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Humber Hawk Estate
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2,267 cc
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What’s a man to do? The kids are growing up and getting too big to fit in the Aston Martin, you can’t bear to lose the car and the wife feels the same way about the children.

This, then was the problem for ICI senior chemical engineer, Stanley Randall, back in 1962. The deus ex machina appeared in the form of Mr Randall’s aunt, who bought him this Humber Hawk Estate. Some guys have all the luck.

The hawk stayed in Mr Randall’s ownership for the next 53 years, although it did go for an extended stay in a local bodyshop sometime in 1977. The car was eventually moved outside but its unintended long-term storage probably helped it to survive to the present day.

Our vendor saw the car by chance during a business meeting and ended up buying it with the intention of restoring it. Complete, substantially sound and with some spares, it was an appealing prospect. Life got in the way, however, and so the car is for sale.

Hawk Estates were never common and it is believed there are only six survivors. Ideal for family picnics and camping, or perhaps as a support vehicle for your classic racing car once you’ve knocked it back into shape (there is a sister car offered elsewhere in this auction which could provide useful spares).

Unlike the Americans, the British car industry didn’t go in for larger family estates in the early ‘60s and anyone looking for one will find this Hawk appealing. Humber had a name for making quality, if unexciting, vehicles at this time and the standard of engineering and production should make restoration fairly straightforward. Those wanting a little more excitement could always add a V8... but that might be over-egging the pudding.