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Speckled-face & Welsh Ewes & Ewe Lambs

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Annual Sale of Speckled Face & Welsh Ewes & Ewe Lambs

Friday, 11th October 2019

Rhayader Market, Smithfield, Rhayader, Powys, LD6 5BU

Sale commences at 10.30 am prompt All sheep penned by 10.am

A Feature of this sale is the large annual drafts of 3, 4 and Full mouth Welsh and Hardy Speckle Ewes direct from the Hill farms surrounding Rhayader.

The ewes are bred to survive a harshest of winters on the mountain, a feature of these ewes are their longevity with ewes able to keep their teeth for 7 -9 years when moved to a lowland farm.
These ewes are an ideal low input ewe able to produce a prime lamb from 35 – 45 kg when crossed with a continental ram.

At the end of the sale there is a section for Ewe lambs where up to 1000 Welsh and Hardy Speckle Ewe Lambs are sold.

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