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Key Information

Lot number
Sale Price
Make & Model
Morris Minor 1000
Old English White
Engine Size
948 cc
Chassis No.
Engine No.
V5C; photos; few invoices

Full Description

1957 Morris Minor 1000

Tidy looking two-door with over £7,000 recently spent on restoration; smart new interior; electronic ignition; running and driving and waiting to be enjoyed

Dating from February 1957, this two-door saloon hails from the beginning of the series III era and as such, features the proven BMC A-series engine here in 948cc form giving much improved performance over its forebears - considered essential at the time for this was the dawn of motorway travel.  It improved top speed from 63 to 75mph and acceleration from a woeful 52-second dash to 60mph to an almost exciting 31 seconds!

As a  pre-61 model, this example retains its semaphore style trafficators although more modern indicators have been retro-fitted as has electronic ignition and alternator too.

Subject to a recent restoration with photographs on file, it is unclear when this took place, or by whom, as the many photos in the folder are undated, however there are a few hand-written bills for parts suggesting this to have been in early 2020 with one bill suggesting a total spend of £7,106.

Other bills suggest £2,000 was spent on the respray, £100 on re-wiring, £750 on reconditioning the engine, £350 on a gearbox recon, £200 on new shocks, £250 on front and rear seats, £180 on new carpets plus a whole host more including £1,850 for the car originally.

In addition to the invoices on file we find an old style V5C, current V5C and couple of SORN notifications - the car is of course, both tax and MOT exempt, last having been presented for MOT in 2012 at 93,668 miles . A nice touch with this lot is the inclusion of the non-transferable number NSL 510. Evidently a considerable amount of time and effort has gone into the car, as a result it looks well with useful rear luggage rack and smart new interior contrasting nicely in red to the Old English White exterior.

The car started and ran as it should when we moved it round for these images, the clutch needing a firm shove all the way for a smooth change, and the brakes feeling a little like they may need an adjustment feeling slightly stronger one side than the other.  Ideal for summer fun, picnics and exploring the back roads of our fair and pleasant land, the A-series thrumming away sweetly as you potter along.

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