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Fabrique Nationale AS24
C. 1965
Engine Size
245 cc
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No documents

Full Description

Introduced in 1962, the AS24 was a military trike produced by Belgian arms manufacturer Fabrique Nationale. A lightweight, foldable machine, it was designed to be air-dropped by parachute and used by combat troops on the ground to move men and supplies in rugged terrain.

Weighing 374lbs and powered by a 15hp 245cc two-cylinder two-stroke with a four-speed gearbox, it could carry four soldiers and had a top speed of 60mph. When fitted with a trailer it could carry an additional 770lbs of men and equipment. The steering wheel could be disconnected from the front and attached at the rear, so someone walking behind the rig could still steer it.

Just 460 examples of the AS24 were built, mainly for use by Belgian parachute troops, a notable combat mission being ‘Operation Dragon Rouge’ where Belgian commandos seized Stanleyville airfield and rescued several hundred hostages being held by Simba rebels in the Congo in 1964.

This AS24 comes complete with its cargo trailer and a spare wheel. Said to be in running order, we are advised that the magneto is missing but it runs on coils and a battery. Coming from a private collection of military vehicles, there are no documents with this lot but it will doubtless prove a handy bit of kit around the farm and would be a real talking point at any military show.