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FORD Prefect 107E
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997 cc
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V5C; one invoice; Autobooks workshop manual

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1960 Ford Prefect 107E

Good solid car; only 83k miles indicated; ready to rumble

Ford launched its upmarket Prefect saloon back in 1938 but it wasn’t until the 100E version of 1953 that it gained a modern unitary construction body. Although it had a smooth, contemporary exterior, it was still powered (so to speak) by a mildly tweaked version of the pre-war sidevalve 1,172cc engine with three-speed gearbox.

By the late ‘50s Ford were looking to the future but the ground-breaking Anglia was still on the drawing board so they needed a stop-gap model to keep sales buoyant. The result was the 107E of 1959, a successful combination of old and new.

Gone was the side-valve engine with its Model T heritage and in came the astounding 997cc ohv ‘pre-Crossflow’ engine, a free-revving, unburstable power pack and the begetter of race-winning ‘Screamers’, Twin-cams, and Formula Junior racing cars. The old three-speed box was gone too, replaced by a new four-speed unit that no longer left useless chasms between each ratio.

First registered in Bristol in September 1960, this 107E sadly comes with no history but the V5C records six former keepers, the current since 2018. Clearly repainted at some point in the past, it otherwise looks very original with a nicely mellowed interior and an impressively solid undercarriage.

It is showing just under 83,000 miles on the clock which could perhaps be correct, and the solitary invoice on file shows that it was fitted with new front brake shoes in March 2019. A well-thumbed Autobooks workshop manual is also present, suggesting that the previous owners have maintained it for themselves. We are told that it drives well and it has certainly been starting promptly and running nicely as we have moved it around on site.

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