Timed Online Classic Cars - 2nd July

Leominster Classic & Vintage Motorcars

Thursday 2nd July 2020

  1. Lot Number 1

    Range Rover Two-door Classic

    Sale price: £3,584

    1972 Range Rover Two-door Classic

    SOLD £3,584

    UK registered restoration project. B-Suffix car with lots of potential

    HOM 933L 6th April 1973 and delivered through Colliers in Birmingham. It was origianlly Sarah Dust in colour and its engine number is not recorded on the accompanying Heritage...

  2. Lot Number 2

    LAND ROVER Series 1 80"

    Sale price: £4,815

    1950 Land Rover Series I 80"

    SOLD £4,815

    Full restoration required; just like a big box of Meccano....

    This 1950 'lights behind grille' 80" was delivered new to Australia by the looks. A plaque on the dashboard would suggest a military career and at some time it has had the typical Ozzy engine ...

  3. Lot Number 3


    Sale price: £4,361

    1985 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

    SOLD £4,361

    A high days and holidays car owned by a lady in Scotland, this 1985 Astral Silver 280SL has been in the same family ownership since 1988.

    Used regularly and maintained by the local garage, it has now got to the stage where it needs some TLC to the...

  4. Lot Number 4

    VOLKSWAGEN Car Transporter

    Sale price: Not Sold

    1975 Volkswagen Car Transporter


    One-off build with its own chassis no. issued by DVLA; Subaru Legacy boxer power to the rear axle; built by VW restoration specialist to carry classics but rarely used; requires IVA completion; very cool indeed

    Ever felt the need for a VW T2 based...

  5. Lot Number 5

    1992 VAUXHALL Carlton Diplomat

    Sale price: £700

    1992 Vauxhall Carlton Diplomat i Automatic

    SOLD £700

    Supplied new in November 1992, this is a Phase II Vauxhall Carlton, known as the Omega A in Europe and features the 148bhp 2.6 litre straight six mated to automatic transmission. Stop for a moment, and think, when did you last see one of ...

  6. Lot Number 6

    2001 MINI COOPER

    Sale price: £7,952

    2001 Mini Cooper

    SOLD £7,952

    Tidy late model MkVII Mini Cooper with the 1.3i four-cylinder lump developing 62bhp that’s covered an indicated 75,186 miles. Finished in blue with contrasting black half leatherette and cloth interior with matching blue dash and cream dials it looks very smart, ...

  7. Lot Number 7

    Austin Maestro 500 City

    Sale price: £4,060

    1985 Austin Maestro 500 City Van


    Time warp condition; 10,000 miles indicated; driven 30 miles to the sale; remarkable order; find another

    This extremely smart 1985 Maestro 500 City van comes to us with little in the way of history, but a lot in the way of condition.

    It is not...

  8. Lot Number 8

    BMW R65

    Sale price: £1,960

    1983 BMW R65

    SOLD £1,960

    A well-loved R65 with twin front discs, it still shows under 70,000 miles on the clock. The vendor has owned it for the last 36 years and has clearly loved it and used it for what it was intended.

    Its last MOT has just expired (12th June 2020) and so it will...

  9. Lot Number 9

    MERCEDES-BENZ 260E auto

    Sale price: Not Sold

    1990 Mercedes-Benz 260E Auto


    Luxury classic motoring  showing 135,000 miles from new; 24 stamps in the book; very clean and tidy

    Delivered new through Rivervale in Brighton in May 1990, this Astral Silver 260E has clearly led a sheltered life over the last 30 years.

    The service...

  10. Lot Number 10

    Carlite Casalette S Two-Berth Caravan

    Sale price: £3,696

    c1970 Carlite Casalette S Two-Berth Caravan

    SOLD £3,696

    A stunning two berth icon; freshly restored; cocktail cabinet; new upholstery; very chic; compact and lightweight; suitable for 1600cc upwards

    Thought to date from the early '70s, this delightful Carlite Casalette would have been the envy ...

  11. Lot Number 11

    1991 VAUXHALL Lotus Carlton

    Sale price: £15,254

    1991 Vauxhall Lotus Carlton Turbo

    SOLD £15,254

    Supplied new in August 1991, the car remained in their hands until 1995 since when it has had a further six owners until our vendor acquired it after finding it in storage earlier this year.

