How to Enter

Hay Sale at Hereford 2020

How to Enter

01568 619777

Entry Forms
Entries can be made online or by paper. To enter online please click on the Enter Online button top right of the Sale Homepage or to enter on paper click on the Printable Entry Form link also on the Sale Homepage to print off a paper copy to complete.

Foals must be 4 months of age by the time of sale - if you are thinking of entering one please check it's date of birth before doing so.

Vendors will be charged a standard commission of 6% + VAT. (A minimum commission in the Led Ring of £5 plus VAT per lot, and a minimum commission of £2.50 plus VAT in the Unled Ring.)

Unless written instructions are lodged with the Auctioneers, lots will be sold without reserve.

Private Sales
All private sales made on the sale day must be booked through the Auctioneers.

No lots will be allowed to leave the sale site until a pass has been obtained from the Sales Office. In the event of lot labels missing from lots these animals will not be allowed to leave until identified to the satisfaction of the Auctioneers Representative.

Delivery and Penning
All lots will have penning available for the night before they are sold. Straw is provided, however vendors must provide water buckets, mangers and all fodder. We regret stabling is not available for horses or ponies not entered in the Sale.

There will be plenty of space for parking overnight accommodation units in the Market either before or after the Sale.