Covid-19 Lockdown Statement


Covid-19 Lockdown Statement

Dear Client

Important customer update - Covid-19

As we all continue to try and find a way to live in this new world, we would like to thank you for your fantastic support and understanding since the outbreak and subsequent national lockdown in March. Many businesses have had to adapt to this new way of protecting customers and staff, whilst rightly ensuring we all protect the ability for the NHS to provide care for everyone who needs it.

We have learnt how to operate safely and commercially in the new world we find ourselves in. Our foremost concern is to protect you and the people we work with, whilst helping to provide us all with a way to make a living through auction and professional services. We have reshaped our business, which has meant taking some tough decisions, but as we face this time over winter, we are now more capable than ever to face the challenge.

Since March, our staff, online systems and processes have all stepped up to cope with the socially distanced requirements of a new auction world. For your peace of mind, we have improved and introduced the following:

  • Compliant Health & Safety procedures in line with Government requirements
  • New online bidding software and features to make selling better and buying easy, by focusing on giving confidence
  • Improving the speed of paying out clients and releasing goods to buyers
  • Operating from safe distance office facilities or from home
  • Refining our online communication tools to keep in touch with our clients

Our sites all fall under the lockdown rules for England and we will wait for the Government to set in law the rules for operating from November 5th. In the initial information that has been released, we can still operate the way we are, with us providing auctions and professional services to you through a "click and collect" format. Social distancing is imperative, but you will be able to deliver lots to our sales and collect your purchases, from what we are told.

Our record since March is outstanding. These are our headline numbers for auctions:

  • Sale conversion rates have been 82% - we are selling, at first offering, over 8 out of 10 lots

  • Sale prices have achieved values 125% greater than reserves set by sellers

  • Buyers have paid and have collected or had their items delivered within 72 hours of sale days

Our excellent staff are either working remotely or in the offices with social distancing, and are available to engage in conversation by email, telephone or social media platforms about buying and selling the items and services they are selling. As you will continue to appreciate, our staff will do their best to take your calls and reply to your emails, but please use our website first and check here for updates before making a call.

Rural Professional, Farms & Land are operating remotely and are able to work on your requirements, having already helped a lot of land owners access grants, payments, additional funding through AMC and complete sales of farms & land.

With regards to auctions, our web site shows we are planning and holding timed auctions in the following departments:

Classic Motoring Auctions

MoD Vehicles & Machinery Auctions

Vehicle Auctions

Plant, Machinery & HGV Auctions

Wine, Port, Champagne & Whisky Auctions

The following information relates to these parts of our business which are operating:

  • Storage: For items purchased, these items can be stored with us free of charge, unless a department advertises otherwise. You will need to insure your goods from the point of purchase, by law.
  • Delivery/Collection: Under the updated Covid-19 regulations imposed by Government, clients may deliver/collect their own goods, under the following terms:
    • Clients and goods may come to the site by appointment only
    • Hand washing, wearing gloves and hand sanitising is essential when coming onto our sites
    • Social distancing measures must be in place and adhered to (2 metre distancing)
    • Items that have been handled must be sanitised prior to delivery or when collecting
    • The delivery/collection point for items will be outside and customers must not come into any buildings
    • Items may be delivered by certified hauliers, which we will gladly help with and arrange for you. Quotes for transportation costs can be obtained by request.
  • Online Auction buyer fees: We have suspended supplementary online buyers’ fees, so you can buy through the timed auctions at no additional cost. Only sale prices and our standard buyers fees (indemnity or buyers premium) will apply.
  • Payment for goods and services: We will receive payment by bank transfer only and will confirm back to you when we have received your funds in our account. Once this has been done, we will discuss with you the quarantined delivery of your goods and services.
  • Health & Safety – Covid 19 Regulations: When customers come on site, we expect them to read our signage, listen to social distancing and cleaning requirements outlined by our staff and to abide by our risk assessments/notices. Failure to do so will result in being asked to leave our site, as we take the safety of our customers and staff to be our highest priority.

Our aim is to make sure everyone can conduct business in a safe manner and achieve the result you want. Above all, be assured that Brightwells will endeavour to provide you with the quality service you have come to expect from us, even at these difficult times.

Thank you for your continued support. Please keep safe.

With best wishes

Brightwells Board of Directors