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Benelli G2 KS
Engine Size
49 cc
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Dating certificate; NOVA document

Full Description

Benelli made a wide range of motorcycles in the late 1970s, from the rip-snorting six-cylinder 750 to the gentle G2 moped. You can decide which is sublime and which is ridiculous.

The G2 (the G stands for Gentleman) began life with pedals, but by the time this one was built it had graduated to a kick-start – hence G2 KS. The engine remained a 49cc two-stroke pumping out 1.5bhp propelling the 44kg machine (plus rider) to a heady 25mph (but if you want to see what they can really do have a look at ‘Benelli G2 potenziato!!!!’ on YouTube).

The G2 is a cute little thing, and this bright orange 1978 example is no exception. It shouldn’t require much tidying (they are very simple) and you could use it as a paddock bike, motor home tender, or just go shopping with it – basket supplied.

A NOVA document and dating certificate are on file.