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Key Information

Lot number
Sale Price
Make & Model
Sunbeam 14/40 Tourer
BU 3984
Engine Size
1,698 cc
Chassis No.
Engine No.
Copy old style logbook; copy handbook and spares list; bills

Full Description

1926 Sunbeam 14/40 Tourer

SOLD £25,200

Factory coachwork; lovely orginal example on the button; new b/e wheels and tyres; set of wellbase included; weather equipment; a delight

When the current owner of this car saw it advertised, he simply had to have it - there was no going back. He knew it well, the car having it first having come into his family at a farm sale in 1952 for the princely sum of £35.

It was to remain with them until the 1970s, changing hands a few times, until its previous owner bought the car through AvonVale Classics in 2001. He passed it to the vendor in 2013.

It had an engine rebuild back in 1993, complete with a roller chain conversion and still sounds particuarly sweet and healthy to this day. The upholstery has been retirmmed, but sufficiently long ago to develop a lovely patina which adds to the originality and appeal of the car.

The Sunbeam coachwork is in excellent condition and the car comes with comprehensive weather equipment and an Auster screen for the rear.

There are various bills on file and some old MOTs. A copy of a handbook is also on file as well as an illustrated spares list.

When it was purchased, the car was fitted with a set of wellbase wheels which are included in the sale, the car now sporting a brand new set of the correct beaded edge wheels and Waymaster tyres which have done very little work. These make the car much nicer and lighter to drive, the car bowling along all day at 45-50mph with no stress or effort.

Fitted with four-wheel brakes and a conventional pedal layout, this is an easy car to live with and has plenty of room for everyone.

Also included in the sale is a spare gearbox, halfshaft and brake backplate - all available for collection from the Kington area of Herefordshire (along with the wellbase wheels) from whence it arrived under its own steam.

Offering quality in every sense of the word, this is a lovely, original and 'ready to go' Sunbeam...

For more information - contact Matthew Parkin 07813 936698