Reg. Beulah Speckled-face Rams

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Reg. Beulah Speckled-face Rams

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Under the auspices of The Eppynt Hill & Beulah Speckled-face Sheep Society

The 60th Annual Prize Show and Sale of 300 Registered Beulah Speckled-Face Rams

Tuesday 22nd September 2020 

Builth Wells Market, Powys

Sale commences at 11:30 am  Judging at 9:30am


The Beulah Speckled Face Sheep has been bred on the hills surrounding Builth Wells, for over one hundred years.

On the hills the ewes are normally pure bred providing flock replacements, finished lambs for the meat trade or store lambs for finishing on lowland farms; being easily managed and lambed because they require minimal attention.

The Beulah is bigger and less hardy than the true mountain sheep which spend all of their lives on the hills and mountains; although there are strains of Speckled mountain sheep of a very hard type, these do not exhibit the same characteristics, nor are they managed in the same way as the true Beulah Speckled Face sheep. Due to this management, where the ewes spend part of the year in confined areas or fields, they are easier to manage than the true mountain sheep.




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