How to Buy

Spring Sale of Welsh Ponies & Cobs 2020

How to Buy

01568 619777

Catalogues are usually available 2 weeks to 10 days before the Sale. If you would like to apply for one please send £6.00 (cheques payable to Brightwells Limited) with your name, address and a note requesting the Spring Sale of Welsh Ponies & Cobs Catalogue to Brightwells Auctioneers, Horse & Pony Department, Easters Court, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 0DE or alternatively apply for one on-line. NB The Welsh entries and the Shetlands will appear in one catalogue. 

Purchaser Registration
Prospective Purchasers will be required to pre-register at the Sales Office. You will be asked for a form of identification that proves your present name and address such as a driving licence or a recent utility bill.

Payment must be made by CASH or DEBIT CARD ONLY on day of Sale. We do not take payment by credit card. Cheques will only be accepted from regular clients, who are very well known to the auctioneers, (unless a Banker's Reference has been provided). Money laundering rules apply at all our auctions and prospective buyers who wish to settle accounts in cash should contact the sales office for details.

Ponies will be sold in Pounds (£) Sterling, in addition a 10% (plus VAT) Buyer's Premium will be added to all purchaser’s accounts. If the entry is marked VAT then a further 20% will be added to the hammer price. 

On behalf of the Welsh Pony & Cob Society the Auctioneers will also collect the current transfer fee of £15 from each lot’s purchaser, at point of payment.

Overseas Shipping
Export Agencies will be present at the Sale and the Auctioneers will be pleased to put Purchasers in touch. Passports will not be released until full non revocable payment is made and received.

All lots purchased for Export must be paid for on the day of the Sale. We regret that no exceptions will be made purchasers are advised to make arrangements for cash, traveller’s cheques or irrevocable bankers drafts to cover all their purchases. VAT must be paid. Payment in Euros will be accepted subject to the exchange rate on the Sale day.

Should any Prospective Purchaser be unable to attend the Sale, the Auctioneers will personally be pleased to execute Commissions on their behalf, at no extra charge, lots being obtained as cheaply as other bids allow.

Ridden lots will show their paces and ability in the trial areas. It is hoped that all vendors will make full use of the trial areas and jumps to show their horses to the best advantage. Trial rides for any prospective purchaser may be offered at the vendor’s discretion, on the understanding that all risk and responsibility for any incidents or accident are at the risk of the trial rider and not with the vendor, vendor's agent or the Auctioneers.

Veterinary Procedure

All horses and ponies are sold subject to veterinary examination unless sold for £500 or less, or otherwise stated.

Warranties as to Veterinary Correctness cease to have effect once the lot has been removed from the Sale Premises. A Panel of Veterinary Surgeons will be pleased to examine Lots on behalf of Buyers. All lots should be vetted for eyes, heart, action, age and ascertainment of catalogue descriptions for a fee of £200.00 including VAT, payable in advance of the vetting, and paid directly to the vet by either cash or cheque. The examination will include blood being taken. The Veterinary Surgeon’s decision that a lot be returnable is binding on both parties. With the important proviso that if any lot fails the Veterinary Examination the seller has the right to request a second opinion by the Chief Veterinary Surgeon at a fee of £25.00 including VAT. His opinion shall be binding on both seller and buyer. 

Buyers must notify the office that they require examination within 1 hour of the time of purchase.

Sellers must check the veterinary board displayed in the Sales Office to see if their lot must be presented for veterinary examination. Sellers should not leave the Sale Site without first checking the vetting board.

All lots not examined by the veterinary surgeon on the sale day will not be covered by a veterinary warranty.

Private Sales
All Private Sales made on the Sale Day must be booked through the Auctioneers.