    Little is known about the vehicle's history, the file ...

  12. Lot Number 12

    Range Rover Classic Two-door

    Sale price: £2,128

    1973 Range Rover Classic Two-door

    SOLD £2,128

    A restoration project to get your teeth into, or lay it down like a fine wine for a rainy day!

    The only documentation with this vehicle is a current V5C

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  13. Lot Number 13

    LAND ROVER Series I 80"

    Sale price: £5,040

    1951 Land Rover Series I 80"    Chassis Number R06108610

    SOLD £5,040

    This one from Australia. Originally supplied through Granville Motors in Sydney, it has a suppliers plaque under the bonnet and its original factory number on the bulkhead. You can see from the photos it has...

  14. Lot Number 14

    ALFA ROMEO GTV 3.0V6 24V

    Sale price: £3,976

    2001 Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 V6 24v


    From long-term ownership; very sharp example; stainless sports exhaust; black leather; four keys; loads of history

    In the hands of its current keeper since 2007, this Alfa has been well serviced, has had lots of money spent but has covered...

  15. Lot Number 15

    BENTLEY Arnage T

    Sale price: £12,320

    2003 Bentley Arnage T

    SOLD £12,320

    The Arnage T, introduced in 2002 featured a comprehensively re-engineered version of the big V8 including a new Bosch engine management system and twin turbos which raised the output to 459bhp and 645lb/ft – sufficient grunt to crack 60mph in 5.5 seconds ...

  16. Lot Number 16

    Bristol 401

    Sale price: £25,760

    1952 Bristol 401

    SOLD £25,760

    First registered MNF 423 in 1952, this Manchester registered Bristol spent its formative years in and around the Manchester area

    The buff logbook on file shows a few owners, the most recent listed as living in Bingley in 1966. From there the trail goes cold until ...

  17. Lot Number 17

    Sale price: £5,040

    C1952 Bristol two-litre engine

    SOLD £5,040

    85c engine block which has been line bored

    This has been professionally checked and laser welded as required New cam bearings & oil pump bush New main bearing caps & studs New block end caps Crankshaft which appears to have been...

  18. Lot Number 18

    Morgan 4/4 Four-seater

    Sale price: Not Sold

    1986 Morgan 4/4 Four-Seater


    The perfect entry point into Morgan motoring; solid car with current Irish MOT; interesting history; fun for all the family

    The specs for this bonny little 4/4 four-seater were submitted to the Malvern factory in September 1982 from the Swedish...

  19. Lot Number 19

    Range Rover Classic Two-door

    Sale price: £2,128

    1972 Range Rover Classic Two-door


    UK registered RHD example. Needs extensive chassis work but a nice early car with potential

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  20. Lot Number 20

    LAND ROVER Series I 80"

    Sale price: £3,413

    1950 Land Rover Series I 80"   Chassis Number R06110724
    SOLD £3,413

    Project - what you see is what you get....

    This 1950 Land Rover has had some interesting mods over its lifetime. An add on instrument cluster for one and a wierd pedal cluster which may point to its current lack of...

  21. Lot Number 21

    Sale price: Not Sold

    1933 Austin 12/4 Berkeley Saloon


    Older restoration in lovely condition throughout; in regular light use; a cracking example of this sought-after model

    Launched in late 1921, the Austin 12 was dubbed 'The Salesman's Joy' due to the way it fairly flew out of the showrooms, some 70,000 ...

  22. Lot Number 22

    1982 TRIUMPH TR7/8

    Sale price: £20,272

    1982 Triumph TR7/8 Coupe

    SOLD £20,272

    Coming to us from a deceased estate this is a striking TR7/8 with racing provenance and is, we understand a turn-key competition car. It was supplied new in September 1982, was originally in red and the log book shows the car as being a 3.5 V8...

  23. Lot Number 23


    Sale price: £7,538

    1937 Fiat 500A Topolino

    SOLD £7,538

    Launched in 1936, the Fiat 500 (better known as the Topolino, Italian for ‘Mickey Mouse’) was a masterpiece of packaging that offered generous interior space within a tiny – and hugely charming – bodyshell. Largely the work of Dante Giacosa, it was...

