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LAND ROVER S1 86inch
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1955 Land Rover Series I 86in

Believed to be ex-military; first registered 1966; accompanied by Heritage Certificate confirming date of manufacture; recently fitted Exmoor trim hood, new tailgate, seats, wiring, front bumper and more; runs and drives

As the Heritage Confirmation letter confirms, this Land Rover S1 86" left the Solihull works on 21st November 1955 and was presumably destined for military service as it was not road-registered by DVLA until January 1966.

The previous owner acquired the car in 2011 as a rolling restoration. He completed a fair bit of work including reconditioning the gearbox, fitting a new clutch, new road springs and shocks all round along with new seats. Time was against him and he decided to offer it at auction in 2018. It was purchased by our vendor and work re-commenced.

Land Rover specialists, Hereford 4x4, were asked to attend to corrosion issues on the chassis, replaced the fuel tank, fitted new choke cable and replaced a number of bolts around the car that were either loose or missing. Shortly after this, the vendor arranged for the electrics to be looked over, correctly fitting the wiring loom for the newly operational front and rear lights, not to mention sliding in a new speedo cable too.

A new front bumper was bolted on, the very smart Exmoor Trim hood was added and a new tailgate was hooked on to the rear. All seems fairly straightforward, but the cost of work carried out on this landy in the last two years has added up to at least £2,000.

Without the need for an MOT and free to tax, these are great fun vehicles and apart from there being a plentiful supply of parts, they are easy for a competent home mechanic to work on and should continue to be popular for many years to come.

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