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'Daughters of the Empire', a hand written poem, in four verses, composed by Miss Gertrude Lloyd in 1901, dedicated to HRH Princess Christian, contained in an album together with related correspondence sent to the author by and on behalf of various well wishers and supporters, including Mrs Hamilton, wife of the Bishop of Ottawa and the United Britishwomen's Emigration Association
the poem commences (1st verse):
             'Brave daughters of the Empire
             Do you not long to take your part
             To face the foe in fire and fray
             To take your chance of shell and dart!
             Are you not yearning for the call
             To leave your home -start for the front
             With lion hearts to stand or fall?
             But could you bear of war the brunt?

The publication of the poem coincided with a surge of patriotic support in England for the British Empire following the outbreak of the Second Boer War.
The poem was printed and distributed by Hatchards of Piccadilly at 6d a copy and the profits given to the Mansion House War Fund for Widows and Orphans and the Transvaal War Fund for Widows, Orphans and wounded Soldiers. Copies of the poem were sent to a number of countries abroad, including Canada where the poem was particularly well received by a fledgling organisation there called 'Daughters of the Empire' of which Gertrude Lloyd was a keen supporter. 'Daughters of the Empire' founded in Canada in 1901 was a women's support group which placed itself  'in the front rank of colonial patriotism' and gave practical charitable aid to soldiers and their dependants.
Little is known of Gertude Lloyd herself. Though she was recorded at the time by a correspondent of the journal 'The Churchwoman' as 'an earnest worker for women. President of the St.Alban's Diocesan Council, and the Wantage Club for Hotel servants, and much besides'
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