  24. Lot Number 24

    LAND ROVER 110

    Sale price: Not Sold

    1987 Land Rover 110


    Ex Singapore; naturally aspirated diesel; solid as a rock; budget 110 that will last a lifetime

    Supplied new to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) in 1987, this smart 110 was imported into the UK recently and comes with a dating certificate from Land Rover stating...

  25. Lot Number 25

    Sale price: £36,960

    1971 Jaguar E-Type S3 V12 Coupe Manual


    Only 52,000 miles indicated; recently restored including bare metal repaint, new clutch, brakes, suspension, wiring, tyres etc; original UK car in lovely condition throughout

    Launched in 1971, the Series 3 E-Type was a quite different animal to ...

  26. Lot Number 26

    Sale price: £20,384

    1937 Alvis Speed 25 Special


    Enticing project with much work already done by Earley Engineering and Tim Walker Restorations 

    Fast and handsome with tremendous performance and a low, purposeful stance, the Alvis Speed 25 is the epitome of pre-war sporting elegance. Beautifully...

  27. Lot Number 28

    Range Rover Classic Two-Door

    Sale price: £2,856

    1978 Range Rover Classic Two-door

    SOLD £2,856

    Solid and sound project

    Completed on 18th May 1977 as an export model, it was despatched on 3rd June to OY Suomen Autoteollisuus AB in Finland. Painted Tuscan blue, it still retains its Passport to Service book which contains 15 stamps - the last...

  28. Lot Number 29


    Sale price: £4,088

    1978 Range Rover Classic Two-door

    SOLD £4,088

    This project does not have any paperwork and its original UK registration number is no longer listed on the DVLA database. It may be possible to reinstate this through the usual chanels.

    For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698

  29. Lot Number 30

    1983 VOLKSWAGEN Golf GTi MkI

    Sale price: £11,200

    1983 Volkswagen Golf GTi MkI

    SOLD £11,200

    In restored condition with sensible upgrades to the suspension and engine.  Rolling road dyno recorded 122bhp and torque of 114lb ft in May 2020

    In the hands of our current owner since September 2015 this smart little MkI GTi looks the...

  30. Lot Number 31

    1996 BMW 318i Touring (E36)

    Sale price: £982

    1996 BMW 318i Touring (E36)

    SOLD £965

    Dating from November 1996 this smart E36 318i is the now rarely seen Touring, or estate version. It comes with the economial yet fruity 1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol and is driven, rather appealingly through BMW’s excellent five speed manual ‘box.


  31. Lot Number 32

    1987 FORD Capri 280 Brooklands

    Sale price: £22,960

    1987 Ford Capri 280 Brooklands

    SOLD £22,960

    Quite possibly one of the best 280 Brooklands we have seen, an early car number 35, it was supplied new in November 1987 to its first owner who kept the car until November 1995. Our vendor acquired the car from Essex (its spiritual home!) in...

  32. Lot Number 33

    2005 ALFA ROMEO GTV 3.2

    Sale price: £5,264

    2005 Alfa Romeo GTV 3.2 (916)

    SOLD £5,264

    This smart two-owner phase 3 GTV comes with the most desirable powerplant and at the time of launch was Alfa’s fastest car in teh catalogue thanks to the 3.2 V6 which developed 237bhp - enough for a top speed of 158mph and the dash to 60mph in...

  33. Lot Number 34

    Range Rover Classic Two-door

    Sale price: £2,632

    c1980 Range Rover Classic Two-door


    LHD import - air con, LPG, dry cimate car with aftermarket grille

    This circa project looks sound and solid but obviously needs some serious tidying up.  It comes with no other paperwork than its NOVA certificate which shows it was correctly...

  34. Lot Number 35

    LAND ROVER Series I 80"

    Sale price: £5,040

    1950 Land Rover Series I 80"

    SOLD £5,040

    A rare version of the iconic 3x4.....well it's fourth wheel is currently in the rear. Lots to be done but a fun project and well worth the effort.

