Irish Breeders top the bidding


Mara Herefords Reduction Sale

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Irish Breeders top the bidding

Irish Breeders top the bidding at the Mara Herefords Reduction Sale

Having built the Mara Herd of Herefords up to is present size over the last 30 years or so, Bob & Margaret Borwick, Preston Deanery, Northampton have had to reach a decision to reduce numbers to a more manageable size.

The Sale held at Hereford Livestock Market on Saturday, 29th October, and conducted by the Auctioneers, Brightwells of Leominster, saw 30 Lots sell for a total of £58,750.00 to average £1,958.25.

Cows and Calves in demand with 4½ year old Mara Blossom 40th, along with her 4 week old bull calf, selling for 3,100 gns. to Mr. M. Moore, County Tyrone.

The 7½ year old Badlingham Blossom 155th and her 4 week old bull calf also selling for 3,100 gns. to Mr. C. McGrath, Co. Meath.

The 4½ year old cow, Mara Bonny 38th with her 3 week old heifer calf, sold for 3,000 gns. to Mr. F. Harrington, Co. Roscommon.

Another 4½ year old incalf Mara Bonny 40th sold for 2,600 gns. to Mr. D. Dickinson, Mallowburn Herefords, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and her 7 month old heifer calf Mara Bonny 45th selling for 1,100 gns. to Herefordshire Meats, Madley, Herefordshire.

The Incalf Heifers topped at 1,900 gns. for Mara Bonny 42nd which was also purchased by Mr. D. Dickinson.

The Bulls on offer saw 4 year old Mara Kestrel, who had been running with most of the Sale females, sell for 2,700 gns. to Mr. C. McGrath, Co. Meath.

A small offering of three females included in the Sale from The Elms School of Ledbury saw their 5½ year old cow, Elms School Zodina, along with her week old heifer calf, sell for 2,550 gns. to Mr. C.R. Amphlett, Craven Arms, Shropshire who also purchased the 18 month old maiden heifer, Elms School Cinnamon for 1,950 gns.

The last heifer in the Sale, 18 month old Elms School Bonny Cracker, sold for 1,900 gns. to Mrs. J.A. Pudge, Black Hall Herefords, Kings Pyon, Herefordshire.




10 Cows & Calves Sold to Average £2,730.00
6 Incalf Heifers Sold to Average £1,592.50
6 Maiden Heifers Sold to Average £1,277.50
5 Bulls Sold to Average £1,501.50


3 Females Sold to Average £2,240.00