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Key Information

Lot number
Sale Price
Make & Model
Yamaha AT 1
EKH 578J
Metallic Red
Engine Size
125 cc
Chassis No.
AT1- 160787
Engine No.
AT1- 160787
V5c; 1 x old MOT

Full Description

Imported from America in 2014 this low-mileage Yamaha AT125 came from one of the more temperate states (as in weather, not gun control….) and is probably as tidy an example as you will find.

Our vendor bought the bike from the importing dealer only to find that all was not well within the engine and so local good guys SGN Motorcycles of Abergavenny, were given the job of putting it right (the dealer agreeing to help with costs).

The little Yamaha emerged from SGN’s workshop with a new piston, seals, main bearings and small-end bearing. SGN also carefully set up the gearbox. The current owner also had the wiring checked over, a petrol tank repaint and side panels (at a cost of £360) were added and new tyres fitted to bring the bike up to scratch. It is believed that the 4,000 miles showing on the clock is genuine but there is no proof of this.

The vendor has now had a change of direction (four wheels, V8) and the Yamaha has got to go. The - in our opinion - very reasonable estimate does not cover what the vendor has paid out on the bike, but one man’s loss is another man’s gain: grab yourself a bargain.