    A desirable Lights Behind Grille version, the chassis looks pretty sound and retains its correct...

  35. Lot Number 36

    LAND ROVER Series I 80"

    Sale price: £3,360

    1950 Land Rover Series I 80"

    SOLD £3,360

    More fun to be had in the workshop

    This lights behind grille model does need a full restoration, but apart from a missing rear 1/4 section on the rear crossmember has a perfectly restorable chassis.

    The gearbox and bell housing are not fitted in...

  36. Lot Number 37

    2020 VAUXHALL Lotus Carlton

    Sale price: Not Sold

    1992 Vauxhall Lotus Carlton


    Left-hand drive example originating in Germany. German plates retained, rare and valuable owner's pack present; recent clean MOT.

    Of German origin, this smart and rare Lotus Omega (Vauxhall) Carlton (Car No. 577) is one fast super-saloon, with 377bhp...

  37. Lot Number 38

    1968 JAGUAR MkII 340

    Sale price: Not Sold

    1968 Jaguar MkII 340 Automatic


    Tidy MkII from long term family ownership with considerable history file; fitted with a lusty 4.2 from an early XJ6 in '86

    Dating from April 1968, this late model 340 comes from the run-out period of the MkII model before replacement by the XJ6 in ...

  38. Lot Number 39

    ALFA ROMEO Spider 2000 Veloce S2

    Sale price: £17,024

    1972 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 Veloce S2

    SOLD £17,024

    Dating from 1972, this Spider features the larger 1,962cc unit that replaced the smaller 1,750cc unit of its predecessor and was subsequently renamed the 2000 Spider Veloce. Originally LHD, this Kamm tail Spider was imported to the UK...

  39. Lot Number 40

    Riley RMB

    Sale price: £19,712

    1951 Riley RMB

    SOLD £9,712

    The last model to be independently developed by Riley before they merged with BMC in 1952, the RM was a great looking car that excelled as a comfortable long-distance cruiser. While the RMA and RME made do with a 1.5-litre engine, the RMB and its successor, the...

  40. Lot Number 41

    MGA 1600 Roadster

    Sale price: £25,760

    1960 MGA 1600 Roadster

    SOLD £25,763

    The first truly modern MG, the MGA of 1955 was streets ahead of anything the company had yet produced as all their preceding models were based on ageing pre-war designs. Blessed with a gorgeous silhouette that would not have looked out of place on a car...

  41. Lot Number 42


    Sale price: £7,924

    1966 Mercedes-Benz 220SE Fintail

    SOLD £7,924

    This impressive 220SE Fintail dates from 1966 and comes to us from a private collector. He acquired the car a year or so back, the car having come from the film set of the Netflix production 'The Angel' - a '60s drama about the Middle East set in...

  42. Lot Number 43


    Sale price: Sold

    2010 Pinzgauer TUM HD 6X6 Vector PPV

    SOLD £16,800

    The ultimate in off-road ability, the Pinzgauer, or "Pinz" as British soldiers affectionately came to know it, was introduced to HM Ministry of Defence's fleet as a supplement and sometime replacement to the Land Rover Defender Wolf. The Royal...

  43. Lot Number 44


    Sale price: Not Sold

    1992 Mercedes-Benz SL500


    AMENDMENT; Under 48,000 miles from new; huge spec; AMG wheels; Japanese import; a lovely example

    This impressive top of the line R129 SL was sold new in Japan in 1992.

    As is often the case in that country, mileages are minimal, which explains why this car ...

  44. Lot Number 45

    Sunbeam Alpine Series IV

    Sale price: Not Sold

    1964 Sunbeam Alpine Series IV


    From current 42 year ownership; hardtop; overdrive; Holbay head; twin-Webers; wires; extremely usable example driven to the sale

    The vendor spotted this Alpine on a car lot in Monmouth back in 1978. It had been with the dealer for some two years...

  45. Lot Number 46

    Daimler SP250

    Sale price: £31,360

    1963 Daimler SP250

    SOLD £31,360

    Extremely smart example; wires; few miles on professional engine overhaul; rack conversion; original upholstery; a lovely car

    Purchased by the vendor way back in 1996, this splendid SP250 has been much loved and cared for.

