How to Enter

Fayre Oaks High-Flyer Sale

How to Enter

01568 619777

The Fayre Oaks High-Flyer Evening Sale is a very special Select Sale of Registered Welsh Mountain Ponies Section A, Welsh Ponies Section B and their Part Breds. We select 20-30 entries to be sold under spotlights on Saturday night of the Fayre Oaks Sale weekend from a number of applicants - anyone may apply.

Application Forms
The Fayre Oaks High-Flyer Evening Sale includes ponies of all types of the highest quality. From a large number of applications between 20 and 30 are selected to be included in the 'special sale'.

Anyone can apply as long as they are a member of the WPCS & the registered owner of the pony that is registered with the Welsh Pony & Cob Society. The selection process is very simple the auctioneer's will select what they think will sell well from all the applicants and they try and select something for everyone.

For further information on this please telephone Catryn on 01568 619777 or Email: to ask for an application pack.

The entry fees are £100 plus VAT which will allow for a page entry with a coloured photograph in the catalogue. (This will have to be provided according to our printer’s requirements).

N.B. Part of the entry fee goes to the Welsh Pony & Cob Society.

Entry Information
Do not send in your passports as your animals must travel with them.
Your entry must be fully registered with the WPCS & registered with them in your name.
If your entry was registered as a colt and has since been gelded the WPCS need to have updated his passport.
Stallions 4 years old and over need to hold an appropriate stallion licence. 1, 2 and 3 year old colts do not require a stallion licence.
For the entry of foals please ensure your registration applications go in as early as possible to the WPCS so that they can get your passports processed in time for the Sale – they must be with the WPCS at least four weeks prior to the Sale otherwise the Society will not guarantee their return in time for the Sale. 
Your foal must be FOUR CALENDAR months old by the sale date. 

Please also note the following statements:
All faults, unsoundnesses and vices should be declared by the seller including the fact that a lot has suffered from sweet itch, or has a sarcoid or sarcoid-like lesion. 
Please ensure there is no possibility of your ‘uncovered’ filly/ mare being in foal.
Mares / fillies will not be described as ‘covered’ in the sales catalogue unless a signed service certificate is sent along with the entry. Similarly broodmares will not be stated as ‘scanned’ or ‘tested’ in foal in the catalogue unless the entry is accompanied by veterinary evidence confirming the pregnancy with the relevant date on (in other words, statements will not be made unless they are supported). 

Vendors will be charged a standard commission of 6% + VAT. There is a minimum commission of £10 + VAT per lot.

Unless written instructions are lodged with the Auctioneers, lots will be sold without reserve.

Private Sales
All Private Sales made on the Sale Day must be booked through the Auctioneers.

No lots will be allowed to leave the Showground until a Pass has been obtained from the Sales Office. In the event of lot labels missing from lots these animals will not be allowed to leave until identified to the satisfaction of the Auctioneers Representative.

Veterinary Procedure
All horses are sold subject to veterinary examination unless sold for £500 or less, or otherwise stated.
Veterinary Surgeons appointed by the Auctioneers are available through the Auctioneers Office to examine horses on behalf of Vendors and Purchasers. In the case of Purchasers, they are prepared to examine horses on their behalf as to whether they are correct under the Conditions of Sale. The Veterinary Surgeon’s decision that a horse be returnable is binding on both parties. Purchasers must notify the office that they require an examination by 9:30am on the day following the purchase and receive a vetting slip to enable examination to take place. Vendors must check the veterinary board displayed in the Sales Office to see if their horse/pony must be presented for veterinary examination. Vendors should not leave the Sale Site without first checking the vetting board. All lots not examined by the veterinary surgeon on the Sale Day will not be covered by a veterinary warranty. The vetting fee is £200.00 payable in advance of the vetting and paid to the vet by either cash or cheque.

Delivery and Stabling
All lots will have penning/stabling available for the night before they are sold.

Gates will be open: Friday 16th October from 4:00pm until 9:00pm, Saturday 17th October from 7:30am until 9:00pm, and Sunday 18th October from 7:30am until the end of the Sale. The showground will be locked at all other times.

Straw is provided, however vendors must provide water buckets, mangers and all fodder.

No security is provided after the conclusion of the Sale.

We regret stabling is not available for ponies not entered in the sale.