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1985 & 1986 - 2 Alfa Romeo 90 Projects

No Reserve

Rare '80s Alfa saloons - two cars in one lot; GTV running gear; stand out from the crowd!!

Not one but two Alfa 90s in this lot. They come to us from an inveterate 'saver of cars', a person who simply cannot witness the destruction of the rare - some may even say exotic cars from the '80s and 90s...

With a workload already stretching beyond the next millennium, he acquired these beauties to save them from distinction, as well as being a bit of an Alfa lover too. Quirky certainly, these Bertone-designed saloons used Alfetta/GTV underpinnings and had plenty of technical merits even if they forgot to put any underseal on them!

One has a/c and both cars are pretty complete so there is at least one car amongst them. The previous owner, a lady from Sudbury purchased them in 2001 and they both have V5Cs....they are both full-on restoration projects.

On offer at No Reserve, they are a part of Alfa history worth saving and once back on the road, you will have the pleasure of knowing that you simply will not pass another one on the road - well there is one which is taxed according to the DVLA records so that isn't strictly true...but you get the idea.

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