    Little is known of its history...

  46. Lot Number 47

    Triumph Daytona 595

    Sale price: £1,512

    1997 Triumph Daytona 595

    SOLD £1,512

    Low mileage Daytona; over £1,300 spent on Ohlins suspension upgrade; double and single seat unit; striking colour scheme; will need light recommissioning

    This impressive Daytona is certainly an eye full....and an ear full too...first registered on 1st...

  47. Lot Number 48

    HONDA 550

    Sale price: Not Sold

    1976 Honda 550


    A very nice example restored in 1996 and very little use since; very usable Japanese low mileage classic; will need light recommissioning 

    Running and riding, this splendid looking CB550 K3 was given a bare-frame restoration in 1996 and has covered fewer than 6,000 ...

  48. Lot Number 49

    Ariel RH Hunter

    Sale price: £3,976

    1955 Ariel RH Hunter

    SOLD £3,976

    Restoration completed in 2012 and very little use since; owned by the vendor's father in 1965; a very nice usable classic

    A very nicely restored machine which simply needs to regular exercise. Nice family history link and a transferable number MET 506.


  49. Lot Number 50

    Bultaco Trials

    Sale price: £953

    1978 Bultaco Trials

    SOLD £953

    Essentially sound bike for restoration. Engine turns with compression; foam tank cover; tank major aly repairs. This bike looks complete and just needs some love. It comes with an old style V5 with a Q plate which remains live on the DVLA database. 


  50. Lot Number 51

    HONDA Chaly

    Sale price: £897

    1976 Honda Chaly

    SOLD £897

    This sweet five-owner Chaly was acquired by the vendor in 1995 for use as a paddock bike. It comes with an old style V5 and it's number is still registered on the DVLA database.

    In sound order, it has been resting for the last few years so will require some...

  51. Lot Number 52

    1989 MERCEDES-BENZ 190E 2.6

    Sale price: £3,528

    1989 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.6

    SOLD £3,528

    Supplied new in March 1989 by Maloney & Rhodes Mercedes this retro-ride is finished in lovely Nautic Blue with contrasting grey cloth interior.  The specification includes optional air conditioning, electric driver's seat, four electric...

  52. Lot Number 53

    2006 AUDI TT FSI (MkII)

    Sale price: £4,480

    2006 Audi TT FSI (MkII) 

    SOLD £4,480

    Showing just 67,650 miles this smart 2.0 Turbo TT pushes out 200bhp driven through six speed S-tronic transmission; half leather and alcantara interior. AMENDMENT - stamped service book and invoices present

    Supplied new in November 2006, this smart...

  53. Lot Number 54

    1988 HONDA Vision SA50-J

    Sale price: £420

    1988 Honda Vision SA50-J Scooter

    SOLD £420


    For more information call Will Daniels - 07951 709919

  54. Lot Number 55


    Sale price: £22,960

    2006 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

    SOLD £26,610

    Black on Black 6-speed manual coupe showing just 53,000 miles, main dealer history and last serviced by A.M Cheltenham

    Supplied new by Reg Vardy Aston Martin in September 2006, this smart Obsidian black coupe features the desirable six-speed...

  55. Lot Number 56


    Sale price: £22,960

    1990 Land Rover Defender

    SOLD £22,960

    The line above sums this Land Rover up nicely, but just in case, we can list the parts that were used in its rebuild.

    It started as a run of the mill 1990 300Tdi which was stripped to the bare bones and built up on a brand new fully galvanised chassis and...

  56. Lot Number 57


    Sale price: £17,920

    1956 MGA 1500 Roadster

    SOLD £17,920

    Very sound and attractive American import; recent brake and carbs overhaul; ready to enjoy

    The MGA was unveiled at the Frankfurt Show in 1955 and was a radical departure from MG’s traditional ash-framed models that had come before.
    It was called the MGA...

  57. Lot Number 58


    Sale price: Sold

    2008 Pinzgauer TUM HD 6X6 Vector MK2 Ambulance SOLD £22,960 If you need to soak your thirst with something different, this is it. We at Brightwells hold the contract to sell vehicles for Her Majesty's Ministry of Defence and this particular one comes in the top echelons of what we have seen ...

