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NOVA, Invoices, Hand Book.

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1983 Mercedes-Benz 380SL

Remarkably rust-free US import; running and driving; hard top; an excellent basis for a good car; NOVA supplied

Arriving in the UK recently from America, this big bumper SL has many good aspects, the best being the condition of the bodywork. Mercedes-Benz may have had a reputation of being hewn from stone, but during the 1980s it was more sandstone than granite, many Benz' of that era having suffered heavy corrosion.

This 1983 example has avoided most of that - although we suspect if you look hard enough some deterioration will be found, but what a great basis from which to developa lovely car.

Fitted with the 3.8-litre V8 and auto box, it starts readily and drives and stops. It will no doubt need some remediation and recommissioning, but has all the makings.

Clearly the driver's seat will need trim and the Federal bumpers could do with swapping out, but it comes with a colour matched hard top and zingy chrome plated wheels. It also comes with its correct NOVA documentation and US title so it should be a doddle to register given the correct paperwork is present and duties have been paid.

These big bruisers are wonderful to drive, this powerful V8 model offering potential to waft down to the south of France in style and comfort.

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