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Fiat 750 Vignale Coupe
Engine Size
750 cc
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NOVA document and Italian paperwork

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One of the most illustrious of Italian coachbuilders, Carrozzeria Vignale of Turin was founded in 1948 by Alfredo Vignale.

Enzo Ferrari's favoured coachbuilder during the Maranello manufacturer's formative years, Vignale also designed and built cars for Lancia and Maserati among others, and in the 1960s branched out into automobile manufacture in its own right. For Fiat, Vignale built show models, prototypes and some limited edition production cars, like the 750 which came in Coupe, Berlinetta and Spider formats.

Essentially a Fiat 600 in a party frock (an example of which you will find elsewhere in this catalogue), the gorgeous 750 was totally re-styled by Vignale who also bodied the car at a new factory in Grugliasco, near Mirafiori, while Maserati and Lancia coachwork continued in Turin. Not just a pretty face, the four-cylinder engine from the 600 was also increased to 750cc to add the zip to the fancy frock.

This Vignale Coupe will need work to turn it back into the smart stylish product it once was but for rarity value alone it will be worth it. The astute owner might also take advantage of the various tuning parts that can be fitted to these cars to make the performance even more worthy of the looks.

Sold with Italian paperwork and NOVA document which , this is a rare opportunity that needs to be grabbed with both hands. You could wait a long time before you ever see another one for sale, so bid vigorously now or kick yourself for your hesitancy hereafter…