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Fodder Sale


Fodder For Sale 

  1. 40 Big 6 string square bales of Meadow Hay 2018 – Wigmore
  2. 600 conventional wheat bales – Walton
  3. 100 Round bales of 2018 wheat – Kington
  4. 75 Round bales of 2018 oat – Kington
  5. 60 Round Bales of wheat -Lyonshall
  6. 70 Round Bales of 2018 Meadow Hay – Holmer
  7. 150 Big Square Bales of 2018 Hay – Michaelchurch Eskley
  8. 200 Tonnes of Fodder Beet – Monmouthshire
  9. 50 Round Bales of Oat Straw - Garway
  10. 100 big 6 string square bales of 2018 Meadow Hay – Castell Moreton
  11. 50 Big Square Bales of Wrapped Silage – Bosbury
  12. 500 Conventional Meadow Hay Bales – Longtown
  13. 100 Big Square Bales of wrapped haylage – Dulas

Greg Christopher – 07770 972815 or Rob Meadmore – 07774 763971

Supplementary Fodder Auction

Friday, 1st March 2019 


Brightwells report another good forage trade with the Hay and Silage still keenly sought after, however Straw as expected is very selective and steady with several lots remaining unsold.

The edge is off the hay trade as February has been an exceptional month weather wise and this certainly has reduced trade. However, like always the best hay was easy to sell and would be slightly clearer than our 1st sale in January.

The venue worked well in Hereford Livestock Centre and a packed room of purchasers led to a very good clearance and better than expected trade.

Round bales of hay breaking the £40/bale barrier, topping at £42.50 with all the best quality £30 - £35/bale. Square bales to £34.44 a bale for 80’ x 70’. Second quality hay trading from £20 to £28 per bale with some round bales of 2016 meadow hay to £20.50/bale and some Ryegrass to £23/bale.

Haylage and silage wanted, although generally to a tighter budget, the best haylage topping at £32.50/bale. With round bales of better quality £25 to £30/bale. Silage generally £20 to £25 with nothing under £20/bale and nearly all sold on the day.

Straw trade was very patchy, we still got more sold than expected. Six string bales to £25/bale, four string wheat to £15/bale to average £12/bale.

Round bales of wheat from £6 to £13.20 to average £10/bale.

Round bales of Barley to £12.20/bale with oats just over £13/bale

Several lots unsold and a list of fodder available will be on the website for further information on the unsold lots or fodder please contact Greg Christopher or Rob Meadmore:

Greg Christopher 07770 972815

Rob Meadmore 07774 763971

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53rd Annual Fodder Sale

Thursday 24th January 2019 at 2pm


Brightwells 53rd Annual Sale of Fodder attracted an even larger crowd than what was witnessed in 2018. Purchasers in attendance from near and far, from all corners of Wales throughout Herefordshire and surrounding counties.

In reverse to 2018, Hay was the commodity most in demand and our prices were certainly an excellent result, however did not eclipse some varying stories about fodder which you hear, the mild and dry winter has eased some pressure on fodder supplies and in some cases farmers have sold livestock to avoid the extra expense of purchasing Hay and Silage.

The main of the fodder trade was created by farmers and end users, trade merchants in attendance but many reporting large supplies of straw with demand limited.

The best quality Hay was very well sold throughout the auction with Big Six String Bales to £60/bale, smaller 90’ x 80’ square Bales to £47/bale and averaging just over £40/bale.

Round Bales equally sought after topping at £38/bale with 5’ and 4’ Bales averaging just over £33/Bale. Conventional small Bales of Meadow topped at £3.80 a bale to average £3.20/bale.

Silage and Haylage followed the hay trade although some caution in places and areas where less livestock is kept was at the lower end of the prices, silage to £31.55/bale to average £26/bale.

Round Bale Haylage to £37.50 to average just over £30/bale and a near complete clearance on all the Hay and Silage. The high Hay trade also meant some older Hay was easy to sell with some 4 year old well stored Hay to £25/bale.

A large catalogue of straw with these prices following the national trade, wheat 4’ x 3’ to £25/bale to average £24, quadrants to £25 to average £17/bale. Both 90’ x 80’ and 80’ x 70’ Bales selling well in comparison, these averaging £15.50/bale. Round Bales of Wheat Straw from £5 to £16 to average £13. Small Conventional Wheat Straw to £2.12.

Round Bale Barley Straw to £20/Bale to average £16.65, however several lots of straw remaining unsold.

Our next sale is Friday, 1st March at Hereford Market.

For a list of unsold Fodder, please check the website and for entries for our 2nd sale, please contact with Greg Christopher, Rob Meadmore or Sara Hamer. Entries close Friday 15th February 2019.

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