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Morgan 3-Wheeler
TM 7724
Engine Size
990 cc
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The iconic Morgan 3-Wheeler was a common sight on the roads in the 1930s thanks to its affordable price and sparkling performance.   A step up from the motorcycle and sidecar, its popularity only diminished when the small car, principally the Austin Seven, Morris Minor and Ford, became sufficiently cheap (thanks to mass production techniques) to tempt the public into these more comfortable offerings.   However, the 3-Wheeler retained its popularity among the more sporting motorist, as the big twin-cylinder engines provided vivid performance not disimilar to a motorcycle, ensuring the 3-Wheeler had its place as 'the sportsmans choice'.   The previous keeper of this 3-Wheeler owned her for around 20 years, before the current owner bought it in 2014 through Brightwells. Since purchasing, he has discovered, after leafing through many of editions of The Bulletin that this machine, known as ‘Safari’ was originally raced by ex-chairman of the Morgan club, Brian Clutterbuck, in the late 1960s.   Registered as a 1934 model, its chassis number refers to an earlier 2-speeder, a common occurrance with 3-wheel Morgans which were often repaired and cannibalised in the ‘50s and ‘60s to keep them on the road.   Its Magna wheels and 3-speed gearbox would be correct for a 1934 model and although the majority were fitted with Matchless motors at this time, 101 of the 702 cars built in 1934 were fitted with OHV water-cooled JAP units, as is the case here - although we are of course offering a Matchless MX4 engine later in the sale.   Sold with a current V5 registration document, TM 7724 will need some light re-commissioning before use on the road but she does run and all gears are able to be engaged. With values of this iconic road rocket escalating of late, it should amply reward the fettling now required to return it to the road for some exciting motoring.