Indiana Jones car coming to auction

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Vintage 90-year-old Renault that starred in Indiana Jones film up for auction at bargain price

Film-loving petrol-heads have the unique chance to pick up a piece of movie history at a very reasonable price.

The 1928 Renault Type NN Tourer that featured in the 1988 blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is due to be auctioned off by Brightwells.

A piece of movie car history – the Renault Type NN from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The car can be seen in the iconic film’s final sequence where Indy, on horseback, is chased by a tank as Nazis try to beat him to the Holy Grail.

At the start of the ten minute scene, antagonist Walter Donovan, played by Julian Glover, can be seen staking Jones with a pair of binoculars from the Renault’s passenger seat.

The car has been given a full interior restoration

Taking into account its use in the film, the motor has been valued between £11,000 and £13,000.

It contains an old-style French engine

Before its use in Indiana Jones, the Renault was painted black, but was returned to its original yellow shade after it was taken back to the UK.

The car saw a full interior restoration and engine rebuild, before spending the last 25 years in the History on Wheels museum in Windsor.

The previous owner had the engine completely rebuilt

Along with original French registration documents, the 936cc vehicle comes with past invoices, restoration photos and original film shots showing its use on the big screen.

The classic car will be auctioned off on May 17.

By Dan Elsom/BNPS
The Sun