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Make & Model
MGB Roadster
MBJ 988P
Engine Size
1,798 cc
Chassis No.
Engine No.
HPI check printout; no other documents

Full Description

There is nothing complicated about an MGB. One of the simplest, most reliable and easy to maintain classics you can imagine, it wears its heart on its sleeve and goes about its business in the most straightforward way imaginable. Usually.

This MGB is a bit of an enigma. The vendor stumbled across it a few years ago when it was languishing in a container and eventually succeeded in prising it not only out of the hands of the owner, but also out of the tomb it was wedged in.

The car had no paperwork but it did (and does) have a clearly visible chassis plate with the number GHD5-391550G stamped upon it. Now, as any fule no, the third letter of the VIN number is the body type – N for a Roadster and D for a GT Coupe. Do you see where we are going with this?

When typed into the HPI database the chassis number comes up as a January 1976 registered MG BGT with the number plate MBJ 988P. Which this car clearly isn’t. All we can assume is that it has been re-shelled at some point with a Roadster body.

Anyway, it appears very sound, the engine turns freely, and it contains many useful parts including a good hood, a set of Minilite-style alloys, a nice early dash, leather seats and some carpets and a centre console in the boot. Make of it what you will.