Spring Sale of Show Jumpers

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Spring Sale of Show Jumpers

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Wednesday 11th April 2018

New Sale - Brightwells Addington Spring Sale of Show Jumpers

Open to proven show jumping horses, that will be shown under saddle in the sale.

Do you have a suitable candidate for this sale?
For more information on entering, please contact us on 01568 619777. 

The sale will be held alongside Addington’s Senior British Show Jumping three day affiliated show, held on 10th, 11th and 12th April and is open to both competing and non-competing horses, with the sale horses invited to compete outside and show off their ability, prior to the sale.

The Sale will commence at approximately 5.30pm on Wednesday 11th April, in the indoor international arena.

Brightwells have proved that there is a market in the UK for potential show jumpers, with the successful sales of three year olds at Addington in August and December.

We hope you will all support us, in this new venture to create a platform for selling older horses that have proved themselves on the show jumping circuit.

This is a great opportunity for both buyers and sellers, to come together at a venue that has a reputation for providing excellent sport, and sales of quality and talented horses.

We look forward to hearing from you.






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