number 76

    1926 Standard Tourer Series V3

    Ex-Australia; fully restored over a five-year period in the 1980s and only lightly used since; excellent condition throughout

  214. Lot Number 76

    01/01/1800 Standard Tourer Series V3

    1926 Standard Tourer Series V3

  215. Lot Number 12

    01/01/1800 Steam Traction Engine

    c.1896 Steam Traction Engine

  216. Lot Number 12

    C. 1896 Steam Traction Engine

    Superb 3-inch scale steam traction engine from the Quarry Mill in Manchester; fully restored and in good working order; 2008 boiler test certificate

  217. Lot Number 91

    13/04/2017 Sunbeam Tiger MkI

    1965 JGU597C Sunbeam Tiger MkI

  218. Lot Number 91

    1965 Sunbeam Tiger MkI

    Only 250 miles since total nut-and-bolt restoration that took over six years to complete; one of only around 700 made in RHD; jaw-dropping condition throughout; the best we have seen

  219. Lot Number 29

    1980 Triumph Dolomite Sprint

    Only 13,300 miles since full engine rebuild; uprated brakes and suspension; stainless steel sports exhaust; overdrive; recent new clutch kit; Kenlowe fan; one of only 193 still UK licensed; smart example of this classic sporting saloon

  220. Lot Number 29

    12/03/1980 Triumph Dolomite Sprite

    1980 EOK132V Triumph Dolomite Sprint

  221. Lot Number 1

    01/01/1800 Triumph Stag

    1972 YOD642L Triumph Stag

  222. Lot Number 1

    1972 Triumph Stag

    For restoration; very straight panelwork; hardtop; Rover V8 engine fitted

  223. Lot Number 114

    16/04/1968 Triumph TR4A

    1967 UPC542F Triumph TR4A

  224. Lot Number 114

    1967 Triumph TR4A

    The last but one TR4A produced; smart and presentable example of this desirable IRS model

  225. Lot Number 61

    01/09/1972 Triumph TR6

    1972 OUM961L Triumph TR6

  226. Lot Number 61

    1972 Triumph TR6

    One-family-owned for 29 years; fresh from a total nut-and-bolt restoration that took over six years and £30k to complete; many desirable upgrades; leather everywhere; a stunning example

  227. Lot Number 108

    2001 TVR Tuscan Speed Six

    Just four owners and 39,400 miles from new; top end rebuild; air con; recent service; carbon exhaust cans - wake the dead!

  228. Lot Number 108

    22/09/2001 TVR Tuscan Speed Six

    2001 V55NCK TVR Tuscan Speed Six

  229. Lot Number 94

    01/01/1800 Vanden Plas 1500 Automatic

    1978 Vanden Plas 1500 Automatic

  230. Lot Number 94

    1977 Vanden Plas 1500 Automatic

    A lovely 37,000 mile car; very good bodily with a superb interior

  231. Lot Number 83

    1959 Velocette Venom

    Fully rebuilt by F1 racing engineer; superb in all respects

  232. Lot Number 83

    04/08/1959 Velocette Venom

    1959 TJN802 Velocette Venom

  233. Lot Number 110

    1972 Volkswagen T2 Dropside Pickup

    Original RHD; ex-South Africa; only 3,100 miles on rebuilt 1.8 engine; new tyres and shock absorbers; just serviced; well-preserved and waxoiled

  234. Lot Number 110

    23/03/2016 VOLKSWAGEN T2 Dropside Pickup

    1972 YOD669K Volkswagen T2 Dropside Pickup

  235. Lot Number 13

    1970 Volkswagen Type 2 Camper

    Just two owners and 55,300 miles from new; supplied by Bengry Motors of Leominster; Richard Holdsworth 3-berth conversion; totally original

  236. Lot Number 82

    1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Camper

    One owner since 1978; only 79,250 miles; lovely original order throughout with pop-top, gas cooker, original fittings etc

  237. Lot Number 82

    18/08/1972 VOLKSWAGEN Type 2 Camper T2

    1972 OEC243L Volkswagen Type 2 Camper T2

  238. Lot Number 13

    01/10/1970 VOLKSWAGEN Type 2 Campervan

    1970 HEU895J Volkswagen Type 2 Campervan

  239. Lot Number 31

    1973 Volvo P1800 ES Automatic

    Only 59,200 miles from new; current owner 24 years; titled first owner; totally original and in superb condition throughout

  240. Lot Number 81

    1972 Volvo P1800 ES Automatic

    Only 68,700 miles indicated; just out of a ground-up restoration

  241. Lot Number 81

    01/01/1800 VOLVO P1800 ES Automatic

    1972 VVR93L Volvo P1800ES Automatic

  242. Lot Number 31

    01/01/1800 VOLVO P1800 ES Automatic

    1973 PGP78L Volvo P1800 ES Automatic

  243. Lot Number 30

    26/01/1923 Wolseley 10

    1922 OK5983 Wolseley 10

  244. Lot Number 30

    1922 Wolseley 10

    Near concours condition; beautifully restored with lovely BLIC fittings; original Birmingham registration; extensive history; the perfect Light Car