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Buick Type 35
Engine Size
2,789 cc
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Engine No.
V5c; old style V5; eight old MOTs; copy handbook

Full Description

1924 Buick Type 35

Full size family fun; full weather equipment; ex-Australia RHD model; wire wheels; four-wheel brakes

This impressive 1924 Buick is thought to have been built in Canada for export to the Antipodes....from whence it came to these shores in 2001.

Imported by a gent from Croydon, he sold it to our vendor within the year.

A copy handbook lists this as a 24-4-35 model, refering to its taxable horsepower, number of cylinders and body style, which would make this the standard 5 Passenger Tourer that you see before you.

The four-cylinder ohv engine has 2.8-litres which should give the car plenty of go, bought into check with the externally contracting brakes on all four wheels - all pretty advanced stuff on a mass proudced car in 1924.

It has been restored, but a long time ago so wears some battle-scars, which it does with pride, and comes equipped with nice detials such as the lovely bevelled glass in the rear hood and portholes in the rear side curtains. The Buick kick plates on the rear wings are an Antipodean feature too.

The upholstery is in sound order, as is the hood covering - although the frame could benefit from simple remedial attention where the hoops meet the steel mountings. There appear to be side-screens behind the rear seat, which would make it nice and snug in cold weather.

It is unusual to see a big American car of this era on wire wheels - and what a difference they make, giving the car great presence on the road.

Since arrival, we have been driving it around on-site, the car starting well although bidders are advised that the plug at the bottom of the radiator will need some professional remediation.

Complete with V5c and old style V5, this looks like a huge amount of fun for the whole family. It is fully VSCC eligible, which includes the active trials scene - its about time those Model As got a run for their money!!

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