Leominster Classic & Vintage

Leominster Classic & Vintage

Leominster Classic & Vintage

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Wednesday 7th March 2018, 12 noon

A brave crowd had travelled for long distances to attend the March Classic at Leominster, with well over 1,000 people came to the auction and viewing.

Frantic bidding in the room, on the internet and by telephone has led to a strong conversion rate on the fall of the hammer, with plenty of provisional contracts yet to be completed.

Some cars remain available to buy and we will help you to acquire them, if you call us on 01568 611122.

To see the results and the cars still available - click here.

For further information on the any of the vehicles in the catalogue or to arrange a no obligation, free appraisal your vehicle, please contact Toby Service on 01568 611122 or email classiccars@brightwells.com.



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