  58. Lot Number 59


    Sale price: £8,456

    VW Caravelle 2.6-litre

    Rare high-performance Caravelle; South-Africa spec car with factory Audi 2.6-litre five-cylinder; well sorted; 139bhp dyno test

    This Type 25 was built by the Volkswagen South African factory for home consumption. There are thought to be no more than 10...

  59. Lot Number 60

    Sale price: £3,920

    1961 Lancia Appia 3rd Series Berlina

    SOLD £3,920

    Rare Italian classic; engine rebuilt in 1978 and only lightly used since; recently serviced; original RHD; would benefit from attention to the paintwork

    The Lancia Appia was introduced in 1953 as a replacement for the ageing Ardea which ...

  60. Lot Number 61

    1992 MERCEDES-BENZ 300TE (W124)

    Sale price: £1,176

    1992 Mercedes 300TE (W124) Estate

    SOLD £1,176

    Classicly proportioned 'proper' Mercedes powered by a 188bhp 3.0 straight-six, 4-speed auto and seating for 7 if needed, much recent expenditure.

    Supplied new by Caffyns Mercedes-Benz of Salisbury in March 1992, this smart, Nautic blue 188bhp 300TE ...

  61. Lot Number 62

    1998 VOLVO V70R

    Sale price: £3,472

    1998 Volvo V70R Estate

    A proper Q-car, discreet load-lugging turbocharged fun; finished in Saffron with half suede/leather; automatic and in attractive order throughout

    The V70R was Volvo’s understated successor to the perhaps even more outrageous 850 T5R, popular with traffic cops as...

  62. Lot Number 63

    2003 MERCEDES-BENZ CLK320 Cabriolet (W208)

    Sale price: £4,200

    2003 Mercedes CLK320 Avantgarde Cabriolet (W208)

    SOLD £4,200

    Superb 30,500 mile face-lift W208 in sporting Avantgarde spec with AMG bodykit & wheels; Comand nav; electric heated memory seats

    Undoubtedly an attractive car, particularly with its electric soft-top folded away the W208...

  63. Lot Number 64


    Sale price: £11,200

    1968 Land Rover SII A 88"

    SOLD £11,200

    Super example of the popular SIIa restored with new galvanised chassis through 2008/9; long term enthusiast ownership; 4-pot petrol unit and upgrade carb.

    Dating from April 1968 this exceptionally ...

  64. Lot Number 65

    MG B Roadster

    Sale price: £6,384

    1978 MGB Roadster

    SOLD £6,384

    Only 25k miles on replacement Ivor Searle engine; Sebring-style front; uprated brakes; Spax suspension; hard top; leather seats; overdrive; Minilite-style wheels; driven 70 miles to the sale; affordable fun

    Dating from 1978, this MGB Roadster was sold new via...

  65. Lot Number 66

    1971 VOLVO 164

    Sale price: £952

    1971 Volvo 164

    SOLD £952

    Supplied new in June of 1971 this rare 164 features the B30 series six-cylinder engine displacing some 3.0 litres with Zenith Stromberg 175CD2SE constant-depression carburettors. Finished in red with black leatherette the car represents a sound basis for light...

  66. Lot Number 67

    1979 MG Midget/Sprite 1500

    Sale price: £5,040

    1979 MG Midget 1500 / Frogeye Sprite

    SOLD £5,040
    Midget chassis and 1500cc running gear with fibreglass Frogeye Sprite bodywork; 5-speed 'box, lowered suspension. Lightweight fun!

    Originally a late model MkIV Midget 1500 dating from July 1979 this fun little peach came into our...

  67. Lot Number 68

    2002 JAGUAR XK8 Coupe (X100)

    Sale price: £4,928

    2002 Jaguar XK8 Coupe (X100)

    SOLD £4,928

    Attractive 4.0 V8 coupe with just 2 previous keepers to our lady owner; 20" BBS Detroit alloys and new headlining

    Dating from March 2002 this smart X100 series XK8 4.0 coupe has had just two previous owners and been with our lady owner for the last ...