Plant, Machinery & HGVs September Report


Plant, Machinery & HGVs September Report

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Plant, Machinery & HGVs September Report

We are pleased to report a strong trade from our September sale despite a low turnout on site. The weather has held off and this has meant work can continue, on sites & farms across the country. Looking out from the rostrum saw a slightly smaller crowd than usual, however there were strong bids for everything we had here, and we were definitely not short of genuine buyers. The online trade was one of the strongest we have had all year and nearly 33p in every £1 spent here on sale day was spent via online bidding.

This month had a great upturn in entries and we welcomed back several old vendors as well as many new and regular companies who we proudly serve. There were several vendors who were completely cleared out after the sale with no unsolds left. We operate a reserved auction and strive to get top bids on everything. For more info on entering your equipment see the contacts page or get in touch with us on details below.

Our plant section was heaving this month. The only area with any gaps was telehandlers, this meant we were left with not a single telehandler after the sale! There was the highest entry of mini & midi excavators that we have seen for a long time and these had a very good day. Larger plant & dumper trade was back ever so slightly with prices coming back to an expected level after months of inflated values. We had 2 repossessed Hyundai 14T excavators which made strong money, as well as many end of use machines fresh from summer hire & construction jobs.

After a summer of some of the best weather I can remember, and reports of some good harvests, the tractor & agricultural machinery trade was definitely up. We saw some good quality dealer part exchange entries selling for well past reserves, in a lot of cases. This month we saw a good proportion of the entries between £17k-£25k and this helped attract a good buying crowd. Tractors were heading all over the world from here. We had a pair going up to Scotland, several heading for Ireland, the majority going to Europe and a couple to Africa. We were delighted to see a swell in interest in this section despite not having many finance or council entries. Our farm machinery & implements rows were also fairly full and had some good quality high value lots consigned. Check out the full results via the link below & get in touch for more info.

HGVs fared very well this month. Lacking in many “direct” entries, we though it might have been a bit of a flop. However we had over 100 entered and achieved a good clearance rate. This section is always a tricky one and each month we seem to get more and more lorries entered and sold. There was a good collection of high value vehicles. There was a very high number of artic trailers and these all seemed to get away well. A lot of low loaders & curtain siders made exceptional money.

Despite the continued good weather, the grounds maintenance season is slowly ending and this has flooded the market with mowers & other grass care equipment. This kind of equipment always sells very well here and this month was no exception. We got a lot of machines in this row sold for strong values. We also had a good collection of wood chippers, both trailed & tracked. As peoples’ attention starts to turn towards shooting season there is always a good call for utility vehicles and we felt that more than ever this year.

Overall this month was a successful sale for all involved. It’s the most satisfying part of the job, getting the right prices for our vendors while selling quality kit to end users who will really feel the value of an auction buy. We are open ever week day and always welcome anyone who is interested in using our services to come and meet the team, have a look at our set up and chat to us about how we can best help you realise the best value for your end of use kit.

We are always happy to travel so do invite us out to see & value any machinery which you have coming up for sale and might consider sending to auction or to assess whether we could run an on-site dispersal for you. Get in touch on the office number: 01981 250642 or speak to James (07976 896943) or Dave (07969 410777)

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