Plant, Machinery & HGVs July Report


Plant, Machinery & HGVs July Report

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Plant, Machinery & HGVs July Report

This month saw a strong trade throughout the machinery section yet again. Agricultural equipment was a little harder work than usual due to the stunning weather meaning every farmer for miles around was in the field working! Throughout the market it is clear that trade has backed off considerably. This was reflected in the bidding here last Friday. We still achieved some market leading prices and sold many machines for strong money to foreign and domestic end users & traders.

Our excavator row had the highest clearance rate for the day, large plant seemed to have a bit of a resurgence and we had some good money for a few 13 & 21 ton machines. Mini & midi excavators are always a hot commodity, selling reliably well. We were a little surprised to see the demand for rollers had skyrocketed since this time last month, clearing a lot of machines in this row.

Tractors and agricultural machinery were the hardest going sections this month. Having said that we had a good clearance & got a lot of sales done in the end. We cleared most of our two large collections. One collection of 2006/7 John Deeres all direct from one end user and one collection of 2014-2016 New Hollands from a variety of finance companies. All but 1 of each of these have now left the yard, on the way to their new homes! We had one of our largest ever entries of tractors this month and made a good job selling most! We had a good quantity of higher value implements in the first 2 rows of the sale this month. This section is always one of the hardest to achieve high clearance rates. This month, however, we had a higher than usual average sale price in this row and a better clearance rate than we are used to.

The commercial vehicle rows were bursting with entries, as ever. This month we offered over 120 HGVs, artic trailers & commercial vans. Buyers flocked from all over the world and there were some high prices and a good clearance. The 5 axle King lowloader trailer form the MOD was the top result of the day and will soon be moving machinery around for it’s new owner. Municipal vehicles including sweepers & gritters were among other strong performers, as well as a MAN hookloader from the Environment Agency.

Grounds maintenance equipment is still flying out the gate as it has been for the past few months. We had a strong entry for July and sold a large proportion for well over reserve prices. Most of the machines we have in this section are ride on mowers but we also had strong results for compact tractors, aerators & chippers.

We have had a few months now where we have had high prices for some fresh & tidy agricultural trailers, this month was no exception. We had a good collection including a 2 year old Bailey low loader which sold very well. Utility vehicles & quad bikes had a better day than last month here, there were a lot of strong results in this section and we will soon be heading into the shooting season when these vehicles will be in higher demand.

Our attention is now on our next auction in the calendar which is a very exciting dispersal of classic and vintage plant, machinery & vehicles. This will be held on the 24th July and has already attracted interest from a huge number of collectors across the world. We are always extremely keen to carry out these large one off events and throw everything into making sure they are successful for the vendor as well as enjoyable for our purchasers.

We are also now beginning the build up for our next plant & machinery auction on the 9th August. Already we have received a good number of consignments and we are anticipating yet another good day & strong trade. Selling at auction brings with it that true essence of market forces which draws out the fairest and best prices all round for everyone. As a company we pride ourselves on our integrity and high level of service to all of our clients.

Full sale results & August auction catalogue links can be found below, get in touch with us any time to enter your plant, machinery, HGVs, tractors or implements.

Full July sale results:

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