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Jaguar XJ6 S3 4.2 Automatic
Engine Size
4,200 cc
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French documentation; NOVA reference

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If Elon Musk has his way, it won’t be long before we will all be driving round in pimped-up milk floats controlled by artificial intelligence and real cars, like this Jaguar XJ6 S3, will be a distant memory.

Once the chosen transport of royalty, heads of state and captains of industry (and, yes, it must be said, Arthur Daley), the Series 3 is widely considered to be the best of the XJ range.

Subtly restyled by Pininfarina, improvements included flush-fitting door handles and one-piece front windows with no quarter lights for reduced wind noise. The roof line was also raised for increased headroom and Bosh fuel-injection was fitted for improved economy and performance. Build quality was also vastly improved compared to its S2 predecessor.

Only recently repatriated from France and still on French number plates, this 1982 XJ6 offers a bargain basement opportunity to sample the car that put the fear of God into BMW and Mercedes. Being left-hand drive it is an ideal Continental cruiser, just the thing for your holiday cottage in the Dordogne, camping trips in the Schwarzwald, or taking your mates to see the England team being thrashed once again in any of a dozen or more European capitals. Happy days!

On offer here at no reserve, it comes with French documentation and NOVA paperwork that should make UK registration straightforward using the requisite DVLA form.