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LAND ROVER Series IIa Six-cylinder 109" Trayback
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2,600 cc
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1967 Land Rover Series IIa Six-Cylinder Trayback

AMENDMENT: A very rare and intersting variant; factory six-cylinder; Ozzy trayback body with tilt; lovely condition; rock solid

The factory six-cylinder Land Rover was not a particuarly popular choice as they were expensive to buy and pretty thirsty when driven with any determination. They were however silky-smooth and turned the normal four-cylinder variant into the workhorse it always promised to be.

In Australia, fuel prices were low and so consumption really didn't affect sales. The competitors from Toyota had big sixes and sold well too.

This fine 109" six-cylinder Series IIa dates from 1967 and was sent out as a CKD kit for local assembly. The first owner chose a chassis cab only, prefering to add his own aluminium Trayback in true Ozzy tradition. This one even comes with a full tilt.

The truck has remained in lovely original order, although plenty of work has been done to protect the chassis from the less amenable UK climate. It presents extremely well and is in fine order. Sadly, we don't know much more of its time in Australia.

Bidders are advised that the car comes with a NOVA number, for which the importer used the incorrect vin so this paperwork exercise needs to be sorted before the DVLA will issue a new registration number.

Rare and interesting, this lovely Series IIa is a must for any serious Land Rover collector.

AMENDMENT: We are advised that there are documents included which show the correct VIN which have been verified by the Land Rover Series 2 Club Vehicle Registrations Officer and should be attached to the DVLA registration application which should do the trick to get it UK registered.
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