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Make & Model
Morris Minor Four-Door Saloon
392 AAX
Engine Size
1,098 cc
Chassis No.
MAS3 860358
Engine No.
V5C; MOT May 2018; 8 old MOTs; recent service invoice

Full Description

The new post-war range of Morris cars was announced in 1948 and included models from the Minor MM to the six-cylinder MO. The star however, was undoubtedly the Minor, a radical replacement for the pre-war series 'E'.

Apart from the side-valve engine, everything else was new and the Issigonis-designed Minor MM became an instant success. In 1953 the Series II came along with an OHV 803cc engine borrowed from its cousin the Austin A30. Further improvements followed in 1962 with the introduction of the 1000 which included an increase in capacity to 1098cc and a better breathing Westlake head, boosting power, torque and top speed to 77mph.

During its remarkable 23 year production run 1.3 million were produced, and thanks to the fantastic supply of available parts, thousands have survived making them a common site on the roads of Britain after all this time.

The Morris Minor is one of the mainstays of the classic car world. Yes, you will see them restored to within an inch of their lives; yes, you will see them modified beyond belief and, fortunately, you will still see them like this – gently mouldering in the English countryside.

392 AAX is a 1964 four-door saloon in the sort of used-but-cared-for condition that might make you think Margaret Rutherford has just parked it up to go investigate ‘Murder At The Gallop’. The paint is several different shades of – possibly – the same colour, and the upholstery is a bit grubby but it is not all neglect and dereliction.

The car was restored back in 1993 by John Purslow of Leominster and bought in 2005 by the vendor who learnt to drive in it and has kept it on his parents’ farm in Herefordshire, using it at weekends and on holidays when he could escape from his job in London. Maintenance was performed by the local garage so the car was always ready for use on his return – there is a bill for almost £900 for tyres and work to the brakes carried out in July last year.

Not concours then, as you might have noticed, but a chance for the classic car owner on a budget or perhaps one for the first-time classic buyer. Spares and services for the Minor are massive and the car is one of the simplest to work on, so whilst there is no denying that work will be needed at some point, there is also no reserve on the car. Buy it, use it, improve it – but don’t overdo it: there should be cars like this out there.

With just three owners from new and a nice transferable number plate, it is supplied with a V5C, MOT to May 2018, eight old MOTs and a recent service invoice.

Catalogue Amendment: MoT April 2018 and 9 old MoTs