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Barnard Formula 6
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210 cc
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Briggs and Stratton Manual; spare wheels, tyres and sprockets

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1967 Barnard Formula 6

Designed and built by Tom Barnard and launched at the 1967 Racing Car Show; the start of a new formula; commercially produced kart that can be used by adults and children alike;  just two owners and virtually no use from new; great investment potential

The first Barnard Formula 6 was designed and built by Tom Barnard for his seven-year-old son to drive, although it would accommodate an average sized adult at a push too.

Barnard senior was an experienced racing driver and BRDC member, his 150cc 3.5hp Briggs & Stratton-powered kart immediately catching the attention of his motor racing friends, who pressed him to make more for their own sons and daughters to drive. A properly engineered kart by any standards, it had full bodywork and looked like a scaled-down Formula 1 car of the day incorporating a safety roll bar and even a seatbelt.

A small racing series started at Detling Airfield, quickly growing into what we know today as Formula 6. Barnard took a stand at the 1967 Racing Car Show where the karts were offered at £185 in kit form, or could be bought ready-constructed for considerably more, prices that would have acquired some quite juicy full-size machinery at the time. Some 300 or so are thought to have been sold, although most led a hard life so survivors are few and far between today.

This example is rather special however, having seen just a few hours use since it was built 54 years ago. It was purchased by a wealthy family for the son of the household, and whether he had an scary moment early on, or his parents suddenly realised its 60mph potential we do not know. It was almost immediately consigned to the stables where it sat until discovered by our vendor some 8 years ago.

In excellent condition bar storage wear and tear, it was totally stripped and professionally repainted in the exact shade of BRG. It came with its original Avon and Dunlop racing tyres and has a spare set, on correct 'Nylite' wheels as well as various aluminium sprocket options to change the overall gearing. There is a file of newspaper cuttings and a period promotional photo included.

The vendor – its second owner has acquired an original Briggs and Stratton manual and following restoration has enjoyed its company in his dining room!

He had the engine professionally inspected, the engineer confirming that it appeared to have had no more than a few hours use which corroborated the story from its original owner.

With lots of lovely details, such as the wood-rim steering wheel and trimmed seat, this Barnard is so much more than a toy, representing a piece of British Motor Racing History from what was to many, the most interesting period of its history.

Man Cave, dining room or showroom, this lovely Barnard must the best available, given its easy life and recent restoration.

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