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Willys MB Jeep
UXS 946
Engine Size
2,200 cc
Chassis No.
Engine No.
V5C; Military Vehicle Trust dating certificate

Full Description

This wartime Willys MB Jeep was imported from the Philippines in February 2015 and little is known of its life over there, but it does carry a gun bracket which is believed to be of Filipino army origin. It also carries a plaque from the Ministère des Armées, and one from the Etablissement de Réserevement Générale du Material Automobile (ERGM) at La Maltournée, near Paris. This would indicate that the Jeep is one of the 22,000 Jeeps that the French bought at the end of the war and which were in use in to the late 1970s. The ERGM on this example is dated 1962.

The Jeep is UK registered and boasts a Dating Certificate from the Military Vehicle Trust stating that it is a genuine pre-1945 vehicle.

After arriving in the UK the Jeep has been recommissioned for road use including a new radiator; reconditioned engine, fuel pump; drive shafts; brake master cylinder; exhaust; Bar-Grip tyres and a new canvas canopy. It is also fitted with free-wheeling hubs.

The Jeep is an instantly recognisable symbol of the Second World War. A rugged, simple piece of go-anywhere transport, it is the perfect antidote to the current rash of Chelsea tractors currently choking our streets. You could take it to classic car shows or military exhibitions but you could also drive it (and it will go just about anywhere) and have the time of your life.