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Willys MB Jeep
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0 cc
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NOVA reference; Philippines Government documentation

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Not perhaps in mint condition, and certainly not all there (but then, that could be said of so many us) this 1941 Willys MB does need some work.

It also needs an engine, but the spares situation is pretty good and a competent mechanic could have the Jeep ready for the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landings if he didn’t hang about.

But seriously, when did you last see a Willys MB for less than £5,000? Yes, it needs work, but it’s mostly there, and spares are readily available from a number of suppliers. The MB is little more than a motorised Meccano kit and should hold no fears for the competent enthusiast.

A chance to star in your own remake of any number of films, from MASH, to The Flying Leathernecks, to Kelly’s Heroes. Cheap at the price, it comes with Philippines government paperwork and NOVA reference to aid UK registration.