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MGA 1500 Roadster
899 UYM
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1,489 cc
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Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motorshow in 1955, the MGA was a radical departure from MG’s traditional ash-framed models that had come before.

It was called the MGA as it represented a new beginning and was even marketed as the ‘first of a new line’. Beautifully styled on the Syd Enever-designed Le Mans-bodied TD, it used a strong cross braced chassis with steel bodywork attached.

Len Lord had originally rejected its radically modern shape having just signed a deal with Donald Healey to produce the Austin-Healey, however falling sales at MG prompted him to review his ideas. And a good thing too as the MGA proved a huge success with over 101,000 examples sold, all but around 6,000 of which went to America, before it was replaced by the rather less striking MGB in 1962.

Imported last year from sunny Florida, this sparkling 1958 MGA Roadster has had just one owner since and, as you can see in the detail shots on our website, it is in wonderful rust-free condition throughout. Coming from a climate considerably warmer than ours, it has had the cooling system uprated with additional electric fans so you won’t get hot under the collar in our traditional summer traffic jams – the bane of many a classic car journey, clouds of steam on the hard shoulder being guaranteed to fracture your relationship with your spouse/travelling companion far more acrimoniously than any number of map reading errors, as many of you are no doubt painfully aware!

Beautifully trimmed in tan leather that perfectly complements the gleaming red paintwork, it rides on sparkling wire wheels shod with nearly new tyres and has a full set of weather gear (black hood and sidescreens with a tan tonneau cover) all in excellent condition. Said to drive as well as it looks, it comes with a V5C and is, of course, tax and MOT exempt.

Easily converted to RHD if desired using a kit of parts readily available from specialists, this gorgeous MGA will be impossible to keep out of over the coming summer months. Go on, you only live once…