Lambs top at 177.2p/kg


Lambs top at 177.2p/kg

Lambs top at 177.2p/kg

Brightwells report a reduced entry of close to 1200 sheep and a flying trade at Rhayader Market on Tuesday 1st December. There were seven buyers in attendance.

The medium weight lambs averaged 167.5p/kg which would equate to a deadweight price of 372p/kg.   

The top price per kg was177.2p/kg for 43kg - £76.20 for Texel cross lambs from Davies & Co, Oakfield.  

The top price of the day was £80 for 54kg lambs from J & R Duggan Cilmaenweydd.  

The lightweight lambs 25.5kg to 32kg averaged 151.4p/kg with a top price per kg of 153.3p/kg for 30kg £46 for lambs from AL Davies & Sons Park.  

The overall market SQQ was 162.7p/kg. 

Leading Prices as follows:
30kg - £51.50 - 153.3p/kg- AL Davies & Sons, Park
35.5kg - £58.50 - 164.8p/kg – J Lewis & Son, Penyffynnon
36kg - £59.50 - 165.3p/kg – J Lewis & Son, Penyffynnon
38kg - £64.50 - 169.7p/kg – M & M Meredith, Gwerncynydd 
42.5kg - £74.20 -174.6p/kg – M Hughson, Tycerrig
43kg - £76.20 -177.3p/kg – Davies & Co, Oakfield 
43.5kg - £76.80 -176.6p/kg – RGT & MA Powell, Caebanol
44.5kg - £76.50- 171.9p/kg – LR Drew, Gwystre
46kg - £77.90 -169.3p/kg – R & W Duggan Cwm 

A small entry of ewes met with five buyers resulting in a good trade to top at £88.
More lambs and ewes are wanted on weekly basis to meet current buyer demand.

For an up to date market price and to book all sheep in please ring Builth Office 01982 553614 or Chris on 07813 644303.